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Tittle: Neorago (It's You):  Girls Talk
Pairing : Main! YeWook (girl! Wook), Sub-pairings!KyuMin (girl! Min), KangTeuk (girl! Teuk), HanChul (girl! Chul), EunHae (girl! Hae)
Genre: High School, Romance, Fluff (maybe?), Friendship, Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Gender Switch
Summary: Ryeowook just a new student in high school and has room mates Sungmin,Donghae, Heechul, and Leeteuk. She has a new life here since she met Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung.

A/N : last time I forgot to put it in...I'm sorry for my bad x l

First : Girls Talk

A month has passed. They more close one another. Heechul, Ryewook, and Sungmin join a music club. Donghae joins dancing club and Leeteuk joins . Sungmin is joining Martial Art club too. The meeting of every club is everyday but when they join two club, they manage the day half a half.
That makes the youngers shock is, Kim Heechul and Park Jinyoung is the most powerful girls in the school. They’re very popular. Leeteuk is a popular name for Park Jungsu. She is a strong candidat for the next Leader Student Council in the school. Since she’s there, everyone is respect to her. And Kim Heechul, even though her tounge is sharp not like her beauty, she is very well-known because she is easy going person. Almost all of the students are her firends. They both lovable.

“Omo..., our Sunbae is very popular. In my class almost all asking me about them.” Said Sungmin when Ryeowook and her has a break time.

“Me too. They deserve have all of it.” Ryeowook perceived.

Actually, Ryeowook and Sungmin is not in the same class. Sungmin in the same class with Donghae. But every take a break, they meet in the hallway.

“By the way, where’s Hae?” asked Ryewook.

“Oh, you know, she is with Hyukjae now.”

“Hyukjae? My classmate?”

“Yes. They’re in dancing club together. I think there must be something between them.”

“Really? But it’s been a week Hae is home late anyway.”

“That’s it! By the way, you know Cho Kyuhyun?”

“Yes, he’s in the same club with us and is he your classmate??”

Sungmin nods. “I hate him anyway.”


“He has a bad habit. He likes to disturb me and his smile, oh my God! Where does he got that evil smile!”

Heard it Ryeowook smile teasingly to Sungmin. “Yah Minnie-ah, you like him right?”

“What? Of course not!” She answered it so fast makes Ryeowook laughs.

“Aish Wookie-ah, stop it. Okay, don’t talk about it anymore.”

And the bell is ringing. They’re separated back to their class. Ryewook get in to her class. The teacher have not came. She sits and his chairmate, Henry comes. Henry is joining music club too. He’s good at violin. First time they met, Ryewook was playing piano before the club start and suddenly Henry joined with his violin. Ryeowook and Henry is close now.

Everybody is in the room except Hae that have not came. Sungmin takes a shower. So only Ryeowook, Heechul, and Leeteuk in the room. Heechul is listening her iPod and Leeteuk is reading a book. Ryeowook is reading the partitur that is their lesson in the club last time. She doesn’t realized that Heechul is staring at her.

“Yah Ryeowook-ssi.” Called Heechul finally.

“Yes?” Ryeowook head up looks at her sunbae.

“Is there something between you and Yesung??” asked her suddenly and that makes Ryeowook blush.

“what do you mean Heechul-ssi? I don’t know him.” Answered Ryeowook diverts her eyes.

Heechul smiles teasingly. “I mean, do you like him? I can see it in your eyes! You look at him with aish I can’t say it properly. You know what i mean.”

“Anieyo. It’s not like that Heechul-ssi. I just like his voice.”

Yesung or Kim Jongwoon is Heechul and Leeteuk classmate. He called yesung because his beutiful voice. Since Ryeowook met him, she amazed by his voice. She has fun when she waa playing piano and Yesung sing too.

“What is it? Our Ryeowook-ssi has a crush with Sungie?!” Leeteuk said and closed the book.

Ryeowook can feels her face is blushing. “I’m not. I said it before.”

“Who’s Sungie?” Sungmin comes out from bathroom.

“He’s our classmate. Weird boy with small fingers.” Answered Heechul.

“I.. I think I want to take a shower now.”

But before Ryeowook gets up, the door suddenly opened and closed so fast. Hae is home. But now he’s standing lean on the door with her head bows so deep. The others look at her. From their place, they can see that Hae is blushing so hard and get sweat.

“Donghae-ssi? What happened?” asked Leeteuk.

Hae heads up fast and she blushes again. “It’s nothing. I want to take a shower.” She said nervously and put her clothe then get into the bathroom.

“Something happened.” Said Heechul.

“Right! She blushes so hard!” Sungmin perceived.

After ten minutes, Hae outs. Her face is normal now. But she realized that her roommates look at her curiously. She knows they will ask. She bites her lower lips confused. She blush again remembered what just happened to her.

“Yah! That’s disgusting you know. Just tell us what happened to you.” Said Heechul impatiently.

Slowly Hae sits and look at her roommates. “There’s a guy...”

“I know it!” shouted Sungmin.

“Yes, it’s Hyukjae right??” continued Ryeowook.

Now Hae’s blushing again. “Y-yes.” She bows so deeply just so cute.

“Omo my fishy. Then what is it? Why are you blushing so hard huh?” asked Heechul.

“We..., not, he... he kissed me.” she said very very softly but everyone still can heard it.

“KISS?!” Ryeowook and Sungmin scream out.

Hae nods shyly. “And then he just go without saying anything. I... I like him so much and now I’m confusing.” She said.

“Aish such a brat boy! Of course he likes you too that’s why he did that.
Just wait for tomorrow and find out what he would say...” Heechul hangs her words.

“What’s it Heechul-ssi??” asked Ryeowook wondering.

“Nothing. Aish I remembered something bad!” and then she goes to her bed.

Because of that Ryeowook, Sungmin, and Hae get confused. They turn to Leeteuk that keep quite now. It’s like she bothers of something. Then she realized that her dongsaengs are staring at her. “Oh what is it baby??”

“Tell us!” asked Sungmin.

“Emm okay, I think it’s about Hankyung.”

“Shut up your damn mouth Teuki!” Heechul shouted from her bed.

“You shut up, bitch! Just sleep.”

“Is he chinese student in dancing club?” asked Hae.

“Yes he is, actually Chullie is close to him. And I know that they like each other but yah you know, Hankyung is such a slow guy. That’s why Chullie easily get mad at him because of hus slowness.” Explain her.

“Then, why Hae’s story reminds her of him??” asked Wookie.



There’s a pillow lands exactly on Teuki’s face.

“I said shut up! Why don’t you just tell them about Kangin who did kiss you last year?! I think you’re just slow like that asshole Hankyung!” Heechul cursed.

“What the heck Kim Heechul?!”

Now the youngers are staring at their sunbae and laughing. “So Leeteuk-ssi is already dating with Kangin-ssi??” asked Ryewook.

“No! Of course not! How can I, Park Jungsu date with him.”

“Then? He kissed you!” said Sungmin.

“He’s just a stupid boy. He did that because he’s such a playboy you know.”

“But, I heard from Henry that Kangin-ssi likes you. And Kangin-ssi said that he’s your husband when he introduced himself.” Said Ryeowook remembered Henry story and the first time she knows kangin.

“Who?! My God what the heck is they talk about. Come on, let’s sleep. It’s over. No talk anymore.” Leeteuk stands and goes to her bed.

Heechul laughs sarcatically. “That’s why I said to shut up! They knew now.”
After their sunbae left them, Wookie and Minnie stare at Hae. “I think he likes you.” Said Ryeowook.

“Yes, don’t worry. Just wait for him tomorrow.” Add Sungmin.

“Yes. I want to sleep now. Jalja.”

Now only Sungmin and Ryeowook left. Sungmin glares at Ryeowook. She is curious about Sungie that talked before.



“What's Sungie? Is it Yesung-ssi??”
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