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minbum/changkyu | nc-17 | "cute, fluffy, romancy smut. Maaaybe a hint of angst." | 096 - "I Like You, I Like You, I Like You." | smut, bad language |
Everyone has their second half, it's bound to you in your heart, a metallic magnet that will stay with you forever.

written for ka_kite_ano who needed some MinBum and/or ChangKyu, and will also write me some perfect KangHae or HyukMin whenever her hiatus finishes.

Everyone had a second half. Everyone had someone that would one day fall into their arms, smile, and leave a buzzing sensation that rested in that person’s veins for their lifetime. Everyone had someone that made them laugh, made them wake up in the morning, made them smile, and made be. They would give themselves to that person, they would be whatever that person wanted them to be, just to have that same attraction and have that same buzzing feeling.

Changmin’s eyes closed slowly as he exhaled, soft cotton underneath his palms, his breath slows in hopes of calming his beating heart. Voices were heard all around him, and he used as much willpower to not breakdown right there on what he is sure is his death bed. He smiles a bloody smile as people worry for him, doctors screaming words that sound foreign to him. He wonders if he’d be able to afford whatever care they’re giving him. He wonders if the lights that blind his vision will eventually turn into the light that he walks to, his corneas hurting from the constant burn against his eyeballs. He was always light sensitive, he reminds himself.

The familiar buzzing aches his veins as he jerks his chest up, his heart reaching for the heart of the one. The one that gave him such a buzzing sensation that made him high off of love, the only drug he could safely say he was addicted to. Doctors pushed hands down on his chest, keeping his body down, but his body wants nothing of it. He sits up, staring ghastily around the surgery room, until he finds what he needs to find – the window. The mirror to him but the window for the people on the other side. He is sure that he sees the pained eyes staring from behind. He swallows his spit; rough against his throat, before screaming out to the man in the window who he knows can hear him. It is only then that another pair of eyeballs joins the other, and Changmin passes out.

- -

Everyone had a second half. It is said that in ancient mythology of Phoenix, the sky goddess Aziola punished the world by injecting the human race with a metal that bound people to the earth – a magnetic force that chained them to the ground. Aziola’s husband, the star god Photonos, put pity on the chained humans, and used his powers to eliminate as much of that magnetic substance, but in the end the humans were stuck together, unable to do anything but weep from the god’s punishments. Photonos begged his wife to relieve the humans of their pain, and Aziola got the assistance of Thablos, the god of fire and metal, to separate the humans. He did so, but still some of that metal remained in the people of Phoenix: binding them to two things, the earth and the person they were connected to.

Their second half.

The race of Phoenix was never able to leave their planet, and so they thrived. They cultivated the barren ground and were able to grow vegetables, wheat and fruits. They captured the wild animals that ran in the fields and domesticated them, using them for crops and for riding. They created their own form of democracy, education, music, and technology. Years were spent on eradicating the evil metal that bound them to Phoenix, but when the source was found, it was impossible to take out. The metal had lodged itself into the people’s heart, a hum that brought them to their second half.

At the age of seventeen, if the second half hadn’t been found, the person’s Siri or their ‘dog’ you could say, found it for them. The person wouldn’t have any warning of when their Siri would leave them, but they weren’t allowed to leave the house until their Siri came back – because the dog-like companion acted as their protection. When their Siri returned, it would be another Siri, probably the one of that person, their lover. Then they would follow the animals to their second half. If there was no magnetic connection at first touch: a buzz like first embrace, they would go their separate ways. But that only happened once or twice, because the Siri were very intelligent animals that knew their masters since birth.

Some people found them before they were seventeen, lucky people they were. At school, on the street, maybe they shared the same hobby, and would feel that electrifying feeling that came from only the person for them. They would eventually mate, and as would their Siri, and then live happily for the rest of their lives without any problems whatsoever. There was no form of currency or debt on Phoenix, just small favours once and awhile were necessary, and everyone had their own little job passed down from their parents. And each day that they came home and greeted their lover, that familiar buzzing would return when they kissed, cuddled, or held each other in a sealed hug. Doctors named you either one or the either when you were born: a North, or a South. Norths couldn’t mate with Norths, and Souths couldn’t mate with Souths. But one thing mattered, Norths were men and Souths were girls.

Phoenix never had anyone lonely: because even if you failed to find your second half, your Siri would find them for you. If your lover died, there was a high chance that you would die in the next couple of weeks just to stay with them. Phoenix became a utopia of love, food, and harmony, and soon people decided that leaving would be a stupid idea, and thanked the gods.

- -

Changmin was born a South. That wasn’t very unusual, seeing as both his mother and his aunt were Souths and his younger sisters would be too when they were born. His father was the only North in the family, but he didn’t mind, Norths were usually calm and collected people. And thankfully Changmin got a lot of that calm and collectedness from his father. Except, he was a male South, and doctors checked to see if he was okay. He was perfectly fine, scaring some of the doctors. Either than this mix-up, he was perfectly fine. He was a day-dreamer, a singer, and a writer that spent hours as a little kid watching the sky for clouds and stars. The little boy never thought much about his second half, unlike his sisters, thinking that sooner or later it would come to him. His Siri, which he nicknamed Max, would run around with him, short compared to the long, slender legs that Changmin had.

He lived beside someone named Kim Kibum, son of a high-paid CEO in Phoenix. A North, he spend his hours on the hill behind Changmin and Kibum’s homes, watching the passing lavender clouds, confusing the little Changmin, two years younger than the rich boy. He would stare at him through his bedroom window, following the patterns in the sky that he guessed Kibum’s eyes were tracing, wishing he could know about this mystery bystander but too afraid to really do anything. So he watched, admiring his Siri Bolaros, who Max hated to hang around oddly, whose fur was a dazzling caramel color and had piercing eyes. Max always kept Changmin away from Kibum, and even if they were next-door neighbours, he never met for a long time, even during school.

But Changmin was smart. He had friends, too, like a certain two named Jaejoong and Jongwoon, who constantly acted bubbly with each other. Jaejoong and Jongwoon had found their second halves, and their Siri Hero and Yesung had already mated for the new bunch of kids in Phoenix. Changmin’s jealousy was hidden by a gentle smile whenever he saw the two act cutely together: the awkward and clumsy demeanour from Jongwoon matched with the soft kindness from Jaejoong. He was bright and got great grades, and it was a given that Changmin would follow the path of his father as one of the best teachers on Phoenix from his expertness in linguistics and his closeness with his younger sisters and their friends that would come over. “Changmin will be a surprise for us all,” his teacher once said, smiling down at the pimply faced thirteen-year old. His parents smiled, squeezing their hands.

Changmin’s first love was stupid. It was a boy in his science class, a nerdy looking boy named Jung Yunho. Taller than average, a small face but expressive eyes was he, and Yunho was extremely attractive. Changmin guessed that it was his South gene that gave him this feeling towards the North, who would sit at the front of the class and block his view but he didn’t mind because the back of his head was enough. Unfortunately Yunho’s presence didn’t bring any feeling of buzzing or of perfection, but Yunho must have gotten it because soon he and a girl named Yoochun started dating. Though they tried to keep it a secret, Micky and U-Know, their Siris were always fondling and snuggling up together. And when Siris found their soulmates, they had found their soulmate.

Changmin grew to have more friends over time, but he never got that longing buzz feeling through his veins. He watched as his friends slowly found their lovers, and right before he turned fifteen, his last single friend Junsu found a boy who recently moved from the capitol of Kyklopes, Hyukjae, and everyone around him was smiling faces.

Except him.

- -

“How are you?” Jaejoong asked, spooning more of the dairy treat into her mouth, coating her lips with ice cream. “You’ve been looking pretty depressed lately,” she noticed, her leg brushing past his to rub Max’s exposed belly. The dog purred in response, and Jaejoong giggled, revealing those perfect teeth of her's.

“Everyone’s paired up,” Changmin said, using the spoon in his mouth as an excuse to not talk that much about his current dilemma. The fifteen year-old knew that soon he wouldn’t have that much time before Max ran off, leaving him in his room, hoping that he would come back with his lover.

“I dunno, someone’s Siri ran away last night. You may be lucky Minnie, it may be you.” Jaejoong scraped the sides of the container with her pink spoon, before loading more of the chocolate flavoured ice cream into her mouth.

“I don’t want to take someone two, three years older than me, Jae.”

“What if she’s rich then would date her? Would that make her more appealing?” She crossed her arms across her chest. Whenever the money situation was brought up, she always got touchy. Her parents were at the bottom of the money chain, her parents’ job as journalists for Kyklopes. The money rarely got from Kyklopes to their city, though, leaving Jaejoong’s mother to find new ways to get her rent money. It was actually a little bit depressing – she was one of the most beautiful people in town. “And anyways, not anyone would give you that buzz, you’ll have to get used to that person anyways.”

“Just like how you got used to Jongwoon the weirdo?” Changmin muttered, keeping his eyes on the cup filled with half-melted ice cream. He heard her sigh. “Just you’re depressed about something so stupid. It’s bound to happen either way. Just wait.” She gathered her stuff and left him to sulk, his eyes noticing how long her legs had gotten in the past year.

- -

Changmin rushed out of the house, Max running in front of him. The dog barked for him to speed up, four paws hitting the rocky ground of Phoenix. Today was the 33rd of April, also known as Valiant Day on Phoenix, and like so many other fifteen year olds, he would be doing a grade-threatening presentation. Thanking whoever listened for his long legs, he watched as Max turned the corner; ready to follow when he crashed into the Siri. “Max!” he groaned, ready to run past him when the dog grabbed onto his pant leg, keeping him from going any further. He pulled at his pant leg, trying his best to get out of the strong hold on his pants. “Max! Let go!” He ordered, but Max didn’t even look up at him, keeping his attention on the corner. He pulled Max’s mouth open, only to have the dog bite down on his hand, making it bleed. Not used to such action by his Siri, he stares into the dog’s eyes for a while, only to hear the small growl by the dog when another Siri turned the corner.

He registers it to be Bolaros, Kibum’s Siri. A low growl comes from his companion; his lips folding back to reveal sharp teeth that had bitten into his hand. Changmin grabs his dog, knowing that Max hated the other whenever Kibum and he would cross paths. Seconds pass, and soon he realizes that this dog is alone. This dog has been looking for the second half of Kibum. Changmin remembers Jaejoong telling him that a Siri went looking for his master’s soulmate, and how he hadn’t seen the son of the CEO for a while. He swears, checking the time before turning around, ready to use a side street to get to school instead of intercepting a Siri on a mate mission. It is said that if you were to even go near such an animal on its quest, you’d be better off dead than alive with the bite marks left on your skin.

But he feels a sharp tug on his pant leg, and turns around to see those beautiful caramel eyes of Bolaros. It growls when he tries to tug away, and Changmin stops to not get any bite marks. He turns to Max, who’s backed away but still growling at the Siri. The hold on his newly ripped pant leg is loosened and it starts to walk back in the direction of his house, and he isn’t too dumb to not follow the dog. Valiant Day or not, he was sure that a pissed off Siri was enough of an excuse to miss a presentation. Max barked from behind them, standing firmly. Bolaros looks back and snarls at him, loud and crisp, and Max comes running over, tail tugged between his legs. Changmin rubs his ears, hoping to calm his Siri, but wishing that his dog could do a better job at calming him.

He had wished for this day since Jaejoong and Jongwoon hooked up – and now he was sick and confused. He was going to a male’s house – his next door neighbour no doubt – and not a North woman. Memories of the watching the cloud-watcher on the hill when he was little came to his mind and he wondered why he had never gathered his strength to go up to the hill and get that chilling buzz feeling that he dreamed for at night. If he had had enough courage, than maybe he wouldn’t have felt like such an outcast at school, wouldn’t have had his pants ripped, either. Yet things still confused him: mainly the gender thing, but also Max, who had always been Bolaros’ enemy, and instead of prancing around him like many of the other Siri, was giving him the evil eye from behind Changmin’s protective legs.

They reached the high-priced home, the lights all turned off except the light on the top left window. Changmin remembers that Kibum has a little sister, Ryeowook, who had found her boyfriend Donghae by now, while the eldest waited patiently for that one person. But wasn’t he the same? His sisters had already found their second halves, one of them being Sungmin, the pretty boy at school. He bites his lip, watching as the Siri climbed through the given door, leaving the two outside of the room, waiting for anyone to come out and relieve them from the awkwardness of it all. Five minutes past before the sound of unlocking came through Changmin’s ears, and he stood face-to-face with the man he had lived beside for all his life.

Kibum’s hand floated above his face, almost blocked from touching him, before making contact with his face. A buzzing sensation ran through his entire being and Changmin smiled wide, enjoying the feeling of it. “Come in, Changmin-sshi,” he said, taking his hand and walking him into the Kim house. They dodged the living room and went directly to Kibum’s large bedroom, where Changmin’s first kiss was stolen from those electrifying lips, when they made contact with his. He instinctively grabbed the elder’s waist and brought him closer, his hips bucking and brushing against Kibum’s. He ran a hand through Kibum’s moppy hair, bringing him closer and invading his mouth by his tongue. “God,” Kibum said as they broke to breathe, but it wasn’t long before Changmin and Kibum’s clothes had been thrown off, the buzzing feeling taking over Changmin’s thoughts and only telling him to just go. To invade him.

His mouth latched onto the swelling erection, lapping up the pre-cum and swallowing it, his hands rubbing Kibum’s thighs. He took more of him in his mouth, sucking and twirling his mouth around Kibum’s cock, feeling it tense second by second. Hands gripped his hair and forced him to take more in, making him gag but still take it, sucking as much as he possibly could before he stuck his tongue inside the slit. That was enough for Kibum, who had never had anyone’s mouth on his cock, who exploded in Changmin’s mouth, the sweet taste running down his throat. He licked any that spilled out of his mouth, before sitting on Kibum’s chest, his pulsing member above the older man’s face. “We are soul mates,” he told him with a smile, but Kibum’s was even larger as he took all of him in one go, pushing Changmin down onto the mattress so that his head fell off. Kibum was an expert – skilled tongue twirling and tongue sticking into the slit. But it didn’t stop there, because right before Changmin was to spill into his mouth, he let go and started licking his asshole, dipping his tongue in and out of the hole that moved at the wet touches. Changmin squealed, arching his head even back, screaming Kibum’s name out into high heaven, his eyes getting white and cloudy. It was when Kibum’s lips latched onto his cock again did Changmin finally come, sounds of orgasm filling Kibum’s bedroom. Kibum laughed.

Kibum grabbed Changmin back up so that Changmin was above him, and lifted his legs onto his shoulders. Kibum kissed the exposed fifteen year old before slowly intruding a raw finger into his ass-crack, feeling the muscles act against him. He disregarded it and pushed another finger in, spreading the wet hole before spreading the cheeks as much as he could, sliding his cock inside Min, moaning out as the muscles pushed against him, eyes filled with pleasure from the scream Changmin let out. It was a perfect sound, and lasted for more than ten seconds before faltering and breaking. Kibum could have come to just that sound. He pushed himself even further into Changmin, pulling out before thrusting in even farther. He sucked on Changmin’s sweaty belly button before thrusting in once more. Changmin screamed out again, and Kibum came again that hour in his ass before sliding smoothly out, the cum as a lube. He licked as much of the cum from Changmin’s ass, making the younger giggle.

“I like you,” Kibum breathed into his hair, bodies entangled together as the buzzing feeling ran through his veins.

- -

Changmin was sure he had found his soul mate. Kibum and he spent more time together after school, sometimes pleasing Kibum’s sex habits, sometimes just cuddling and thinking about what they would do whenever they were older. Changmin knew that he would have to deal with a husband that would be out of the city a lot because of work in Kyklopes, but got used to it because he had found the one, and nothing else mattered, did it? He loved hugging him, even if Changmin was taller, loved the soft lullabies Kibum would sing to him before he slept. He enjoyed people-watching in parks, watching as the sky of Phoenix turned an aqua blue before setting to a deep dark purple like it did to watch the stars together, and admire Phoenix’s only moon, Krios, that shone contrast to the violet sky.

Changmin held his boyfriend in his arms, resting his chin on his head. “What are you thinking about, hm?” he asked, wrapping his arms further around Kibum’s frame. “About us.”

“That’s a wonderful topic to think of,” Changmin agreed, brushing his thumb over the exposed skin near Kibum’s hips. “Whenever I think of us, I think of the moon. Why? Because even when it disappears from our eyes, it’s still there. Even if it changes sides and one night is fuller than the last, it’s still the same person. Even when there is an eclipse, the moon protects our eyes from the harsh sun.” Kibum hummed in response, leaning farther into Changmin’s hold. “You make us sound so beautiful.”

“Because we are, aren’t we?” the sixteen year old asked, and Kibum laughed. “Even more beautiful than the moon.”

Changmin looked up at the sky, humming a Phoenix folk song, lulling Kibum to sleep. He spent the rest of the night looking up at the sky, wondering what they were thinking about, those stars, what was out there that the people of Phoenix would never see because of their imprisonment on the planet. He watched Kibum sleep and smiled, it wasn’t an imprisonment if he was near his lover.

- -

“I have to leave,” Kibum told the sixteen year old one day. “My father’s had a heart attack in Kyklopes and I must make sure he’s okay.”

Changmin looked up, biting his lip and hugging Kibum hard. “I don’t want to lose you!” He felt strong hands pat his back softly. “It’s okay; I’ll be back as soon as possible. Please wait for me, Changmin,” he asked, tears forming in Kibum’s eyes, and he bit down on his tongue to try not to choke on his words.

Kibum broke down in his arms, sobbing into Min’s shirt, cursing the world for its coldness. “I d-don’t want to l-leave you Changminnie, I never want to leave you! Please, when I get home, marry me. Make sure that we’ll get married in that chapel you always wanted to get married in, and we’ll adopt or something and get care of each other.” Changmin nodded, bringing Kibum closer.

“I promise.”

- -

Changmin waited for two days.

Three days.

Four days.

Six days.

A week.

Two weeks.

Three weeks.

A month.

Two months.

By the ninth week Changmin stopped going to school, too messed up from the loss of his boyfriend. He didn’t sleep for months, not wanting to have Kibum return to him in the night and missing him. He wanted nothing more to have his soul mate back with him, to have that buzzing, magnetic touch that made him feel safe, at home, and perfect. He wanted to feel special again; he wanted to feel important again. Even when his mother hugged him and soothed him it didn’t work, even when Jaejoong came over and fed him he still bawled his eyes out. More than anything did he want his boyfriend to come home, or at least pick up when he called him. He wanted to hear that husky yet perfect voice of his, even that would grant him some sort of peace that could get him back to what he was before, or even a sliver of that.

“Sorry, I can’t pick up right now. Please call later, yah?” Kibum’s voice ran through his ears. Changmin had thoroughly memorized the message that came whenever he couldn’t pick up, brief and full of nothing. He started to hate his boyfriend’s voice, hated the small message he was given every time he tried to get anything from his boyfriend. He smashed his phone by the tenth week.

The tenth week was his seventeenth birthday. He spent it locked in his room like usual, covers thrown over his head. It was only when he woke up the next morning; hung over from tears did he notice that something was wrong.

Max was gone.

- -

Max returned two days later, barking from outside his door, forcing him to get up. He was greeted by Max and a snow white dog that resembled a wolf, with wide, piercing eyes that sparkled blue. Unlike Bolaros, Max snuggled with this dog, and he noticed the kindness that was returned. This surprised him: why had Max left him in the first place? Kibum was his soulmate; he had already felt the buzzing feeling. “Um, hello?” he heard from outside, and from a glare from his Siri he guessed that he needed to at least invite the guy that Max had probably chewed the leg off for to bring him here. He slipped on some more appropriate clothes before jogging down the stairs and opening the door, blinding slightly by the light streaming from outside.

The guy was his age, it seemed. He had glasses perched precariously upon his nose, and his uniform was on perfectly. Messy and curly hair went into his small, brown eyes, and his mouth was turned up into a shy smile. “Sorry, I’m just here for Klytos, he ran after your dog…” the man said, looking behind Changmin at his house. He looked nervous and even more nervous when Changmin took a step in his direction, putting a hand on his arm, bringing goose bumps on the boy’s skin. Their eyes opened completely: the buzzing feeling returned.

“Cho Kyuhyun,” he introduced himself as, looking down at the porch. “Shim Changmin.”

“I’ve been waiting for you for years.”

- -

Unlike his relationship with Kibum, he took it slow with Kyuhyun. The nerdy boy seemed to prefer that, too. And anyways, he didn’t want to create any affair on Kibum while he was away just because that same buzzing feeling went through his veins whenever he stood near Kyuhyun. He enjoyed being near him, though, enjoyed holding his hand, enjoyed laughing and doing school work with him, because Kyuhyun eventually brought Changmin back to school. Kyuhyun’s father was the town mayor, and so unlike Kibum, had most of his work in the city instead of doing to Kyklopes. He was also extremely intelligent, like Changmin, and could do simple math problems in one go. The two spent hours together, and started to call themselves best friends by the end of the month. But Changmin still remembered it had been three months since Kibum’s disappearance.

They sat on a hill, watching the lavender sky and the puffy clouds pass them. Kyuhyun threw another fruit slice into his mouth, humming at the taste that exploded into his mouth. Changmin, who usually eats the whole basket, folds his arms behind his head and watches as the shades of lavender turn light blue above them. Krios comes into view a few minutes later, and he registers that it’s a full moon that night. “It’s so beautiful,” he chokes, remembering watching the sky with Kibum, how easy and peaceful it was. It brings back terrible memories and he sits up, lowering his head through his knees, too confident to let his best friend cry. Hands wrap around his body and he hears a soft melody in his ears. The body against his makes the sobbing die down, and he closes his eyes shut to try to stop the tears from falling.

The body around him feels so right, feels normal and feels so much like Kibum. That’s what he tells himself when he finds himself in Kyuhyun’s room that night. That’s what he tells himself when he’s pulling off his clothes and helping the other with his. That’s what he tells himself when he’s grasping the bars of his bed as Kyuhyun’s tongue runs over his ignored cock, and when he comes in his mouth. When he’s biting down on his nipples, or when he’s thrusting inside him, hearing the melodic screams that come out from Kyuhyun’s mouth that sound so good to him. When he’s going for the next round and Kyuhyun’s riding him so damn well, a smirk on his face as his cock slides in and out of that abused hole, but Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to mind, doesn’t seem to want to stop, doesn’t seem to hate what he’s doing.

Changmin tells himself its right, and that’s why he grabs Kyuhyun’s hips and sucks him off for all the good touches he’s been giving. Why he laughs when he hears Kyuhyun gasp into the night air, and doesn’t gag when his head is pulled closer. Why he allows Kyuhyun to flip them so that they are in 69 position and doesn’t mind when they both come into each other’s mouths, almost harmonious. He does another round of fucking his ass, warning him that if he was a girl, Kyuhyun would surely be pregnant. It’s a change from the constant worry that he’s used to having, being worrying about Kibum and hoping that the promises he gave him would come true in this messed up fairy tale where the only fairy godmother is the buzzing feeling that you get in your veins.

Changmin finds himself at Kyuhyun’s house the next night, and they don’t take that much time before Changmin’s kissing him, stuffing his tongue down his throat. Kyuhyun doesn’t mind, he loves the taste of his mouth, and dances with the tongue with his own, moaning into the kiss, running a hand inside Changmin’s shirt. Changmin throws their clothes off, and doesn’t waste time with oral sex, only licks his fingers and sticks them up Kyuhyun’s sore hole, and then thrusting himself into him, biting his lip so that he doesn’t cry. “Changmin!” Kyuhyun cries out into the air, coming all over Changmin’s bare chest, and bites his lip to continue thrusting, concentrating on Kyuhyun but thinking about Kibum. He continues thrusting for ten minutes, far past Kyuhyun’s orgasm, before he comes into his ass, cleaning up the hole with a few teasing licks.

He lies down beside Kyuhyun, brushing the sweaty, curly hair from his forehead and kissing the salty skin. Changmin protects him with a hug, and soon Kyuhyun snuggles in Changmin’s grasp, closing his eyes and humming softly in his arms. “What are you thinking about right now, Shim Changmin? Your mind is such an enigma – you’d think your soulmate should know at least a little of it.”

“Kibum.” Kyuhyun sighed, wiggling in Changmin’s hold. He kissed his forehead before kissing his lips, leaving their lips together. “You sleep well.”

“I like you,” Changmin choked, opening his eyes. Kyuhyun smirked. “Let’s date, then.”

- -

Changmin’s eyes opened to a sunny hill, and he rubbed his eyes to get used to the brightness. He heard voices from beside him and he turns to see Kyuhyun, sitting in a classy outfit like he always did a smile on his face. His curly hair is cut and is as controlled as much as his hair can be. He notices Max and Klytos at his feet, snuggled up in a loving embrace. The smile on his face reminds him of all the trouble in the last few days, and breathes in with a gasp when he remembers sitting on the hospital bed. His death bed, wasn’t it supposed to be where he died? Or was this heaven? It was bright enough he noticed. But Kyuhyun couldn’t be in heaven, could he? No, this must have been some sort of rehab hospital or something…

“I’m so happy to see you’re awake.” He turned his head to see Kibum, with sullen eyes but still that beautiful smile that Changmin fell in love with. Guilt ran over Changmin, how it had days ago, how the pills ran down his mouth. He couldn’t live with the guilt of cheating on Kibum with Kyuhyun, even if though he was both their soulmate. He couldn’t just choose who he preferred, because he didn’t have a preference. Kyuhyun was awesome at sex and work, but Kibum gave off gentle touches and brought a feeling of safeness. If he could have both of them combined it would be perfect – but he would never have both. So he searched the medicine cabinet, opened the orange bottle, and took as many pills as he could.

No one was supposed to wake him. No one was supposed to find him.

“Kibum-ah,” he managed before bursting in tears. “I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to cheat! But, but Kyuhyun was right there, and he was just so nice, and I kept telling myself it was right and that it was as close to you as I would get… And that same buzzing feeling I got from you I got from him and the sex was wonderful --” Kibum silenced him with a kiss, gentle and soft, just like Kibum always gave them, and how he gave them so well. “Shh babe,” he whispered softly in his ear, and he noticed that Kyuhyun was right beside him now too.

“You did nothing wrong – you just followed your magnetic pull. You did what you were supposed to do…” Kyuhyun explained. They sat in silence for a while.

“I like you. I like you. And I like you,” Changmin managed. “But I love us.”


time is ticking, time is ticking away~

A/N: This was written .. because I didn't know how to fill out her genre idea. I kinda rushed it 'cause I have school tomorrow.
Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/changmin, pairing: sungmin/kibum
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