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fic: In the Fire (part 1 of 2)

Title: In the Fire (part 1 of 2)
Author: yuefeng and bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: Weird AU / MAIN Siwon/Kyuhyun – little Qmi & Changkyu
Word Count: 8,549 (for this part only)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: na-ah, not ours
Summary: It was Kyuhyun's seventeenth birthday, a coming of age for all children. He turned into a panther for a brief time around midnight, but he would bear the traits and nature of the animal for the rest of his life. It meant full adulthood both as a panther and a human. It also meant the beginning of heat cycles for women.
Warning: DIRTY, dirty fic, strangely with lack of actual full smut. Be warned that this fic has a wee bit of non-con (though it didn't go far), and also many people / kyuhyun (I mean it) because he’s desirable like that. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED OKAY.
Notes: Beta-ed by dear syunkyu, I don't know why she hasn't run off yet.

Kyuhyun wasn't particularly alarmed when he found out that he could turn into a cat. The whole town could. It wasn't exactly a rare occurrence in the world. Some turned into cats, some into dogs, any sort of species. It all depended on the area. Kyuhyun happened to belong to a town of black panthers.

It was Kyuhyun's seventeenth birthday, a coming of age for all children. He turned into a panther for a brief time around midnight, but he would bear the traits and nature of the animal for the rest of his life. It meant full adulthood both as a panther and a human. It also meant the beginning of heat cycles for women.

"Mom?" Kyuhyun said, pausing from eating his breakfast. "I feel weird."

"Do you feel sick?" She asked, putting down her spoon with a look of concern. Kyuhyun's father hadn't come downstairs yet.

"No... Just sort of... Hot. And a little tingly." Kyuhyun replied. He sat still as his mother pressed the back of her hand on his forehead.

"You don't have a fever..." she murmured. "Go to school. If you still feel weird by the end of the day, we'll go see the doctor." Kyuhyun nodded as his father came downstairs.

"Okay. I'm leaving then. Bye mom, dad."

Kyuhyun got a strange look from his father before he left for school. He stood at the corner, waiting for his friend, and could feel his father's look on him from through the window.

"Hey, Kyuhyun!" Changmin called. "Happy birthday!" He was Kyuhyun's closest friend, and childhood friend. Changmin jogged over, and Kyuhyun grinned. Changmin paused in front of Kyuhyun before leaning in to sniff him. "Kyuhyun, you smell like a girl."

"What?" Kyuhyun said, incredulous.

"To be totally honest, it's sort of turning me on. Is your sister in heat or something?" Changmin shifted a little, uncomfortable, before leaning in to sniff him again. "No, that's you... Huh." Changmin threw an arm over Kyuhyun's shoulder. "Good thing you're gay." He said with a sideways leer.

Kyuhyun glared. "You're lucky you're my best friend." He said as he started walking to school. All the males he came across leaned in and sniffed him, before looking away, confused.

"Oh, whoa." Zhou Mi said, getting a nice whiff of Kyuhyun during lunch. "Jesus, you reek of girls hormones. Are you in heat?" he asked, incredulous.


"No, really. If you look around, there are a lot of guys being drawn to you. Do you feel funny? My friend said that being in heat made you feel like you need sex."

Kyuhyun shifted a little on the bench. "I feel hot and tingly," he muttered. Zhou Mi grinned.

"I can help you with that." he whispered. His arm found his way around Kyuhyun's waist, making the younger shudder. Kyuhyun didn't protest as Zhou Mi took his hand and dragged him to the bathroom.

Zhou Mi pushed him into a stall, before slamming him into the door. He gasped at the impact, and whimpered at the tongue that forced its way into his mouth. He was about to lose his virginity along with his now lost first kiss in a school bathroom.

"You give off a lot of hormone." Zhou Mi noted absently, hitching one of Kyuhyun's thighs up against his hip, grinding against Kyuhyun. The elder smirked at the moan, and pushed himself further into Kyuhyun. "Makes it really easy to get hard."

Kyuhyun let out a loud moan. His head was beginning to get clouded with some unfamiliar need. A strange feeling was pooling under his stomach and to his groin. "Damn." he murmured, hearing the door open. He was surprised to hear not one set of feet, but many.

"Kyuhyun!" Changmin's voice. "We hear you have a little problem... We'll help." Kyuhyun could practically hear the smile. Zhou Mi sent him a questioning look. Kyuhyun shrugged, then nodded. Zhou Mi pulled Kyuhyun away from the door, and opened it.

Kyuhyun stepped out, and was greeted by a crowd of no less than ten people. He gulped nervously, fidgeting a little before they all descended on him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun collapsed onto the sink, gasping for breath. His legs were wobbly, skin covered in sweat and come, and he had just come again. There was still one person thrusting into him as he fell limp against the sink counter.

"This is amazing." Kyuhyun was so dazed he had no idea who was speaking. "Hot and so, so wet." Kyuhyun realized all too quickly that it was that wet because of the multiple ejaculations in him. He could feel a large amount coating his stomach, back, face, but mostly his thighs.

"I..." Kyuhyun panted hard, trying to speak as he was pounded into. "I have to go to class."

There was Zhou Mi's laughter. "We all skipped all of our afternoon classes, Kui Xian. School's already over." Kyuhyun managed to grimace. That might not bode well with his father. "You know, you're gonna be in heat for a few days. My friend said hers usually goes on for about five days."

Kyuhyun groaned. "I'm not even going to be able to walk for five days." He moaned as the person behind him pushed into him one last time, and came hard. "Please tell me that was the last one." Kyuhyun winced as the other pulled out, and some more come flowed onto the back of his thighs.

"Yeah, it was. Do you need help getting home? Changmin is probably still outside..." Zhou Mi trailed off as he watched Kyuhyun nod.

Kyuhyun heard the opening and closing of the bathroom door, before struggling to stand. His legs were shaky, and he couldn't really hold himself up. He glanced around, cursing when he couldn't find his clothes.

Changmin came in, and whistled. "You really might want to consider cleaning yourself off before going home."

Changmin helped Kyuhyun rush to the locker room, where he gratefully washed the body fluids off himself. Changmin donated his shirt, and Kyuhyun grabbed his own gym shorts.

Changmin ended up following Kyuhyun home after a random man tried jumping him. "Hi mom." Kyuhyun mumbled, limping through the doorway. His arm was thrown over Changmin's shoulder, and he was half dragged by the younger.

"Oh god, what happened?" Kyuhyun's mother came rushing over, throwing a towel to the floor. Kyuhyun wondered how many bites and bruises there were on his exposed neck and shoulders.

"Your son went into heat." Changmin said, blunt. The older woman's eyes bugged out for a moment.

"Oh. Your father thought you had a girl in your room. But wait, you shouldn't go into heat..." Kyuhyun shrugged at his mother's incredulous gaze.

"Happy birthday to me." he mumbled.

"Kyuhyun..." His mother leaned in and sniffed him. "How many people do I smell on you? Thirteen?" Kyuhyun shrugged.

"We're going up to my room to hang out,” he said, before looking at Changmin pointedly. Changmin helped him up the stairs, and then helped him to roll onto his stomach in bed.

"You know... I bet we could charge guys to fuck you. I mean, you're pretty desirable by default, and even without the hormones, I've caught some guys checking you out, including me," Changmin grinned when Kyuhyun shot him a look. "With twenty or thirty bucks each, we'd get rich pretty fast..." Changmin suggested lightly.

"You mean turn me into a legit whore." Kyuhyun deadpanned. "Isn't prostitution illegal anyway?"

"No, only in certain towns. Not ours." Changmin was practically beaming. "Oh come on, you're gonna be taking it a lot anyway. If you don't have sex, you would get sick. Might as well take advantage of this blessing, or curse, whichever you prefer, and make some money."

"If I tell my mom, you will never be allowed to step into this house ever again."

"You wouldn't even be sober enough. That sexual urge would be that big. Why do you think girls get days off when they're in heat? And they don't even need to do it with their boyfriends or husbands because it's a perfectly normal biological condition."

"Changmin, stop it," Kyuhyun groaned. "I'd rather worry about how I am going to deal with my condition for the next few days."

"You have a lot of friends, Kyuhyun," Changmin's fingers trailed down his spine. "You’re lucky to have me, for example. I’ve been known to satisfy the girls…"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Changmin stayed with him in his room the day after that, fucking him good and helping him to relieve his urge. Kyuhyun was in a state of daze the whole time, feeling oversensitive and ready to go even after he had just come. His mother was tolerant enough not to come up and check them every once in a while, although her son’s condition is really a rare one.

Zhou Mi dropped by at night, greeted by the sight of Kyuhyun’s ankle around Changmin’s neck as the younger boy thrust into him on the floor.

“Hi, Mi,” Changmin greeted him. “Kyuhyun’s insatiable. I’ve fucked him all day and he’s still so tight and wants more.”

“I…” Kyuhyun panted weakly, but still moaning and whimpering, “I… don’t… want more…”

“If you don’t want more, your hormones wouldn’t have been so strong still,” Zhou Mi sniffed and felt a tent began to form in his own pants.

“But… AH! AH!” Kyuhyun arched his body up and spurted for the umpteenth time when Changmin accidentally struck that spot nestled deep inside him. Zhou Mi swallowed his own saliva at the sight and waited until Changmin filled Kyuhyun with his seeds. The younger boy pulled out with a squelching sound, breathing hard and worn out but willing to go again if Kyuhyun still wants.

“You can rest, Changmin,” Zhou Mi touched his shoulder. “I’ll continue.”

“Just don’t monopolize him,” Changmin grinned, “I still want to watch.”

“Fuck… you,” Kyuhyun whimpered, though without any real venom.

Zhou Mi turned him around to lay on his stomach and raised Kyuhyun’s hips towards him. He unzipped his pants and was inside Kyuhyun in no time. “So slick… So Changmin told the truth about fucking you all day, huh?”

Kyuhyun could only moan and submitted to the slow but hard thrusts. Meanwhile, Changmin made himself comfortable on Kyuhyun’s bed and struck a conversation. “So, Zhou Mi, any news from school?”

“School is normal,” Zhou Mi said, squeezing the smooth twin globes in front of him as he rolled his hips forward. “But I think I heard something about a male wolf coming to town.”

“A wolf?” Changmin frowned. “By himself? I thought wolves travel in packs.”

Zhou Mi shrugged, spreading Kyuhyun’s thighs a bit for easier access as his slow thrusts turned fast. “All I know is that the girls had been speaking about him nonstop. Apparently, some girls, both in heat and not, had approached him, but everyone was rejected.”

“So he wasn’t interested in felines? Maybe wolves only mate with other wolves.”

Kyuhyun moaned loudly when Zhou Mi’s cock hit him just right, his mouth hung open and his eyes half-lidded. Changmin whistled and pulled out his cell phone. “Wow, Kyuhyun, do you know what you look like right now? I bet even your photos alone can sell.” With that, he snapped a photo of Kyuhyun drooling with involuntarily sensual expression. Kyuhyun gritted his teeth at him.

“Changmin, don’t do that,” Zhou Mi scolded.

“What? I can always use this for my private fun time,” Changmin shrugged. He leaned forward and kissed Kyuhyun, grinning at how eagerly the slightly older boy was welcoming him.

“I think I’m hard again…” Changmin growled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Lunch?” Kyuhyun stared incredulously at his best friend. “Really?”

“You didn’t want money, so I might as well buy you some lunch.”

“You’re already making me feel like a whore,” Kyuhyun groaned, but took the food from Changmin’s hand nonetheless. He needed all the food he could get with all those strenuous activities. He didn’t want to skip school today, not with three tests in one day. At least his hormones had calmed down. Zhou Mi warned him that it might only be temporary, but he’d rather risk it than having to catch up with those damned three tests later.

He went through the day peacefully, making him confident enough to go and hang out with Changmin instead of going straight home after school. They went to a coffee shop not far from Kyuhyun’s house, one of their favorite hangout spots.

When they entered, though, Kyuhyun felt a shiver running down his spine. No, not from the hormones. He looked around and saw a guy staring at him from the corner of the coffee shop.

“Changmin,” Kyuhyun whispered as they took a seat, “I think that guy’s staring at me.”

“Eh?” Changmin turned around and noticed the guy instantly. He turned back and sniffed on Kyuhyun. “Your hormones are normal.”

“I know, that’s why it’s weird.”

“Is he your type? If he is, just enjoy the stare,” Changmin teased.

Kyuhyun shot him a look and glanced at the guy once more. He looked tall even with his seated position. His hair was short and styled, crowning his handsome face. His skin was a bit tanned and his frame was obviously muscled even when covered in suits. But nothing struck Kyuhyun more than his intense stare, because Kyuhyun was sure that he doesn’t deserve that kind of stare.

“Changmin, maybe we should get out of—.” His words were cut off when he felt a familiar tingle inside him.

“Kyuhyun,” Changmin widened his eyes, instantly realizing the smell. “Are you…?”

“Yes, I guess.”

The younger boy whirled around and instantly noticed some guys turning their heads towards Kyuhyun. But he didn’t notice quickly enough when suddenly, the guy who stared at Kyuhyun earlier was already standing next to Kyuhyun and leaning close.

“You,” the guy said, his voice low and husky. “You smell good.”

“Whoa, stop right there,” Changmin stood up and placed a hand between the guy and Kyuhyun. “Just because he’s in heat doesn’t mean you can go ahead and jump him.”

The guy ignored Changmin and leaned even closer to Kyuhyun. “You are in heat?”

“Wait, you’re not from this town,” Changmin frowned. “You smell like a… dog.”

The guy whirled his head towards Changmin and glared, “Don’t compare me to lowly dogs.”

‘Oh God, Kyuhyun realized with growing discomfort, ‘he’s the wolf they’ve been talking about.’ He had only heard a little about wolves, as they were completely a mysterious species. He once heard that they were supposedly violent and rough-looking. But the guy before him was neat… but still intimidating.

“What’s your problem, big guy?” Changmin snapped and stood in front of Kyuhyun. “You do know about basic courtesy. He needs to come home and you need to back off.”

The guy looked like he was about to snap Changmin in two, and Kyuhyun was about to tell Changmin to stand down and let the guy do whatever he wanted before he could hurt someone. But then the guy stepped back, although not before he softly said, “My name’s Siwon. What’s yours?”

Changmin dragged Kyuhyun away before he could do anything stupid. Like telling Siwon his name.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyuhyun didn’t bother explaining Changmin’s presence as he came home, he just nodded a little. He had pulled the younger up the stairs almost desperately, and they were at it within ten minutes. Kyuhyun didn’t bother with foreplay, just getting right to it and pulling at Changmin’s clothes with a desperation that the younger chuckled at.

It was over fairly quickly, just a small burst of hormone. Changmin and Kyuhyun collapsed onto the floor, which thankfully was carpeted. “Kyuhyun!” Kyuhyun cringed as he heard his father shouting his name. “Come out here!”

“Get dressed.” Changmin whispered, already climbing off Kyuhyun. He grabbed some tissues to clean the older off, helping him get dressed, before dressing himself. As they walked out the door, Changmin was still trying to fix Kyuhyun’s hair.

“Ah. You.” Kyuhyun and Changmin both paused to look up. Changmin’s eyes darkened as he saw the man from the café. “What are you doing here?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he took in their disheveled looks.

Kyuhyun’s father smacked his face with his palm as Kyuhyun flushed. “I live here.” Kyuhyun shot back. “Dad, who is he?”

“This is Choi Siwon. He’s from a business in another town. We’re going to be business partners, and I thought he should meet you since you’re… near the same age.” Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes in suspicion as he looked at his father. “Have you two… finished?” His father asked with a cough, clearly feeling rather awkward.

“Yes, we have.” Changmin said smugly. However, at that exact moment, Kyuhyun’s body let out another little burst of hormones. Siwon’s eyes were immediately on him, and his hands tightened into fists at his side. His nostrils flared, and Kyuhyun closed his eyes and braced himself to be pushed against a wall. He was surprised, though, to hear Changmin’s shout. “What the hell, get off me!” Changmin shouted.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes, and immediately stepped over to where Siwon was gripping Changmin’s shoulders tightly. “Siwon, what are you doing?” Kyuhyun shouted as his father stepped in front of him, forming a shield of sorts.

“His scent is all over you.” Siwon growled. Kyuhyun felt another tingle rush up his spine, and shivered. Siwon’s eyes were on him in an instant, but Kyuhyun’s father was in the way.

“Changmin…” Kyuhyun breathed, legs feeling weak. He saw Changmin fought his way out of Siwon’s grasp and went over to Kyuhyun, pulling the other into his arms. The elder bit his lip to hold in a moan at the contact.

Siwon straightened, face apologetic now as he composed himself. “Mr. Cho, I’m so sorry.” He said, bowing a little. “I didn’t mean to be so rude in your household.”

“It’s okay.” Kyuhyun’s father said, although he was a little wary now.

“It’s not okay!” Changmin protested. Kyuhyun shushed him, but Changmin ignored him. “He just attacked me!”

“Changmin.” Kyuhyun said softly, a hand coming up to fist the younger’s shirt. He looked behind him to see Siwon tense, before pushing Changmin back towards his room. He knew that his father was high ranked in his business, but not the highest. He’d heard of Choi Industries, and this man was clearly the heir.

Changmin shot Siwon another dirty look, before opening the door to lead Kyuhyun inside. Siwon could hear a thump against the wall, before sighing. “Let’s get back downstairs then, shall we?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day, Changmin grudgingly took Kyuhyun to school again. “This clearly isn’t going away quickly, and I don’t want to fail.” Kyuhyun complained. “Let’s just get a damn taxi so we can get to school and don’t have to deal with anyone who walks near us.”

Kyuhyun and Changmin stood on the curb, waiting for a taxi. Kyuhyun was a few meters away from Changmin, fidgeting a little. Changmin wasn’t looking at him, he was concentrated on to the left, while Kyuhyun was on the right. It’d been a few minutes already, and no taxi had stopped yet. “I’m going to go try another spot.” Changmin said, walking away. Kyuhyun nodded, sighing.

Kyuhyun was fiddling with the hem of his shirt when he saw a car pull up in front of him. “Hey, cutie.” A man, who looked like he was in his mid-40s, said from the driver’s seat. “Can I give you a ride?” Kyuhyun blinked, confused. This guy’s car didn’t look like a taxi. The man fumbled in his pocket for a moment, before holding out a bundle of cash.

Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped. “No!” He said, shocked.

“Aw come on, don’t be like that.” The man grinned lecherously, and Kyuhyun cringed when he saw a gold tooth. “Get in the damn car.” Kyuhyun took a step back as he saw the man move to get out of the car and move towards him. He was frozen after the first step, only moving his arm when the man grabbed his wrist and tugged hard.

“L-Let go of me.” Kyuhyun stammered, trying to pull his arm away. The man’s grip simply tightened to the point of being painful, surely leaving a bruise. “Changmin!” Kyuhyun shouted, before he felt a hand wrap around his face, right over his mouth.

“You smell delicious.” The man whispered, and Kyuhyun winced. His breath reeked. “Better than a girl’s, even. And your ass sure looks nice too.” A hand groped his rear, and Kyuhyun would have gasped if he could. “Feels even better.”

Kyuhyun heard the door open and was shoved inside unceremoniously, before he saw the man suddenly jolt to the side, falling to the ground. It was a moment before he noticed the fist in the air, one that had hit the old man. Kyuhyun couldn’t have been more surprised when he saw Siwon standing there, looking furious.

"You--," Kyuhyun's couldn't say anything further, as Siwon continued to pound on the old man. Kyuhyun could sense that he was angry as hell, the small hairs throughout his body was standing up. "Stop it... stop it!"

But Siwon didn't stop because of his scream. He merely glanced at Kyuhyun, smelled the reeking old man on him, and growled as he began to kick the culprit repeatedly. He finally stopped, though, when Changmin came, alarmed by Kyuhyun's scream earlier.

"Kyuhyun!" Changmin rushed to his side, his eyes scanning the other boy for any kind of injury, found none, and turned to glare at the man who attacked him just the day before. Siwon was staring back, obviously didn't like the way Changmin wrapped his arm protectively around Kyuhyun, but he didn't go into a rampage. Instead, he released the old man and straightened himself up.

"Are you okay?"

"What did you do to him?" Changmin bit out and was about to stand up, but Kyuhyun stopped him.

"No, Changmin... He saved me," Kyuhyun swallowed. "That old man attacked me and he saved me."

"How the hell is he even here!? Have you thought of it!??" Changmin snapped at Kyuhyun and glared again at the wolf. "Have you been following him!?"

"You've obviously been doing a poor job protecting him," Siwon said, now all calm and composed. He swatted the dust from his suit and somehow didn't look like he had just beaten the hell out of a man. "He should never be left alone."

"And that gives you the permission to stalk him?"

Siwon looked at Kyuhyun, but the young boy flinched, scared. His expression softened... and a bit sad. "I only want to protect him."

"Geez, you freak!" Changmin brought Kyuhyun up to his feet. "You've only known him for a day!"

"You don't understand," Siwon shook his head.

"Never show your face again," Changmin said, beginning to drag Kyuhyun away. "Never."

Kyuhyun looked back at Siwon, half-expecting to see him go after them. But the man stood still, watching Kyuhyun until Changmin took a turn and shut their line of sight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After class, Kyuhyun went to go find Changmin at his classroom. He walked into the classroom, expecting Changmin to be standing at his desk, waiting, only to find an empty classroom. "Oh, Kyuhyun." Kyuhyun turned around to see one of Changmin's classmates looking up at him.

"Changmin had a club to go to, he wanted me to tell you he's sorry." The younger boy said. Kyuhyun sighed, thanked him, and then made his way to the front of the school. If Changmin was gone, he could walk home. Getting a taxi didn't seem like such a good idea anymore.

Kyuhyun was a few feet from the school’s gate when a car pulled up next to him. He was driving quickly, screeching to a stop right beside him. Kyuhyun stilled, grasping onto his backpack tightly, watching the driver's window slide down.

"Wh-what-why are you here?" Kyuhyun stuttered, looking at Siwon through the window.

"To drive you home, obviously." Siwon said, lowering the sunglasses that were perched on his nose. He was wearing a suit again, a dark blue suit with an indigo tie.

"No." Kyuhyun said, turning to walk away. He didn't get too far, Siwon's hand lashed out and grabbed onto his wrist. Kyuhyun winced. It was the wrist that the old man from before had grabbed onto with too much force. "Ow!" He yelped.

"If you walk home alone, you might be jumped." Siwon said, trying to reason with him. "You never know when you'll have a spike of hormone."

"Yeah, and if I go home with you, I might end up being raped in your car!" Kyuhyun spat, only Siwon was unaffected by the obvious venom in the younger's voice.

"Come on." Siwon said. "I won't do anything. I'll be driving, it's not like I can just go and molest you while driving." Kyuhyun paused, contemplating this. "It's either me, or another old man."

Kyuhyun got into the car at that.

"So why are you at my school anyway?" Kyuhyun asked, glancing at the other from the side.

"Your dad asked me to pick you up." He said.

"My dad?" the young boy asked suspiciously. "My dad asked you? Business partners don't usually ask each other to pick up their kids."

"Said he was busy, and your mom was out," Siwon shrugged. "I volunteered."

Kyuhyun sighed, didn't even want to know how Siwon managed to convince his father. Siwon didn't seem to be someone who would use dirty ways to get what he wanted, like threatening the business deal or something, but Kyuhyun would never know. People don't always show their true sides. "This isn't going to be some sort of regular thing, is it?" Siwon didn't answer, and Kyuhyun gave an exasperated sigh. "I hate life." He said miserably.

The ride home went on in silence, which was kind of strange, since Kyuhyun somehow expected that Siwon would at least try to get to know him better. He was after all the one who stalked him. Maybe Kyuhyun wasn't worth his attention without the hormones.

"So," Kyuhyun found himself said, wanting to get rid of that self-degrading thought. "You do business trips like this often?"

"Yeah," Siwon answered, his eyes didn't leave the road. "My father isn't in the best condition right now. I travel in place of him."

"How old are you?"


"You're seven years older than me?" Kyuhyun bulged his eyes out. "Well, I did think you are at least five years older, but then my father said our age don't differ much..."

Siwon glanced at him. "Is that a problem?"

"A problem... for what?"

"For you. Age difference in a relationship."

"Wait, wait," Kyuhyun blushed. "I'm so not talking about a relationship with someone I just met two days ago."

"How long then?"

Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows questioningly. This guy sure loved to ask without explanation. "H-how long what?"

"How long until I can talk to you about relationship?"

The young boy gaped, his face grew redder. "I think," Kyuhyun swallowed. "I think you should just get me home--." A moan escaped his lips involuntarily. Damn it, the hormones! Damn hormones decided to act up in the most inconvenient time! Someone up there must be playing with him.

He stared, frightened, when Siwon tensed visibly. Even more when the older man suddenly stopped his car. Siwon was holding the steering wheel so tight his knuckles went white. Kyuhyun scooted until his back was pressed against the door of the car.



"We're at your house," Siwon said with a little difficulty. "You can go. Don't go out unless you are with someone."

Kyuhyun blinked, almost couldn't believe that Siwon would let him go. But he didn't want to wait in case Siwon changed his mind. He mumbled a 'thank you' and rushed out, into his house and straight to his room. There was no time to call Zhou Mi or Changmin or any other friend he knew, and he wasn't ready to have sex with a stranger, so he settled with masturbating himself.

He came once, but it wasn't enough. He needed... he needed to be dominated, to have something inside him. In desperation, he shoved his fingers inside himself and moaned wantonly. At least there was a bit of relief with that. After some time of rushed thrusts and impatient strokes, he came for the second time and his member went limp. His hormones were back to their normal state. He slumped to the bed and panted, before tears suddenly brimmed in his eyes.

How on hell did this happen to him? He felt that he had sunk so low. He didn't care that he was gay, and it was normal to need sex when you are in heat... he was a man, damn it. He actually needed to be fucked or he would get sick. Sooner or later, he would give in to a stranger because his craving would be too big and no one he knew was around.

Then he would really be a whore... wouldn't he?

Suddenly, he remembered how he had left Siwon down there. He stood up weakly, moving towards the window and just like he thought, Siwon was still there.

The man was outside his car, staring straight to his window. When he noticed that Kyuhyun was alright now, he nodded at him and went inside before driving off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a few days later before Kyuhyun finally set his foot down on the matter. It had been days, possibly weeks, since he'd turned seventeen. He was still having flashes of hormone. He finally decided that this would not get to him.

During class, his hormone levels suddenly flared. All male eyes turned to him, looking away from the board. Kyuhyun hit his head against his desk, and his face flushed. "Er, Kyuhyun, would you like to be excused?" His teacher asked awkwardly. It wasn't the first time this had happened, but it was still awkward.

"No." He ground out, clenching his fists against the urges. "I'm fine." He lifted his head and picked up his pencil, his grip nearly crushing the plastic, and stared ahead at the board. His teacher looked skeptical, but just shrugged and continued the lesson.

By the end of class, there were no males who learned anything new. Kyuhyun, however, found that after the bell rang, his hormone levels dropped back to normal. He took a moment to realize this, before smiling. Maybe he wasn't exactly like a girl, and he wouldn't get sick from denying his urges. After all, his hormone cycles certainly weren't the same length.

Kyuhyun had a few more flares throughout the week. By Friday, Changmin had clearly noticed. "Guess your heat cycle ended." He said, smiling. Kyuhyun grinned, and just shoved him. "Call me when it starts again." Changmin winked at him, before walking home.

Kyuhyun had to head downtown to buy a new book for class. He walked to the subway station and got on a transit to the south end of town. It wasn't the best area in town, but there was a nice little book store that gave him discounts.

The ride took only ten minutes. His hormones levels stayed normal, and Kyuhyun was sure that his cycle was finally over. He resumed normal life, walking towards the book store without fear of being jumped.

In the bookstore, the owner waved at him with a friendly smile. Kyuhyun returned the smile politely, before making his way to the nonfiction section. He raised his hand, traced his finger along the spine of the row of books, before he pulled out the book he was looking for. It was a translated copy of The Scarlet Letter, from English to Korean. He was flipping through the first few pages when he suddenly felt a familiar jolt.

Only it was much, much stronger.

The book dropped from Kyuhyun's hands, and he fell against the wall, breathing hard. He clenched his teeth, but when he tried to resist the urge, another powerful jolt of lust rushed through him. Kyuhyun put a hand over his mouth, muffling his own moan. His body moved against his own will, legs taking him out of the book store.

He walked quickly, pushing past the groups of people who were looking at him, frozen as they felt the tremendous amount of hormone. He'd been repressing this for a week now, his hormone levels were sky high.

Kyuhyun pushed his way into the nearest bar, panting hard. A pair of hands grabbed onto him from behind, and he didn't resist as he was pulled along backwards, stumbling a little. "Please." He panted, though he didn't know who he was talking to. "Please, please help me."

He didn't receive a response, simply a hand pushing itself up his shirt. Kyuhyun's eyesight was blurry now, but he could still make out another person in front of him, possibly more behind him. A hand unbuttoned his pants, and he moaned, bucking up as yet another hand pressed against his stomach. He was quickly rid of his shirt, before he felt another pair of hands grab at his waist.

These hands were different. Instead of drifting and stroking, they yanked him away hard. He fell against a hard body, gasping. He instinctively pressed against the other person, whimpering loudly. "Hey!" Someone protested, and Kyuhyun felt another pair of hands on his hips.

Someone grinded against his ass, and Kyuhyun pushed back against them automatically with a moan. His mind shut down as his body took over, reaching out blindly. His hands didn't hit anything, and he vaguely registered himself being moved.

"Snap out of it." A voice growled. Kyuhyun struggled to focus, and realized that it was Siwon holding him. "I'm getting you home and calling your friend. What's his number?" He asked as he led Kyuhyun to his car, pushing him into the passenger seat.

"No." Kyuhyun said, breathing hard. He slumped down into his seat, letting out a pathetic whine. "Siwon, please, I can't. I need it. I need something now." Siwon paused, before shutting the door.

Kyuhyun's hands moved desperately over his own chest as he watched Siwon walk around to the other side of the car. Siwon grabbed Kyuhyun's wrists and pressed them against the overhead grab handle. He quickly reached into the glove compartment with one hand and pulled out a tie his father had left in there for some reason. He quickly tied Kyuhyun's wrists together and to the overhand grab handle, ignoring the panicked protests the other was making.

"Siwon!" Kyuhyun cried. "Please, I need something!" Siwon's knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel, foot pressed down hard against the accelerator as soon as he started the car. Kyuhyun desperately pulled against the tie, still making pathetic little noises as he writhed in his seat.

"If you keep doing that while I drive, I'm going to crash." Siwon grinded out, trying to ignore the scent. 99% of his entire being was telling him to stop the damn car and fuck the boy in the back seat, and he was struggling to resist.

"So stop the car." Kyuhyun whimpered, turning around to face him. "Please, I really can't wait. I've been putting off… having sex for a week now. It-It's too much."

Siwon snapped. He swerved the car, definitely an illegal U-turn, and sped down the road. He drove, ten miles over the speed limit, until he pulled into an abandoned parking lot. Reaching over Kyuhyun, he pulled a lever, and then pushed the back of the passenger seat until it was horizontal.

Siwon climbed over the middle of the car until he was right before Kyuhyun, pulling the younger into his lap and working on untying him. Kyuhyun gave a relieved sob, immediately rolling his hips to grind against the older. His mind shut down again as he was pushed towards the back seat, sitting in the middle as Siwon climbed up on top of him.

Siwon took only a moment to pull off the younger's pants, unzipping his own fly. Kyuhyun was the one who reached into Siwon's pants and pulled out his throbbing erection, hand pumping it a few times, before his other hand pulled the man lower. "Fuck me." Kyuhyun moaned, head falling back against the seat.

Siwon moved Kyuhyun so that he was laying down in the back seat, and pulled his legs up until the back of his thighs were resting on his shoulders. He didn't speak, or made eye contact with Kyuhyun, as he thrust into the younger in a single thrust.

There was pain, Kyuhyun couldn't deny that. However, he pushed that aside for his need. Kyuhyun immediately pushed back against the other, and reached down to wrap his hand around his own erection. Siwon chuckled, before grabbing Kyuhyun's wrists and pinning them above his head. He shifted a little, trying to get into a good position, before beginning to thrust, hard.

Kyuhyun gave a shout as soon as he felt the other move, pulling out. He was about to whine, when he lost his breath as the other slammed back into him. He screamed, body completely oversensitive, and he loved it. Siwon was quiet except for a few grunts, not speaking to the other. Kyuhyun was too much in a daze to say anything, he was a moaning and whimpering mess.

When Siwon slipped a little, thrusting just a bit lower, Kyuhyun lost it. His prostate was hit, hard, and Kyuhyun instantly came with another scream. Siwon moaned as he felt the other tighten up around him, and began to thrust even faster, desperately seeking his own orgasm.

When it came, he slammed in as hard as he could, hands moving from Kyuhyun's wrists to his hips, nails digging into the pale skin. He came hard, some of his come leaking out of the other, a vulgar trail until it fell onto the leather seats. Siwon took a moment to breathe, before Kyuhyun was grabbing at him again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the time Kyuhyun came for a third time, he was already exhausted. Siwon came again in him, and Kyuhyun heard an odd squelching sound as come squirted out of him. There was already a heavy amount covering Siwon's groin, having previously spilled out, and even more on the leather seat. Kyuhyun's abdomen was no exception either.

Siwon continued thrusting, however, and Kyuhyun looked up in surprise. "Wolves aren't like panthers." Siwon said between thrusts. "We do this for much longer." Kyuhyun groaned as his prostate was struck again, surprised a little. He simply fell against his back, laying down as Siwon continued to fuck him.

It was another two times that Siwon came before he finally collapsed on top of Kyuhyun.

'At least he wasn't a total stranger,' Kyuhyun thought, feeling sticky and dirty but somehow the weight of Siwon wasn't totally uncomfortable on top of him.

Soon after, Siwon separated himself from Kyuhyun and took the tissue box on the dashboard. He cleaned Kyuhyun in silence for a while before muttering, "I'm sorry."

"...for what?"

"I promised that I wouldn't do anything," Siwon continued, avoiding his eyes. "But I just took advantage of your situation."

"But I begged you to do it."

"You weren't in a clear state of mind."

That was true. Would Kyuhyun have allowed him to do it if he was in a less desperate state? But no matter what, it didn't change the fact that Siwon had just saved him from lowering himself into having sex with a stranger. No, scratch that. Strangers. Plural.

He should say thank you. He knew he should. But Siwon helped him to dress up and Kyuhyun felt that he had missed the moment. It would've sounded out of place now, or worse, forced. He watched Siwon dressed himself back and finished cleaning the backseat of his car. Kyuhyun blushed when he noticed exactly how much cum was splattered there.

Siwon took him back home and walked him to the front door. Kyuhyun's father was surprised to see him there, but Kyuhyun explained shortly before he was forced to give a long, awkward explanation. "He helped me."

It wasn't hard to guess what kind of 'help' Siwon gave, judging from the disheveled looks despite Siwon's best effort to make them both presentable. Kyuhyun's father was the one who finally told Siwon the words Kyuhyun failed to say. "Thank you."

Siwon didn't say anything and left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Changmin's eyes were wide as saucers when he picked Kyuhyun up in the morning. "God," he scrunched his face. "You smell like a dog! What happened!?"

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to hide it, Kyuhyun told Changmin everything that happened yesterday. Understanding dawned on Changmin's face, but he still didn't seem to like it. "Well, at least he saved you, but..." he said, "His marks... he marked you all over. Now no one can go near you, no matter how strong your hormones become."

"Eh? For real?"

"I don't know if he did it on purpose, though. Dogs--."


"Whatever. They probably did it naturally whenever they had sex. Either way, I think you're gonna need something while this scent lasts. And I know just the right place to find it."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I'm not going to use that! Much less bringing it everywhere I go!" Kyuhyun's face reddened. "That is for girls!"

"Said the boy who had been in heat like girls," Changmin rolled his eyes. "Look, this is normal. Girls use it when they're not in the mood to be with someone else or want to be faithful to their boyfriends or husbands."

Siwon's face flashed in Kyuhyun's mind and he frowned. "But still...!" he continued, trying to distract himself. "I might not need that. The scent would only last for a while, right? Maybe my heat cycle is over for real this time."

"I'm not taking that risk. What if the accident yesterday happens again and no one is there to save you?" Changmin scolded him. "Do you prefer doing it with a stranger?"

Kyuhyun fell silent. He pouted, staring at the bizarre pink, penis-shaped vibrator. "I don't even know how to use it..."

"What? Do you want me to teach you?"

The older boy blushed even harder. "No! Just give me a manual or something!"

Changmin blinked, then burst out in laughter. His friend was just too cute. Who would ask for a vibrator's manual, really? Kyuhyun kicked him in the shin repeatedly until his laughter died down, more like an angry kitten than a grown panther.

In the end, Changmin gave him a porn video with a vibrator in it. Kyuhyun watched the first few minutes (alone, mind you), decided that his stomach couldn't take it, and turned it off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

People still scrunched their face around Kyuhyun, smelling the strong scent of the wolf. But it was a pretty nice change after constantly being jumped, so Kyuhyun didn't have any objection about the subject.

There was no sign of his hormones burst for the next couple of days, and neither was the sign of Siwon.

Changmin might have noticed the way he had been looking around to seek a certain man now and then. Heck, even Zhou Mi, who was in a different class, had noticed and teased him about it. It wasn't like that, he tried to convince himself, it's just that he began to wonder about what happened.

Kyuhyun wondered if the older man felt guilty about the accident, and somehow felt guilty himself if it was true. It would be his fault. He was the one who forced Siwon into it, and he was actually the one who took advantage of Siwon, despite the fact that he was the one with the sore ass.

Or maybe he had had enough. He had tasted the boy and he was satisfied.

Or maybe, just maybe, he decided that Kyuhyun was too... easy after all? How pathetic he was, whining and practically begging for Siwon to fuck him? After all those rejection and hesitation, it only took a rise of his hormones to give himself away to the man. Maybe the wolf was now disgusted with him.

Yeah, he was disgusted with himself as well.

Still, he ended up asking his father during dinnertime. "Have you seen Siwon lately?"

His father raised his eyebrows, didn't expect the question at all. "Siwon? As in Siwon my business partner? Why do you suddenly ask?"

Kyuhyun shrugged, "I just haven't seen him around."

"Me neither," his father responded. "I think he is back in his town now."

"Oh," Kyuhyun could only say. No goodbye, nothing? "Will he be coming back, or..."

"I don't know. The business deal had been going smoothly. He had watched over the implementation and said that things are going as planned," his father fell silent. "Kyuhyun... were you... I mean..." he coughed awkwardly. "Were you... and him... in some kind of a..."

"He just helped me once, that's all," Kyuhyun cut his father's words. Well, twice actually, if he counted that time when Siwon beat the old man. Or three times if he separated the one in which he almost let himself being molested by strangers in that club and the actual relief Siwon provided him in the backseat of his car.

"I see," his father said, although his face looked a bit troubled. But before Kyuhyun could inquire him about it, his mother gently touched his arm and said that maybe he go up to his room and rest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Are you sure you will be okay by yourself?" Kyuhyun's mother fussed worriedly as she finished packing her weekend bag.

"Yes, mom, don't worry."

"How about your heat cycle?"

"I haven't had any hormone spike in the past week." Kyuhyun lied through his teeth. Just yesterday, Zhou Mi had to relieve him behind the school gym. But he didn't want to add more worry in his mother's mind, not when her sister, Kyuhyun's aunt, just got into an accident in the countryside.

"If you get into heat again---."

"I will call Changmin or Zhou Mi." Another lie. Both were in the same basketball club, away for a competition in another town. But at least now he had that unused vibrator. No need to tell his mother that, though. "Now go, father is waiting in the car."

"Fine... We will only be for a few days until your uncle gets back to take care of your aunt, okay?" His mother placed a kiss on his cheek, ruffled his hair a bit, and said bye. Kyuhyun watched his parents drove away in the car and retreated into his room. He slumped down on the bed and checked out his cell phone. Nothing. Boring Sunday.

Might as well sleep it off...

He jerked awake, wasn't aware of how much time had passed since he fell asleep. It was a bit dark in his room, so maybe it was late afternoon. Kyuhyun looked down and just as he suspected, he was having a hard-on. His breathing turned heavy and he scrambled off the bed towards his bag to find the damn vibrator. "Where is it, where, where--."

His fingers felt the rubbery thing and he grabbed it out. Kyuhyun's hands were shaking as he pulled a tube of lube from his bag and began to coat the vibrator with it. Yanking his pants off was a bit of a struggle, but he managed to calm himself down a little. Just as long as he relieved himself at the end, he would be alright.

Kyuhyun sat up and leaned onto the wall, barely caring that he was facing the open door of his bedroom, as he bend his knees and spread his own legs, feet firmly planted on the floor. The vibrator seemed to be taunting him and he couldn't help but shut his eyes as he directed the thing towards his opening. He recalled how the porn actress used it on herself and swallowed, bracing himself.

After a few miss, the vibrator finally began to slide inside him. He let out a breathy moan, feeling way better than having only his fingers in. Impatient, he shoved the vibrator inside all the way. His eyes shot open and his body jerked from the pain and pleasure, but he didn't want to wait any longer. He slid it in and out a few times, then pressed the button on the bottom of it.

The vibrations sent jolts of electricity throughout his body, and he mewled in need as he began to pump the thing fast inside him. He raised his shirt with one hand and played with his exposed nipples to add more pleasure, and soon he was making obscene noises as his body thrashed violently.

That was when he noticed someone familiar on his doorway.

"S-Siwon..." he panted.

The older man only stood still, watching. Embarrassment filled Kyuhyun at being caught fucking himself, but he couldn't stop moving his hands. Siwon's stare was intense and he looked away, even shifting his body to face the side so he wouldn't be so exposed to Siwon.

"I've seen it all," Siwon's voice reached his ear.

Kyuhyun merely closed his eyes and tried not to make a sound as he reached his sudden orgasm. He slumped onto the floor, hand reaching out weakly to turn the vibrator off. Maybe he should've grabbed the blanket on the bed to cover his body, but just like Siwon said, he had seen it all.

His exhausted body didn't react when he felt Siwon pulled the vibrator out and pressed a towel against his skin. The man was cleaning him up. "Aren't you..." Kyuhyun tried to speak. "Aren't you supposed to be back in your own town?"

"I needed to go back to deal with some business meetings," Siwon merely shrugged. "I rushed back here as soon as I can."

What did that even mean? He couldn't be meaning to say that he was back for... Kyuhyun, right?

"I smelled that you were in trouble from outside, so I took the liberty of coming in," Siwon added. "But I see that you can handle it yourself."

'Courtesy of Changmin,' Kyuhyun wanted to say, but maybe it wouldn't be a good idea. He remembered how hostile Siwon was to his friend. After Siwon had finished cleaning him, he carried him up, making him blush, and gently lowered him onto the bed before covering him with the blanket.

"You're hard," Kyuhyun gestured at Siwon's pants with his eyes.

"I can deal with it on my own," Siwon placed his palm on Kyuhyun's forehead. "You should rest."

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, feeling way too comfortable with the warmth radiating from Siwon's palm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Part 2
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