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We Were Happy, Weren't We?

Title: We Were Happy, Weren’t We?
Pairing: YeWon
Rated: PG
Genre: angst
Disclaimer: I own no one
Summery: Siwon leaves with no explanation.
A/N: okay soo……I haven’t written a YeWon in a while. HELL! I haven’t written SUJU in a while. But because I was listening to their album and their depressing songs! And when I got to ‘Memories’ I just got really depressed and had to write this. The plot actually came from the dream I had last night. Yesung being me and Siwon being Myungsoo from INFINITE (I KNOW!! WEIRD! LOL! I think it’s because I was gawking at his teaser pix last night that I had a dream about him, call my CRAZY! I think I am btw). Anyhow, I just added more details because we all know how dreams are weird and they shift and everything. Plus in my dream I knew the reason why Myungsoo left. So, I’ll be writing Siwon’s part after this.

They were perfect. Their relationship was perfect and simple and that was just how they liked it.
Tags: pairing: yesung/siwon
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