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Tittle: Neorago (It's You):  Kiss
Pairing : Main! YeWook (girl! Wook), Sub-pairings!KyuMin (girl! Min), KangTeuk (girl! Teuk), HanChul (girl! Chul), EunHae (girl! Hae)
Genre: High School, Romance, Fluff (maybe?), Friendship, Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Gender Switch
Summary: Ryeowook just a new student in high school and has room mates Sungmin,Donghae, Heechul, and Leeteuk. She has a new life here since she met Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung.


The room looks as crowded as the girls are freaking out. Their clothes are all around the floor and on their beds. Of course, today they’re going to meet their prince. Right, it’s the day Hae and Hyuk treat them. Heechul and Teuki are can’t stop shout as they look for whatever is that.

“Teuki, where’s my necklace??”

“What the hell Chullie? Of course I don’t know! Where’s my white bracelet?!”

“Aish! Stop shouted Teuki! I can’t find my necklace!!”

The Youngers only stare at them even though they’re causing the mess in the room too. They already have done prepare themselves. 

“Our sunbae is a mess.” Said Sungmin.

“But they’re funny.” Add Ryeowook.

“Hyuk just sent me a message, they’re waiting out there.” Hae shook her head while staring at her Sunbae.

There’s a cell phone voice and Chullie get panic. “My cell phone! Omo where’s it??”

“This, it’s Hankyung.”

“Yes??... Yes, we’re just getting out of our room… don’t worry oh look we’re in the stairs now… yes the door is in front of us… yes just wait!”

“You’re such a liar Heechul-ssi…” said Ryeowook disbelief.

“Just to make them be quite, okay, I’m ready. Come on, I think our fishy will eat me live.” Said Heechul and then they get out together.

In the resto…

“I just knew it’s our headmaster’s…” whisper Hyuk.

“And I can’t believe you chose this place Hyuk.” Said Kangin. "But he is different here. be calm." add him.

“But the food is delicious. So just shut up.” And everybody get quite after Teuki said.

They eat and joking around. Ryeowook can’t believe she sits next to Yesung. It’s Heechul and Teuki with their weird act. She can’t controls her heartbeat but suddenly Henry hold her hands. Henry sits in another Ryeowook’s side. She looks at him and Henry just smile and whispers, “Be calm Wookie’ah.”

“Yah! What’s that mean? I’m okay.” Ryeowook ignores.

“But you’re cold sweating.” Henry whisper again.

“I’m not!” Ryeowook shouted and makes all of them look at her.

She covers her mouth fast and apologizes. She glares at Henry who’s giggling now. Yesung glares at Ryeowook and now he’s confusing to talk to her or not. He can talk as usual with the other but he can’t talk properly with her. He doesn’t want it being continuously.

“Yah, let’s play truth or dare.” Said Yesung.

“Okay. That’s good idea as we’re done eat.” Hankyung nods.

“Use that.” Heechul points at the mineral bottle.

“Okay… let’s play!” Kangin seems excited.

But for Ryeowook and Sungmin that’s not a better idea. Sungmin glares at Kyuhyun who’s looking at her with his smirk face. Ryeowook glares at Yesung who’s smiling widely.

“It’s Hankyung!” Kangin shouted when the bottle stops pointed him. “Okay, truth or dare??”

Hankyung looks think hard. Heechul stares at him with her smirk smile. “There’s Chullie here and now I get confused.”

“Yah!” Heechul shouted while Hankyung only laughs.

“Okay, truth.” Hankyung decided.

“Good choise HAnnie…” Heechul smiles teasingly and she asked, “What are you feeling about me?”
Heechul questions makes all of them get noisy.

“Omo Chullie!!” Teuki shouted.

HAnkyung’s face is turning red now. He’s looking at Heechul blankly. The boys are laughing and the girls can’t wait for the answers.
“Chullie…, God!” Hankyung can’t say any of words.

“What? Just be truth Hannie.”

“It’s just a game.”

“I know.” Heechul keeps staring at him and Hankyung tries to not look at her.

“Okay, I will say it not here. There’s a lot of people here.” Said him.

“What? What do you mean by that??” Heechul can’t receive it.

HAnkyung sigh and said, “I want to say it to you when we’re just alone. Just two of us.”

Heard it Heechul get blush. She get speechless and covers her face. Hankyung laughs and then hugs her.

“So sweet!” said Ryeowook.

“What a corny.” Teuki said.

“You want it too??” asked KAngin and Teuki pinch his cheek.

“In your dream!”

Then Kyuhyun spins the bottle. They stare at it and wondering who’s the next. Ryeowook hopes she doesn’t get it. But unfortunately, she got it. “Akh!” Ryeowook bites her lower lips as she stares at the others.

“Waa it’s you Ryeowook-ssi…” said YEsung that makes her get more shocked.

“Y-yes… I… I’m nervous now.” Said her doesn’s dare to see Yesung.

“So… truth or dare?” asked Yesung. The others look at them with meaningful smile.

“Emm… dare?”

“Let me!!!!” Kyuhyun shouted and makes the others shocked.

“It’s not good I guess” said Sungmin shook her head.

“No, it’s good.” Said Hyukjae with evil smile.

“Haa I think I can read what’s in his head now…” add Henry.

Yesung stares at Kyuhyun without expression. Ryeowook gets confused and wondering what Kyu wants to say.

“Just listen guys.” Kyuhyun smirks as he stares at Ryeowook. “Ryeowook-ah, I want you to kiss who’s in your right side.”

First Ryeowook didn’t recognize who’s in her right side but when she realized it Yesung her eyes gets wider.

“What?!” Ryeowook and Yesung said it together.

“Yah Kyuhyun-ssi? How dare you?” said Leeteuk.

“It’s dare right?” he said with his innocent face as usual,

Ryeowook can feels her face is turning into red. she glares at Yesung that scratch his head seems confusing.

“Alright! Do it Ryeowook-ssi.” Said Yesung face her and makes Ryeowook shocked and turn her head so fast.

“Woooo do it do it!” said Heechul and the boys follow her except Henry. He stares at Ryeowook, he wants to stop it but he doesn’t want to make the other question why.

Slowly Ryeowook stares at Yesung that already looks at her waiting. Now they’re staring at each other. The others get quite as they’re waiting. Sungmin doesn’t want to look it and turns her head. She looks that Kyuhyun looks so satisfied. She stares at him with anger face.

As Ryeowook closes her head to Yesung, Kyuhyun look back at sungmin who’s staring at him. He smirks and glares at Ryeowook who’s now so close to Yesung face. Yesung stares at her. He feels his heart beats so fast seeing Ryeowook’s face. Ryeowook is blushing so hard now. She scared Yesung can feels her heartbeats. And she kisses him on lips with her eyes closes.

Kyuhyun smiles and suddenly he cups Sungmin’s face and kiss her. Sungmin shocked and breaks the kiss. She looks at Ryeowook that still kissing Yesung because of Yesung cups her face and kisses her back.

For a second, Yesung aware and breaks the kiss. He looks at Ryeowook and Ryeowook is staring at him blankly. The others laughs and nobody knows that Kyuhyun just kissed sungmin too. Sungmin stares at Kyuhyun that is laughing so hard. She can say anything but just staring at him disbelieve.

Ryeowook still doesn’t realize what just happened. Yesung scratches his head again with his blush face. He blush so hard meanwhile the others kaugh at him. Henry holds Ryeowook’s hand and that makes Ryeowook wakes up from her daydream.
She’s blushing so hard now. And then she hugs Henry as she hides her face. Yesung feels so awkward now. “Err mianhada…” said him.

Ryeowook only nods in Henry chest and of course she doesn’t dare to see Yesung’s face.

“You know, actually you don’t have to kiss him on lips.” Said Kyuhyun with his evil smile and glares at Sungmin that looks at him with killer face. She seems hold her angry.

“I’m afraid of him.” Said Hankyung pointed at Kyuhyun.

“But they’re so cute.” Said Heechul as she’s seeing at YeWook adoring.

“I can see something.” Add Leeteuk.

“”Yes, it’s like they have something hidden.” Hae perceives as she looks at them.

“why we don’t do that Teuki-ah??” said Kangin.

“Hell ya Kim Youngwoon!”

“Just stop guys, Ryeowook is so embarrassing now.” Said Henry as Ryeowook still at his hugs.

The others look at him and quite for awhile.

“Okay okay, let’s continue this game. I like it.” Said Hae and starts to spin the bottles again.

It’s 11 p.m. and they just arrived at dorm. The game is so annoying but fun. Everything got reveal. The boys dropped the girls to their dorm. Yesung and Ryeowook still awkward. Sungmin hold Wook’s hand and doesn’t want to get close to Kyuhyun. She relieves that no one saw when Kyu kissed her. Hee and Hankyung holds hand and hand so happy. Henry just keep quite and Yesung knows it.
When the boys just arrived at the dorm…

“Henry-ah…” called Yesung and Henry stops. “I’m sorry…” said him.

Henry looks at him wondering. “For what??”

“I… I kissed her. I don’t know, I just I mean…” Yesung confused to explain why suddenly he wants to feels Ryeowook’s kiss more.

Henry smiles and then pats Yesung’s shoulder. “It’s okay hyung, that’s just a game. But, because of that I knew now.” And he just goes away left Yesung that can’t get what Henry just said.

Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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