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[contest] entry #1

Title:看月光投射出弧线, 像是你的笑脸
Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin
Wordcount: 1300~
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It’s Christmas and Sungmin knows what he wants from Siwon.

Siwon walks into the dorm on 24th December and almost trips over a pair of legs sticking out from under their Christmas tree. Well, okay, a pair of legs plus most of a torso; the Christmas tree is kind of miniature. His first assumption is that it’s Donghae, but then he recognises the cute toes and the curve of those thighs and realises it’s Sungmin lying on his back facing up into the branches of their (plastic) tree.

The living room is dark and the only light is coming from the tree’s fairy lights which have one end wrapped around part of Sungmin’s arm.
Siwon considers if he should attempt to extricate him from them because he’s pretty sure this is an electrocution waiting to happen. The apartment is quiet, however, and he can hear Sungmin’s even breathing which he doesn’t want to disturb just yet, so he eventually decides to line himself up next to Sungmin, back to the floor, also looking up through the branches.

Sungmin still hasn’t stirred, so Siwon takes the chance to observe the blinking lights on the tree reflecting off the few baubles that had survived a particularly violent bout of rough-housing between Donghae and Hyukjae (Hyukjae had ended up half-sitting on the tree). His gaze moves on to Sungmin’s profile as the flickering lights create mesmerizing plays of shadow on his face, casting his cheekbones, brows, and nose alternately into light then gradual darkness, over and over. He hasn’t taken the time recently to absorb how attractive Sungmin really is, and he makes a mental note to do it more often because he really likes this feeling of breathless wonder he’s currently experiencing.

It’s also very nice, with the floor heating switched on, to cuddle, and Siwon’s right side is warm from being pressed against Sungmin from thigh to hip to shoulder. He must have made some noise of contentment because Sungmin suddenly shifts and wakes up. He looks over to Siwon and smiles, a sleepy, heart-on-his-sleeve smile, before moving to lace his fingers with Siwon’s and Siwon can’t help but feel that maybe he’s the luckiest person in the world at this moment.

They lie there for a few quiet moments until Siwon murmurs, “Why are you lying under the Christmas tree?”

It’s a couple of heartbeats before Sungmin replies, “I wanted to know what it felt like being a present under a tree. You know, how it’s like to be something that makes people happy!” and throws Siwon another bright smile. Siwon’s heart just about explodes from the unbearable cute and it takes all of his (considerable) will-power to stop himself from jumping Sungmin right there on the dorm living room floor. Siwon is nothing, if not disciplined, and he won’t spoil it now, especially not after all the reasons he’s given Sungmin on why they should take their time. Anyway, Sungmin doesn’t look ready to un-presentify himself any time soon, so he takes a deep breath and continues lying under the tree, still holding hands with the ridiculously adorable object of his affections.

He’s almost lulled himself to sleep as well when Sungmin says, “Donghae also told me that if you lie under a Christmas tree and make a wish at midnight on Christmas, you’ll get whatever you wished for.” He pauses before continuing, “I have a lot of wishes. I’d been contemplating which one to choose when I fell asleep I guess.”

Siwon doesn’t want to spoil it by pointing out that Donghae is hardly the most credible source, so instead he chuckles and says, “You’re going to have to make up your mind soon then, it’s almost 15 minutes to midnight. What were your wishes anyway? Maybe I can help you decide.”

That, and his back is starting to hurt and much as he likes this continued proximity with Sungmin, he could do with a stretch. He also has not been able to find Sungmin a proper Christmas present so far, although he has a couple of things lined up, but nothing screams Best Present Ever to him yet, so he’s hoping for some tips.

This leads Sungmin to protest a little that wishes need to be kept secret for them to come true, but some gentle coaxing gets him to admit that Hyukjae had lent him his car for an errand the other day and man, it was a smooth drive. “You know how I don’t need a showy ride or anything, but I really liked handling Hyukjae’s car. It’s different from when I’m just riding in it! So that’s it, I think I want an Audi A6 for Christmas.” Sungmin tells him.

Siwon holds his breath, unsure of how he’s supposed to respond. Sure, he could afford to get the car for Sungmin, but Sungmin would probably feel really bad and not accept it, plus he’s not sure he could stand the members’ reactions to such an extravagant gift. He can already hear Heechul screeching over the phone, “You got him a friggin’ car?!? Man, you are so whipped. You’d also better have gotten me something that tops that.” No, not a viable gift option.

He clears his throat and asks, trying to sound upbeat, “Oh, what were your other wishes then?”

Sungmin glances shyly at Siwon before continuing, “I also hoped maybe we could get a weekend off to make a quick trip to New York! You weren’t able to be there when we recently went and I want to go back to all the amazing places we visited together with you this time. There was this divine restaurant tucked into a corner near Central Park that Henry brought us to.”

Siwon is beginning to sweat a little as Sungmin continues to tell him about the places he didn’t get the chance to see and wonders if it was even remotely possible that Junghoon-hyung would give them permission to disappear for a few days, to a different continent altogether, no less.

He contemplates the logistics of it and has finally reached the (logical) conclusion that no, weekend New York trips are not going to work out either, when he’s aware that Sungmin has stopped talking and is now just looking at him, eyes pulled wide, his brows
turned down a little at the sides.

“I had one more wish really,” Sungmin begins, hesitant and self-conscious. “I wanted us to be able to spend some time alone together. We’ve been so busy with promotions and then your drama filming came along... as well as SS4, we haven’t actually had any alone time.” This last bit is said with enough wistfulness to cause Siwon to feel as if he’d gone and done something awful, like drowned a kitten maybe. He also feels a lot of relief though, because at least this is something he thinks he could handle, even if it might take some wrangling with the managers on his part.

They stay in that position, snuggled together, until Siwon’s Bell & Ross watch beeps discreetly, and Sungmin screws up his eyes tight, still grasping Siwon’s hand. Siwon watches, fascinated, as Sungmin’s lips move around words he can’t quite catch and he wonders what he
eventually wished for.


Sungmin wakes up on Christmas morning to find a chic little Louis Vuitton suitcase waiting for him, along with a fancy note collectively signed by all their managers, giving him permission to stay over at Siwon’s apartment for a week, with the provision that he still attends all his schedules punctually, of course.

He’s humming to himself while packing his new suitcase when Kyuhyun walks into their shared room and stares at him. “How did you manage to get Siwon-hyung to break his Careful Consideration of Courtship rule #3 of no stayovers within the first six months of dating?” is the first thing he says.

Sungmin just smiles, a cat-ate-the-canary kind of grin, and replies smoothly, “It’s all in the way you ask.”

Tags: contest: 2011 winter holidays, pairing: sungmin/siwon
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