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THE SuJu Slash Fic [multi-chapter, 3/?]

Title: THE SuJu Slash Fic - for lack of a better title.
Authors: taylormercury & gado
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Various
Genre: AU, crack, horror
Warnings: swearing, sex, alcohol, crack, death, blood, death, sex, death, more sex, and did we mention death?
Summary: When 13 young, attractive and very horny men gather in a big house to throw a party anything can happen. And it does.
Comments: Ka and I are on crack. And we're evil. AND THIS STORY HAS AMAZING PAIRINGS. Read it because we rock, and you love us :3 Please don't stone us for this 8D
Previous: Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 //


“Come on JaeJae, you can’t still be mad about that whole Yehsung thing!” Donghae was clinging onto one of Hyukjae’s arm, tugging at it slightly.

They’d branched off from the rest of the group ages ago, Donghae tugging Hyukjae’s arm, wanting to go ‘explore’ the house, even though they’d been to Shiwon’s house plenty of times before. Every time his parents went away for something or another, Shiwon always held some kind of party or gathering.

They were making their way down the upstairs hallway, Donghae looking for the guest bedroom.

Hyukjae, a frown creasing his face, just said, voice somewhat stiff, “you kissed Yehsung.”

Donghae resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “He kissed me. And it was ages ago anyway! It’s not like it meant anything.”

He paused for a moment, pushing a door open, but closed it again a moment later when he realised it was Shiwon’s room. Yeah, he didn’t really want to go have sex with Hyukjae in there. If they were gonna have sex, anyway. That depended on whether or not Hyukjae would stop behaving like a cheated girl.

“You still kissed him.”

“I’ve kissed Shiwon too, and you don’t get upset about that.”

Hyukjae’s frown deepened. Okay, Donghae had a valid point there, really. But that had been ages ago. And he’d known about it. “Yeah, well Shiwon makes out with everyone.”

“Including you,” Donghae teased, poking Hyukjae in the side before grabbing his arm again and tugging him further down the hallway. He laughed at the look on Hyukjae’s face. “And you don’t see me getting upset about that. And you slept with him once too.”

If it was possible for Hyukjae to frown anymore than he already was, he would have been. But as it was, his face had reached his frown limit. So instead, he grunted, one of those oh-so-male noises that meant everything and absolutely nothing all at once.

“That was before I was with you, though.”

“Exactly! And the Yehsung thing was before I was with you too!” Donghae pushed open another door and let out a small ‘aha!’ of triumph, before tugging Hyukjae into one of the empty guestrooms with him. He closed the door behind them, before turning to Hyukjae with a grin. Hyukjae was still frowning.

“Oh come on, you know how much I love you baby, don’t be mad.” He pouted up at Hyukjae, one hand trailing its way slowly down Hyukjae’s arm, fingers playing lightly over the skin. He could feel the hair on Hyukjae’s arm stand to attention as the skin shivered under his fingertips.

Hyukjae was still frowning, so Donghae stepped up closer to him, pressing their bodies together a little, his free hand reaching up to caress one of Hyukjae’s cheeks softly. “You’re being a jealous idiot here, JaeJae. Just get over it, ‘kay? It was nothing and it was a long time ago.”

Hyukjae’s frown slowly started to dissolve. It was hard to stay annoyed when Donghae’s fingers were moving ever-so-softly over his skin. “I just don’t like to think about other people touching you.”

“No one else does, not like you do,” Donghae’s voice was close, his words coming out in a warm breath of air against the side of Hyukjae’s face. The hand on his arm had now wormed its way underneath Hyukjae’s shirt, and now his fingers were dancing lightly over warm, soft skin. He could hear Hyukjae let out a breath, and smiled to himself.

“You know I’m absolutely crazy about you.” Donghae’s lips were hovering over Hyukjae’s cheek, and he pressed a soft kiss to the warming skin. “So, do you think …” he trailed off there, because only a moment later, he was pressing his mouth to Hyukjae’s, kissing him firmly, swiping his tongue quickly, playfully, over Hyukjae’s lips, before pulling back, a grin now firmly curving his lips. “That you can forget about it now?”

All the while, Donghae’s hand had trailed further and further up Hyukjae’s torso, brushing, rubbing, caressing his chest. Hyukjae was no longer tense with irritation, now; he was almost quivering with anticipation. It made Donghae smile, to see, to feel, to hear the effects he had on his boyfriend.

Hyukjae looked at him then, really looked at him. His frown was gone, the tension between his eyebrows was gone, the stiffness in his jaw had relaxed, and now all Donghae could see was Hyukjae staring at him, dark brown eyes alight with desire. It made Donghae tremble ever so slightly. He loved seeing that look on Hyukjae’s face. It made the breath catch in his chest, the pulse speed up in his neck.

One hand wrapped around the back of Donghae’s neck, another around his back, pulling their bodies even closer, and a moment later Donghae’s mouth was captured by Hyukjae’s, lips eager, insistent, hungry, as he practically consumed Donghae. His tongue slid between Donghae’s willing lips and Hyukjae let out a deep-throated moan of satisfaction as he explored the familiar taste of Donghae’s mouth.

When he pulled away, both of them breathing just a little heavier now, Donghae grinned at him. “Good. Because it’s hard to get you to fuck me when you’re still mad at me.”

Hyukjae stared at him for a moment, as if he didn’t quite understand what Donghae was talking about. This only made Donghae laugh. “Yeah, you heard me right, baby. Come on, we can’t do much standing here like this.” Before Hyukjae could even formulate the words, Donghae had captured his arm again and was pulling him over towards the bed.

He’d managed to pull the sheets back, crawl onto the bed, and pull Hyukjae down on top of him, before Hyukjae was even able to say, “Hae, you’re sure?”

He and Donghae had been together for a long time now, and before that they’d been best friends, to the point of being practically inseparable. There was no doubt in either of their minds, and hadn’t been any doubt in the first place, that they loved each other completely. Not that Donghae had told anyone, but he’d even imagined what life might be like for the both of them when they were – obviously still together – both old and grey.

Although they’d been together for a long time they still hadn’t had sex yet. Donghae was a bit of a hopeless romantic, waiting for the ‘right time’, and besides that, they’d never had a better opportunity before than this, an empty bedroom to themselves in Shiwon’s wonderfully large and spacious house.

“Idiot,” Donghae murmured, fingers curling themselves around the hem of Hyukjae’s shirt. “Would I have said it if I wasn’t sure?” He tugged Hyukjae’s shirt off before the other man could say anything. With a grin, he tossed the clothing aside, both hands immediately coming up to touch at Hyukjae’s chest, to probe, caress, and explore their way over his boyfriend’s warm skin.

Hyukjae let out soft breaths, tingling under Donghae’s fingertips. He slid his own hands underneath Donghae’s shirt, smiling when the fingers he had rubbed over a nipple elicited a soft moan from him. A moment later, after pulling Donghae’s hands away from himself, Hyukjae slipped the other’s shirt off. It landed in a careless pile with his own shirt, not that either noticed.

Reaching up and wrapping his arms around Hyukjae’s neck, Donghae pulled him down for a searing kiss. This time, they were both panting by the time they came back up for air.

“Are you sure you’re not just like, drunk or anything, Hae?” Hyukjae asked, the fingers of one hand sifting lightly through Donghae’s brown hair.

“No, I’m not.” Donghae pressed soft kisses over Hyukjae’s face, smiling. “I’ve wanted this for awhile now anyway, wanted you,” another soft kiss, this time to Hyukjae’s lips, “so will you please just shut up and make love to me, Hyuk?”

Donghae’s eager insistence made Hyukjae laugh, until it died away into soft gasps and moans, because now Donghae had one hand playing with Hyukjae’s nipples whilst the fingers of his other hand slid down the zipper on Hyukjae’s jeans.

It seemed Hyukjae needed no more convincing or reassurances because after several moments both of them had lost the rest of their clothes and were now pressing their naked bodies together, hard, heated skin rubbing against equally hard and heated skin. Every touch and press and rub of their bare skin brought out soft gasps and low moans from both of them.

Donghae’s fingers had trailed down Hyukjae’s body and wrapped themselves loosely around his boyfriend’s heated flesh. He ran his fingers down the firm length, grinning when he heard Hyukjae groan.

He opened his mouth to say something, probably to make some joke at Hyukjae’s expense, but his lips were suddenly captured by Hyukjae’s, and the words died before they could even form in his throat. The kiss was passionate, hot, Hyukjae’s lips working themselves roughly over Donghae’s, pulling little whimpering noises from him. He was left panting and breathless when Hyukjae pulled away a moment later.

Licking his lips, Donghae whispered – because he couldn’t get his voice to come out any louder than a breathless whisper – “you’re a much better kisser than Yehsung, just so you know.” There was a slight smile curving his lips, and his hand had moved until his fingers were clutching at Hyukjae’s hair.

“Oh really?” Hyukjae raised an eyebrow, but he couldn’t help grinning just a little. It was a boost to his male pride to know this. “Am I better than Shiwon too?”

Donghae pretended to look thoughtful, considering the question, which earned him a slightly outraged “hey!” and a whack to his shoulder from Hyukjae.

Laughing, Donghae said, “of course you are.” He pressed an apologetic kiss to Hyukjae’s mouth and slid a hand back down the length of Hyukjae’s body, taking him in his hand again, wrapping his fingers around the length firmly. “Maybe you wanna show me what else you’re good at too?” He squeezed, ever so slightly, feeling Hyukjae practically tremble against him.

Apparently Hyukjae didn’t need any further coaxing because his hands were already sliding down Donghae’s body.

There was a brief moment of panic though when Hyukjae remembered that Donghae was a virgin, and that first times fucking hurt and that he had no lubricant. But with that almost cheeky smile of his, Donghae had fixed the problem by producing a small tube from the pocket of his jeans.

“Do you carry this with you all the time, or just tonight?” Hyukjae teased as he slid his wet fingers over Donghae.

“Never hurts to be prepared.” Donghae grinned back at him, but his smile vanished a moment later when he felt fingers pressing in places they never had before. Donghae gasped and squirmed beneath Hyukjae as fingers worked inside of him. Hyukjae whispered soft questions against Donghae’s skin, ‘are you alright’ and ‘is this okay’. Donghae’s breathless gasps and moans were answer enough. It was most definitely alright, and it was certainly okay.

Hyukjae pulled his fingers away, the breath heavy in his chest too, and slipped his body into a better position against Donghae’s. He was pressed against Donghae now, and Hyukjae could feel his body writhing slightly beneath him. He stared down into his boyfriend’s face, taking in the flushed cheeks, the half-lidded eyes, the parted lips and the way his tongue slid out to wet them every few moments. Beautiful, he was absolutely beautiful.

Donghae pushed his hips up and Hyukjae felt nails digging into the skin on his arm. He gasped and let out a small, not-quite-pained noise, and glared at Donghae.

“JaeJae, will you please just do it already? You’re driving me crazy here.” So much for Donghae being a romantic.

Hyukjae smiled, leaning down to press his mouth to Donghae’s, before graciously obliging his boyfriend’s wishes.

Donghae cried out, fingers clutching at Hyukjae as his body trembled. “Oh … oh, Hyukjae, do that again.”

Hyukjae was more than happy to obey.


Smoking was totally, very, completely forbidden inside the school area. That was the only reason Heechul actually smoked in the first place. With the glowing stick between his lips, or teeth rather because it looked cooler, he tilted his head back and looked up at his friend. Yehsung was leaning against the tree and Heechul was lying down, head in the other man’s lap.

“I met Shiwon earlier.” Heechul stated, flatly.

“You take the same classes. If you bothered going you’d see him a lot more often.”

“Fuck you.” He let a long pile of ash drop onto his friend’s hand as a punishment, though the other didn’t seem to care at all. “Anyway. He tried to convince me to visit the bathroom with him…again!”

Yehsung shook his hand that was now decorated with a neat burn mark. Every now and then, which meant quite often, Heechul would complain about Shiwon either groping him or making suggestions. “So?”

“Jongoon…he wants to stick his fucking thing up my ass.”

Yehsung frowned at the use of his real name; one he’d dropped ages ago. “Don’t call me that!” He huffed, not amused at all by the grin that appeared on the other man’s face.

Heechul ignored the sour look and continued. “Just because I have long hair doesn’t mean I’m a girl! Why can’t he get that?! Do I have to put a fucking sign on my butt saying ‘do not enter’?!”

Yehsung merely sighed. Sometimes he didn’t get why Heechul didn’t punch that motherfucker’s face. He’d probably get expelled but in his opinion, it was better than being molested. Besides, Heechul was stupid. It would be no big loss.

“Can’t he just get that there is no chance in hell that I’ll let him anywhere near my ass?!” Heechul threw the rest of the cigarette away. “I don’t get fucked. I fuck. You know that.”

Yes, Yehsung knew that very well. Whenever there was time to kill in-between classes, Heechul made sure he kept that in mind.

Heechul suddenly grinned and looked up at the other. “That new kid is pretty hot, don’t you think?”


“Fuck no, he looks like a baby. I’m talking about Chinaman.”

“And why did you decide to randomly mention that now?”

“Because he’s looking at us.” Heechul flashed a grin at his friend; a grin that said that he knew more than the other did and that he wanted his friend to try and find out. “He’s done so ever since we got here.”

Too bad that Yehsung didn’t care much, though. He never did. “Well, lovely for him, then.”

“He likes you.”


“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed him checking you out.”


“To our left. Second table from the right. Pretends to be reading.”

As he saw Yehsung turning to look in his direction, he felt a blush rise to his cheeks. As their gazes locked, he announced himself officially dead. Caught, Hankyung thought, quickly averting his gaze as he tried to look like he hadn’t been staring at all. Standing up, he decided to leave his spot before self-imploding out of pure embarrassment. ‘It was just a coincidence’, he told himself over and over as he crossed the lawn, heading for the main building, ‘he didn’t know I was staring’.


The fact that Hyukjae was now and then talking in his sleep was no big news to Donghae. He’d managed to sleep through every soft murmur and loud declaration of war that had escaped his boyfriend’s lips. That was why, when his eyes fluttered open, he was surprised to hear nothing.

However, realizing he was lying naked in the same big bed as an equally naked Hyukjae turned the confusion into a smug grin on his lips. How long had they been sleeping? Probably not very long since it was still dark outside. An hour, perhaps. And Donghae knew he needed more sleep than that.

Moving slightly, he felt something uncomfortably wet against his back. Bringing one hand to the back of his head, he felt the sticky mess in his hair. How could that end up there?!

“JaeJae?” He frowned, getting no reply from the other man.

“Hyukjae?” He tried again, this time kicking back; hitting the other man’s knee.

Donghae buried his fingers in his own hair, trying to get whatever it was out. It took a few seconds before he realized that his hair was more or less soaked, as well as the pillow he was resting on…. As well as the sheets they were lying on.

“JaeJ---“ It wasn’t until he’d turned around that he was able to puzzle it all together; the lack of response, the stickiness in his hair and the gaping wound that threatened to separate his boyfriend’s head from his body. Lifeless eyes were staring into nothing at all behind half-closed lids while the neck was bent at such an unnatural angle that Donghae could do nothing but stare at the bizarre display before him. Death, to most people, is so abstract that, when facing it, we don’t know how to react. If Donghae had been given enough time to fully take it all in, perhaps he would have cried. Or thrown up. But as he lifted his gaze, he found himself staring into a face that wasn’t quite as dead as the one on the person lying next to him in the bed.

“Morning, Hae.”


“Oh, right! I’m so stupid.” He brought the palm of his hand to his own forehead, giving it a light smack. “It’s still night!”

Donghae could feel his body shivering. “T-this… isn’t real.”

“This?” He pointed at his own face. “Or maybe you mean this?” Grinning, he gave Hyukjae’s body a light push. “Nah, well, he’s proper dead. Still warm though. You know… it’ll take a while before he gets all…cold… and corpse-y.”

Looking back down at his now dead boyfriend, Donghae could feel his eyes water up and his heart committing suicide inside his chest over and over.

“Don’t worry.” A reassuring smile. “You won’t live to experience that, so he’s as good as alive.”


A knife was suddenly scarily close to his face. “I got a new and clean one for you. Neat, huh?”

His body reacted quicker than his brain, apparently, because soon Donghae found himself escaping the bed and away from the other man. The bed was more or less separating the room in two, which meant that it would probably take a while for the other to climb over it… and Hyukjae. Unfortunately, the door wasn’t on his side.

“Fuck you!” Donghae sobbed.

“Trying to offend me, Donghae?”

“You’re sick!”

“You shouldn’t say that. Because it makes me upset. And when I’m upset I’m not a very nice person.”

The window. It was big enough for him to climb through, he was sure of that. He’d only need a couple of seconds to open it and climb out. Grabbing the alarm-clock from the nightstand, Donghae hurled it at the other man before heading for the window.

“Brat!” The other man brought one hand to his face. “You hit me in the fucking eye!”

The tears began to roll down Donghae’s cheeks as he realized the window was stuck. Pulling desperately at it, he noticed someone walking outside. “Help!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, knowing that the other probably wouldn’t hear him, while banging his bloody fists against the glass.


Shindong didn’t know how long he’d been walking around outside. They hadn’t let him see Sungmin. As they had told him, Eeteuk and Kibum had held him back while Ryeowook had locked the bathroom door. But his gaze had caught the red stains on the floor. Red as in blood. Blood as in death.

Sure, Sungmin had been a bit of an air-head and considered quite a slut, but he had loved him nonetheless and he still did. Pushing his nails hard into the palms of his hands to keep himself from crying, he wandered back and forth in the dark. If it hadn’t been completely quiet outside, he’d never heard the banging on the window that now caught his attention. His eyes widened as he spotted a hand, covered in blood, colliding with the window as eyes screaming with desperation called for his help. Fuck… Donghae.

Racing into the house, he simply pushed past Kangin; completely ignoring his desperate “Shindong. Fucking hell! We found Kyuhyun in the garden!” and simply hurried up the stairs, running into a quite surprised Hankyung.

“Ha-han… It’s… Donghae!” He grabbed the other man’s arm as he continued up the stairs, dragging Hankyung with him.

“What the fuck?!” Yehsung snarled as the two pushed past him on his way down the stairs. Still, he chose to follow them to the door at the end of the hallway where Shindong flung the door open.

“No…” Shindong shook his face as he fell down to his knees. “I’m sorry…”

To be continued ...

Please please please before any of you start to throw the stones, bear in mind that this chapter has hurt me too. I cried. So you guys aren't the only ones hurt by this. I told you karma was coming to get me after the last chapter.
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