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fic: Boyfriend

Title: Boyfriend
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg / Siwon x Kyuhyun, Kid!2min
Word Count: 2,539
Rating: R
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: Taemin had a sleepover in Choi family's house.
Notes: Requested by sooya_9 with a whole lot of ideas from pinku_kireru. Also, happy 1013 day!

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, & Turbulence

From the first time he met Minho until the time he declared them as ‘boyfriends’ (“That means I’m your favorite person and you’re my favorite too!” Minho explained), Taemin had never seen Minho’s umma, or as he called him, Mommy.

Mommy, according to Minho, was a kind person on the inside and had a beautiful smile. No one could beat Mommy in games. Minho admitted with a pout that no one would be able to, ever. He couldn’t cook, but it was okay, Minho said, because his Daddy cooked almost all the time and his Daddy’s cooking was the best. Taemin had seen his drawings, though, and they had amazed him. They look so soft and pretty. Taemin loved to draw, and he might just have someone to look up to now.

Strangely, even though Mommy worked from home, Taemin had never seen him around. Minho said that was because Mommy preferred to stay at home and didn’t really like to go out and do sports, unlike him and Daddy. “My Mommy is so pale you would think you’re seeing a ghost,” Minho once said. “But don’t tell him I said that, or I will get grounded. If I get grounded, I can’t play with you.”

Anyway, tonight, Taemin will be sleeping over at Minho’s house while his own parents went out of town. He was filled with excitement and anticipation. They would play so many games and color a lot of things (crayons!) and finally, he would meet Mommy.

Sadly, Taemin soon found out that apparently, Mommy was currently in his ‘working mode’. This mode means no Mommy would be seen around the house. He would lock himself in the ‘work room’ and no one can interrupt him. Even Daddy didn’t dare to do so. At least Taemin saw some photos of him. Yes, Mommy indeed had a beautiful smile. Taemin couldn’t wait to see him in person.

Afternoon passed and evening came. Mommy still hadn’t come out and Taemin grew disappointed. “I think your Mommy is still busy with his work, Minho,” Siwon said, noticing the sad look on his son’s little boyfriend. “Taeminie, what do you want to eat? I will cook anything you want.”

Taemin had always liked Daddy. He had similar eyebrows as his Minho-hyung and he was always very kind. “Can I have some hamburger, please?” Taemin asked shyly. “With pickles and vegetables inside?”

“Oh, such a good boy,” Siwon grinned. “See, Minho, you should learn from him to like vegetables.”

Minho made a face and Taemin giggled, knowing how much his hyung hated vegetables.

Daddy cooked fast (Taemin couldn’t help but be amazed by it), and soon, there were four hamburgers ready to be served. One was for Mommy, Siwon said, in case he was hungry. It turned out it was indeed the case.

Right after they all finished their meals, Taemin reflexively held his breath when the holy door of the ‘work room’ suddenly creaked open and Mommy stepped out. He was indeed pale, but he also didn’t look so good. He looked… tired and… angry?

“Hey, Kyu,” Siwon greeted him warmly. “Do you want to join us for dinner?”

Kyuhyun scooted slowly towards the dining table as Daddy introduced Taemin, who instantly sat up straight, wanting to look as polite as possible. “Oh, and this is Taemin, Minho’s friend—.”

“Boyfriend, Daddy!”

Daddy chuckled, “Yes, boyfriend. He will be staying here tonight because—.”

“There are vegetables in this.”


“There are vegetables in this,” Kyuhyun repeated, looking even angrier. He took off the top bun, revealing pickles and lettuces. “You know I hate vegetables.”

Taemin flinched, feeling guilty because he asked for those. Daddy glanced at him and tried to calm Mommy down. “Sorry, I’ll make a new one.”

“Don’t bother,” Kyuhyun snapped and walked back to his ‘work room’. He slammed the door hard… but probably it just sounded really loud in Taemin’s ears.

“Taeminie! Don’t cry!” Taemin didn’t even realize he was crying before his hyung said so and hugged him tight. The small boy sobbed and snuggled closer to the older boy. He heard Daddy sighed and patted Taemin's head.

"Please don't be scared, Taemin... he's just tired from his work."

"Yeah! Mommy can be really scary sometimes, but he's not always like that!" Minho tried as well.

"It's my fault," Taemin sobbed. "I was the one who asked for vegetables. He hates me now."

"No, no, he's doesn't... Umm, how do I explain this," Siwon scratched his own head. "You see... he's just tired, and when he's tired, he gets angry easily. He never really means it, though. I'm sure he will forget all about it tomorrow..."

Taemin only cried harder, still shocked and frightened no matter what Siwon and Minho said. In the end, he fell asleep, exhausted, and Siwon carried him up to Minho's room. Minho pouted, jealous that his father get to carry his boyfriend, but had to admit that he hadn't grown big enough to be able to do it instead.


Taemin woke up, blinking, in the middle of the night. At least that was what the clock beside his hyung's bed said. He realized he was sleeping on the bed, Minho's bed, while the owner was... Taemin peeked down the edge and saw that Minho was sleeping on a makeshift bed on the floor. He felt bad because he had stolen his hyung's bed, and promised silently that Minho will get his bed when he sleep over at Taemin's house.

The boy shifted back to get comfortable under the blanket when he realized something that made his eyes widened. He sat up and pulled off the blanket to see something he had suspected. He had wet the bed.

A small embarrassed and self-hating whimper escaped his mouth. He hadn't wet his bed for more than a month now! How could he do it now, at Minho's house? Slowly, trying not to make any sounds, he stepped down from the bed and changed his pajama pants into normal pants. He then peeled the sheet off the mattress and gathered it in his tiny arms along with the wet pants. Some part of the sheet was just impossible to handle and it got dragged behind him as he tiptoed outside the room.

It wasn't dark downstairs, thank God, because he had to admit that he was still a bit afraid of the dark. He struggled his way down the stairways and froze when he reached the bottom.

Mommy was lounging on the couch, reading a book.

In his panic, Taemin stepped back and tumbled on one of the rung, causing him to fall onto his butt with a soft thud. Mommy looked up and caught the sight of a panicking Taemin. The small boy tried to hide the sheet behind him, but it was a useless effort and only served to make Mommy raised his eyebrows.

"Why are you awake?" Kyuhyun asked.

Taemin didn't answer and looked down instead, praying silently that Mommy wouldn't find out abot the wet sheet. Of course Mommy was smarter than that. The boy felt his lips trembled when he heard the steps coming closer. He saw Mommy's feet in front of him and he slowly looked back up.

Much to his surprise, Mommy didn't look mad. He just reached behind Taemin and took the sheet from him.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm very sorry," Taemin stuttered. "I didn't know why it happened. I haven't peed in my pants for a long time. I-I was going to wash it myself, so--."

"It's okay," Kyuhyun patted his head gently.

Without warning, his tears burst out from relief. He had been so scared that Mommy was going to get angry again. Kyuhyun sighed and carried Taemin up in his arms before taking him to the kitchen, leaving the sheet and the pants at the bottom of the stairways.

"Do you like hot chocolate?" Kyuhyun asked.

Taemin blinked, his sobbing reduced. "...Yes," he whispered shyly.

"I'll make it for you okay?" Kyuhyun said as he lowered Taemin onto the kitchen counter. "Now stop crying."

Taemin flushed, couldn't believe how different Mommy was from earlier. So Minho and Daddy told the truth when they said Mommy wasn't always so scary. There were no frowns on his face now. This Mommy was kind and gentle. He wasn't all warm like Daddy, but still so nice and smelled good.

"I..." Taemin said, a bit hesitantly, "I like your drawing."

Kyuhyun turned his head to him, blinked, and smiled. "Thank you. Do you like drawing too?"

The boy was so surprised by the sudden pretty smile that he almost forgot to answer. "Y-yeah... but not as good as you do."

"You'll get there," Kyuhyun put Taemin back on his feet on the floor and held the cup of hot chocolate to him. "Here you go. I'll wash the sheet and the pants. You go back to the bedroom and finish this, okay? Make sure to go to the bathroom before you sleep."

Taemin blushed and nodded. He followed Kyuhyun with small steps to the stairs and watched him gathering the proofs of Taemin's midnight bedwetting accident. He climbed the stairs while Kyuhyun went to the laundry room.

Just before Taemin walked into Minho's room, the door to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom creaked open, revealing a sleepy Siwon who looked a bit... sulky? He noticed Taemin and smiled, "Hey, Taeminie. Not sleeping yet?"

Taemin blushed, embarrassed at having to explain what happened. But his face turned bright when he described how nice Mommy was to him. His tiny hand gripped the mug filled with hot chocolate happily. Siwon chuckled at that and ruffled his hair, "See? I've told you that he was just tired earlier. But he had finished his work and he will surely play with you tomorrow after you and Minho come home from school."

"Do you think," Taemin fidgeted hopefully, "he would want to draw with me?"

"Of course!" Siwon pinched his cheek softly. "Now finish your hot chocolate and go to bed. I will accompany Mommy."

Taemin nodded, excited for tomorrow. He climbed onto the sheetless bed and sat there, recalling Mommy's smile as he drank from the mug and smiled to himself. No wonder his Minho-hyung loved his Mommy so much.

Before he knew it, the hot chocolate had run dry. He scuttered to the bathroom first, making sure to pee so he wouldn't wet the bed again. Just when he pulled the blanket on top of him, he remembered something.

He hadn't thanked Mommy at all!

Taemin widened his eyes, couldn't believe that he was being so impolite. He threw the blanket off him and ran outside. The adult's bedroom door was wide open, telling Taemin that Mommy and Daddy were still downstairs. The boy hurriedly made his way to the laundry room...

...and heard weird noises from the inside.

"...Siwon... mmh..."

"Hmm, this is pretty good. I can't believe we've never thought about doing it in here before..."

"You... must you think about sex everywhere..."

"It's not like you... don't... enjoy this..."

"Ah! Don't touch there... I will..."

"Kyu... I can't wait to enter you..."

"Nnhh... no... not yet..."

They sounded weird, like out of breath.

Taemin blinked and slowly opened the laundry room door. Mommy and Daddy hadn't noticed him yet. They were facing against the washing machine, Mommy leaning heavily onto it. Daddy was hugging Mommy from behind, his teeth biting Mommy's neck while Mommy whined in pain. One of Daddy's hands was raising Mommy's shirt and the other was touching all over his chest. But one thing that couldn't escape Taemin's attention was...

"Why aren't you wearing any pants?"

Surprised yelps and shrieks were followed by loud bumps and clanks. Taemin shut his eyes and clasped his hands over his ears. When the chaos died down, he fluttered his eyes open again. Daddy was just sitting up on the floor, rubbing the back of his head. Mommy, still standing straight, already had a towel covering his private area. He threw a smaller towel at Daddy, who followed Mommy to cover his lower half as well.

"W-why are you here?" Kyuhyun panted.

"Um, I wanted to thank you, Mommy," Taemin played with the edge of his shirt. "Thank you for the hot chocolate and for washing the sheet and my pants."

"Uh, yeah, sure," Kyuhyun gulped. "No problem."

"So... why are you two not wearing any pants?" Taemin asked innocently.

Mommy blushed and looked at Daddy who answered. "Err... we peed in our pants too."

Taemin blinked and didn't notice Kyuhyun glaring at his husband. "Eh? You too? But you both are all grown-up!"

"Well, yeah, it's rare. But we couldn't help it," Siwon explained, glancing at Kyuhyun and asking for his coopearation. Kyuhyun refused and stayed silent.

The young boy just giggled, completely oblivious to the truth.

"Taeminie," Siwon cleared his throat, "can you not tell anyone about this?"

"I won't tell!" Taemin hurriedly nodded and grinned. "I'm good at keeping secrets."

"Good boy," Siwon smiled. "Now go back to bed while we finish washing our own pants."

"Okay!" Taemin giggled once more and ran off.

Siwon sighed and stood up, shrugging at Kyuhyun who was still glaring at him. "What? I couldn't tell him that we were trying to have sex!"

"Shut up!"

"Oh, come on, let's continue where we left off..."

"...I can't believe you."


When Minho found out about it the morning after, because Taemin let it slip, he wasn't bothered by the fact that Taemin had wet the bed. Instead, he widened his eyes and protested. "My Mommy gave you hot chocolate?"

"Yes," Taemin blushed. "Your Mommy is really nice after all. And I saw him smiling too. So pretty."

Minho pouted, "But that's not fair!"

"What's not fair?" The sleepy Kyuhyun walked into the kitched (still wearing no pants, Taemin noticed with a slight giggle, only a shirt that looked too big for him), the refreshed Siwon in tow. "And stop shouting so early in the morning."

"Mommy, you're not playing fair!" Minho whined. "You've always yelled at me whenever I wet my bed! But you didn't yell at Taeminie! You even gave Taeminie hot chocolate after Taeminie wet the bed!"

"Minho!" Kyuhyun glared. "That's not very nice! You're a big boy! Don't make a girl feel embarrassed!"

"What girl?"

Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows and the rest of them understood. Daddy chuckled, Taemin felt his face reddened and looked down while Minho shook his head, "No, Mommy! Taemin is a boy! I told you yesterday that he's my boyfriend!"

"A b--," Kyuhyun blinked. "Is that true?"

"Yes, Kyu, Taemin's a boy," Siwon chuckled again and pulled Kyuhyun into his arm to give him a peck on the cheek. "You really never listened to anyone when you were cranky."

Kyuhyun stared at Taemin for a while... then he narrowed his eyes. "You should've feel ashamed for wetting the bed, young boy."

"...Mommy, please don't scare him again," Minho pleaded, watching the frightened look returning to his young boyfriend's face.

Siwon quickly clapped his hands, gaining everyone's attention while breaking the tension at the same time. "Morning bath together, anyone?"


The end~

Also, pinku_kireru forced me to put this here.

Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun
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