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[fic] ...and then there's love - HyukHae

Title: ...and then there's love
Author: gado
Rating: G
Pairing: HyukHae (omg)
A/N: reality is disappointing

You don’t know since when, but for as long as you can remember you’ve always thought of love as something beautiful. Maybe it was from that very moment when you sat in the kitchen (simply because the living room was too noisy) and he was fiddling about; happily doing nothing in particular. Then again, that was how you liked watching him.

Donghae, to you, was a bright smile on a stunning face and if that was what love did to people, it had to be a good thing – you were sure. Complex in all his simplicity, but one thing was clear to read all over his features. Donghae was in love.

You can remember every slightly bitter morning when you were all eating breakfast and Donghae entered the room; sharing his energy with all of you. Love, you thought, was a vital thing; life in its purest form.

Heartache and sorrow had, of course, also crossed your mind; because when falling in love, you could never be sure if the object of your affection felt the same way. But Donghae didn’t seem to be troubled by this and as a result; neither were you.

“I can always try again.” He always said and you knew that he meant it – every single word.

Yes, even in misery, love was beautiful. Love was the sweet pain of watching someone walking away from you, leaving you with your heart broken in your hands. Love was longing and waiting and hoping. Love was watching a beautiful garden through a glass window. Love was like touching silk with mittens – you could see it, it was right in front of you, but you could not feel it close to you like you wanted.

You were prepared for such things as well; you were sure of that.

However, you never expected love to be nothing but a bitter taste in your mouth when you finally turned to him and said “I’m sorry, Donghae, but I don’t like you like that.”
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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