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The Heart of a Guardian

Title: The Heart of a Guardian
Main Pairing: Kyuhyun/Henry
Side Pairings: Heechul/Jay , Siwon/HanGeng , Kangin/Leeteuk and several hinted pairings.
Rating: R (For violence, and mentions of sex.)
Genre: AU, Supernatural
Part 7b

“So what were you dreaming about anyway?” She asks suddenly. “Why do you wanna know?” She gives a strange look and he feels uncomfortable under her gaze. “Because you kept mumbling Kyuhyun’s name.” Henry feels his face burn and quickly covers it. He hopes his other friends didn’t hear him or they would never let him live it down. He doesn’t even know why he would be mumbling his name anyway.

Previous Parts:
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Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/henry
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