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Memories [26/26] + Forever

Title: Memories
Characters: Super Junior
Rating: R
Chaptercount: 26/26
Summary: Fifteen people try to find the memories they forgot - or maybe they're just looking for each other.
A/N: A fic written on a hunch. One day I thought; "Super Junior. And vampires. This calls for a fic!" and well.. Here we are? Memories is one of the stories that I'm proud of, despite its sometimes messy storyline. It's also a story that won't be fully understood until you've read it completely. Things will be very confusing as you read, but will also get explained in future chapters. Be warned.
A/N 2: Well this is the last part. /doesn't have more to say about that.

“Don’t worry my friends. I’ll help you.”


Title: I want you to stay forever
Characters: Kibum/Leeteuk
Rating: G
Wordcount: 791
Summary: Forever is a rather abstract measure for time
A/N: So, well, finally I wrote something again. This thing actually marks my 101st finished Suju fic (collab and non-collab) and with that Memories actually becomes my 100th finished SJ fic (I never really counted). It's been a nice year and a half-ish so far in this fandom (or well, writing in this fandom since honestly, this fandom needs some work) and I'm glad to have got to know the boys and their music. I'm going to leave it at this and roll of to go do something completely non-SJ-related because I have no reason not to. I hope you enjoy this.

"I want you to stay forever."
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kibum, subject: super junior
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