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It Hurts...Knowing That Your Ashamed To Love Me

Author: A.C.

Pairing(s): Yesung/Kibum, Others.

Chapter: Prologue

Rating: R

Genre: Highscool, Romance, Bets, Lies, Sex?

Disclaimer: I Wished I Owned Yesung...But I Don't So I'll Stick With My Fantasies.


There Relationship Begins With A Drunken Heated One-Night Stand.

Kibum Is Pretty Sure He's Falling For Yesung The Unique Socially Awkward New Boy...It's Not Like Kibum Would Ever Admit It He's The KIM KIBUM One Of The Most Conceited and Fortunate Popular Rich Boys To Ever Walk The Halls Of SM Academy and Yesung Is Just A Weirdo That Everybody Avoids...But What Happens When Siwon Chooses Yesung As His Next Conquest? Will Kibum Go Along With His Friends Bet On How Long It Will Take Siwon To Fuck and Dump Yesung? Is Yesung Really Clueless About The Whole Bet Or Is He Just Pretending To Go Along With It Just To See If He Can Get A Reaction From The Other Boy...

Kibum Gets Jealous,
But Is It Still Enough To Have The Balls To Push Everything Aside and Confess To Yesung Before It's Too Late?

Because Maybe Just Maybe He Might Fall For Siwon.

"It Hurts...Knowing That Your Ashamed To Love Me."

Yesung whispered giving Kibum one last searching look before turning around and Striding
out of the Cafeteria?, out of the Dorm?, out of the Classroom?, out of the Academy?

Out Of Kibum's Life.

Heres The Link To Chapter One:

Tags: pairing: yesung/kibum
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