★ She said she's no good with words ★ (wookism) wrote in miracle______,
★ She said she's no good with words ★

Drabble Dump #11

Title: Alone
Word Count: 162
Pairing: Yesung/Soyeon
Rating: PG
Summary: You can’t always get what you want and sometimes you just have to deal with the pain.

Drabble #1

Title: Second Look
Word Count: 374
Pairing: HaeSica
Rating: PG
Summary: Opening our eyes to the person we thought we knew could bring about new thoughts, good or bad.

Drabble #2

Title: Breathe
Word Count: 423
Pairing: SooWook
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes all we need to do to get through a tough situation is to just breathe.

Drabble #3
Tags: pairing: donghae/jessica, pairing: ryeowook/other, pairing: yesung/other, with: snsd
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