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KiBum and the Chocolate Factory~

"Prince KyuHyun- he was the richest man in the world before Lee SooMan and them came along." Waving his thin arms around to illustrate his opinion of 'them', Grandpa JongOon screwed up his face in disgust before continuing on. "He comissioned Mr.HanKyung to build him an office building- completely out of chocolate. So he did- the floors and carpeting was chocolate; the elevators, the cables, the cement, desks, and even the windows were chocolate- made by a secret formula that only he knows." 

KiBum's breath caught- what kind of insane person made the world's greatest chocolate maker to create such a thing like that? Staring intently at the old man, he nodded- a sign to continue on with the amazing story he'd told.

"After months of work, Mr.HanKyung was finished. He told the prince 'You'd better hurry and eat it- the building won't last long..' but Prince KyuHyun only laughed at his face, and replied that he wasn't going to eat it- he was going to make some kind of entertainment company. 'SM Entertainment', he called it."

"SM? Why SM?" KiBum asked curiously. His query was met by more stares- the staring thing was becoming repetitive. 

"The man wore black." Granma SungMin replied shortly.

"Black leather." Grandma RyeoWook distastefully expanded.

"I think he just took out the '&' sign to dissuade skeptics." Grandpa DongHee tried.

Dismissively Grandpa JongOon continued on, slightly yelling above the din of arguing grandparents. "Of course, come one hot, humid day in August, the entire building melted. SM Entertainment was no more, until Lee SooMan himself," here, Grandpa JongOon made a noise of derision, "started up the company again. With some new group.. DongBangShinKi? Yeah.. them."

KiBum had heard of the band before- he slightly worshipped the music they'd recently created... and Micky YooChun....

"So that's the story of the insane Prince." Grandpa JongOon finished.

"Does anyone know what happened to the Prince? Did he survive?" KiBum asked curiously.

"He died in the fall of the building. It's foundations melted down, and the building shook to it's soft pillars." he deadpanned.  An interminable silence fell upon the room, until Grandma Sungmin leaned across and whispered into KiBum's ears seven words.

"Nobody comes in, and nobody comes out."
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