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Title: Tricky Treat
Starring: Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Heechul and Hangeng
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Horror, Super Natural
Warnings: Slash
Words: 3,856
Summary: The pain was a sacrifice to become a part of an ancient brotherhood, a family where emptiness and solitude were a non-existing feeling.

This Halloween was the most boring yet. At the age of seventeen Eunhyuk had no desire to dress up and join the trick-or-treaters of his neighbourhood or to wait by the door to give them candy like his parents had ordered him to before they left to celebrate the spooky holiday with the few friends they had - though they had more than their pitiful son who had none. In school there were few who liked to spend time with Eunhyuk willingly, because who wanted to be seen with such an ugly teenage boy? Every day he was reminded of how ugly his gummy smile was and how it would break every mirror he'd cast it at with bullies calling him names and pushing him against lockers. And so Eunhyuk didn't smile at all, not at school and not at home as he sat waiting on the stairs with the bowl of candy in his lap.

He popped one in his mouth after removing its wrapper which he threw on the floor in front of him where it joined several others. Bored to death, Eunhyuk wished at least someone would ring the doorbell and ask selfishly for enough candy to rot their teeth. It had been an hour or so and he could clearly hear the voices scream and there was laughter from the children and parents outside yet no one came to visit his home. It was disappointing, not because Eunhyuk had hoped someone would like him enough to want to see him during the holiday, but because even though humans were selfish they were also cruel. Little kids are the most hurtful, blabbering whatever is on their mind and not caring about the consequences. He could imagine it clearly, the boy next door tugging at his father's arm with a disgusted look yelling angrily that he doesn't want to visit the Lee house because he knows ugly Eunhyuk is the one handing out the candy, like every year.

Same old, same old. How about shaking things up a little? Eunhyuk slowly rose and opened the front door, half expecting to get egged and blinking in surprise when nothing happened. He placed the bowl outside and locked the door, staring from the porch to the little mummies, draculas and witches running around with their pumpkins that held their precious candy. They were loud, Eunhyuk twirled a finger in his ear when he heard a loud shriek from next door. He watched how a little princess ran from a booing white sheet. He snorted.

Mingling amongst the trick-or-treaters felt as strange as Eunhyuk had imagined it to be. Disguised children looked his way, muttered and scurried off once he noticed they were following him. Strange kids, Eunhyuk didn't understand them at all and decided to go for a stroll and see how the other neighbourhoods were doing. It was all the same, children in costumes travelling from house to house in order to ask for treats with the question "Trick or treat?" as if the one answering the door would ever ask to get tricked. It was a silly thing and a useless threat.

"Yaaah, look who came out tonight!" A voice from behind Eunhyuk made him halt and turn his head.
"What are you doing here without a costume? Oh wait, you don't need one, you're ugly as it is." The second boy snickered at his own words.

Eunhyuk sighed at the twins who lived across the street and who always enjoyed making Eunhyuk's life that more miserable. Especially on occasions like this did they pair up to annoy him. Deciding that flipping them off would only get him in trouble Eunhyuk ignored them and tried to shake them off by speedwalking further away from their block. They continued to follow him however and at one point started throwing the candy they didn't like at his head to get his attention. When another gummi brain hit his head Eunhyuk spun around with balled fists and gritted teeth, ready to give them a piece of his mind, but instead he stared at a tall male kneeling in front of them. The stranger beckoned them closer and whispered something in their ear that made them shriek and run.

The tall stranger looked about Eunhyuk's age when he turned around and gave him a grin. Eunhyuk relaxed slightly though frowned upon the fact that this person had scared the twins of instead of joining their side to pick on him. Such a strange thing, it made Eunhyuk suspicious when the taller one stepped closer and stared at him.

"Do I.. know you?" Eunhyuk finally asked after a moment of silence.
"Nope." The other replied flatly with an amused expression.

It was to be expected that freaky people would roam the streets tonight and Eunhyuk figured the one in front of him was part of that crowd. He turned around and wanted to walk away, but bumped into a figure that had suddenly appeared. Eunhyuk stumbled back a bit and noticed not one but two more men had joined him. Uh oh, this did feel familiar, perhaps it had been a bad idea to go outside. Surely these three knew him though he didn't recognize any of them and by their amused looks it felt like they were going to give him a beating just because they could.

"You seem lonely." The shortest one who Eunhyuk had bumped into said as he looked him up and down.

Eunhyuk held his breath and simply nodded his head at the obvious statement. He was always alone and knew no one would come to his rescue if these three had their way with him. He tensed when the third one advanced on him and automatically raised both his arms to shield himself, but there was no such thing as an attack of any sort. The tall man who had scared off the twins had grabbed the brunette and was securing him to his own body with an arm wrapped around the brunette's middle. They both stared at Eunhyuk as the tall one leaned down to whisper something in the other's ear.

"We're from another district visiting our family for the holidays and don't know many people here." The shortest one spoke once again to divert Eunhyuk's gaze from his two companions. "We're looking for people who'd like to party with us, interested?" He raised an eyebrow with a kind and almost inviting smile, hands pocketed in his jeans.

He looked casual, friendly, but there was a twinkle in his eyes that told Eunhyuk he was hiding something from him. Reason enough to decline the invitation, but when he shook his head a strong arm wrapped around his shoulder.

"Aw, come on. Didn't I save you from those troublemakers? We just want to have fun on this boring night, don't you?" The tall male asked with a voice that promised more than just a little bit of fun. A shiver ran down Eunhyuk's spine and it wasn't until the third male spoke that he was persuaded to come along.

"We'd love your company." The youngest one who had seemingly tried to attack him - or perhaps that was Eunhyuk being paranoid - watched him with an intense look. The deep baritone voice he had used made Eunhyuk gulp. They didn't seem that dangerous, should Eunhyuk ignore his intuition for once and let life surprise him a little?

Ignoring the alarm bells ringing in his head Eunhyuk walked along to an old looking mansion, one he had never seen before. The tall male kept his arm around Eunhyuk's shoulder as if they were best friends, smiling eagerly when they walked passed the gate and to the front door. The smallest one knocked twice and Eunhyuk did his best to ignore the fact that the door seemed to open by itself. Special effect for Halloween, he told himself to keep from freaking out already. He stepped inside and was surprised to see all the people present were dressed casually. He had to look closely to spot some pointy ears and fangs, but nothing too flashy like he had expected from a costume party. This looked like a normal party minus the old-fashioned decorations, furniture and the suspicious dark red punch he spotted once the trio lead him further into the large house.

"Hae~!" Another male joined them and surprised Eunhyuk by wrapping his arms around the one he had called out for, planting a kiss on his lips right in front of Eunhyuk's face. He blinked, this Hae person hadn't struck him as a homosexual but by the groping hands he could tell he apparently was. "I've been waiting for you, what took you so long~?" The fourth male purred once their liplock ended.

"Found another guest." He replied and motioned to Eunhyuk with his head.

"Hi.. I'm Eunhyuk.." Eunhyuk said and blushed embarrassedly when realizing he didn't know any of the others' names, he doubted Hae was the man's full name.

The fourth male who looked a bit feminine hummed at Eunhyuk's introduction, but didn't bother telling him his name, grabbing this Hae's hand and dragging him along. That left Eunhyuk with an insulted look on his face that made the tall male chuckle.

"Sungmin is bitchy by nature, don't mind him. He probably saw how Donghae eyed you even after he kissed him, consider it a compliment, he probably sees you as competition." The tall male reasoned with a small shake of his head.

"Competition, I can't imagine why." The brunette beside him snorted and flipped his bangs out of his dark orbs, glancing at Eunhyuk sideways as he chewed on his lower lip as if in thought.

"Be nice, Kyu. The name's Siwon, by the way." Siwon introduced himself after scolding his companion though it had little affect when using the other's nickname.

Eunhyuk fidgeted slightly, wondering what to do after he gave Siwon a small smile, making sure to keep his lips closed so the other couldn't see the gum everyone hated so. When Siwon offered to give him a tour through the house and introduce some of the others Eunhyuk found it hard to decline and nodded his head kindly at all the new faces he met. Red contacts, fangs, pale skin, pointy ears, Eunhyuk wondered why some bothered with the subtle horror accessories and make-up when it only made them look a bit silly, as if they had no time to put on their costume or they'd be late for the party.

"I thought you said you didn't have any friends. There are lots of people here." Eunhyuk commented when they stopped in a large lounge where Kyuhyun disappeared into the crowd.

"These are all relatives. We have a big family." Siwon replied with a small shrug, grabbing Eunhyuk's hand and dragging him downstairs.

Going down into the basement made the blonde a bit nervous, especially when he noticed almost no one was done there. There were small groups of people leaning against the wall or occupying the little furniture that was present. All raised their heads and looked Eunhyuk's way, but Siwon said nothing. The tall male suddenly turned and gave him a mysterious smile, tugging him close until Eunhyuk stumbled against his chest.

"Let me introduce you to the hosts of this party." Siwon whispered before the door behind him opened.

Then the tall male was gone and Eunhyuk was left to stand by himself, staring into the room where three men sat on a large couch. He recognized Kyuhyun, sitting on the ground in front of the couch with a hand on his head that patted him softly. Only one of the three men looked his way and gave him a small dimpled smile.

"You are Eunhyuk?" He asked with a light voice that took Eunhyuk by surprise.

He nodded and quickly stepped forward when the door closed behind him, revealing a smiling Donghae who leaned back against the only exit of the room.

"Don't be frightened, come closer. You have already met Donghae, Kyuhyun and Siwon." The same man said seconds before Siwon stepped forth from the darkness behind the couch.

Eunhyuk's eyes grew to the size of plates, obviously freaked out by the men suddenly appearing in ways that seemed impossible. The man seated at the right side of the couch noticed the scared expression and raised his hand when Siwon leaned forward against the back of the furniture. A foreign name fell from the man's lips to which the tall male nodded and muttered something in return.

"My name is Leeteuk, the oldest in this house." The man in the middle spoke and chuckled, swinging one leg over the other. "These are my brothers, Heechul and Hangeng." Leeteuk motioned to his left and right side.

The one patting Kyuhyun's hair was Heechul, eyes hooded and a smirk placed on his full lips as he stared at the pale boy in front of him. Donghae laughed shortly, covered his mouth and winked as Eunhyuk twirled around in surprise. He fidgeted some more, tension growing inside of him and the alarm bells chiming so loudly that it was giving him a headache.

"We have heard you don't like to mingle with the others." Hangeng spoke slowly with an accent that Eunhyuk couldn't place.

The others? Teens from his high school? Well, yes, but how did they know? He nodded his head with a hesitant look, jumping to the side when Kyuhyun stood and vanished only to pop up beside him.

"W-What are you?" Eunhyuk asked with a trembling voice, finally finding courage to ask about the others' origin.

"It's okay, they won't hurt you.." Kyuhyun murmured softly as his eyes softened into a sympathetic look.

His eyes trailed over Eunhyuk's stiff body until he was told to step down and so he did, joining Donghae's side at the door after giving the blonde a small push toward the three sitting males and the silent Siwon who watched Eunhyuk carefully.

"Come sit with us, Hyukjae." Leeteuk patted the couch in between him and Heechul, smiling kindly and chuckling when Eunhyuk shook his head wildly.

"I don't trust you. I never told you my real name, let me go." Eunhyuk balled his fists, looking back at the duo at the door and not liking the fact he was caught in a room with six men that he didn't know. The most terrifying thing however, was that he realized they were different from him, something superior, better, faster, stronger.

"Wise words, I shall come to you then." Leeteuk nodded his head and Eunhyuk had time to gulp until a hand touched his cheek. He stood face to face with the oldest and shivered visibly at the other's cold touch.

"Lee Hyukjae… I've been watching you." Soft words were whispered in his ear while Donghae ushered a curious Kyuhyun outside. Siwon, Heechul and Hangeng faded away on their own accord, leaving Eunhyuk alone in a basement he wasn't familiar with and with a man whose eyes glistened an unnatural colour.

He cowered away, letting out a shaky breath with tears welling up in his eyes. He should have known; no human being thought his existence was of any importance. His father who simply ignored his presence at the dining table, his mother who only complained about her busy life whenever Eunhyuk confronted her when again she had forgotten to pick him up from school; he had no friends, no relatives to talk to.

The hand fell from his cheek and grabbed his wrist, not letting go and only strengthening its hold when Eunhyuk began to struggle. "Let me go!" Eunhyuk pleaded with red glassy eyes and flinched when Leeteuk's smile fell.

The older one lifted his arm and yanked down Eunhyuk's sleeve, revealing scars and fresh lines of angry skin where Eunhyuk had cut himself the night before. A whimper fell from his lips as Leeteuk inspected the wounds, caressing them with his warm tongue. Eunhyuk had never meant to die like this, bleeding to death had often been a tempting option, but getting drained was less appealing. Though he was afraid a feeling of relief made its appearance, a small voice in the back of his head telling him how lucky he was; he wouldn't die alone. Hadn't that always been his wish?

"So much pain.." Leeteuk murmured against Eunhyuk's skin, golden eyes looking up when realizing the struggling was fading. Had Eunhyuk accepted his fate that easily? "You remind me a little of Kyuhyun," A small smile appeared on Leeteuk's face, "both so lonely, hearts darkened with anger and hate. Who do you hate the most, Hyukjae? Your classmates for bullying you? The jocks who pester you? The small children calling you names? Or your parents who know you were never meant to be born?"

The last words hit home, causing big tears to roll from Eunhyuk's eyes. He had always known his presence made his parents lives more difficult, but to have this stranger tell him he was a miscalculation hurt him far more. Yes, he hated them, despised them for putting him on this filthy world only to let him endure it on his own. Forever alone, forever in pain; Eunhyuk knew if they'd catch him slitting his wrist they'd yell at him not to make a big mess and cheer that he was finally disappearing out of their lives.

Weakened by the hurtful mental images flashing before his eyes Eunhyuk didn't realize Leeteuk had laid him on the couch until his head rested on the soft material. He blinked the tears away and reached up wiping the streaks from his cheeks with a small sob. Leeteuk sat beside him, watching him carefully with a hand resting on his chest to keep him from getting up.

"Hyukjae. Do you know what I am? What my brothers and children are?" He asked just to make sure and saw Eunhyuk giving him a small nod.

"Vampires.." The younger one whispered hoarsely, obviously still afraid and suspicious of Leeteuk's kindness. "A-Are you going to drink my blood?" Eunhyuk asked carefully with shifty eyes.

Light laughter rose from Leeteuk's throat, the male's shoulders shaking slightly when looking at Eunhyuk's big comical eyes. He didn't mean to laugh, but Eunhyuk's expression was cute, different from the last few humans he had laid down on this couch. He remembered Kyuhyun's strong punch to his jaw, Kibum's tricky ways to distract him so he could try and make a run for the door and Henry's cursing chants and flailing limbs. Eunhyuk on the other hand was playing the perfect innocent, scared victim and somehow it was endearing to the older one.

"I only need a little." Leeteuk raised Eunhyuk's hand and kissed his fingers, taking the index digit in his mouth and using his pointy fang to pierce the skin. Even though Eunhyuk flinched, Leeteuk kept the finger in his mouth, eyes closing and cheeks hollowing as he sucked. The red liquid filled his mouth and slithered down his throat once he swallowed, causing Leeteuk to sigh a small satisfied sigh.

"You taste so sweet. I'm sorry, but you will not enjoy the taste like I did." The older one mumbled after removing Eunhyuk's finger and replacing it with his one, biting down and watching how a drop of dark crimson blood gathered at the top.

Eunhyuk turned his head back, closing his eyes tightly when the finger brushed his lips. There was no way he was going to drink vampire blood, Eunhyuk was determined to keep his lips closed, but Leeteuk had experienced this before and used the oldest trick he knew: pinching Eunhyuk's nose closed so that the blonde had to open his mouth in order to breath. And once that happened Eunhyuk groaned at an irony liquid on his taste buds.

The blonde's voice could be heard from the other side of the door as he screamed in pain. Kyuhyun who leaned against the wooden object listened closely, knowing very well how much it hurt to be converted, the pain was still vivid in his memory because he was one of the youngest in their family. None of his brothers would ever forget to excruciating burning sensation, but over time they accepted that the pain was a sacrifice to become a part of an ancient brotherhood, a family where emptiness and solitude were a non-existing feeling, because the three elders treated them all the same. They were their mother, father, brother, friend, lover, everything all of their children never truly had.

"Now go. Your brothers are waiting." Leeteuk caressed Eunhyuk's cheek and wiped the bangs from his sweaty forehead, smiling once more when Eunhyuk opened his crimson eyes.

"Have you seen that tall fella?" One twin asked the other.

"No, he has to be around somewhere though, he's hard to miss not wearing a costume." The second twin commented as he shifted his weight and made the bushes they were hiding in rustle.

"They went into the large house, right?" The first asked once more, reaching down to grab an egg in each hand.

"Positive. Fugly Hyuk went along, do you think they will get out any time soon? I have to pee." The second one groaned and huffed.

The front door opened revealing Siwon – the victim of the twin's planned egging spree. He was not alone however, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk joined him outside and Kyuhyun seemed to whisper something in the blonde's ear. The twins narrowed their eyes in unison, trying to see and hear what was going on, but both were taken aback when Kyuhyun vanished in thin air and a hand grabbed the back of both their wolf costumes.

They were lifted in the air with ease and struggled above the bushes, grunting for the man behind them to let go. A deep chuckle made them flail some more until Siwon and Eunhyuk appeared in front of them.

"Wolves, aren't they the enemy?" Eunhyuk asked with a voice that sounded not like his own. It changed with every word until it morphed back to the voice the twins were used to hear.

"They stink." Kyuhyun, the one who made them hover in mid air, commented and tilted his head back, trying not to inhale their human scent.

"Rotten humans all stink, but their blood tastes extra satisfactory." Siwon commented and smiled, revealing the fangs he had used to scare the twins off the first time when he whispered darkly how he'd use the pointy teeth to pierce their skin and drink their blood.

Eunhyuk turned his head and looked at the smaller boys hanging from Kyuhyun's grip. He closed his eyes and the boys quivered in fear seeing Eunhyuk's flaming red eyes when he opened them. A smile spread on his face, genuine and bigger than they'd ever seen, the fangs making the twins gasp when Eunhyuk leaned in.

"Trick or treat?" He asked and licked his lips, joining in on Kyuhyun's and Siwon's laughter when one of the twins peed himself in fear.
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