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Fic: Mother's Eyes

Title: Mother's Eyes
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: Fluff / Siwon x Kyuhyun, but more Kyuhyun-centric
Word Count: 801 (Finally I write under 1,000 again)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: Their relationship seen from the eyes of Kyuhyun's mother
Notes: Beta-ed by dear syunkyu

He was a good boy, she supposed. She had seen him taking care of her son a lot, even from before the dreadful accident, long before they got together, according to Kyuhyun. She was a bit sad that her son had hid their relationship from them for quite some time, but she could understand the reason why. Even more when her son cried when he told her all about the rejection from Siwon’s side of the family.

“But we won’t give up,” Siwon had said as he wrapped an arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulder, “our love won’t give up.”

At least, she could see the huge amount of love in the boy’s eyes whenever he looked at Kyuhyun. Sometimes Kyuhyun would return it with a shy smile, sometimes he would slap his arm playfully and said, “You’re creeping me out.” Oh, Kyuhyun loved Siwon alright. Or else he wouldn’t let Siwon hold his hand for no reason, among other things.

She once caught Kyuhyun staring at kids playing at the playground, and suddenly she felt sad for him. She knew his son loved children, despite the fact that he couldn’t even hold a baby properly, but there would be no way a man can give birth. Not only that, they couldn’t even marry each other properly.

But then she saw the look on Siwon’s face and she understood that the young boy had thought of a long future ahead of them. A peaceful future where he would protect Kyuhyun from the cold world filled with harsh judgments by other people. A future that would include a wedding overseas, a small house in the suburb, and adopted kids.

As long as she was around, she promised to herself, she would wrap them inside a cocoon of love and support.

So, obviously, it didn't take long for her to approve of their relationship. In fact, it only took her less than a day from the first time the couple came to spend their week-long holiday in Kyuhyun’s house. It was the first time Siwon and Kyuhyun gathered the courage to see them in person, as a couple, no longer through the phone.

Her husband, on the other hand, was a different case.

His stiff expression became stiffer whenever Siwon’s hand slid around Kyuhyun’s waist. His lips turned into a thin line when Kyuhyun leaned a bit too close to his lover. Her husband only responded to Siwon’s attempt to make a conversation with short answers and hums.

But she knew he would give in sooner or later. He always did.

Despite his stern outlook, she knew best how much he favored their youngest child and only son. He never stopped being proud of him and only wanted the best for the boy. Back then, he was hesitant to accept Kyuhyun's choice to become a singer because he was worried. Uncertain future was one reason— another was Kyuhyun's very own socially-awkward nature. Sure, the boy was popular among his friends, but he practically turned into this shy boy when meeting new people. How would he cope in the harsh entertainment industry?

Still, he accepted Kyuhyun's choice in the end. He smiled the widest when Super Junior won their first award and he was the one who told each and every one of their relatives about it.

And he rejected the idea of operating Kyuhyun's cord the most. It wouldn't mean anything if he lost his reason for living, he had said to the doctor. Her heart still overflowed with love towards her husband whenever she remembered that time, because back then, she and Ahra were just a pair of crying mess, hardly capable to make any kind of decision.

All in all, he just had a very soft spot for Kyuhyun in his heart, and in turn a tendency to spoil him, including agreeing to all of their son’s whims.

She chuckled, amused, when she saw the poorly-hidden longing stare from her husband towards the couple who were enjoying their time in the balcony and unaware of any viewer. She knew that all his hostility towards Siwon was just because he was envious, because Kyuhyun would never cling to him the way he clung to Siwon.

Not that her husband would admit it ever. The men of the Cho family and the word ‘affection’ just seemed to be in love and hate relationship.

Siwon suddenly kissed Kyuhyun’s cheek and the boy blushed as he protested that Siwon was being embarrassing. On the other side, her husband was watching with narrowed eyes. She decided to kiss his cheek as well and he stiffened as a faint red color began to spread on his face. “They remind you of anyone?” She smiled, and her husband just muttered something about how embarrassing she was.

Like father like son.


The end~
Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun
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