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Different Taste Of Lives.(one-shot)

Title: Different Taste Of Lives.
Author: happyfat_cat
Pairing: Kyusung(kyuhyun,yesung)
Summary: whats happens when a prince falls in love with an archer?

           Yesung placed his pet turtle in its little home before going out into the forest.The day just wasn't getting any better.Eventhough he was the son of a king,he had an extremely boring life and a busy father ,who just couldn't attend to him at almost ,every second.He felt the breeze as he creeped out of the castle.Being a prince had given him no freedom since he was a young child,so when he was twelve he learnt that the only way he could escape the castle was to sneak his way out,at night.No friends,no siblings and no mother.

            His mother died giving birth to him but yesung could still remember the beautiful smile on her lips,she had given him,before passing on.He wasn't old enough at that time to understand what death was,but as he grew older,he could feel his mother's love and care missing from his heart.He then found out,the missing puzzle in his heart,was love.

         He wandered deep into the forest late at night.This was the first time he had ever gone into the forest late at night.Normally, he would dress up and sneak into his garden,the place where he found comfort,outside the castle.But tonight he wanted to explore more,further away from the castle.Yesung walked around aimlessly,not knowing of where to go only to come upon a boy,not faraway from him.He hid behind the bushes,to avoid the boy from noticing him,as he observed the boy,to judge whether the boy was someone he could trust or not...

             Brown warm eyes,milky pale skin and brown,soft-locks of curly hair.The boy was beautiful.As he stood under the moonlight,his wet skin sparkled ,his hair became a warm colour  and his dark brown eyes were shining ,showing Yesung what a beautiful masterpiece he looked-like.

          His warm eyes turned to alarmed ones when Yesung had absent-mindedly stepped on a twig,which broke under his weight.

         " W-who's t-there? " The boy asked timidly,already in a fighting position.

          Slowly,Yesung rose up from his hiding position." Yesung ! " Yesung held out his hand.Step by step,the boy moved forward to shake Yesung's hand before replying with a smile on his face."Kyuhyun!"..A smile plastered on Yesung's face as he shook the boy's hand.After observing the Kyuhyun's smile and beautiful features,he decided that Kyuhyun was safe to be with.

        It was not long after that ,that they both were endlessly talking while seating on a huge rock together as they watch the sun rise.The aura that Kyuhyun had was no longer a cold,mysterious aura but a warm and friendly one.Yesung realised that Kyuhyun was alot younger than him and he was training his archering skills late at night because he thought he was the worse archer,the country had.

         Yesung waved his hand goodbye to Kyuhyun and mouthing the word ' thanks '  to him before walking out of the forest,grinning like an idiot.He never had a friend before but after talking to Kyuhyun , as if they were long-time friends,made him feel loved and calmer.

         It was then he pictured Kyuhyun's face.The hair , Kyuhyun's mesmerizing eyes and his lips.Soft,pink lips.

         But there was also something else that Yesung felt when Kyuhyun appeared in his head . Yesung was sweating alot  by now and his breathing rate had increased.His body felt warm and his heart was pumping against his chest as if it was going break his ribcage any moment.

      What's wrong with me?

        He snuck back into tha castle and back to his room.As he settled on his bed,looking out the window,he wondered if he would be able to meet Kyuhyun again in the future.As he watched the sun rise,another puzzle of his heart was finally fulfilled but there was still that funny feeling.

        Yesung smiled before mouthing the words ' kyuhyun '.


thx i hope you liked it !and sorry if its short...pls comment..

Tags: pairing: yesung/kyuhyun
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