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★ She said she's no good with words ★

Drabble Dump #10

Title: Domination
Word Count: 147
Pairing: TeukChul
Rating: NC-17 [bondage references]
Summary: Just when Heechul thinks he's in control, Leeteuk gives him room for doubt.

Drabble 1

Title: Crush
Word Count: 250
Pairing: YeMin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A little crush turns into something else when the lights go off.

Drabble 2

Title: Break 
Word Count: 210
Pairing: SiMi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There's only so much one person can take before they reach their breaking point.

Drabble 3

Title: Unexpected Thrill
Word Count: 188
Pairing: HaeWook
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Power shifts are least expected when the person you're dealing with is a friend.

Drabble 4

Title: Turn Ons
Word Count: 219
Pairing: HeeHyuk
Rating: R
Summary: Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes and capacities.

Drabble 5
Tags: pairing: donghae/ryeowook, pairing: eeteuk/heechul, pairing: heechul/eunhyuk, pairing: siwon/zhoumi, pairing: yesung/sungmin
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