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[FIC] Hey, Senpai! [oneshot]

Title : Hey, Senpai! [oneshot]
Pairing : Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating : G
Genre : Teen crush/ japanese manga (haha)
Warning : Ah.. my first time writing the whole thing in English.
Gotta give a warning for many mistakes (-_-!)

Note* As I want to see Siwon in Kendo suit too much, so this is it! …well, blame it on Wonkyu for keeping a low-profile (from us) lately. lol

“Come on, Kyu! Don’t tell me you wake up so early every morning just to sneak here and only watch him like this.”

Ryowook tried to speak with the lowest voice he could possibly made to his friend, Kyuhyun, who was hiding himself on one side of the gym door, his bright round eyes fixing on the elder boy wearing Kendo suit inside the room.

It’s been a month already since Kyuhyun had heard from one of his classmates who also joined Kendo club that the club captain would come to practice here alone every morning, so Kyuhyun has come to the club (secretly of course) every morning since then. Although it’s very hard for him to get up early after gaming all night, he managed to sleep a little earlier (like half an hour before 2AM last night and 2.15 the other nights) than usual and sometimes even brought his breakfast here with him. Watching the handsome Kendo club captain practicing is really appetizing!

“Just go talk to him, you dump ass!” Ryowook raised his voice a little.

“I’m fine this way! Shut up already, you are getting too noisy!”

Ryowook rolled his eyes and sighed
“Siwon-senpai is very popular, you know? If you keep hiding yourself then you’ll go nowhere.”

“If you can’t keep your mouth shut, just go away! You’re ruining my morning enjoyment.”, annoyed Kyuhyun waved his hand as if he was telling his friend not to bother him.
Ryowook, with playful look on his face, shrugged and turned his back to another boy.

“Well, see ya in the class then.” said the smaller boy. And just right before he walked away, the boy suddenly shouted,
“Siwon-senpai!!!” then ran off quickly, leaving his taller friend freezing where he was.

That loud and high-pitch voice calling his name had the Kendo club captain turned his face toward the direction where he assumed the voice came from. There he saw a younger boy standing, staring at him with eyes widened.

The Kendo club captain thought that young boy was quite cute with that stunned look on his face as he slowly walked toward him.
“Hey!” The older boy stopped in front of stunned Kyuhyun, and greeted him with smiling face.

That was the first time Kyuhyun had ever seen the cutest smile with the cutest dimples on the cutest face of the cutest man in the cutest universe!
Oh! Ok, he knew he was exaggerating, but who cared. His head was blank that he didn’t know what to do, to say or even to think about anymore. Siwon-senpai talked to him, greeted him, and smiled at him. He felt his heart beating too fast right now.

“Are you OK? You need help?” His senpai asked agian. , but Kyuhyun said nothing ....still.

“You called me, didn’t you?” He was a bit more curious to see Kyukyun shook his head this time.

“If not, then who else it could be?”

“I.. I don’t know.” Kyuhyun replied shyly. Now he could manage to look away from Siwon’s face, and stared at his own feet instead.

They were quiet for a moment before the Kendo boy started the conversation again.
“I have to go back to practice then, if you will excuse me.” The boy said politely with his signature smile.

“err... Senpai!” Kyuhyun called out and now he did not know what to say when his senpai looked back at him with his browns raised.


“I... I...” Ryowook was right. Siwon-senpai was so popular, and a chance to talk or let’s say, to be able to stand this close to him without his friends or admirers around was really rare.

“hmm?? You what?”

“I…I like!”, panted Kyuhyun tried to calm himself down, but he was too nervous.

“I like Kendo very much!”

That was brilliant Jo Kyuhyun!, he thought to himself. What a stupid idea to tell senpai how much you like Kendo in this kind of situation. As if he wanted to hear it that much!

Siwon laughed a little and that was even worse for embarrassed Kyuhyun who wished he could just disappear now.

“So, you come here every morning because you like Kendo so much, huh?” The Kendo boy asked.

Kyuhyun was in a daze. How did he know that Kyuhyun was here every morning? Could it be that he saw him? and what? every morning?

“umm… you can come and sit inside next time. You don’t want to look weird sitting and eating alone outside, do you?” Siwon-senpai gave the younger boy the warmest smile then walked back inside the room.

Kyuhyun couldn’t remember exactly how he got back to the classroom after that. He was too delighted to notice things that even the lessons today were great.

Maybe he should ask his mother to make him one more potion of breakfast tomorrow.
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