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Tittle: Neorago (It's You)
Pairing : Main! YeWook (girl! Wook), Sub-pairings!KyuMin (girl! Min), KangTeuk (girl! Teuk), HanChul (girl! Chul), EunHae (girl! Hae)
Genre: High School, Romance, Fluff (maybe?), Friendship, Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Gender Switch
Summary: Ryeowook just a new student in high school and has room mates Sungmin,Donghae, Heechul, and Leeteuk. She has a new life here since she met Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung.


It’s freshman year. Many new students gathered in front of announcement board. It announces them about their dorm room. Each room has five members which two of them are senior. There’s a girl with her black long hair stands between them. She’s still trying to find her name.

“Ah, that’s my name. Room 21.” Said her.

“Hi, I got there too.” Greeted someone beside her. “I’m Lee Sungmin by the way.” She introduced herself.

“Oh I’m Kim Ryeowook. So we’ll be share a room.”

“Yes. Come on, let’s find it in.”

After looking for for some minutes, they arrived in in front of their room. They dobt to knock it. Sungmin glares at Ryeowook as the sign to ask her knock it. Ryeowook shakes his head and she wants to sungmin to do that.

“Oh come on! What the hell are you guys doing?” there’s a voice comes out behind them and makes them turn their body to face the voice.

There’s a beautiful long legs girl stands with her semi-short black hair. Ryeowook and Sungmin get speechless. Her style is like model though she is eat a lollipop and stands arrogantly.

“I... I’m sorry!” said them and bow their body deeply.

“Aish get up get up, are you both in this room too?” asked her and they nod nervously. “Wow! I got pretty girls here. Thank’s for Mr. Shindong.” She laughs.

“Ah I’m Kim Heechul by the way. Don’t speak informal to me or I will kill you both. Arasseo?”

“Arasseo Heechul-ssi.” Said them. They really feel nervous because of Kim Heechul.

Then Heechul opens the door and let them in. “Settled down your things. By the way, chose the bed whatever you want except that two.” Heechul pointed two bed in the corner.

Ryeowook and Sungmin only nods and settled their thing quietly. Heechul stares at them while she is listening to her iPod. She smiles wildly. After they done, they keep standing in the center of the room. Their room is wide.

“Sit down. Introduce your self.” Asked Heechul.

Ryeowook and Sungmin scratch their head confusing and nervous. “You first Ryeowook-ssi.”

“Emm okay. My name’s Kim Ryeowook.”

“Okay. You?”

“I’m Lee Sungmin.”

“Good. Don’t be shy, it’s your own room right? Wait for the other and enjoy!” said her smiling.

Just a few minutes, the door opened. There’s two girl come in. First girl has a shorth hair like boy but that’s suit for her. She has a strong face. And second girl, has a short wave hair. She looks cute and have difficulties bring her luggage.

“Hi! So everybody is already here. Yah Heechullie, gets up!” said the first girl.

“I’m getting up you know.”

“Okay okay. Ah, here’s our room. Settled your thing first.” She said to another girl.

She nods and smiles to the rest before she settles her thing. Her name is Lee Donghae. She’s from Mokpo. First, the new students looks awkward but because of Leeteuk, that first girl with short hair hospitality and outspoken Heechul they can get close early.


Second: Blush


Tomorrow is the first time Ryeowook was gonna be a high school student. And since yesterday she always plays piano in music room. And today she wanted to play again.

She just wanted to open the door when she heard someone was singing. She can saw through a small window on the door and she saw the guy was playing piano and singing. She couldn’t see who was that guy but his voice is just so beutiful.

When the song ended, that guy standed and turned back. Suddenly Ryeowook hided and didn’t want to seen. She heard the door opened and she waited to see tha guy. The guy went through, Ryeowook saw him. He has a slanting eyes and his head seems big than his body. He’s cute and handsome. Ryeowook amazed by the guy.

Three days later...

Ryeowook and Henry just out from the library and someone was greeting Henry. They stopped and Ryeowook got shock. He’s the guy in music room she saw before.


“Hey, you know, err can I borrow your money?” asked him.

“What? Don’t say that you forgot to bring your wallet?” said Henry.

“ehem.” He grinned.

“This. Next time I should warn you. You’re absent-minded easily.” Henry grumble.

“Thank’s Henry-ah. Oh, who is she? Your girl?” asked him seeing Ryeowook beside Henry.

Henry and Ryeowook blush together. “No! She’s my friend hyung. Ah, Wookie-ah, he’s my hyung but not directly, Kim Jongwoon. But you can call him Yesung.” Henry introduced that guy.

That’s why, his name is Yesung. Thought Ryeowook and keeps staring at him. She didn’t realized that Henry and Yesung started look at her confused.

“Ah?” she shocked and get shy. “I’m sorry, I’m Kim Ryeowook. Nice to meet you Yesung-ssi.” She bows blushing.

“You’re funny. Nice to meet you too Ryeowook-ssi. Okay, I’ll go first! Thank’s for the money Henry-ah!”

Yesung has gone. Ryeowook cursed herself because of her embarassing act before. Henry looked at her and he knew then. Is he
the one that Ryeowook saw before? Thought Henry. He smiled weakly.

“Wookie-ah, let’s go to the class. It’s almost bell.”
“Ah, okay.”

Flashback ends.

This morning the teacher doesn’t come so he gaves the students an assignment. Henry and Ryeowook have done the assignment and chat. From far, there’s a guy that seeing him nervously. And then he decided to get near.

“Ryeowook-ssi...” the guy greeted.

Ryeowook follows the voice and found out the guy is Hyukjae. “What is it Hyukjae-ssi??” asked her with bright smile.

“Err let’s talk out there.”
“Okay, wait here Henry-ah.”

“It’s okay.” Answered Henry and then wink at Hyukjae. He knows what Hyukjae want to talk about and Ryeowook smiles again.

They’re standing in the corridor. Hyukjae seems so confused and nervous. Ryeowook just stares at him and keeps smiling look at his nervousy.

“Come on Hyukjae-ssi, is it about our Fishy??” said Ryeowook then.

Heard that makes Hyukjae blushes hard. He nods. “Is she said something to you? I’m afraid if she hates me bacause of what I did last night! What should I do then??” he said panically.

Ryeowook laughs. “Don’t worry Hyukjae-ssi. By the way, wha did you do that??”

He blushes again. “Why are you asking me that?! Of course! It’s because..., I..., I like her. Right. I love her.”

“Okay okay, I know it.” Ryeowook tries to holding back her laughs. Hyukjae is just so funny now. “Look, tell her. You won’t know what is Hae feeling if you don’t tell her properly. Okay??”

“Uh okay.”

“Fighting! Hae’s waiting.” Said Ryeowook and pats his shoulder. Then she’s back into the class.

The Afternoon, Canteen...

Ryeowook walks by Henry and Sungmin to canteen. They saw Heechul and Leeteuk is walking the opponent way. Heechul pulls Leeteuk hand while Leeteuk seems dislike what Heechul is doing. They seems fighting at each other.

“Aish Chullie, I don’t want!”

“Come on, just come with us! If you want to ask Kangin to join, it’s okay.”

“What? It’s not!”

“So just follow us!”

They pass through them. “What is it Heechul-ssi??” asked Sungmin and makes them stop.

“Oh hi you. No, I want to have lunch out there and ask her to join.” Answered Heechul.

“She’s forcing me.” explained Leeteuk.

“Why? I mean why must out there?” asked Ryeowook.

“That’s it! I don’t have any idea too.” Said Leeteuk.

“Ahh Hankyung hyung wants to eat Ttoppoki that is selling out there. He said it this morning and wants to ask Heechul-ssi to join.”
Said Henry smile teasingly looks at Heechul.

Heechul’s face is turning red. “Yah! This brat boy! Come on Teukie, we’re going now!” she pulls Leeteuk forcingly and Leeteuk can only submit it.

“It’s that true??” asked Ryeowook and Henry still smiles nod.

“Come on, I’m hungry! Let’s go!” Sungmin said and pull Ryeowook hand.

They sit in the corner. The canteen is crowded now and just that table rest. Ryeowook can sees Hyukjae and Hae is sitting in another corner for two. She smiles then. And then she sees Yesung and Kangin sits in the center.

“We must ask Hae for treat!” said Sungmin after saw EunHae couple.

“Of course. They’re already couple now.” Henry perceive while staring at them.

Then there’s someone coming to their table. “Hey Minnie.” It’s Kyuhyun.

“Ugh what do you want Kyuhyun-ssi?! How dare you called me like that?”
He smirks. “Can I join you??” he permitts.

“With pleasure...” said Ryeowook but Sungmin, “NO!”

Henry laughs at her. Kyuhyun still smile wildly and sit beside Sungmin. “Why are you not eat this? It’s delicious you know.” Said him and put the food from Sungmin plate.

Sungmin’s eyes get wider and she shouted, “Yah! I like them!”

“Opps, they’re in my mouth now. I’m sorry.” He said eating the food.


“Sssh, Minnie-ah, you’re so noisy.” He said so innocent. “By the way, I’m your friend why are you calling me fomally??”

“Huh? Who said that I’m your friend?”

Ryeowook and Henry laughs staring at them. It’s the first time Ryeowook saw how bothering Kyu is after a month she only heard it through Sungmin’s complaining. But she can sees that Sungmin eyes are saying something. She likes him.

“Wookie-ah, I think we should exchange our table.” Said Henry stands up.

“I think so.” She perceived and stands up too.

“Yah Wookie-ah! Just sit please...” Sungming beg.

“Why? Just let them go, so it’s just both of us.” Kyuhyun smile teasingly.

Then Henry and Ryeowook smile full of meaning and go. Sungmin just wants to stand up too but Kyuhyun holds her hand and said with serious and cold face, “Lee Sungmin, sit and eat.” Sungmin freezes and sit back.

Henry ia looking for a new table and he saw Yesung table. He get near while Ryeowook follows him. She stops when she knows that
Henry sits in Yesung’s table. Ryeowook bites her lower lip and sits doubtly.

“Oh hey Henry-ah, Ryeowook-ssi.” Greeted Kangin.

Ryeowook and Henry start to eat. Ryeowook can only bows while she’s eating. She’s afraid looking at Yesung’s face. Yesung glares at her and then talk to Kangin, “By the way, where’s your wife?”

“She’s with Chullie and Hankyung. What a brat girl, she should’ve not brought her.”

“Why don’t you stop her? You’re never secure enough to her.”

“Yes, why don’t you confessed it?” Henry added.

“Just shut up you guys! Yah Ryeowook-ssi, you are her roommates right?” Ryeowook heads up and look at Kangin. She nods and back to eat. “Does she say something about me or something??”

“Err she said that you’re such a playboy.” She’s being honest.

Because of that Henry and Yesung laughs. “My God, you’re so pathetic.” Said Yesung.

“Damn her.” He cursed.

Yesung stops laughs suddenly and finishes his lunch. Then he looks at Ryeowook that is eating. She’s almost done. When she heads up to drink, Yesung sees there’s a rice in her lips. Unconsciously he pulls his hand and wipes the rice. Ryeowook shocks and looks at Yesung blankly. Then she realized what Yesung just did and blushes hard. She put the tissue and wipe her lips quickly.

“Err sorry, there’s a...”

“Ah yes, it’s okay. Thank’s”

There’s an awkward moment for awhile. Kangin and Henry look at them with suspiciously. Kangin look at Yesung that is trying to hide his blush face. Henry sees that and turn his head. Then he can see Ryeowook is blushing so hard too.


Third: Boys Talk

“Thank’s Kyu.” Said Hyukjae when he arrived to the room.

Henry laughs seeing tha. “But sometimes it doesn’t work for other girl.” He said.

“He’s just lucky because Hae likes him too.” Kyu said teasingly.
“Okay, clear your schedule this Saturday. Hae and I decided to treat you all.”

“I heard about treat!” Kangin and Yesung comes out.

“Yes! Our Hyukie just got his girl.” Told Kyu.

They sit together in the center of the room. Yesung looks at Hyuk that seems so excited. He smiles and asked, “So you got her, didn’t you?”

“Yes! Join us hyung! Hae and I will treat you all.”

“Of course we will. This is treat!” answered Kangin excited.

Yesung smiles again and then decided to take a shower first. While he’s taking a shower, he’s thinking about Kim Ryeowook. First time he met her in music room...


After took a lunch, Yesung went to music room like usual. The day after tomorrow he will be a second grade student. He played the
piano and sing cheer song. He’s so excited and he feels something good will happen.

About an hour played he felt sleepy. Then he went to the corner and slept there. No body would see him. Don’t know how time past
but Yesung woke up because of piano’s voice and there’s a girl sang. From his place he can see the girl. She’s so beautiful with her long black hair and her bangs. She has a beautiful voice too. Yesung got speechless and he enjoyed it.

“Wow Ryeowook-ssi...” there’s a familiar voice comes out after the song ended.

Yesung felt bother with that voice. Heechullie? What was she doing here?? Thought him and he saw Heechul already beside the girl named Ryeowook.

“Ah Heechul-ssi, it’s nothing.” The girl blush.

“No, that’s beautiful.” Heechul sitted and starter to play the same song. Aish, Heechul is just bothering. Yesung thought again. “You’ll join music club then, won’t you?”

“Yes. I will. Of course.” She answered happily.

“We’ll meet then. It’s already dinner time Ryeowook-ssi, let’s eat.” Heechul standed up and Ryeowook follow her.

After they got out, Yesung standed up. Ryeowook. She will join music club too? Yesung smiled full of meaning and then got out from the room.

Flashback end.

Yesung gets out from bathroom. It’s been a month and he never talks to Ryeowook except the introduction and last lunch. He only stares at her when she’s singing or playing piano. He can’t stand the feeling. And he doesn’t want to know. Because, he can see that Henry likes that girl.

The room is so noisy because those boys can’t stop joking around. Yesung sits and stares at them especially Henry and Hyukjae.
They’re in the same class with her and Henry is close to her. Wait, what am I thinking of?

“Haa look at him. He’s musing again.” Said Kangin realized that Yesung is musing.

“Yah! He stares at us and that’s making me feel frightened.” Said Hyukjae.

“What’s up Hyung?” asked Henry curiously.

“Err nothing. By the way, how eunhyuk can get her?”

“You’re late Sungie! He already told us.” Said Kangin.

“Yah! Then you don’t want to tell me?”

“It’s my advise Yesung-ah.” Said Kyuhyun then.

“Omo what’s that Kyuhyun-ah! I’m your hyung, how can you called me like that?”

Kyuhyun smirk and continued, “I ask him to kiss her.”

“What? Is it really works? Kangin did that but that doesn’t work at all.” Said Yesung and Kangin covers his mouth fast.

“Yah Sungie! What a stoppable mouth you had!”

“Woo woo, what is it Hyung?” Kyuhyun looks so curious.

Kangin sighs and released Yesung. “I kissed Teuki last time, last year. I was thought that she’s mad at me.”

“Woo but you’re still close to her! Are you dating or something??” asked Henry.

“Of course no! She’s such a heart cold. Then I was trying to act as usual and she decided to forget what I just did.”

“So Teuki is just like Minnie.” Said Kyuhyun. Everybody stare at him wondering. “She likes me you know. I can see it.”

Yesung laughs. “How can you get that confidence huh?”

“I’m good looking. Who doesn’t like me?” Kyuhyun said so confident.

Hyukjae get near to Kyu face. “Okay, I like you too then.” He said and makes all of them laugh.

“See? Even guy is also like me.”

“My God, Kyuhyun-ah, just close your mouth. That’s terrible enough.” Kangin said between his laugh. “Ah, how about you Sungie?”

“Me? what?”

“Kim Ryeowook?”

Heard that named he froze. But he saw Henry and said, “She’s Henry’s.”

“What?” Henry shocked heard that.

“I knew Henry-ah, you like her. Just don’t worry, I don’t have any feeling of her.”

Because of that, they’re being quite. Henry stares at his hyung blankly. He knows that Yesung lies. Kangin has a same thought but he just raise his shoulder. He decided to take a shower.

“So, you like her Henry-ah?” asked Hyuk after Kangin gets in and Yesung went to his bed.

Henry glares at Yesung and answered, “Yes, I like her since I met her. Beside, she has a beautiful voice too.”

“Ahh I know that, I just got amzed by her voice but Minnie is not lost.” Said Kyuhyun. “So, try my advise Henry-ah.” He smirk.

“Kiss her? Why don’t you just do that to Minnie?”

“I have my own strategy.” Said him with his evil smile.

“So have I, but being her friend is good enough I think.”

“Are you sure?” Hyuk looks at him wondering.

“Take it slow. Furthermore, she likes someone else.” Said Henry and stares at Yesung that backsiding them in his bed.

“What is it? You know the guy?” asked Hyuk again.

“Emm not certain. I’ll take a shower after Kangin Hyung.”

“Okay, take me last. I want to finish my game.” Said Kyu.

Actually Yesung keeps on listening them. He feels uncomfortable heard Henry saying that. He can feels that Henry is talking all about it to him. But he’s trying to ignores that thought. He doesn’t want to think any of it.

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