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The Family

Title: The Family

Rating: G (this part)

Genre: Family, Horror?

Disclaimer: The boys belong to themselves. Super Junior belongs to SM. Vampires belong to someone I’m sure but on this one only the words are mine.

Summary: The family is a coven of vampires. They keep several humans around for food, entertainment and companionship. Kyuhyun used to be a normal college student. He has been suddenly thrust into this world he didn’t know existed. Will he be able to handle this new strange life?

“Oh good you’re up. We were beginning to think that you hadn’t made it.” The stranger was a short man in his twenties with shaggy black hair and a large bright smile that he was bestowing on Kyu at that moment.

A/N I know the vampire AU has been done to death. This is my take on it however, there will be some fluff, some fun, and maybe even some loving in later chapters.  I encourage you to give it a try because you really can't have to much vamp AU in your life.
Tags: subject: super junior

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