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Fic: Once upon a time

Title: Once upon a time
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Artist: kyuradius
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Siwon x Kyuhyun
Warning CROSSDRESSING. As in MALE princesses.
Word Count: 7,607 (or so)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Notes: I can't remember what started this... But kyuradius and I decided to make a collab in which she draws and I write, so… Applause because she had made the most wonderful drawings ever (and so fast too!). Also, thanks to yuefeng for the beta as always. And find the complete set of drawings on tumblr!

"This dress," the disgruntled princess furrowed his brows, "makes me look like a desperate widow looking for a young blood."

Donghae looked at the lavender dress smothered with bright gems and lined with frills. "Um..."

"Don't 'um' me, idiot! Find another dress!"

"But Your Highness, Her Majesty specifically instructed us to find a dress that will make all the princes turn their heads at you."

The princess turned to him and glared, "What part of 'I don't want to get married' you don't understand!? I don't care what my mother told you! You are my personal servant!"

"But—." Donghae got a kick to the shin, and he whined in pain as he hurriedly scurried off to find a less sparkly dress.


He wasn't his older brother, Heechul, who enjoyed being the center of attention. He hated parties. He hated dancing. He hated smiling to strangers and to people he couldn't remember the name. He hated his mother's constant attempt to set him up with random princes and most of all, he hated those princes.

They all knew the famous Princess Kyuhyun. Pale, grumpy, and painfully attractive. And that 'painful' word wasn't just a figure of speaking, as countless princes had went home with a disappointed expression while rubbing their head or cheek or wherever the princess decided to struck.

"What am I gonna do about you?" The queen sighed in despair when she saw Kyuhyun showed up with a perfectly plain baby blue dress. "When will you give me a peace of mind? I'm not getting younger and I want to see my baby getting married. You're not gonna attract any prince with that dress."

"Don't be dramatic. You're perfectly healthy, dear mother. And your baby had gotten married to that Chinese prince."

The queen shot him a look. "I'm not talking about your brother and you know that. You are the baby of the family."

“I’m seventeen.”

“You will be a baby as long as you’re not married,” the queen huffed and Kyuhyun pouted. His mother just knew where to push his buttons. “Anyway, dear, I want you to behave as a good host to the party today.”

“As long as you didn’t secretly advertise this as a ‘Kyuhyun seeking a husband’ party.”

His mother glared. “I will, if I hear about another accident of you physically harming a prince. Believe me, I will.”


“Seen anyone that caught your interest yet?”

The crown prince sighed forlornly, shaking his head. “No…”

“Maybe you’re too picky, Your Highness,” his servant-slash-his-lifelong-friend, Hyukjae, frowned. “None of the princess back in the north can capture your heart. Now you even go all the way to this kingdom to find a wife. Every noble of the south are gathering here for the queen’s birthday, and you couldn’t possibly find any party with more beautiful princesses. Moreover, those princesses have been trying to get your attention, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Have they?” Siwon said absently, his eyes still scanning the vast ballroom in a hope to catch a glimpse of his future wife.

“What kind of princess do you want, really? Cute? Graceful? Kind? Strong?”

Siwon shrugged, “I’ll know when I see my princess. I just know I will know in an instant.”

“You’re a hopeless romantic. Love at the first sight, right, I bet you’re the only prince who believes that in this day and age—."

"Oh God."

"Oh don't say that, Your Highness. His Majesty had not been pleased by your endless journey for love. He would be even less pleased if he finds out that you’ve come to a kingdom that had yet to become our alliance. You are, after all, the crown prince! I mean, you have to bring back something, I mean, someone—."

"No, Hyukjae," Siwon smiled, his sparkling eyes never wavered from his current object— or subject of attention. "I think I've found my queen."

"Eh? Seriously?" Hyukjae's eyes shot to the samr direction. He had to be amazed by Siwon's focus, as all he could see was dozens and dozens of princesses and princes, all with bright and sparkling attires. Obviously, the party was a place to make an impression. "Um, which one?"

"The one who glows."

Having known Siwon since they were kids, Hyukjae knew that was just a figure of speaking. Or more like the princess was glowing in Siwon's eyes. "Oh come on, which princess? What kind of dress?"

"There, the one with short, wavy, light brown hair, a blue dress, a small tiara, and the most charming pout ever."

"...you mean that grumpy-looking princess?" Said princess was standing with his back against the wall. Obviously avoiding anyone's stare and making an effort not to socialize; hardly court-able material.

"Isn't he beautiful?" Siwon sighed dreamily.

"Um, I don't think he is a good idea— wait! Where are you going!?"

Siwon waited no more. He strode towards the princess, steps long and sure. Not an inch of doubt in his mind. This was the princess he had been looking for. This was the one.

"Excuse me," he said when he was right in front of the princess, who turned his head and said with apparent boredom on his face.

"What do you want?" Oh, what a wonderful voice! Rich and alluring with a touch of velvetiness. Siwon couldn't wait to hear him say his name with that voice. He lowered himself down on one knee and reached for the princess' (smooth and pretty) hand, ignoring the stares from the people around him and the surprised look on the princess' face.

"Would you be my wife?"

It happened in a split of second. Siwon didn't even see it coming. He only felt the sting on his cheek and could only stare at the retreating back of the princess. Behind him, he could hear Hyukjae's soft sigh, "Oh God."


"It was my fault. I couldn’t even believe myself... I haven't even asked for his name, I haven’t even told him my own name, and I already asked for his hand in marriage," Siwon groaned, not at all bothered by the reddening mark on his cheek, but by the possibility that he had just been rejected by the love of his life. "What kind of a gentleman would do that? No wonder he was so angry."

"Apparently, the problem lies with him," Hyukjae said as he entered the room, just returned from his investigation. "That was Princess Kyuhyun, the second child of king of the southern kingdom himself. Princes lined up as his suitor—."

"What!??" Siwon stood up, horrified. "Does he already have someone!?" The mere possibility of it gave him the fright.

"No, because each and every one of them gets rejected."

The prince sighed in relief as he sat back down. "Don't give me a shock like that."

Hyukjae shot him a look, "Did you not hear me? Each and every one of them got rejected. Including you. He was famous for that."

"Then I have to try harder."

"Princesses lined up for you and you just had to choose the one hardest to get."

"Hyukjae, dear Hyukjae," Siwon shook his head as he smiled that of a helplessly lovesick man. "I didn't pick him. My heart picked him."

Sometimes Hyukjae wondered how his prince could even think about such embarrassing words.


"Then I have to try harder."

That was easy for him to say. But how exactly to do that, really?

Siwon stared helplessly at the tall stone wall around the palace. If only his princess was a normal princess instead of the daughter of the king… But like Hyukjae said, he just had to choose the one hardest to get.

In the end, he opted to direct his horse towards the lake not far from the palace. Maybe he could think of something under the shades of the trees and far from the nagging Hyukjae and the curious innkeeper. He found the perfect spot without looking far, and he tied his horse to the nearby tree and lay down. The gentle wind was comforting, lulling him to sleep…

…until he felt wetness on his face. He opened his eyes and saw the eyes of a spotted dog staring down at him, its tongue hung out of its open mouth. The dog was licking his face.

“Well, hello,” Siwon chuckled and rubbed the spot behind the dog’s ear. The dog barked playfully and shook his head, making his collar swung left and right. But before Siwon could see the dog’s name, a somewhat familiar voice shot through from behind the trees.

“Wonwon! Wonwon! Where are you?”

Siwon blinked at the use of his childhood nickname. But he couldn’t be more surprised when a figure emerged. The one and only love of his life. Oh fate!

“Wonwon!” Princess Kyuhyun, wearing yet another baby blue dress (so he loved the color blue, Siwon noted, and he looked good in it), exclaimed in relief.

The dog barked and Siwon answered at the same time, “Yes?”

The princess shot him a look and Siwon found himself stuttering in a highly undignified fashion. “S-sorry, I thought you were calling me by my childhood nickname—.”

"My dog's name is Wonwon," the princess cut him off with a frown. “And I remember you.”

Siwon beamed so brightly the princess took a step back. “Y-you do??”

“You were that shameless prince that caused me to get grounded,” he glared while Siwon’s face fell. “Won! Come here! We have to return before mother noticed! We’re not supposed to go outside the palace, remember?”

Won the dog ran towards the princess, who picked him up and turned around. Siwon couldn’t let this chance go. “Wait! Princess Kyuhyun!”

Kyuhyun looked behind his shoulder, “What!?”

Despite the harsh glare, Siwon couldn’t help but fall a bit more with the princess. He didn’t need a reason. “Can I see you again? Please?”

Kyuhyun looked at him in disbelief, “I thought I’ve made it clear that I’m not interested.”

“Just a chance, just… I’m sorry, I believe we got off the wrong foot,” Siwon suddenly realized. “My name is Siwon from the northern kingdom. I’m deeply sorry for my rudeness yesterday, very unworthy to be presented before you.”

The princess blinked. It was pretty unusual for a prince he had just slapped to call himself rude. “Well…”

“I’m just asking for a chance,” Siwon said calmly, although he was feeling very nervous inside. “Just a dance with you in the next party?”

“That’s asking a lot,” Kyuhyun bit out.


Kyuhyun took a good look at him. Siwon, was that his name? Siwon who in his childhood shared the same name of his dog. Speaking of Wonwon, this Siwon kind of reminded Kyuhyun of his dog. The pleading eyes and the tense hands, although this man seemed to be trying to hide it…

“There’s a masquerade party two days from now,” Kyuhyun found himself saying. “If you can find me before the second dance…”

“I will find you,” Siwon bowed. “I promise.”

Kyuhyun turned around and disappeared into the trees.


It wasn’t like he was cheating. He just didn’t say that he would come only five minutes before the second dance. Siwon was lucky he didn’t come just a minute before it began.

He walked in confidently with his mask secured in place. He was wearing head accessories as well to cover his hair, while wearing a dress so out of his element. He would walk out on the first note of the second dance, then maybe Siwon would take the hint and—.

“Found you, my princess.”

Kyuhyun jumped and whirled around, staring wide-eyed at the masked figure behind him. “Y-you!”

“I did promise I will find you,” the unmasked smile spread widely. “I always keep my promise. Can you keep yours?”

The princess could only gulp when the tall prince took him to the middle of the ballroom. The second dance will start soon. “How did you find me so fast?”

“The power of love,” Siwon answered without hesitation. Kyuhyun would’ve scoffed if the host of the party didn’t announce that the second dance is starting.

“W-wait, no!” He tried to free himself from Siwon’s embrace (since when did his hand wrap around his waist?) but failed miserably. “Let me go!”

“But you’ve promised I can have a dance if I can find you,” Siwon said, and Kyuhyun didn’t had a chance to object as the prince quickly twirled them around for the opening move. The princess yelped and staggered to his side. Luckily, Siwon’s strong arm was firm on his back, holding him up.

“B-but…” Panic filled Kyuhyun’s face (at least the visible part of it), and to Siwon, he looked even more adorable. The dance twisted them around and Kyuhyun’s feet got stuck to his dress. The princess gasped, horrified that he would fall. But this time, Siwon didn’t only hold him up. He wrapped both arms around Kyuhyun’s waist and lifted him a few palms over the floor.

That moment seemed to freeze. Kyuhyun lost all his wits and protests as he stared down into the prince’s earnest eyes. Siwon asked, a flicker of glee in his eyes, “You okay?”

“Don’t laugh at me,” Kyuhyun snapped, but not with as much venom as he aimed for. “Now you know I couldn’t dance.”

Siwon gently lowered him back down, one hand moved to hold the princess’ hand again while the other stayed perched comfortably around Kyuhyun. “Don’t worry, just leave everything to me.”

“What do you—,” Kyuhyun’s words were cut off as Siwon glided around easily, almost effortlessly guiding Kyuhyun through the dance. It looked like they were dancing, while in truth, Siwon was the one doing all the work. The princess could sense the stares of the people around them, and before the middle of the song, they had became the center of attention.

“Showoff,” Kyuhyun muttered.

Siwon just smiled down at the princess, who looked away because his face felt like burning all of a sudden. “I’m glad I can have this dance with you, Princess.”

“…satisfied now?”

The taller man pretended to think for a moment. “No,” he answered, “I would love to receive the pleasure of getting to know you better.”

“Now you’re really asking a lot.”

“How about we meet on that spot by the lake tomorrow morning?”

“Why would I come?”

“Because I will wait until you come, no matter how long it would take.”

Kyuhyun wanted to say that he was just bluffing, but the eyes behind the mask were so full of spellbinding determination. Then the music came to a slower tempo and Kyuhyun knew it was going to end soon. “We should stop now.”


“We have to open our masks at the end of this dance.”

“Do you not want to be seen with me?”

Normally, Kyuhyun would’ve said yes without a pause. He found that he couldn’t. “The princesses would create a ruckus when they found out that you’re dancing with someone.”

“What princesses?”

“I remember seeing princesses lining up to dance with you in my father’s birthday party, but you refused all of them.”

Siwon couldn’t believe his ears. “You saw me?”

“What are you so happy about?” Kyuhyun blinked. “Who wouldn’t notice a huge crowd gathering around someone?”

The prince chuckled happily and just then Kyuhyun realized that the music had stopped. Siwon took off his mask… then he took off Kyuhyun’s. “Beautiful,” he said with eyes filled with so much adoration that Kyuhyun had never seen in his many previous suitors. Of course, none of his suitors dared to come for a second time after he rejected them, unlike the persistent Siwon.

Those eyes captured him so much that he didn’t notice the gasps and whispers among the other guests when they realized Princess Kyuhyun, the princess famous with rejecting people and secretly famous with his inability to dance, were actually dancing with someone. That someone was not familiar to many of them, but some princesses who targeted him in the previous dance party instantly recognized him.

In the end, Siwon made him dance until the very end of the third and last dance.


“But what if he doesn’t come?” Hyukjae said worriedly. “I can’t just wait at the inn without knowing when you will return! His Majesty would kill me!”

“He will come, Hyukjae,” Siwon patted his servant reassuringly. “Believe me, he will.”

“How could you be so sure?”

Siwon shrugged, “I just know.”

“At least let me come with you!”

“No! A gentleman doesn’t need help in courting someone he loves,” Siwon stated firmly. “Now stay here –that’s an order– and wait for a good news from me.”


So he failed to tell Siwon that he was still grounded. The first time, he risked it because Won ran off, causing his mother to get angrier and adding more days to his confinement time in the palace. The second time, he thought it would be easier to sneak out since the party was at night and his mother was away. He was right.

But now, his mother was right next to him, stepping in for his manner lessons throughout the day because she could. And because his teacher had cried to his mother.

“No! Kyuhyun, you’re supposed to bow at exactly twenty degrees! Bow lower and you’d be seen as submitting, not low enough and you’d be seen as arrogant! I certainly didn’t raise you as an arrogant kid!”

Kyuhyun sighed, looking out of the window and noticed that the sun was high. Siwon had said that he would wait no matter how long it takes. But looking at his mother’s determined face, his lessons wouldn’t be over soon—. The princess blinked. Was he planning to meet Siwon then?

“Kyuhyun!! Pay attention!”

The princess rolled his eyes but he had to obey. He kicked Donghae who was standing patiently by his side, though, just for the sake of it.


Kyuhyun thought it would go on far into the night (his mother is a slave-driver), but luckily, just before evening came, a servant came and delivered a message, “Your Majesty, His Majesty is looking for you.”

“What is it?”

“His Majesty only said that it’s an important foreign affair,” the servant’s face was serious. “Your presence is needed immediately.”

The queen frowned— the king wouldn’t request her like that if it’s not of high importance. She turned to Kyuhyun and said. “I guess your lesson ends for today. But remember that you’re still grounded, or else...”

Not a split second after the queen went out of the door, Kyuhyun turned to Donghae and said, “Okay, cover for me.”

Horror filled the servant’s face, “Oh, no, oh no, Your Highness! You can’t be meaning to—.”

“Shut up and just tell everyone I’m sleeping and don’t want to be disturbed!”

“But Your Highness,” Donghae pleaded. “You almost got caught yesterday! Her Majesty came just minutes after you finished changing your clothes!”

“That’s the point, I didn’t get caught, you coward,” Kyuhyun glared and pointed at him, “Just get me my cloak now!”

“Your Highness, I’m happy for you, I really do. I think it’s romantic that you sneak out to meet with your lover—OW!” Donghae winced when Kyuhyun slapped the back of his head.

“He’s not my lover!” Kyuhyun’s face burned with anger. Or was it really anger...?

“But... if he isn’t, why would you bother to meet him again and again?”

It was a simple question that Kyuhyun couldn’t answer. He couldn’t say that Siwon had asked him to, because he actually could refuse. He could ignore the prince and just forget all about him. But he didn’t. The thought evoked a strange feeling inside him. A tingling, unfamiliar feeling that made his face redden and kick Donghae for the umpteenth time of the day, “Just get me my cloak!!”


It never came to his mind that there was a possibility of Siwon not waiting for him. He only remembered Siwon’s determined eyes and he could only think of Siwon waiting there, patiently, staring at the direction of the palace and waiting for him to come.

And yes, Siwon was right there, standing up as soon as he saw Kyuhyun and rushed to him with a huge smile on his face. “I knew you’d come,” he whispered.

“My mother kept me back—,” Kyuhyun stopped, unsure to why he should explain himself. He didn’t make any promise to Siwon.

“It doesn’t matter,” Siwon said as he raised his hand to touch Kyuhyun’s cheek, and Kyuhyun found that he didn’t flinch like when other princes touched him. “You’re here.”

“It’s just because you said you’d wait no matter how long,” the princess swallowed.

“So you’re worried about me? I’m happy.”

“Shut up,” Kyuhyun looked away. He didn’t see Siwon’s hand moving down to hold his hand and he blinked when Siwon began to pull him. “What—?”

Siwon just whistled and a tall, handsome white horse emerged from behind a tree. Kyuhyun didn’t notice the horse was there. He did recall the horse from his first— no, second meeting with Siwon. “This is Lady,” Siwon introduced the horse. “She’s a proud horse, but—.” Siwon blinked when the horse stepped forward. Her head leaned down to Kyuhyun, nickering softly to the princess.

“Well, well,” Siwon laughed. “She likes you already!”

Kyuhyun blinked, hesitantly raising his hand to touch the animal. Her mane was long and obviously brushed often. He was never good at riding horses, so he wouldn’t call that gray horse kept in the stall his, despite the fact that she was a gift from his father.

“Do you want a ride?” Siwon said.

“I don’t think so,” Kyuhyun pulled his hand back immediately. “I...”

“You can’t ride a horse?” Siwon grinned.

The princess shot a look at him. “Problem?”

“Cute,” Siwon said unexpectedly and before Kyuhyun knew it, he was holding his screams and gripping onto Siwon for his life as the prince took him on a ride.


By the end of it, Siwon chuckled when he saw Kyuhyun’s flushed cheeks. Not much from fear, but from excitement. It was obvious that Kyuhyun ended up enjoying it. Siwon took him to the other side of the lake and then some, up the hill to see the breathtaking view along the way until they could see the whole picture over the cliff: vast plains under the moonlight. Kyuhyun’s grips on him weren’t so tight anymore (sadly), signifying that he was distracted by the view Siwon had presented to him.

“Funny,” he breathed. “This is my kingdom and I never knew how wonderful it looked at night.”

Siwon helped him to get off the horse and Kyuhyun stroked Lady’s mane lovingly. The princess noticed his amused stare and cleared his own throat, “What?”

“Not as bad as you thought would be?”

“Well,” he answered curtly.

“I can teach you how to ride her alone.”

Kyuhyun had an almost childish glint of interest in his eyes. But in the end, he shook his head, “Not today.”

Siwon couldn’t help but feel bubbling hope, “Not today? So you will meet me again?”

The princess blinked, took one small step back, and looked away. “…Is there a point to it?”

“Of course,” Siwon leaned into Kyuhyun’s line of sight. Kyuhyun’s eyelashes were long, he had noticed since the beginning, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate them every time he saw them. His eyes were dark and unconsciously seductive. The gentle night breeze played with the light brown fringes of his hair which seemed to be glowing. Siwon took the princess’ hand and kissed it gently, beaming when he didn’t feel Kyuhyun resisting. “I mean it when I asked you to marry me.”

That was when Kyuhyun tensed and slipped his hand off Siwon’s hold. “Don’t say that so easily.”

The prince blinked in confusion as he saw the flicker of sadness in Kyuhyun’s dark orbs. “Princess…?”

“You should only say that to the one you really love.”

Siwon widened his eyes and took Kyuhyun’s hand again. “But I do love you! I would never ask you to marry me if I don’t! I’m sorry, you’re charming and beautiful, but…” If eyes were the window to one’s soul, Siwon just hoped Kyuhyun could see it in his stare. “I want you because I love you.”

Kyuhyun opened his mouth slightly, flustered by his words, and Siwon had to use all his willpower not to kiss him right then. “You seem different, I admit,” the princess said. “Other princes just never returned after I kicked them off.”

“Their love was weak.”

“Of course,” Kyuhyun smiled bitterly. “In fact, they have no love for me.”

The taller man frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Come on, don’t act stupid,” the princess turned around and walked towards the edge of the cliff. “The chance to become the next king was gone when the first daughter of the king got married, but there’s still the second daughter. No throne, but still mouthwatering political position, a huge sum of wealth and vast portion of lands to receive when you can be the husband.”

“That’s not true,” Siwon said hurriedly. “They couldn’t possibly think that way.”

“Yeah?” Kyuhyun snapped. “I overheard them, you know. Not just once or twice. They thought it was perfectly normal. Now I can’t even trust anyone who asked for my hand in a dance—.” He was stunned when he felt the prince wrapping his arms around him, embracing him from behind.

He hated the fact that Siwon felt warm… and safe.

“What about me? Can’t you trust me?” Siwon whispered softly into his ear, making him shiver. “Do you see me like you see those cowards?”

“…I’ve told you that you seemed different, but currently I don’t even know what to trust—-.” Kyuhyun’s next words were swallowed by the sudden kiss placed upon his lips. His eyes widened, suddenly feeling dizzy at seeing Siwon so close. But the palm on his cheek felt tender and the hand on the small of his back felt soothing, and his eyes fluttered close as he gave in.

It was his first kiss.

Who said kisses were sweet? Because Siwon tasted salty, though mixed with something unexplainable, something outside the existing types of taste. Something that tasted like… Siwon and affection and… love? But what did he know? He had never been in love before.

Kyuhyun sighed and Siwon released his lips.

“Please, I’m not like them,” Siwon whispered. “I am truly in love with you.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for some time— Kyuhyun searching while Siwon reassuring.

But it was too soon for Kyuhyun. He had been filled with distrust for a long time. It wasn’t easy, but maybe, maybe Siwon could change that… “Can you just take me back now?” He said finally, breaking their eye contact.

Siwon sighed and boldly placed a kiss on the princess’ forehead. “At least think about it.”


They rode back in silence, each drowned in their own mind. They didn’t realize someone was there in their meeting spot until that someone called, “Your Highness!”

Kyuhyun turned in surprise and saw Donghae waving frantically. He wasn’t alone. Standing behind him with an unreadable expression was… “Mother!?”

Siwon gasped and hurriedly got off the horse before helping Kyuhyun down. He kneeled before the Queen and lowered his head, “Your Majesty.”

“So,” the Queen said in a flat tone. “This is the prince you’ve been sneaking out to meet with.”

“Donghae…!” Kyuhyun’s tone sounded dangerous as he shot a glare at his poor servant.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness,” Donghae sounded like he wanted to cry. “Her Majesty returned before I could lock the door to your bedroom. I didn’t have any choice!”

“I made him tell me everything,” the Queen sighed. “You can’t always hold your servant responsible for what you did.”

Kyuhyun still gritted his teeth as Donghae cowered. Meanwhile, the Queen turned his attention to the prince. “You can stand up now.”

Siwon obliged and the Queen instantly scanned him with her eyes from the top to the bottom. It was tense, and Kyuhyun was already thinking of the punishments he would receive for 1) sneaking out multiple times, and 2) meeting up with an unknown prince. He just realized how little he knew about Siwon. He didn’t even know what family he came from…

His train of thought was interrupted when he saw a smile began to spread on his mother’s face. The next words that came out of her were unexpected (although, when he thought again later, maybe not so unpredictable). “Finally a handsome prince can capture my little princess’ heart.”

“Excuse me!” Kyuhyun interrupted, his face flushed. “It’s not like that!”

“What do you mean it’s not like that?” The Queen placed both hands on her hips.

“I slapped him the first time we met!”

“Yet you met with him again and again, ignoring my punishment that you shall stay within the palace!”

“H-he made me do it! And I certainly haven’t agreed to marry him—.” Kyuhyun clamped his palms over his mouth, his face even redder than before.

“Oh my!” The Queen giggled uncontrollably and Kyuhyun had never been so annoyed with his mother’s desperation to see him got married. Elegance, what elegance? His mother forgot all about it when dealing with her princesses. “You move fast, young prince! Later, you have to tell me how you managed to win my Kyuhyun’s attention—.”

“I’ve told you—!!”

“—but now, at least you should introduce yourself to me. I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m very sorry for my rudeness, Your Majesty,” Siwon bowed. “I am Prince Siwon from the north.”

The Queen’s smile disappeared in an instant, replaced with confusion. “Prince Siwon… from the north?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

There was a thoughtful look on the Queen’s face. She glanced at Kyuhyun before staring at Siwon again. “I only know one Prince Siwon from the north.”

Siwon bowed again. “I came to the south in search of love. No more, no less. And I found it in no other than Princess Kyuhyun.”

“Well,” the Queen blinked, but she smiled nonetheless. “This is convenient. Because the King and I had just received a letter from your father, formally requesting a long-awaited alliance.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Kyuhyun stepped between them, facing his mother. “What alliance? Who is his father?”

The Queen was even more confused, “You mean you don’t know who he is all along?”

Kyuhyun felt his head getting dizzy as he sensed a bad news coming closer. He just knew it was bad news. He just knew Siwon was too tall, too charming, too perfect—.

“He’s the crown prince of the northern kingdom.”

Northern kingdom. Had been in a stagnant relationship with the southern kingdom for decades. Alliance was not out of the question, but heavily depended on one kingdom to take an initiative. Pride was a huge wall between them… until now. Now the formal letter had came… not long after Siwon came.

Kyuhyun turned around quickly and stared up to Siwon.

Alliance. A strong yet at the same time frail bond. Further measures are often deemed necessary to ensure the continuity of the bond… including through political marriage.

He looked into Siwon’s eyes and he could no longer be sure that it was sincerity that he saw. A heavy pang fell upon his heart, and he didn’t like what he felt. And he certainly didn’t like the fact that his vision was blurred by…

Realization of what conclusion Kyuhyun might’ve drawn dawned in Siwon’s mind too late. Kyuhyun had already run off while he was too stunned by the single tear that betrayed Kyuhyun’s otherwise calm and collected facade.


Kyuhyun refused to come out of his room for days. Only Wonwon was allowed in the room, and sometimes Donghae when he delivered the food.

The Queen had explained everything to the King, and Siwon and Hyukjae had been welcomed into the palace as royal guests. The prince came every day, trying to convince him to talk. He knew he had to talk to Kyuhyun directly. His explanation about the coincidence would’ve just stop at the door since Kyuhyun wouldn’t listen.

He would never give up, of course, but he needed a new strategy. That strategy came with Kyuhyun’s servant, Donghae.

“Your Highness,” Hyukjae knocked on his bedroom door. “Someone is requesting to see you. It’s His Majesty Princess Kyuhyun’s servant.”

‘Donghae,’ Siwon remembered him from that meeting with Kyuhyun’s mother as well. “Let him in.”

The servant kneeled before him and Siwon told him to stand up in an instant. “You have something to discuss with me?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Donghae bowed. “I’m here to help you.”

“Help me…?” Siwon blinked. “You mean you can help me with Kyuhyun?”

“Princess Kyuhyun, oh Lord, please forgive me of what I’m about to say about my princess, is a very stubborn person. He would, he could stay in that room for a long time, until you go away. That wooden door would never be opened for you.”

“What advice can you give me then?”

“All you need is another access inside the room so you can have a proper talk with the princess.”

“And you have this access?”

Donghae nodded, “There is a large, old tree right in front of His Highness’ room. If you can climb up, you will notice a strong branch just a short distance away from the ledge of the balcony—.”

“So I can jump right across.”

“Yes,” Donghae added, “and you can have a proper talk with the princess.”

“That’s wonderful,” Siwon beamed, a glimmer of hope finally visible. “How can I thank you, Donghae?”

“Umm,” Donghae looked down. “I just beg you not to say to the princess that I told you about the access.”

Siwon laughed. "Okay. I’ll stay true to it.”

“Then…” Donghae bowed, “If you’ll dismiss me…”

“Wait, one question,” the prince leaned closer curiously. “Why do you want to help me? You are his servant after all.”

“…I’m just worried. He hadn’t been eating well and he didn’t kick me lately. I mean, him kicking me was like a daily, sometimes hourly occurrence. So…” Donghae looked down. “You’re the only one who can return him to his normal self.”

“I will never give up,” Siwon responded in determination.

“…Thank you.”


Kyuhyun’s balcony was high on the third floor, and that was how high Siwon must climb. He was lucky that he had received a lot of training as the crown prince that will soon lead a kingdom, though hopefully not into any war. He finally reached the beginning of the branch Donghae told him about, and in that exact moment, the balcony door opened and revealed the person he had not seen in days along with his loyal dog.

The princess looked as beautiful as he remembered, if not more. Kyuhyun didn’t saw him at first. He walked out and leaned onto the edge of the balcony as he stared up to the sky. He looked miserable and lonely, and Siwon felt like hitting himself for causing it. Instinctively, he called out, “Princess.”

Kyuhyun blinked and found him as Wonwon barked excitedly at the sight of his favorite person other than his master. His eyes widened in a huge surprise as he let out a little yelp. But then he remembered he wasn’t talking to the prince. He picked Wonwon up and slipped back into his room before slamming the door.

“Princess—!” Siwon called out helplessly. His eyes turned determined as he began to tread on the branch, inching closer and closer to the balcony. The branch swayed dangerously under him, protesting at the burden of his weight. After a short time, he reached the end and stared at the distance between the branch and the chance for him to talk to his princess again.

“Don’t do it! You’re crazy!” Came the voice he had been longing to hear and he looked up with a smile that turned wide when he saw the princess peeking out from behind the door.

“Finally, you’re talking to me again.”

“You’re going to fall, idiot!” Kyuhyun hissed, but he looked scared for Siwon. The branch looked like it could snap at any time.

“I’m happy that you’re worried about me,” Siwon continued to smile. “But we can talk properly as soon as I jump there.”

“Don’t—!” The branch snapped with a loud sound and it slowly bent as it was about to fall. Siwon’s reflex saved him in time as he quickly jumped towards the balcony— but not far enough. His upper half reached the edge of the balcony, but the rest of him flailed over the air.

Kyuhyun instantly came and pulled him up. With combined effort, Siwon finally stumbled into the balcony, on top of Kyuhyun. His heart skipped a beat at their closeness, but he pulled himself back, feeling it was rude to stay there. However, Kyuhyun was clutching onto him.

“Are you an idiot!?” Kyuhyun screamed, his eyes already brimming with tears from panic. “What if you died—.”

When Kyuhyun showed that side to him, how could he not cut him off with a kiss? Siwon sighed as he tasted Kyuhyun’s sweetness and pulled back slightly, but still kept their lips touching.

“I miss you so much,” Siwon whispered.

Kyuhyun breathed and he pushed Siwon off him. He stood up quickly, followed by Siwon.

“How did you even end up there?” The princess asked with narrowed eyes. “It was Donghae, wasn’t it?”

Siwon blinked, “You’re not supposed to know.”

“That rat! I’m gonna—.”

“He was just worried about you.” Siwon said before Kyuhyun could promise harm to his savior. “He said you looked down and haven’t been eating well…”

Kyuhyun bit his lip and turned around. It was miserable enough that he felt so betrayed by Siwon. He didn’t need Siwon to know about it as well.

“Princess…” Siwon gently called out. “Kyuhyun.”

The way Siwon said his name was so… soft, so affectionate, that Kyuhyun found his heart beat faster. Even more when Siwon’s hands slowly turned him back around. Siwon looked… was that truly ‘loving’ that he saw in his eyes? Or was it just a façade like he suspected when he heard about Siwon’s true identity?

“It’s only a coincidence,” Siwon said, as if reading Kyuhyun’s mind. “I had no idea that my father was planning an alliance. I had never been dishonest with you—.”

“Except that you failed to mention that you’re not just a regular prince, but the crown prince of a neighbor kingdom,” Kyuhyun responded almost automatically. He tried to take a step backward, but Siwon’s hands on his shoulders were firm.

“…You should know best how it feels to be the child of a king,” Siwon said and Kyuhyun widened his eyes. “Princesses came to me, hungry for the position as a queen. I don’t know who is saying the truth anymore, so I decided to look for love on my own. And there, on that party, I finally found you.”

It was actually enough to make all of Kyuhyun’s worry and suspicion disappeared. It was actually enough to make Kyuhyun recognize the true feelings in Siwon’s heart. It was actually enough for Kyuhyun. Now Siwon had truly won over him.

Who else would be slapped by him and still come back to him? Who else would force him to dance without humiliating him? Who else could make him come back to meet again and again?

No one else could make him feel miserable yet yearning at the same time until just not too long ago.

No one else, but Kyuhyun said, “Why should I believe you?” just because he wasn’t willing to give in yet. He was, after all, a princess with pride.

“Because I love you, Kyuhyun. I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Siwon kneeled down, took Kyuhyun’s hand and placed kisses all over it, from the back to the palm, before he looked up again and stared into the princess’ eyes. “I don’t want anyone else as my future queen. It can only be you. Please marry me.”

Siwon waited for what seemed to be the longest time. He was beginning to worry and opened his mouth to repeat his words when Kyuhyun leaned down. The distance between their face was gone as Kyuhyun kissed him for the first time. Siwon’s legs went embarrassingly weak and he ended up tumbling backwards with Kyuhyun on top of him. But the princess didn’t stop kissing him, so he responded with as much eagerness.

They only broke the kiss when the need to breath became obvious. Siwon looked up to the person who had just accepted his proposal (that kiss was a form of acceptance, right?). There were so many things he wanted to say, so many love declaration bubbling inside him. But the first words that came out of him were, “…I didn’t know you were so aggressive, my princess.”

Kyuhyun blushed and slapped him for the second time after they met. But this time the slap was playful and ended with a lingering touch on his cheek. “Idiot.”

A bark from the excited Wonwon, scraping pitifully from inside the room, wanting to play with his two favorite people, made Kyuhyun stood up in sudden embarrassment and Siwon had to whine (very unlike a proper gentleman) at the loss.


“Kyuhyuuuuuuuun~~!” The door to the room opened with a loud bang, but the princess didn’t seem to be surprised or even wanted to turn around. He just stayed there on his seat, looking down.

“Hey!” the person said when he realized Kyuhyun didn’t move. “Where are your manners? Why don’t you greet this great Princess Heechul!”

Still no response, and Heechul stomped in front of Kyuhyun. That was when he realized the look on his face. “…What is a bride-to-be doing before his wedding with a solemn expression like that?”

The white veil that covered the princess’ face couldn’t hide how pale he looked as he bit his lip and fiddled with the flower bouquet he was holding. Heechul leaned down and uncovered the veil. Only then Kyuhyun met his eyes and whispered, “I’m scared.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re going through pre-wedding blues,” Heechul gasped. “Because I have no idea what to do and I can’t exactly tell mother about it. She would freak out.”

“But…” Kyuhyun looked down again. “What if it’s a mistake?”

“What mistake?” Heechul’s face softened as he comforted his younger sibling. “I’ve read all about your love story from the letter mother sent me. I don’t see how it could be a mistake. You do love him, don’t you?”

A faint blush spread on the younger princess’ cheeks. But his face looked even grimmer. “What if… what if he finds out that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with me after all?”

“Ok, wait, where does this come from?”

Kyuhyun just sighed. Heechul groaned and cupped Kyuhyun’s face with his hands. “Brat,” he clicked his tongue, “When someone fought for your love like that, you should never, ever doubt him.”

“I’m not pretty like you,” Kyuhyun muttered weakly. “I couldn’t dance and I couldn’t express my feelings easily. I barely know how to do a queen’s job. He’s a crown prince, you know? It means he will be—.”

“I know what he will become, brat,” Heechul stroked his sibling’s cheek affectionately. Sometimes Kyuhyun could look cute when he lowered his defense enough. “And he will be there for you, believe me. The kingdom will be his number one priority, but his life will be filled with you and you only.”

Kyuhyun’s eyelashes fluttered, “How do you know?”

“Because I’ve went to his room before I came here. He didn’t stand back against my threats, so…”

“Hey!” the younger princess pouted. “That’s my soon-to-be-husband you’re threatening!”

Heechul just chuckled and held back the urge to ruffle Kyuhyun’s hair. “Well, at least you look beautiful. Not as beautiful as I was back then in my wedding, but still beautiful.”

“Oh, shut up…”

A knock on the door came along with Donghae’s voice. “Your Highness… it’s time.”

Kyuhyun took a deep breath and stood up.

His ears were numb along the way as the carriage took him. The loud cheers seemed so far away. The faces of the people around him blurred and he felt like he wasn’t really stepping on the red carpet. Until he saw Siwon waiting for him, looking tall and dashing like no other. Everything went crystal clear after that.

“My one and only princess,” Siwon whispered as he took Kyuhyun’s hand. “I’m glad you can make it.”

Kyuhyun felt a smile blooming on his face and he said, “What will you do if I don’t?”

“I will probably kill myself off after crying for a week straight,” Siwon chuckled.

“Do I mean that much to you?”

“Am I not marrying you right now?”

“I think,” Kyuhyun whispered in a lower voice, “you should show how much you want me later on our wedding night.”

For the first time, Siwon’s face was burning red as he stood, stunned, that his bride had just seduced him.


“If it hurts, I’ll divorce you. Believe me, I will! Don’t laugh, Siwon!”


The end~

Note: the draft that started it all. The fic wouldn't happen without it.

Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun
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