kyumin86eunhae (kyumin86eunhae) wrote in miracle______,

Having an Affair [Part 3]

A​uthor: kyumin86eunhae
Genre: Romance, Angst (but in such a tiny and ridiculous way that you can actually ignore it)
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: NC-17 (Only wrote that rated part in because no one would read it with a lower rating. LOL.)
Length: One-shot with three parts
Warnings: It's me. I think that's enough said, isn't it? But because it's required: Bad Language, fail!everything
Summary: Kyuhyun ran away to find freedom. Or actually something he didn't even exactly know. But what he found was - Sungmin.

Third and Last Act. The Curtain falls. 

A/N:  Uhhmm... I couldn't get on the PC the whole week, so it's a bit late >.< Sorry! And I promised a kid!Kyumin to ailaling1017 but I didn't have any time >.< Sorry! But I'm working on it! I told you it would take some time... i'm so slow T___T And I have the certain feeling that I forgot something else that was really important as well... Hmm... 
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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