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Fate Has Ways * WonKyu * CH1

Title: Fate Has Ways
Pairing: WonKyu/KyuWon (I can’t believe I’m writing to this pairing!)
Rating/Genre: R / AU, Romance, Comedy

Summary: They urged him to start a new adventure – the kind Kyuhyun isn’t sure he is ready to take. But with flashy lights, stunning wardrobes and a man who evidently needs him (and his body), Kyuhyun may have to think otherwise.
Other summary: Kyuhyun is but a caretaker who decides on staying where he is. Siwon is a designer who’s willing to take a creative risk just to reach. One who wants nothing to do with the future and other who wants to create a future. It is no coincidence they meet, inevitable as it is.
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Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun

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