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Title:  Soup
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG
Summary: Thanks to the soup, Hankyung won.

“Hey, I’m home.” Heechul announced while closing the door of their dorm. He trotted down the hall only to be greeted by Hankyung who was as usual, making something edible in their kitchen.

The Chinese man turned around, hands still holding the laddle as he was about to taste the soup he was cooking. He smiled at Heechul who was taking off his coat. Heechul returned the smile and walked towards his boyfriend, arms snaking around the familiar waist of his lover.

“How was it?” Hankyung asked turning off the stove to face Heechul.

“It was good.” Heechul replied in a low voice obvious that he was already tired. Doing a radio show and attending a variety show while practicing, Hankyung could only watch him in pity.

“Have you eaten?” Hankyung asked placing soft kisses on Heechul’s forehead.

Heechul pouted. “Not yet. Feed me.” He commanded making Hankyung laugh.

“Of course.” Hankyung answered as he took the bowl of soup he was cooking earlier. He put it down on the table, his other hand holding the spoon.

Heechul smiled and opened his mouth for Hankyung to feed him. After a few gulps of the soup, Heechul licked his lips and complimented Hankyung’s cooking skills.

“You should take some time off and rest.” Hankyung said worriedly.

Heechul scoffed giving him his signature smirk. “You think fatigue will stop me?”

“But I will.” Hankyung said his voice full of confidence.

Heechul raised his eyebrows. “Make me.”

Hankyung forced down the remaining soup on Heechul’s mouth making the older boy gasp in annoyance. “Yah! What’re you doing?!”

Heechul slapped Hankyung’s arm when some of the soup leaked out of his mouth. Hankyung laughed again apologizing to Heechul.

Heechul could only pout. When he was about to wipe the liquid off of his mouth, Hankyung quickly took his arm to prevent him from doing so. Heechul gasped staring at Hankyung who was looking at him with lustful eyes.

“You know, you haven’t been spending some time with me.” Hankyung whispered leaning closely towards Heechul.

“I can’t help it…I’m too busy being Kim Heechul.” Heechul retorted. Ignoring what his lover just said, Hankyung closed the distance
between them by kissing Heechul. After a few battle of tongues, Hankyung pulled away from his lover, smirking when he saw how breathless Heechul was.

“I think I’ll cancel my appointment today.”

Obviously, Hankyung already won.
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng
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