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KiBum and the Chocolate Factory~

After the family had finished their less-than-substantial meal of watery cabbage and potato soup, KiBum, DongHae, and HyukJae made their way into the room that served as the grandparents' bedroom, dining room, living room, and eternal 'prison' with "a lovely jailer" (as HyukJae had so affectionately put it) to hear the stories that the elders would tell them.

Wonderful tales about the most fantastic things- stories that KiBum had never heard about, and people that he'd never dreamed about before. 

One night, KiBum asked "Is it really true that Mr.HanKyoung's chocolate factory is the biggest in the entire world?" His query was met by indigant outcries from the old ones.

"Of course it's true! Don't they TEACH you children anything these days? HanKyoung's factory is a hundred times bigger than any other candy-making factory in the world!"

"So it's also true that Mr.HanKyoung is the cleverest chocolate maker in the entire world?" KiBum questioned.

"My dear boy, Mr.HanKyoung is the.." Grandpa JongOon started, then stopped, counting on his fingers, and launched into his alphabetized praise of the man, "most amazing, best, competent, extraordinary, fantastic, greatest, high-class chocolate maker the world has ever seen and known!!"

"I thought everybody knew that.." Grandma RyeoWook piped up from his.. her.. knitting, which was promptly squashed by the flailing arms of Grandpa DongHee, ecstatic at the mention of food and sweets.

"I knew he was famous... and I knew he was smart..." KiBum tried sheepishly.

"Smart??" Grandma SungMin shrieked. "The man is something more than just 'smart'." he scoffed, adjusting the lacy nightcap that accompanied him wherever he went.

"She's right y'know. He can make anything with chocolate. Anything!!" Grandpa DongHee added. "He's invented over three hundred types on candy bars, each with a different filling, and each much more creamier and delicious than other candy makers could make!"

"So true! And he's sent them to all..." Grandma RyeoWook counted on his fingers, then exclaimed, "four corners of the Earth!"

"He's made ice cream that never melts, and marshmallows that can taste like violets." Grandma SungMin contributed.

"And lollipops that change flavor every three minutes you suck on them, feathers that melt the minute they go past your lips, gum that never loses it's taste, balloons that you can blow up to ginormous sizes before you pop them and eat them, and little eggs that shrink and shrink until all you have is a little baby chick that you can dissolve in your mouth in less than ten seconds." Grandpa DongHee described, smacking his lips wantonly every time a new sweet was mentioned.

"It makes my mouth water just by thinking about it..." DongHae whispered to HyukJae, who quietly agreed. Both parents had been watching at the doorway, looking at the animated faces of the elders and KiBum, eyes wide with wonder and the contagious excitement the grandparents were exuding.

"Tell him about the crazy prince!" Grandma RyeoWook suggested.

"Y'mean Prince KyuHyun?" Grandpa JongOon laughed.

"Absolutely insane!" muttered Grandpa DongHee.

"But very rich.." sighed Grandma SungMin, which earned him a playful pinch from his spouse.

"What'd he do?" KiBum asked, bouncing on the edge of the bed in his curiousness.

"Do stop that bouncing, and I'll tell you." Grandpa JongOon said irritably, his sharpness not softened in his old age. Grandma RyeoWook poked him with one of his knitting needles, and stared until he actually got on with the tale....
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