evilkyuismine (evilkyuismine) wrote in miracle______,

three kyuhyuk updates :)

[One Shots] I'm Still Here
Sequel of I'm Sorry... I Love You... | Main Pairing : Kyuhyuk | PG-13 | Romance - slight!Angst
He was left behind and he just don't know what to do

[One Shots] Vacation
Sequel of How Eunhyuk Get His Holiday Trip | Main Pairing : Kyuhyuk | PG-13 | Romance - Slice of Life
Eunhyuk finally get what he wants... Vacation just for him and his husband.

[One Shots] Changes
Main Pairing : Kyuhyuk | PG-13 | HighSchoolAU - Romance
Kyuhyun knows himself well... what bothered him is a particular guy who makes him changes

enjoy the story <3
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/kyuhyun
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