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Three Simple Words

Title: Three Simple Words
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: HeeTeuk/TeukChul
Rating: G
Genre: slight!angst, fluff
Summary: The title said it all, didn’t it?
Word count: 1323
“What?!” Heechul snarled while his hand removing some locks from Leeteuk’s cheek. The latter nuzzled into the former’s neck, tickling the younger with his hot breath.
“I love you, Chullie-ah…” came a muffled voice.
The younger kissed the head on his neck, knowing that’s coming every time his leader gave the desperate look like before. Leeteuk sighed heavily and pulled away, giving the beautiful man in front of him another gaze before shifting and turning his back to him.
“Why are you always like this, Gaeteuk-ah?” the taller man asked as his hand was swatted away while he tried to embrace Leeteuk from behind. The latter didn’t answer. “Gaeteuk-ah…” He tried again, only to get another rejection.
“Sleep, Heechul. It’s your beauty sleep time already.” Finally the leader said without facing his interlocutor.

When Heechul opened his eyes, Leeteuk was nowhere to find in their shared room. Rubbing his eyes and dragging his feet, clearly still sleepy Heechul went to kitchen but abruptly stopped when he saw Leeteuk and Kangin sat facing each other on the kitchen counter.
“I love you, Teukie-hyung…” Heechul’s eyes widened hearing those words coming from Kangin. His hands fisted and trembling slightly on his both sides. “This is true, hyung. Much more than Heechul-hyung, I—“
“Stop it, Kangin!” Leeteuk cut him off sharply. “That’s enough. We’ve talked about it before and my answer is still the same. I love Heechul. If you can’t accept that fact, you should at least respect my choice.”
Heechul turned on his heel, decided that he didn’t have to hear more. He then threw himself on the living room couch and turned the TV on. Few minutes later, Hankyung came out of his room and sat beside the second eldest.
When the leader walked into the living room followed by Kangin, the two men on the couch were giggling over something on TV with the elder’s hand resting on the Chinese man’s shoulder and their heads so close to each other. They didn’t notice the two men coming from kitchen.
“See,” Kangin took one step closer behind the eldest and whispered, “they’re so close. He doesn’t really love you, hyung. Not as much as I do.” The words pierced through Leeteuk’s heart, made him flinched a little and furrowed his brows together.

          Heechul looked up from the book he was reading when the door opened, revealing his exhausted hyung. He put the book on the bedside table and stood up approaching Leeteuk who’s standing still few meters away from the bed. The eldest gave him a serious glare.
“Hey babe, what’s up?” he snaked his arms to the older one’s neck and waist, pulling him into a hug. Leeteuk didn’t respond.
“I think we should end this.” Finally the leader said, pushing the bewildered Heechul away and took a step back.
“What do you mean?!” Shock and confusion were written all over the sub-leader’s face as he stared at the leader in front of him.
“Let’s break up.” The self-proclaimed angel without wings said, his eyes still locked in Heechul’s.
“Why..?” Heechul mumbled softly before the realization fully hit him and then he spat. “So you finally can be together with that Kangin bastard?”
Now it’s Leeteuk’s turn to widen his eyes. He opened his mouth but no words came out so the younger man continued.
“Are you tired of me already? Don’t you love me anymore?”
“No!” came the fast answer from the shorter man. “I still love you, Heechullie…”
“Then why are you breaking up with me?” his anger slowly slipped into despair. His body trembled as he fought away some tears threatening to spill from his large round eyes.
“Because you don’t love me and you seem much happier with Ha—with others.” The leader was mad as well, but still remembered not to drag anyone into this fight.
“We’ve been together for six years, Park Jungsoo, for goodness’ sake! How can you still say such things?” a tear rolled down his left cheek and he didn’t wipe it away, afraid of making another tear slipped down if he moved.
“And in these fucking years, you never say you love me. Not even once, Chullie. I don’t know if you really love me or—“ his voice trailed off as tears found their way to flood his flushed cheeks.
Seeing his only hyung in tears, Heechul stepped forward and reached out his hands to pull the angel into an embrace. The latter tried to wriggle free but Heechul tightened his grip, not wanting to let go. His own tears spilled as he rested his head on the crook of the elder’s shoulder, sniffing his familiar scent and pecking his nape.
“Stupid.” The taller one whispered. He then dragged both of them to sit on the bed and pulled away. “You’re so stupid, Park Jungsoo.” He said again as they stared into each other’s red teary eyes.
“Shut up!” the elder tried to hit the younger’s chest but got his wrist caught instead.
“Do you think that I will share my heart and my life with someone I don’t love? You know me best, Gaeteuk-ah. Sometimes even better than me myself.” Heechul squeezed the wrist on his hand as he felt himself blushing. “Please don’t say that we’re breaking up, Gaeteuk-ah. That hurts me…” he placed a kiss on the older’s hand.
“I love you, Chullie-ah. But why can’t you say that to me?”
“God, Jungsoo, why do you want me to say something obvious? You know it already. The things we’ve done together, they mean more than just words. There is no need to put my feelings for you into such simple words.”
“But I need to hear you say those simple words to me!” the older raised his voice again. “Why can’t you see it, Kim Heechul? I always feel insecure because it’s always only me who says ‘I love you’.”
“Look into my eyes.” Heechul cupped the leader’s face and brought their heads closer. “What do you see there?”
“Contact lens.” Leeteuk grudgingly answered, finally smiling. He knew that this talk was going nowhere. Forcing Kim Heechul to do something he didn’t want to was a futile effort.
The younger gave a quick kiss on Leeteuk’s dimple before letting go. “That’s better.”

          Leeteuk woke up hearing some noises from the living room. He looked to his side and found that Heechul’s place was empty.
Without bothering to fix his hair or anything, the leader walked into the living room to see almost all of the members there. Some on the couches and some others sprawled everywhere on the floor.
“Morning hyung.” Came the chorus greeting as the boys see their leader blinking sleepily.
“Morning guys.” A faint dimpled smile accompanying his drowsy answer.
“Hyung…” one familiar voice which was very rarely used to say that word made him wide awake to see Heechul smiled and patted the empty space beside him on the couch. “Come on hyung, sit here.”
The oldest one flopped himself on the couch and yawned again. The second oldest pulled his head to rest on his own shoulder and snaked an arm to his hyung’s waist. He shifted a little to make their bodies closer.
“I love you hyung.” The sub-leader uttered, loud enough for all to hear and turned their attention to the two eldest hugging on the couch. The leader looked up to meet the younger’s gaze and mouthed a “What?”
“I always love you all the time, Park Jungsoo. And it’s only you.” A gentle smile formed on Heechul’s face as he put his forehead on the elder’s.
A dimpled wide grin decorated Leeteuk’s face, making the younger hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Chullie-ah.”
Loud noises came from almost all of the members who were busy laughing and cheering for the blissful couple. All were wearing happy faces, except for the visibly broken-hearted Kangin and disappointed Hankyung.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/heechul
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