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Words like Bruises

Words like Bruises
Title:Words like Bruises
Summary:Leeteuk didn't think he like their new super junior member,Kyuhyun?But that is what he thinks and is the truth a little more different?And is it possible that words he said harshly,is just something small to Kyuhyun?

 "Yah,anyone wanna buy a milkshake with me?"Leeteuk  called out to his members,who were currently busy doing their own stuff.He looked around,Sungmin busy text messaging,Shin dong on the phone with Nari,Siwon,Heechul,Kibum and Hangeng all on the couch,either ignoring him or concentrating on the show they were watching on the television,Ryeowook in the kithen with Yesung busy cooking,Kangin doing push-ups and lastly,Eunhyuk and Donghae poking and giggling like teenage girls talking about boys.

He face-palmed.Obviously no one wanted to get a milkshake with him,they were too busy doing their own things to notice their very leader,him,asking such a question.As he turned around,a cheerful shout was heard.

"Hyung,I wanna go with you!"their new maknae of the Super junior family had just shouted out ,shining out ,all innocent and desperate to get close with the members.

Leeteuk froze in his steps.All the other members froze and all eyes fell on Kyuhyun.

Did he just say he wanted to get milkshake....with m-me?

Kyuhyun got scared.Why was everyone staring at him?Did he do something wrong?Was buying milkshake with Leeteuk wrong?Immediately,he looked down,wishing to be invisible.

The silence was finally broken when Heechul smirked and said,"So Leeteuk?"
Leeteuk cursed inwardly.Damn that guy.He knew Leeteuk didn't like their newest member.

Oblivious to everyone,he clenched his fist as he called out to Kyuhyun,"Hurry up, I'm going off!"he walked out of the dorm ,swearing under his breath.Kyuhyun looked at the others in disbelief before running after Leeteuk.The others only shook their heads in disbelief.As they walked,Kyuhyun started to think of ways to get closer to Leeteuk.He wanted to give them a good impression,wanted them to accept him but he just didn't know if they would.

But his thoughts were interrupted when Leeteuk called him,"Yah,Kyuhyun what do you want?"
Kyuhyun only stood there deciding what to get.He was too caught up that he didn't even realize that they were already at their destination.He looked up at Leeteuk,who didn't even bother to look at him as he fiddled with the notes in his wallet.

"Kyuhyun hurry up ! "As Leeteuk said this he didn't even bother to give a glance at Kyuhyun,instead he looked at his surroundings as if disgusted by Kyuhyun.Kyuhyun felt hurt.Kyuhyun looked away and frowned a little before turning back to look at Leeteuk with a fake smile gracing his pink lips.As he went closer to Leeteuk,Leeteuk flinched a little and that small gesture gave Kyuhyun a hard hit in his chest.Again he pretended to smile.If people were to look at Kyuhyun,they might have thought that it was a sincere smile but if they looked closely,they would notice the tears that were at the sides of his almond-shaped eyes.

Leeteuk looked at his watch before huffing in annoyance."Kyuhyun,how slow can you get?You're just wasting my time!"

Kyuhyun just looked away from Leeteuk and instead brought his line of sight towards the ground.The lady infront of him wanted to ask but stopped halfway when she noticed the tears in his eyes as he thanked her and smiled sincerely before turning away to walk out.Leeteuk just wanted to get back to their dorm quickly,he didn't even bother to check if Kyuhyun was still behind him,as he thought of Kyuhyun as a dog that literally followed him everywhere he went.Kyuhyun took his milkshake and chased after Leeteuk.He walked behind Leeteuk,he didn't have the courage to be closer to Leeteuk.But as he walked behind,he couldn't stop thinking about what happened earlier.The actions,words that Leeteuk gave him earlier were just to harsh but silently he suffered the pain in his heart.Every second the members of Super junior had talked,looked,gestured or even glared at him,he would pretend to be oblivious of everything going on around him.

But if people thought he was stupid and oblivious,they were wrong.Kyuhyun did realize that the members hated him.He noticed noticed and heard everything regarding him but only smiled when they looked at him.He didn't think that it was worthless to cry for something so small but what he didn't realised was that it was not something small,it was something that affected his emotions greatly and created a hole in his heart.And this hole was greater day by day.Kyuhyun didn't think much about it and instead suffered silently.They may just be simple words but they live horrible bruises on Kyuhyun's heart.It hurts ,it hurts so badly.

They were just a few blocks away from their dorm when Kyuhyun realized he could bear with it no longer.He ran off to the playground not far from where they were.He just didn't want to show how weak and vulnerable he was.What would people say if they found out the reason he was crying was just because of simple harsh words.He couldn't let Leeteuk or even any of the members,see him like this.The words earlier were just too much for him to bear,that were said when they were heading back.

"Sometimes i wonder if you really were the smarter than me or was it just a mistake?"....~
................"Don't you try and act all innocent in front of me just because you're the maknae!"........
~"I don't ever think that the others will accept a person like you into Super Junior!"~

Those words hurt a whole lot!

It was half an hour later when Leeteuk felt something different in the atmosphere.He continued walking,wondering if Kyuhyun was still behind him.No sounds of feet dragging or sounds of something being kicked every few minutes.Something was off.He found out that Kyuhyun liked to drag his feet if he was tired and every few minutes,he would tend kick something on the ground.Slowly,he turned around.There behind him was empty space,nothing.

Why the hell did this boy go to?

He thought as he ran to find the boy,who was at the playground.He crashed to the ground and cried all he could alone.He tried his best to stop but couldn't,his heart just wanted to burst out of his chest.Too much pain for him to bear.He poured all his tears out as he recalled the bad memories the other members had given or shown towards him.

It took Leeteuk another hour later to find himself standing not far from the playground.He looked around with his hands on both sides of his waist and an annoyed expression plastered on his face.He was about to give up when he noticed a boy,not far from where he was,crying so much.He thought of helping the boy so he ran close that he soon realized that it wasn't just any boy,it was.....Kyuhyun.

He took a deep breath and cursed inwardly before walking to Kyuhyun's direction.Leeteuk was puzzled.Why,why was Kyuhyun crying?

As Kyuhyun poured his emotions out he started mumbling to himself non-stop.

I'm such a f-failure.
N-no one likes (cries)me because I'm (hiccup) a burden to them,a h-horrible o-one.I'm just a nobody..M-maybe(hiccup) i was never meant to be b-born(cries).I guess g-god m-made a-a m-mistake about ..m-me!

He said horrible things about himself and blamed everything to himself.He cried and punched his chest for every pain he felt.Behind him stood Leeteuk,guilty,confused,worried, too angry with himself.As he heard Kyuhyun's words,he felt tears at the corner of his eyes as he stared at the beautiful boy,who he hated,crying.The wet tears slid down Kyuhyun's face both for the feelings of pain,hatred and relief that he can let go of this emotions.Slowly,Leeteuk dropped to his knees,crying,reaching out to hug Kyuhyun from the back.

Kyuhyun gasps at the sudden contact but turned and gave myself in to the touch,event hough he didn't know who it was.Leeteuk felt a painful feeling in his heart and realized this was all his fault.He didn't think the words thet he said-every of the members said would affect Kyuhyun this much.He was the cause as to why Kyuhyun was like this.He stroked Kyuhyun's hair,calming him.Kyuhyun only cried in his chest unable to hold back.As Kyuhyun wanted to apologize to the stranger for his behavior ,he looked up and what he saw surprised him.He looked Leeteuk in the eye before moving away from Leeteuk in fear.

"Kyuhyun,please don't!"He said before looking at his lap.Tear by tear falling without hesitance.Kyuhyun looked at him ashamed and confused at the same time.

Leeteuk took a deep breath before continuing.
"It's my fault.It was never yours.I was just afraid of what would happen to me if you came in.And when you did,you shone like a star but me-I was nothing compared to you!I was selfish,i wanted a place for myself.And that was when I realised that by making you feel bad ,it would give me a greater place,but i was wrong.I didn't think i could hurt you this much and I don't even know what you've gone through to begin with!I am sorry!"He cried on his knees after finishing.Kyuhyun heart-broken-ed at the side,inched closer,wanting to comfort him.Slowly,he took Leeteuk's crying face in his hands and whispered,"I forgive you..."

Leeteuk looked into Kyuhyun's eyes and cried even harder.

He had treated the boy so badly and yet the boy with a sincere heart,could only look into his eyes ,saying those words with a gentle smile gracing his lips.Quickly,he hugged Kyuhyun tightly and heard the boy cry.

After what seemed like an hour or so,they got closer and got to know each other better.
"My father never had approved me of becoming an entertainer but i tried my best.It was my dream after all and anything is possible!We fought and at the end i made a deal with him."Kyuhyun paused halfway before saying "But look,I'm here now and my dream came true!"

Leeteuk was at a loss for words,he didn't know that Kyuhyun had already gone through so much pain before and realized that it wasn't right for him to judge Kyuhyun.They were now sitting on a bench,watching the stars with Kyuhyun smiling.He had to admit this smile right now,warmth his heart.It wasn't like the ones he had always seen after he had mocked Kyuhyun,it was special..

That night Kyuhyun fell asleep on his shoulder,he carried Kyuhyun home and promised to show care and love towards Kyuhyun!
sorry if it's short ! And thanks for reading,i hope you like it! This is base on something that really happened to me and i hope you can understand the meaning of this story and what it is to be hurt so badly,not physically but verbally.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kyuhyun
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