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13 October 2011 @ 02:15 am
Waiting for You (널 기다리며) Kibum: Chapter Three  
~Be warned this chapter has no Dialogue but please read on this chapter is Crucial to the story

Tittle: Waiting for You (널 기다리며) Kibum...

Main Pairing: Yesung+ Kibum= YeBum or Kisung whichever you prefer...,
Sub-pairings: KangTeuk, HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae, Qmi, HenWook, YeWook...YeWon(?) OC.

Genre: Au, Romance, Fluff (maybe?), Friendship, Drama, Immature-ness and a slight Angst.

Rating: PG 13

Warning: Smut, Curse Words, Delirious Fangirl's Stalker-ish Tendencies, Love...Just read it.



Kibum glared at the door to the llth floor dorm, willing it to open.

After about 10 minutes of drilling imaginary holes into it with his eyes.

He tried once again to remember the code entering several different combinations that seemed familiar but it was to no use.

The codes to the dorms where changed at least twice a month, Thus he didn't know the new one.

With a temporary loss of his "cool" exterior and a low growl.

He punched in random buttons and numbers, furiously practically jamming the keypad.

Before giving up with an exasperated sigh and leaning against the wall opposite of the door, his luggage strewn across the carpeted floor of the empty corridor.

Kibum didn't dare to call the members, They were busy with their schedules, He didn't want to disturb and make them worried about him.

Besides if he did it would completely ruin the element of surprise.

No one but their manager new Kibum was back in South Korea and They wanted to keep it that way.

SM and Super Junior didn't need rumors circulating about Kibum returning to contribute to the latest album, Which was absolutely un true.

The Company wanted to avoid any incidents form happening, They didn't want to have to deal with another riot.

Furthermore, The situation he was in at the moment was not helping that cause; Leaning against a wall in an Open Corridor.

It was only a matter of time before some...

Slightly Crazy, Overly Vigorous, Hyped-Up-On-Too-Much-Sugar, Delirious, Fangirl...

Comes along with a Tent, a Huge Camera, and a packet of Scented Colorful Permanent Sharpies.


Kibum couldn't help but feel disturbed and slightly touched as he examined the walls,

nearly every inch from ceiling to floor was covered in layers of Paint, Ink, Designs, Phone Numbers, Cards, Letters, Quotes, Hearts, Pictures and Plastered Cut-Out's of The Members.

He couldn't even recall the original coloration of walls, now "Remodeled" with "Decorations" of the fans.

'In all Honesty though...Don't the fans have anything better to do that doesn't involve vandalizing?'

Kibum really does love his fans and just hopes that they don't end up with a one way ticket to jail; For Stalking, Trespassing, Solicitation, and The Destruction of Private and Public Property.


3 hours passed and he was still in the same spot, well now he was slumped on the floor, back against the wall and trying to fight off sleep...absolutely and entirely bored out of his mind.

His IPod having died an hour before, leaving him without escape...and music,

He was aware of the fact that he could just open his backpack and munch on a snack or read one of the many books he had brought with him

but the lack of sleep and the jet lag was finally getting to him and he felt to sluggish and lazy to even do so.

So he resolved in getting some Shut-Eye for a couple of minutes but the Accumulated hours of Exhaustion

finally taking its toll on him and he drifted off into an uncomfortable but much needed sleep.


Totally Oblivious to the Ninja-Like girl who was Scribbling on a White Poster Board the size of a Notebook Sheet with Scented Colorful Permanent Sharpies.

Tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she put down the Green Sharpie , Flipped the poster over and Picked up a glue stick, Coating the back of the board with the adhesive.

Creasing her Eyebrows together as she Carefully and Determinedly, Smoothed out a rather provocative Illustration on top of the glue.

Leaning back and looking over her creation with a wide smile of satisfaction on her petite face;

She Hopped up walking to where Kibum laid sleeping,

Looming over him as she brought the poster to the wall...making sure that the message she had written for him was hidden and facing the wall so that only the Illustration was showing.

The little amount of tape at the corners of the poster looked like it could giveaway any moment, that was the only thing holding it up.

She didn't want to put too much tape on it for she was observant and could read the sleeping Oppa quite well.

She already knew the reaction he would have to it and the less amount of tape, the easier it would be for him to take the poster from the wall.

Turning around to go and gather her stuff; She trips over the handle of a suitcase that was carelessly strewn on the floor but she surprisingly regains her balance before her face could make friends with the floor...mentally doing a victory dance for her Ninja-Like reflexes.

However her being her and the fact that she was a...

Slightly Crazy, Overly Vigorous, Hyped-Up-On-Too-Much-Sugar, Delirious, Fangirl...

Just mix that with her clumsy nature and walking haphazard ways...as you can see it isn't a very safe combination so it was only a matter of time before something went wrong and as always it did.

Next thing you know her victory dance turns into a rude awakening as she stumbles over her own two feet, Ninja reflexes seem to be in order as she catches herself once again but not before stomping onto the poor sleeping Oppas hand.

Feeling an immense amount of Self-pity for herself and Distraught for the Poor Handsome Oppa who now had her shoe mark imprinted on his red hand and painful look on his sleeping face.

'Aww...Kibum-ssi Oppa must've been really tired...I'm such a horrible person I hope I didn't crush his hand...Oh I Know maybe a picture might help me feel better'

Lifting up the Huge Camera around her neck she snapped a few shots of Snow white;

When she was pleased with the amount she had taken she released the camera ,

slipping her fingers into her pocket and withdrawing a Sugar in coated Sour-Apple Lollipop she brought it to her mouth and began gathering her stuff into her book bag she wanted to go and develop her new pictures and for some reason...Buy a Tent.


If You could look into her head during the ride in the elevator and as she skipped through the Lobby on her way out of the Building...It Would be a little something like this.

'I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Sugary Sour-Apple Lollipop?'

'Ah One,

Ah Two,

Ah Three,

Ah Four,

Ah Five,

Ah Six,

Ah Seven




Mianhae, If it sucks.

I know this chapter didn't have much Dialogue (the next one will have a lot to make up for this) But It was important to get the girl written into the story She's Going to play a huge role and maybe be paired off with someone *wink,wink*

So even though this chapter may be a disappointment to some please continue to read it.


Here Are Linkes To The Chapters ^.^

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Sunggyu Is Mine ;) <3amanda_clarissa on October 13th, 2011 07:30 am (UTC)
Meanie, LJ Cut Totally Not Working For Me *hmph* I Feel Like Pouting :(
luminous beingtaylormercury on October 13th, 2011 09:49 am (UTC)
As our rules state, please can you include a header for the fic before the fic itself. So title, pairing (or main character/s, if not pairing based) rating and summary, and anything else you think necessary. Thank you! ^^