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You Can Never Run [One-Shot]

Title: You Can Never Run
Pairing: KyuHae
Rating: NC-17
Words: 4,408
Summary: One tries to live their lives as ordinarily as possible. Anything that doesn’t fit that set of normality will be cast away into the recesses of our mind, only to be conjured up again at our most vulnerable and insecure moments. It is when we’re alone that our mind turns on us and brings forth myths and superstitions that, in a manner of speaking, bring out the worst in us. We become frightened and alarmed and our mind hears what it wants to hear, sees what it wants to see. At these times, we seek a light, whether it’s a literal form of such, or just a form of comfort. However, light will not always end in relief. Yes, it brings forth the reality of life, let’s you see that you were just dreaming. But sometimes, the reality was not really a dream, and there is no waking up.

The bite mark was irrevocably substantial to the fact that something was really going on, but Kyuhyun just didn’t want to accept the fact that things like this really did exist and that whatever it was, it had grown some sort of attachment to him.
Tags: pairing: donghae/kyuhyun
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