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Fic: In the Fire (part 2 of 2)

Title: In the Fire (part 2 of 2)
Author: yuefeng and bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: Weird AU / MAIN Siwon/Kyuhyun – little Qmi & Changkyu
Word Count: 9,623 (for this part only)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: na-ah, not ours
Summary: It was Kyuhyun's seventeenth birthday, a coming of age for all children. He turned into a panther for a brief time around midnight, but he would bear the traits and nature of the animal for the rest of his life. It meant full adulthood both as a panther and a human. It also meant the beginning of heat cycles for women.
Warning: DIRTY, dirty fic, strangely with lack of actual full smut. Be warned that this fic has a wee bit of non-con (though it didn't go far), and also many people / kyuhyun (I mean it) because he’s desirable like that. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED OKAY.
Notes: Also beta-ed by dear syunkyu, who freaked out but demanded more. NO MORE. This is the end!

Part 1

They began something together. Not exactly a relationship, but not exactly not a relationship either. It was a bit strange, to be honest. There were no words, no official agreement. Just Siwon showing up a lot and acting like it was perfectly normal to hold Kyuhyun's hand or enjoy dinner at Kyuhyun's house. There were many mornings where Kyuhyun woke to see his father bringing in a bouquet of flowers. "From Siwon." He'd say, his tone a bit odd.

"Something wrong, Dad?" Kyuhyun would ask, only for his father to answer with silence. Kyuhyun would shrug, get ready for school, eat breakfast, and then be off with Changmin. His best friend noticed the increasing intimacy between Kyuhyun and Siwon, and he couldn't say he already forgot the time Siwon nearly beat him up, but Kyuhyun didn't seem disturbed nor forced by Siwon, so he let them be. The pair of high school boys would walk to school, go through the day regularly, and then Kyuhyun would get a ride from Siwon home, and occasionally walk home with Changmin. One evening, Siwon came inside with Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun was on sitting on Siwon's lap at his desk. He was working on his homework, slightly bent forward, with Siwon's arms around his waist. The older man was lightly dozing against him, exhausted from a long day at work. "Was it that bad?" Kyuhyun murmured, setting down his pencil for a moment.

Siwon groaned into Kyuhyun's shoulder, pulling the younger closer against him. "Relationships between my company and your father's have gotten better, but there's still a lot of work..." Siwon sighed.

Kyuhyun wriggled a bit until Siwon loosened his arms, and then turned so that his side was against Siwon's chest. "It'll get better." He said softly. His heat cycles had died down for today, surprisingly. "I'm sure it will."

Siwon lifted his head, and looked at Kyuhyun for a moment before kissing him. "I've been thinking. We haven't actually been on a date yet." Kyuhyun's face heated up, and he ducked his head, only for Siwon to tilt his head back up. "I mean it. I want us to go on a date. I'll take you out to dinner. Or maybe a day at an amusement park."

"Siwon, you don't have to if you don't want to... If you have a free day, you should rest. I don't want to take up all your free time."

"Don't say that." Siwon said firmly. "I want to be with you. I like spending my time with you."

Kyuhyun sighed, there wasn't really anything he could do to stop him. "...So when and where, then?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Siwon said ‘date’, Kyuhyun expected ice cream cafes and a stroll downtown on a laid-back weekend. He certainly didn’t expect a high-class French restaurant. Siwon had said it was a surprise, and he showed up with his usual suit, while Kyuhyun just wore casual t-shirt and jeans. His face reddened as the maitre d’ looked at him from top to bottom before turning back to Siwon. “Ah, Mr. Choi… pleased to have you as always. We have prepared a table for you. This way, please…”

They were shown a table in the middle of the dining area. Kyuhyun could practically feel the stare of the people around him. He could feel the judging going on at his improper clothing. “You should have told me at least to wear something nice,” Kyuhyun muttered as he opened the menu.

“Don’t bother about other people,” Siwon said calmly. “We’re here minding our own business.” He saw Kyuhyun’s confused face as he looked at the menu and he sighed. “I’ll order for you.”

It didn’t get better. Siwon wasn’t much of a talkative person and Kyuhyun could only fidget uncomfortably in his seat. When the food came, Kyuhyun stifled a groan when he was served with an array of forks and spoons. “Siwon… which… which one should I use?”

“You’ve never been to a French restaurant before?” Siwon raised his eyebrow, and for some reason, Kyuhyun felt humiliated. He couldn’t hold it anymore and stood up in the end.

“Sorry,” he said, face red and upset. “I’ll just go home.”

He only caught a flash of the surprised expression on Siwon’s face before he dashed towards the entrance. He didn’t get far, though, as Siwon caught his arm just outside the restaurant. “Wait! What are you mad about?”

“A high-class restaurant, really?” Kyuhyun snapped, “A French restaurant, nonetheless?” He didn’t know how to explain it. He just wasn’t feeling comfortable in there— he was just a high school student, for God’s sake. Kyuhyun made a stifled whine and turned around, attempting to free his arm from Siwon’s grip. No such luck.

Instead, he was suddenly dragged down the street. He asked where they were going, but Siwon stayed silent. Kyuhyun couldn’t be more surprised when they stopped in front of an ice cream parlor. “Vanilla, double scoop, with chocolate chips,” the tall man said and handed it to the still frozen Kyuhyun. How did Siwon know about his favorite type of ice cream?

“You stalked me,” Kyuhyun stated, not asked.

“I was watching over you,” Siwon said softly. He pulled Kyuhyun to a nearby bench and made them both sit down. “…I’m sorry.”

Kyuhyun didn’t answer— he looked down instead and gave a tentative lick to the ice cream.

“I could smell you were nervous, but I’m bad at comforting people. I didn’t know what to say or do to you.”

“I’m just a high school student,” Kyuhyun finally said, “I would be happy with simple things. Like ice cream.”

“I know,” Siwon smiled that rare smile of his, and instantly, Kyuhyun forgot what he was mad about. “But I just… I think you deserve a lot more— you worth a lot more than just a double scoops of ice cream.”

The young boy blushed as he heard the sincere confession. He blushed even more when Siwon’s hand stroke his cheek, and he didn’t even know what the color on his face was when the older man cupped his cheek and captured his lips.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The morning after the date, Kyuhyun woke up staring at his ceiling. He laid there for a full hour, eyes concentrating on the ceiling while his mind was busy thinking about Siwon. Did Kyuhyun like him? Sure, Siwon could be creepy sometimes, but he seemed to genuinely care about him.

Kyuhyun rolled over in bed and screamed into his pillow. He was acting like a schoolgirl and he knew it. In fact, he wouldn't hear the end of it if Changmin knew. Why was he friends with that teasing jock he didn't even know.

But Siwon would never tease him. Siwon would just stare at him and hold his hand, providing a comfortable silence-- great, now his mind kept coming back to Siwon. And he couldn't lie that he wasn’t really looking forward to their next date on Saturday.

"This time, I will take you to a normal restaurant," Siwon said. "If you still hate it, you can just walk away."

But Kyuhyun doubted that he would want to. He had gotten too used to be around the older man. Too comfortable. The strokes on his hair were too natural and the touching of shoulders was too normal.

"How long until I can talk to you about relationships?"

Kyuhyun suddenly remembered Siwon's words some time ago. Just a few days after they met. It still came off as strange... who would say that to someone they’ve just met? Moreover, he was just a high school kid, seven years younger than Siwon. How did he actually manage to capture the man's attention?

"Kyuhyun," his mother's voice shook him out of his reverie. She was knocking on his bedroom door. "There's a delivery from Siwon again."

Kyuhyun rose from his bed a bit too quickly and rushed to open the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun retrieved the box from his mother and moved to sit in the living room, sprawling out on the couch. His mother handed him scissors, and he quickly sliced through the tape, before opening the box.

Inside was a simple pair of light, skinny jeans, as well as a simple black t-shirt. "Clothing?" His mother asked curiously. Kyuhyun shrugged, taking out the pants, and sitting upright. When he held them up, they looked like they would fit him exactly. "Does Siwon have your size?"

"...No..." Kyuhyun said slowly, softly. He set down the pants and picked up the shirt, when he noticed something beneath it. There was a simple letter, hand written on expensive card stock, folded into thirds at the bottom of the box.

Kyuhyun, please meet me at the Garden Cafe at 5:30 PM this evening.

Kyuhyun blinked a few times, guessing that he would have to wear the clothing to this meeting. A sudden gasp from his mother snapped him out of his thoughts, and he glanced up at her. She was staring with a horrified expression at the television, and when Kyuhyun turned his head to see, he knew why.

On screen, there was a new clip about a terrible car accident just this morning. He cringed as he saw the contorted metal, as well as a hand gripping the open driver's door. Kyuhyun watched as the car smoked, other cars stopping to call a hospital ambulance, before he turned his gaze away.

There was a flurry of footsteps, soft against the hard wood floor, before slender arms wrapped around him tightly. Kyuhyun was silent, hand gripping the note from Siwon, one hand lightly laid on his mother's arm. "It's okay, mom, I'm okay."

"I know... It's just sometimes terrible to think about what if you weren't."

"Mom," Kyuhyun shifted awkwardly. "Come on, you're acting strange."

"I'm sorry... but with your conditions and all..." His mother whispered. "I’m worried."

Kyuhyun remembered the accidents before-- the whole burst of hormones in public, an old man coming onto him, nearly allowing himself to be fucked by multiple strangers... His mother would cry if she knew, despite the fact that his condition is biological and he couldn't help it. She couldn't help it. "Don't worry," Kyuhyun cracked a smile. "Everyone is taking care of me."

His mother's arms went a little tighter around him. "...Including Siwon?"

The boy raised his eyebrows and stared at his mother, who was staring back with an unreadable expression.

"Is he treating you well, Kyu?"

"Well," he muttered, a faint trace of blush on his face. "He's been good to me."

His mother stroked his hair gently, kissed his cheek, and let him go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun walked into the Garden Cafe, glancing around. He didn't see Siwon yet, so he simply asked for a table for two. The waiter brought him to a small table near the windows, looking out at a pond in the back. It was in a separate room than the main eating area, made entirely of glass, except for the ceiling.

The boy browsed through the menu as he waited, eyes completely focused on the food. He hardly noticed another man sliding into the chair across from him, only looking up with the other person pushed his menu to the table. "Hello."

He was startled to see not Siwon, but Changmin sitting across from him. "Wh-what are you doing here?" He asked, moving backwards slightly. Changmin chuckled for a moment.

"I should be asking you that. I'm just here to have dinner, you, on the other hand, are sitting in a secluded room at a table for two, when there are seats for one person only at the bar up front." Changmin rested his head on his palm, grinning. "So, why are you here?"

Kyuhyun averted his eyes. "To eat, just like you are." He mumbled, head down. Changmin tilted his head back up with an index finger and fixed him with a gaze that demanded answers. Kyuhyun sighed. "You won't like it."

"I knew it, you're here with that Siwon guy aren't you?" Changmin demanded. His eyes narrowed as he saw Siwon pull up in his car through the window. He sighed. "Do you actually like him, Kyuhyun? Like, more than just that you have to be with him?"

Kyuhyun fidgeted for a moment. He thought briefly to his embarrassing fit this morning, screaming into his pillow and all. His face heated up, but he refused to tell Changmin yet. "Err... I don't know."

Changmin sighed once again. "Right, well, I'll be leaving then." He murmured. "I'll be watching, Kyuhyun." Changmin said softly, but his eyes had lost the hostility they had before. Kyuhyun watched Changmin leave, before he looked down at himself.

Siwon arrived not long after. "Sorry, did I keep you waiting long?" He asked, sliding into the chair that Changmin had previously occupied.

The young boy couldn't answer. He was staring at Siwon. The older man always wore suits when he was around Kyuhyun, but today, he was wearing something very similar to Kyuhyun. A regular pair of dark jeans, as well as a black t-shirt that was a bit tight around his torso. He swallowed, shaking his head. "N-Not long at all." He wanted to die, his voice cracked so hard on the first word.

Siwon picked up the menu, ignoring the crack in Kyuhyun's voice. "Did you order already?" He asked, getting another shake of the head. After a brief scan of the menu, Siwon called over the waiter and ordered for the both of them.

Kyuhyun was surprised. Siwon had ordered a dish for him that he actually enjoyed. Steak, medium well with a side of mashed potatoes. It wasn't exactly the most Korean thing there was, but it was still good. Siwon had ordered the same thing, although his steak was done rare.

"So." Siwon started off, fixing Kyuhyun with his gaze. "How's your day been?"

Kyuhyun blinked. Were they really going to have a normal conversation? "Um, pretty good. Laid around in bed, talked to my mom, received a package in the mail, did some homework, came out here. And you?"

Siwon chuckled, and Kyuhyun smiled a little. "I've been at work the whole day. Went back to my hotel to change, then came here. I figured you could do with a normal date, where we just talked, and had dinner at a place you were more comfortable with."

Their dishes arrived then. The Garden Cafe was known for quickly preparing delicious meals, of which Kyuhyun was highly thankful for. Siwon thanked the waiter, before picking up his knife and fork.

Kyuhyun cringed slightly when Siwon cut into his steak, a bit of red tinting the plate. He cut into his own steak, glad that it only had a small speck of pink meat in the very centre. Siwon ate his faintly bloody steak like a gentleman, while Kyuhyun simply ate his without much tact. It was an interesting distinction of class.

Kyuhyun noticed, and set down his fork for a moment. "Is something wrong?" Siwon asked after swallowing.

The younger bit his lip. "Is it okay that you're spending time with me?" At Siwon's confused look, he continued. "I mean, you're the heir to a good company and I'm... I'm just a teenager. It would look bad if you were spending too much time with me."

Siwon set his fork down now as well. "I like you." He said earnestly. "I think that it's fine that I spend time with someone I like, really." Kyuhyun averted his gaze, absentmindedly trailing his fork along his steak. "If you don't want to be here then just--"

"No, that's not it at all!" Kyuhyun said quickly, almost loudly. After, he covered his mouth with his hand, and his face flushed with embarrassment. "I mean... I don't mind it."

An awkward silence, then, "Kyuhyun, I've wanted to ask this for a while..." Siwon murmured, locking eyes with Kyuhyun. "Would you like to... be in a relationship with me?"

Kyuhyun was startled. He bit his lip, hands tightly gripping his fork. "I... Ah..." He was still a bit hesitant to agree, and it was clear on his face.

Luckily, Siwon saved him from having to answer. He offered the younger a smile, "It's okay. You don't have to decide now, let's just enjoy our dinner."

Kyuhyun smiled, feeling more at ease as the two ate dinner, chatting with Siwon about their habits, their favorite things, and learning about each other in general.

After another fifteen minutes, however, Siwon's phone buzzed. He checked it, and his face fell. "Kyuhyun... I'm sorry, I--"

"Have to leave?" Kyuhyun interrupted. Siwon looked surprised. "It's okay, my dad had to leave early a lot when we went out for dinner too. I understand, it's fine."

"I'm so sorry." Siwon said as he left. "I'll pay, don't worry."

Kyuhyun sighed, finishing his steak alone. Changmin came back after a little while, and sat there to keep him company. "You can have his steak, if you like rare." Kyuhyun mumbled.

Changmin offered Kyuhyun a sympathetic look. "Sorry about your date ending early." Kyuhyun shrugged.

"No helping it."

"Strangely, you seem pretty fine with it," Changmin said curiously. "Most dates would be pissed for getting ditched like that."

"He couldn't help it," the boy shrugged again. "He's a working man."

"Whoa, you're ideal for a date." Changmin pretended to sigh, "Why aren't you my date?"

"Because you're a dick," Kyuhyun said and kicked Changmin's shin under the table, knowing how bad Changmin's habit was with all his dates.

His kicks stopped though, when Changmin grinned and said, "Seemed like you're pretty compatible with that man."

"...Shut up."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Siwon's hotel room was just that-- a hotel room. For some reason, it made Kyuhyun feel uncomfortable. There was almost no personal touch in it, despite the fact that Siwon had spent months in it (at least from when Kyuhyun first saw him). Sure, it was as luxurious as a penthouse could be, but save for several personal belongings, the living area could be any random stranger's place.

It was almost as if Siwon didn't plan to stay long.

"What are you thinking?" Siwon's voice startled him. He didn't realize the man had returned from the kitchen. That weekend, Kyuhyun had asked to see Siwon's place. The man looked a bit hesitant and said that there was nothing to see in his place anyway, but he took him in the end when Kyuhyun persisted.

"Nothing, just looking around," the boy muttered.

Siwon put a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and sat on the couch next to Kyuhyun. He stared at the boy and decided that he had another idea. "Get up," he told the boy. Confused, Kyuhyun could only obey and watched as Siwon put himself in a more comfortable position, then he pulled Kyuhyun to sit, back-facing him, between his legs. Kyuhyun blushed as he realized that Siwon wanted to cuddle.</i>

"Much better," Siwon said close to his ear, the strong arms wrapped comfortably around his waist and hands perched casually on his stomach.

Luckily, they picked a comedy movie to watch instead of romance, so they could enjoy a good laugh together. Kyuhyun wouldn't be able to handle how awkward they would be if they had to watch two people kissing each other and declaring their love. Or how awkward he would be, because he didn't know how Siwon would react. Although maybe Siwon would think of it as nothing, being the calm and composed mature man he was. After all, Kyuhyun was the one who had been acting like a school girl.

Kyuhyun blinked, realizing he had spaced out and missed the reason behind why the main character of the movie was laughing so hard. He stole a glance at Siwon and nearly got a shock when he saw that the man was staring at him. He quickly shifted his eyes back to the television, but he said, "W-what are you looking at?"

"What are you thinking about?" Siwon replied. "What's going on in that pretty head of yours?"

"I said it's nothing," Kyuhyun muttered.

Siwon was silent, and for a moment Kyuhyun thought he had let it go. But then he felt the other man nuzzling his nape and he shivered. "If you won't tell me, I'll make you..." The nuzzling turned into small kisses, and then Siwon grasped his chin and turned his face so he could kiss him on the lips. Kyuhyun gasped and Siwon took the chance to slip his tongue between the boy's delectable lips.

The boy whimpered, out of breath, and Siwon finally released him. However, at seeing Kyuhyun's flushed face and dazed eyes, Siwon quickly switched their position and pinned Kyuhyun across the sofa. He leaned down and nipped on a line along Kyuhyun's jaw down to his collarbone. But it was the sudden thrust of his hips onto Kyuhyun's that caused the boy to moan.

It was dizzying, and surprising at the same time. Despite the fact that they had slept together, it was more or less due to Kyuhyun's urgent condition (and demand). After that, Siwon had never suggested anything sexual. Only a few kisses and hugs and holding hands. Why the sudden move?

As if reading Kyuhyun's mind, Siwon stopped altogether and scooted back. "I-I'm sorry," he blinked, as if he didn't notice he was 'attacking' the boy. "You... you just smell so good that..."

"Smells... good?" Kyuhyun panted, raising his eyebrows. "But I'm not..." In fact, it had been a month since he last had a burst of hormones.

"You always smell so good even when you're not in heat," Siwon muttered, scooting back a bit more and avoiding Kyuhyun's eyes. "You just didn't realize it."

"I'm pretty sure I'm not--."

"I'm a wolf, remember? I have a better sense of smell," Siwon inhaled sharply as if to prove his point. "Look, sorry, I know you haven't given me any answer yet, and no, I'm not trying to push you. I was wrong to lose control like that."

Siwon was talking as if he was the only one at fault. But Kyuhyun was the hesitant one, Kyuhyun was the one leading him on. Heck, Kyuhyun was the one who made Siwon fuck him back then. The older man, on the other hand, was always there. When he wasn't busy saving Kyuhyun from screwing himself up, he was just... there.

Waiting for him.

Only for him.

Out of nowhere, a surge of intense feeling came over Kyuhyun and he sat up, wrapping his arms around Siwon's neck and kissing the man.

"I... I don't mind," Kyuhyun whispered when he broke the kiss. His face reddened when he noticed how dark Siwon's eyes were.

"You don't? Are you sure about this?" There was a slight hope in Siwon's tone, but the concern was so much more.

The boy nodded and kept his head down, unable to bear the stare any longer. Then he yelped in surprise when Siwon suddenly stood up and gathered Kyuhyun in his arms, picking him up easily as if Kyuhyun weighed nothing.

"Then," Siwon gently said, "I wanna make love to you properly on the bed."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was so different from their first time.

In fact, it was so different from all his previous experiences. He had always felt rushed, eager, unabashed. It was all need, his bodily need. There was almost no time for anything else-- he just needed it done. He just needed to get fucked.

But this time, he wasn't in heat. He practically offered himself to Siwon out of his own sober consent.

It almost, almost felt like it was his first time ever. His face was red and he didn't dare to look up to the man who was currently in the process of placing soft kisses all over his face. Siwon's hands were moving up and down his sides while his own hands hesitantly wrapped around the man's neck.

There was no rush, there was no desperation. At least not yet.

He let out an embarrassing sound when Siwon pulled Kyuhyun's shirt over his head before letting Kyuhyun opening the buttons of his shirt one by one with slightly trembling hands. When they slept together in the car, it didn't even involve undressing Siwon, so Kyuhyun just had to marvel at the well-built body above him.

Siwon, on the other hand, also took his time feasting on Kyuhyun's bare upper half with his eyes. The boy was unmistakably male, but the pale skin and the slight curves of his body screamed sensuality and seduction. Siwon's fingers trailed a line from Kyuhyun's jaw, down to his collar bone, and onto the pert nipple. His mouth soon replaced said fingers and Kyuhyun arched his body upward reflexively.

"Damn," Siwon breathed in. "Please stop smelling so good."

"You can stop smelling me," Kyuhyun protested bashfully.

"I can't help it," the man bit down on the hardened nipple which now looked red by the whole ministrations. Kyuhyun cried and was torn between keeping Siwon's head there or pushing it away, but Siwon made the decision for him as he moved off... and latched his mouth onto the previously neglected nub.

Despite the lack of his hormones burst, Kyuhyun's mind seemed to be clouded with want. He couldn't think clearly and could only feel the continuous surge of pleasure every time Siwon touched and mouthed his exposed skin. Siwon was biting a lot, that he noticed, but the man was a wolf after all. The good side was it didn't hurt so much. The bad side was, those would surely leave marks. Visible marks no matter how he would try to cover them.

He just barely realized as Siwon began to unzip his pants and pulled them off. But his eyes shot wide open in a flash when the man placed a kiss on his growing length.


The man looked up to him and opened his mouth. Kyuhyun would never be prepared enough for the sensation that came next. The wet, warm heat of Siwon's mouth made him moan the man's name out loud. Siwon's hands were firm on his hips, holding him down as Kyuhyun tried to feel more. Siwon was sucking, teasing him with his tongue, and lightly nipping in a way that drove him crazy.

"I'm... I'm gonna--!"

Siwon sucked harder, as if telling him to come, and Kyuhyun couldn't hold it in anymore. He gripped the sheets and whimpered helplessly as he came inside Siwon's mouth. The man swallowed everything, he noticed, and he even licked the liquid that seeped out of his mouth.

"Can I..." Kyuhyun tried to breathe. "Can I try...?"

The man's head turned to him so quickly. His eyes scrutinized Kyuhyun. "Are you sure?"

Kyuhyun nodded, but couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated when Siwon sat up and took off his pants. He knew Siwon was big, he had felt it inside him, but only now he got a clear look at it. Siwon was hard and leaking already, and he motioned for Kyuhyun to come to him.

The boy got up and slowly crawled to Siwon. He looked up to Siwon, almost like a frightened kitten, and Siwon said, "If you change your mind--." But no, Kyuhyun didn't change his mind, because at that moment he put Siwon's cock in his mouth. It tasted like he expected, salty and simply like... sex, but he was more overwhelmed by the musky smell that wafted around him.

It made him feel hot and bothered, and just then he realized that his hormones were bursting again, as confirmed by Siwon's growl and the sudden grip on his hair. Kyuhyun tried not to choke as he bobbed his head up and down. He also tried sucking as best as he could, and at least the small moans that escaped Siwon told him that he was doing a decent job. He stopped, though, tensing, when he felt Siwon's lube-coated finger (when did he...) slipped into his behind.

"Continue," Siwon ordered, and Kyuhyun didn't exactly want to disobey. He tried to concentrate on pleasing Siwon, but the finger moving inside him was a significant distraction. He moaned and the vibrations were sent straight to Siwon's cock. Siwon slipped another finger in and Kyuhyun responded instinctively by moving his hands up Siwon's thighs. His fingers touched the man's balls, and he squeezed them as he sucked the length. Siwon was unprepared for it, and he came suddenly without warning.

Kyuhyun choked at the sudden burst of liquid, but Siwon held his head down, suppressing the boy's struggle. It wasn't until he finished shooting that Siwon pulled Kyuhyun to sit up and removed his fingers from inside Kyuhyun.

Eyes watering and still coughing, Kyuhyun leaned into Siwon for support, while Siwon placed comforting kisses all over his shoulder and neck. "Who taught you that?" Siwon whispered, didn't bother to hide his possessive tone.

"N-no one..." Kyuhyun answered after his coughing died down.

"Good... because I think I could kill someone."

Kyuhyun shivered, knowing that the wolf was serious. Siwon kissed him, almost as if he wanted to swallow Kyuhyun's lips, and didn't break it off as he laid Kyuhyun down on his back again. The man slipped his fingers back inside Kyuhyun, and quickly added the third finger to join the others.

"Now-- now you smell really, really good," Siwon growled.

Kyuhyun moaned, only feeling the pleasure as the fingers made scissoring motions. His hormones went all crazy, and he highly suspected that Siwon had something to do with it. In fact, he was nearly sure that Siwon's presence, his touches, was the reason behind it.

The moans told Siwon that he was ready, that he needed it now. Siwon would've chuckled if he didn't feel the same. The things Kyuhyun's smell did to his senses, to his clear mind... The things Kyuhyun did to him.

He pulled his fingers out and perched Kyuhyun's legs on his shoulders, smirking when he felt Kyuhyun eagerly locking the position. He pressed the tip of his already hardened length to Kyuhyun's opening, intending to go slow despite the unbelievably strong seductive smell coming off Kyuhyun. But then the boy whimpered and gasped as another wave of stronger hormones burst came. That was when it became unbearable.

He thrust in one go, sheathing his cock inside Kyuhyun all the way. The sounds Kyuhyun made indicated that he was too much in pleasure to feel pain, and that was enough for Siwon to start moving in and out instantly.

Siwon leaned down to press closer to Kyuhyun, and the boy shut his eyes as the thrusts went deeper. There were no coherent words coming out of Kyuhyun's mouth-- only moans and whimpers. It felt so good, so right. Siwon's length was filling him up well and his kisses that came next were giving and demanding at the same time.

"Kyuhyun..." Siwon muttered in between the kisses as he entwined his fingers with the boy's. "I love you so much..."

Kyuhyun tried to move his hips up to meet the thrusts, but Siwon moved too quickly, too desperate, and he also found Kyuhyun's sensitive bundle of nerves a bit too often that the boy ended up taken over by the pooling heat on the lower part of his stomach.

Suddenly, Siwon gripped his legs and spread them as wide as he could, opening Kyuhyun up all for him, before thrusting into him particularly hard. It struck Kyuhyun's prostate so well that Kyuhyun came all over them both with a loud wail. The tightness delivered orgasm to Siwon as well, but he never stopped thrusting even after Kyuhyun came down from cloud nine.

'Of course, he's a wolf. He's doing it for much longer.' Kyuhyun thought in his exhausted state, but he felt himself slowly hardening when Siwon turned him onto his stomach and made love to him again from behind.

They ended up doing it all over Siwon's place, far after Kyuhyun's hormones died down.

After the bed, they fell to the floor, moved to the bathroom, the kitchen, back to the couch where it all started that night, then they cuddled to sleep in the comfort of Siwon's bed that smelled like sweat, sex, and them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the morning, Kyuhyun half expected to wake up on the kitchen counter. His eyes opened slowly, body tensing a little as if expecting a huge pain to erupt from his spine from sleeping in such a position all night. However, when he blinked, he saw the soft pillow that his face was half sunken into.

Kyuhyun lifted his head, groggily blinking. He vaguely registered that there was someone speaking, before trying to focus. Siwon swam into clarity, pacing a little while speaking on the phone in a hushed tone. As soon as Siwon saw that Kyuhyun had awoken, he froze, hurriedly trying to end the phone call.

The younger waited until Siwon was done with his call, and looked up expectantly. "I have to leave." Siwon said slowly. "For work. Something has happened, and I'm going to be constantly at the office, so I won't have any time to call you." Siwon sighed. "I'm sorry."

"When will you be back?" Kyuhyun asked, voice soft, and a little husky from just waking up.

"I'm not entirely sure yet. A few weeks, maybe?"

"Weeks?" Kyuhyun asked, incredulous. Siwon sent him an apologetic look, almost a cringe.

"I'm sorry." He said, closing his suit case and zipping it shut. "I have to go now. Would you mind checking me out of the hotel?"

"I--Sure." Kyuhyun agreed, and Siwon thanked him once more, tossed him the card, and left with a rushed goodbye. For a full minute, Kyuhyun simply sat there on the bed. He wondered how cliché it was to wake up from spending the night at a man's penthouse suite, only for him to pack up and leave the next morning right after you'd woken up.

Very cliché.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun returned home in a taxi, and continued life as normal. He suppressed his slight disappointment towards Siwon for leaving so quickly after such passionate night, because that would make him exactly what he didn't want to become. A nagging, immature lover that-- Kyuhyun blinked. Lover? Had they become lovers?

He flushed when he remembered Siwon's declaration of love last night, but he also remembered that he didn't exactly give a reply. 'Well,' he thought, 'I probably would've said something if he didn't leave so early.'

Imagining how Siwon's reaction would be, he couldn't help but chuckle. Maybe, just maybe, he would say something when Siwon returned. He didn't know what to say just yet, but surely Siwon would at least smile.

After four days, however, Kyuhyun was beginning to wonder where Siwon was. Indeed, the man had said that he would be busy, but four days without a single phone call? It was Siwon! He always showed up in Kyuhyun's life some way or another.

On the fifth evening with no news from Siwon, Kyuhyun decided to head downstairs and simply calm down with a cup of hot chocolate. He was going down the stairs when the voices of his parents carried into the hallway with great clarity.

"I don't know... I'm just a little worried." His father sounded stressed, almost guilty.

"It'll be fine. You didn't sell Kyuhyun to Siwon, there's no way." Kyuhyun had to cover his mouth when his mother spoke, fingertips digging into his cheeks.

"But work has been so much better with their company... I can't help but feel like I have sold my own son."

In a flash, his father's strange behavior whenever Siwon was mentioned came to Kyuhyun's mind. It was all too clear now.

"But I guess there is one bit of news that makes me feel a little better." A pause, one where Kyuhyun pictured his mother tilting her head. "I've heard rumors of Choi Siwon being engaged to a young lady around his age."

Kyuhyun moved his hand from cupping his mouth to wrapping lightly around the base of his neck. He wasn't choking himself, but his fingertips were digging into the skin just beneath his collarbone. His mind flew back to the morning a few days ago. Hurried and rushed. 'I won't have any time to call you,' Siwon had said.

Because of work? Or...

"Engaged? But he's with Kyuhyun!"

"I don't know, maybe this thing was just a thing from our son being in heat. How can we expect a great corporate heir to take on a male mate? I mean, he'd have to produce offspring as well, and... well, wolves and panthers aren't the most compatible, not to mention two men." Kyuhyun didn't notice the purpling of his skin as his fingers dug in even harder.

"No... Siwon makes Kyuhyun so happy... It can't be true." At his mother's voice, Kyuhyun stood up and silently bounded up the stairs, before quietly shutting his door and locking it. There was nothing to be said, and he ignored his laptop as he leaned against the wall behind his bed and cried.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another few days passed, and Kyuhyun was steadily trying to forget his father's words.

At breakfast, Kyuhyun's father cleared his throat. Kyuhyun looked up, and his mother looked to her side to where her husband was sitting. "I'll be heading out of town this weekend, to go work with the Choi company a bit. I'll be leaving this evening." Kyuhyun's mother elbowed her husband. He coughed, before continuing. "Would you like to come with me, Kyuhyun?"

"Er... Sure." Kyuhyun said, a bit confused.

"Great." His mother smiled. "I'll pack your bags while you're at school today, okay?" Kyuhyun nodded, before turning back to his breakfast. It had been an odd few days, ever since Kyuhyun heard his parents talking that night.

They left that afternoon in the car. The drive was only an hour or so, which Kyuhyun easily slept through. They checked into a hotel, and Kyuhyun was left to explore the town while his father went to the office.

Kyuhyun wandered down a slightly busy street, glancing into stores. A game store caught his attention, but discovered he had no money when he pushed his hands into his pockets. As he continued, he stopped in front of a small, French restaurant. His jaw dropped a little, and his hands clenched into fists.

There, in the restaurant, Siwon sat with another woman. Kyuhyun, at first, gave him the benefit of the doubt, and even felt the unbearable longing after not seeing the man for more than a week. However, as they ate, Siwon held her hand several times, leaned in close, and their feet brushed constantly. Kyuhyun swallowed, he watched as Siwon smile, tuck a strand of the woman's hair behind her ear, and then trail his fingers along her skin as he pulled back.

The young man had no words as he whirled around and left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"So," his father asked later that night when they had dinner together. "How was your day?"

Kyuhyun shrugged, not in the mood to talk. It was a mess inside his head, but at least he didn't have any strength to cry. He really, really wasn't in the mood to explain to his father about it then.

"Did you..." His father started again, "Did you go to see Siwon?"

The boy nearly dropped his fork. His eyes widened and he snapped his head up to meet his father's eyes. "Why did you ask that?"

"I-I figure you would..." his father swallowed. "You would go with him or something, since you're in the same town--."

"Why would I?" Kyuhyun cut him off. There was a pathetic hitch in his voice. "He's engaged, remember?"

An uncomfortable silence stretched between them. His father looked like a deer caught in headlights. “W-what…? How did you know…?”

Suddenly, Kyuhyun felt mixed emotions took over him. Sadness and anger, desperation and indifference… but the worst of all he felt betrayed. Now the last one was directed at Siwon, not at his father, but Siwon wasn’t here now. But he couldn’t care less. “I overheard you and mother talking a few days ago,” he said, expressionless. “I also heard about how you thought you were selling me out.”

This time, Kyuhyun’s father’s dropped the fork. He gaped, filled with guilt, and Kyuhyun didn’t have the heart to see it. As much as he felt he was being used, he felt he was being used by Siwon, not by his father. “Before you say anything, Dad, you weren’t,” Kyuhyun cut whatever apology his father had in mind. “I wouldn’t go along with it anyway if I… didn’t… want it…” His words trailed off and he looked down. His eyes were watering and damn it, they were in a public restaurant. “But now it doesn’t matter because, well, he’s engaged and I’m just a stupid high school student—.”

He couldn’t be more surprised when his father stood up and strode to his side before hugging him tightly. He didn’t have a chance to say anything because his father quickly spoke, “You’re not stupid. You’re my son and I’m very proud of you.”

Kyuhyun blushed at the rare display of affection. He noticed other people stealing glances at them, but he thought he just wanted to bask in the protective sphere given by his father. All of a sudden, he realized why his father had taken him to this city— the real meaning behind his question whether he went to see Siwon. “You… you took me here to make it clear with Siwon, didn’t you?”

“Maybe it’s just a rumor,” his father tried.

“I saw him today at a restaurant,” Kyuhyun whispered. “He was with a woman.”

His father didn’t respond. The man just stared at him and patted his head like he was still the little boy who climbed onto his father’s lap every morning. Kyuhyun tried to blink his tears away as he clutched onto his father. “Tonight,” his father said, “we’ll go home, okay. Pack your bags tonight and come with me to the office. We’ll just go home straight from there.”

“But your work—.”

“You’re more important. Work can wait.”

The memory of Siwon rushing off that morning (leaving him behind) came again and Kyuhyun shook his head. He didn’t want to think about him. Not yet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun went with his father to the office, like he was told to. He walked in with his small suitcase, wheeling it in with his father's as the older man went ahead to finish some things up. Kyuhyun glanced around; no one was around. He settled himself into a couch off to the side, kicking his feet up against the back of the couch, head resting on the armrest. "How long are you going to be here?" Kyuhyun called out to his dad in the other room.

Moments later, there was a small flurry of footsteps. Kyuhyun was startled, sitting upright, when he saw Siwon rushing in. "Kyuhyun!" Siwon exclaimed, shocked. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

Kyuhyun's heart immediately plummeted at the greeting. There was no, "Kyuhyun, hello!" or "Kyuhyun! You're here!" Instead, he got an anxious looking Siwon asking why he was even there. "I-My dad." He said softly, breaking eye contact.

As if in cue, Kyuhyun's father walked in, holding some papers, eyes scanning the text with a strong concentration. He, too, was startled when he saw Siwon. "Ah, Mister Choi. It's nice to see you again." He ground out, looking out the corner of his eye at his son. "What are you doing at the office so late?"

"Just working overtime a little... Why are you here?" Kyuhyun's father raised his papers, letting Siwon see them for a moment. "Ah, the project. Well... I'm sure we'll be able to finish up, you can go home." Siwon flashed the older man a bright smile. "I'm sure you miss your home town already."

"Ah, but my son was so eager to see you!" Kyuhyun's father exclaimed, a smile coming to his face. Kyuhyun's head shot up, and he looked at Siwon with wide eyes, heart pounding in his chest.

Siwon returned the look with a blank expression. "I'm so sorry, I'm very busy though..." Siwon said softly, expression softening a little. Kyuhyun was immediately taken back to his father's words. ’You're more important than work.' Clearly, Siwon's thoughts were different.

Kyuhyun stood up, hands clenched into fists at his side again. He kept his gaze locked to the ground, not daring to meet Siwon's face so the older man couldn't see the tears leaking from his eyes. "It's fine." He forced out, voice hoarse, and cracking on the first syllable. "I-...“

Instead of finishing his sentence, Kyuhyun turned and ran from the office. "Kyuhyun!" His father called, only to have his wrist grabbed in an iron grip. "What are you doing, Mister Choi, that's my son running away!"

"I know, I'll go after him." Siwon said, sighing. He took off, faster than Kyuhyun. The latter's father stood there, biting his lip and hoping that his son would be able to work out his problems with Siwon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun was eventually caught outside that same French restaurant where he saw Siwon. By now, all the stores had closed already. It was dark, slightly wet from the rain that poured earlier in the afternoon, and several neon signs glowed in the night. "Kyuhyun!" Siwon shouted, grabbing onto his wrist.

"Let me go!" Kyuhyun screamed, desperately trying to wrench his arm from the other's grip. "I don't want to talk to you!"

"Tell me what's wrong!" Siwon shouted back, easily tugging Kyuhyun back, pulling him against his chest. "What's upsetting you?"

"I said I don't want--!"

"Look, if this is about me being busy and--." When Siwon said it out loud like that, Kyuhyun couldn't help but think of himself as being annoying and a pain in the ass. He blushed all the way to his ears, embarrassed and upset at the same time.

"Well, I'm sorry that I'm so childish in your eyes!" Kyuhyun spouted out, feeling even more inadequate in front of Siwon. "I'm sorry that I'm not a mature woman your age!"

"I think I would've noticed that you're not a woman from the very beginning," Siwon looked at him incredulously. "I swear, I really don't understand what you're trying to say--."

Kyuhyun glared up with teary, angry eyes. "You are engaged, yet you're fooling around with me!" Siwon looked stunned at these words, grip loosening a little even. Kyuhyun took the opportunity to pull himself away, before raising a hand and pointing at the restaurant behind Siwon. "You were in this restaurant with a woman! A woman you're engaged to, who you were all touchy feely, and loving with and... and..." Kyuhyun gave an exasperated noise, halfway between a gasp and a scream. "You're the worst!"

Siwon grabbed Kyuhyun again as he turned around. "I'm not engaged." He said softly into Kyuhyun's ear.

"Yeah right." Kyuhyun snapped. "Just let me go so I can get the hell out of here--" He was cut off by a mouth pressing insistently against his. However, Kyuhyun was not going for it. He shoved Siwon away, glaring at the other. "You're the worst, absolute..."

The lips invaded his again, and this time he realized with absolute disgust towards himself that he actually wanted the kiss. He had missed the man and Siwon's lips felt so warm and... reassuring.

But it couldn't be true.

He wrenched himself apart from the man, but in the process, he didn't notice a bump sticking out on the road. His feet successfully got caught and he fell onto his butt, right in the middle of a puddle. The surge of mixed emotions suddenly washed over him and he covered his face with his palms as he cried. Could he look more pathetic than this? Half soaked and crying after shouting like an idiot. He bet Siwon was staring at him, regretting the fact that he had gotten involved with a high school kid.

Suddenly, he heard a splash from in front of him. He opened his eyes again and saw that Siwon was sitting right across him on the puddle.

"...What the hell are you doing?"

"Now I'm wet too," Siwon answered. "I will never let you suffer alone."

Kyuhyun tore his gaze from Siwon's face, but then the man's gentle hand brought his face back.

"Now will you listen to me?"

"What if I don't want to?"

"I don't know where you heard that rumor about me being engaged," the man stared straight into his eyes, ignoring Kyuhyun's refusal. "But I'm not. That woman you saw was my cousin. She recently got out of the hospital. I hadn't seen her in months."

A simple explanation. Too simple.

Kyuhyun bit his lip, trying to decide whether Siwon was telling the truth. But Siwon had never lied to him... had he? At least not before he heard about Siwon's sudden engagement.

Noticing Kyuhyun's hesitation, Siwon scooted closer until their faces were a mere inch from each other. Then he leaned in and placed a soft and gentle kiss on the boy's lips. Kyuhyun didn't respond, but he didn't refuse him either.

"Did I not make it clear," Siwon whispered. "that I only want you?"

"But why?" Kyuhyun found himself reflexively replying. "Why does it have to be me?"

This time, the hesitation was in Siwon's face instead. That was enough to raise all the insecurities in Kyuhyun's mind again. He stood up quickly, but Siwon was just as fast as him, securing Kyuhyun in his embrace. "Wait, Kyuhyun, wait," the man heaved a deep breath. "I... Are you sure you want to hear this?"

Kyuhyun looked up, tired and upset and basically lost.

"Because you're my mate, Kyuhyun," Siwon sighed said.

The young boy blinked and widened his eyes. "Your..."

"I knew it from the first time we met. You have that special, sweet scent that could only mean that you are my mate. Once a wolf found his mate... he would never let go. A wolf mate for life."

"But..." Kyuhyun blinked again. "But I'm not a wolf. I'm not even a woman."

"It doesn't matter," Siwon leaned in and placed his head on Kyuhyun's shoulder, his nose nuzzling the spot around his neck. "There's no mistaking it... A wolf's nose doesn't lie."

Despite the fact that Kyuhyun was soaked with a horrible smell from the roadside puddle, Siwon talked as if nothing smelled better than Kyuhyun. The man's arms somehow tightened around him and Kyuhyun asked, "Why... didn't you tell me from the beginning?"

"You're not a wolf. You wouldn't be able to understand it quickly."

Kyuhyun frowned, "I can try."

Siwon met his eyes and stroke his hair, as if he was looking his best and not all streaked with tears. "I just... I don't want to burden you, Kyu. Mating for wolves is not a small thing. I don't want to bind you before you... I thought I could at least wait until you say that you like me back."

Was that insecurity and desperation he saw in Siwon's eyes?

"Then what am I supposed to think? You came when I was in heat--."

"I've told you that you always smell good," Siwon cut in before Kyuhyun had a chance to doubt again. "Always."

But Kyuhyun was distracted by the sudden self-hate that bloomed inside him. The whole thing was just a big, fat misunderstanding then. He had overreacted and took conclusions on his own. His face went red from the embarrassment and he covered his face with his hands. Again, mixed emotions. He felt relieved, but he also felt like the most obnoxious person in the world. He wasn't sure which caused his new tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry..." He muttered almost incoherently. He felt Siwon's embrace tightened even more and he wailed. "You left so quickly that morning that ugly thoughts just came into me... Then I overheard my parents--."

"Your parents? What did they say?"

"My father was worried that he sold me out to you, because business is getting better."

"Ok, that's stupid," Siwon said hurriedly. "I would never do that. I want you because of you. The business is getting better because it is a good business."

"Then he said that he heard you had a fiancée. In the end, he took me here to have a chance to talk to you, to sort it out. But I saw you with that woman and I just--."

Siwon peeled his hands off his face and swallowed whatever he was trying to say by a sudden kiss. Kyuhyun responded instantly, feeling the mutual unbearable longing. Siwon's tongue asked for permission to enter and Kyuhyun parted his lips, allowing the muscle to roam around his mouth, dominating him, claiming him. His knees felt weak, but Siwon held him up with his strong arms. They finally parted when the need to breathe was too demanding.

"Please..." Siwon panted, "Please just tell me that you will allow me to love you. I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes--."

"I love you," Kyuhyun said without a pause. Then he realized what he had just said and he blushed as Siwon stared at him wide-eyed.

"You can't take that back. I mean, you can, if you're not sure, but..." Gone was the confident, charismatic man. Siwon looked as insecure and as hopeful as a young teenager right now. The sight caused a smile on Kyuhyun's face.

"I don't wanna take it back. I love you."

Siwon lurched forward and kissed him all over the face. "I love you. I love you so much, Kyu..." Kyuhyun chuckled, couldn't help but imagining a dog licking him excitedly. Though Siwon would probably get mad if he compared him to a dog.

"And," Siwon said, stopping his kisses, "I'm sorry I left so quickly that morning. You don't know how much I want to stay and spoil you all day. There was an urgent matter."

"It couldn't be helped, I guess," Kyuhyun smiled, although a bit bitterly. "I'm sorry, I was the one overreacting."

"No, you don't understand," Siwon said again. "My father is all better now and he can take care of the head office again. I've... actually been trying to set up a branch for the Choi corporation in your town. A huge branch."

The boy tilted his head, unsure of how the news will go.

"That was why I've been so busy lately. But it's finally confirmed. I will head the branch myself."

Kyuhyun felt his heart beat quickened. "So... you will..."

"I will live in your town."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Well," Kyuhyun's father cleared his throat awkwardly when the pair showed up the next morning. "I see that you've cleared everything up. I figured it out from when you sent me the text that you will spend the night at Siwon's place, but I guess seeing you two just confirmed it."

Kyuhyun blushed, trying not to look too out of place wearing Siwon's clothes. All of them were too big for him, but he picked the least obvious ones.

"Mr. Cho," Siwon bowed. "I assure you that the rumor of me being engaged is a lie. I have no intention to mate with anyone else but your son."

It was Kyuhyun's father's turn to blush. He coughed, "Well, then. Me and Kyuhyun will be going back now. I guess I'll see you soon?"

"Yes, at the opening of the new Choi corporation branch in your town. It won't be long."

The old man nodded and signaled Kyuhyun to follow him to the car when he's ready. But then Siwon called him again, "And we also need to talk about the announcement of Kyuhyun as my mate."

Kyuhyun gulped, wondering how the Choi family would take the announcement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Well, well," Changmin grinned when he saw his best friend walking in with a red face. "Look who's here, the mate of the Choi corporation's heir."

"Shut up, Changmin."

"I bet," Zhou Mi popped in, "you didn't expect to see him announcing it on the morning news."

"I thought by announcement he meant to the family!" Kyuhyun wailed. "I didn't know he meant it was for the press!"

"And that possessive wolf just had to mark you like that, hmm?" Changmin teased again. Kyuhyun reflexively raised the scarf higher around his neck. But then he realized that the marks Changmin talked about weren't the visible ones. "You just reeked of his smell, Kyu," Changmin continued, faking a puking gesture. "You might as well wear a coat from his fur."

"If he heard that, he would skin you alive, Changmin," Zhou Mi chuckled.

Kyuhyun pouted, muttering that his mate was really not that barbaric. Probably just a slight violent tendency whenever his safety was involved, but really, not barbaric. Changmin sneered at the unnecessary defensive statement and Zhou Mi just told him he was jealous because Kyuhyun can get a proper loving now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The end
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