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Fic: So...Shine, Chapter 1

Title: So...Shine
Rating: PG
Author: goldintheshadow (me)
Summary: Donghae meets a very nice girl at a restaurant one day.  The problem is, she's not as girly as he thinks she is.
Pairing: Dongwook
Status: Chaptered (Incomplete)

Warning!  Crossdressing abounds!  You have NO idea.  This is the first part of my birthday gift to Donghae, my love and soulmate.  We are clearly fated, for the stars saw fit to see to it that we were born only five days and several years apart.  CLEARLY, we were meant for each other.  XD  Don't mess with my delusions, people!

*Phew* Just barely made it in time for his birthday!  Many happy returns, Donghae-oppa!

Eunhyuk ground his elbow down into the side of Donghae’s head, pinning him to the table as he flailed. “You bastard. You’ve got a date with Miss Pretty over there, don’t you.”
Tags: pairing: donghae/ryeowook
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