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WonKyuHae: Codes

Title: Codes
Starring: Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae (WonKyuHae)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Smut
Warnings: Slash
Words: 9,022
Summary: They had four codes in total, all because Kyuhyun is too embarrassed to say it out loud. Yellow - handjob, green - blowjob.

It was a hot summer day when Donghae nudged Kyuhyun as the brunette simply smirked. Yes, he had won once again and his hyung wasn't very happy about it. The whining was about to start.

"Why can't I win for once?" Donghae muttered sadly and slummed his shoulders. The other draped an arm around Donghae's neck and sighed happily.

"You can't beat the #1 Gamer, hyung~" Kyuhyun sang and snickered when the other pouted.

"You could let me win once." The older one suggested with big innocent eyes.

"Pfft. You have to deserve victory over the GameKyu." Kyuhyun replied and yelped when he was hit on the head with a rolled up newspaper.

The Magnae tilted his head back and gave the tall male who sat behind them on the couch a small glare. Though it hadn't hurt, it had startled Kyuhyun and that was enough to make a small blush appear on his cheeks. Besides, getting hit like that made him feel like a little dog who got scolded by the owner.

"Kyu-ah, be nice." Siwon said sternly though there was a playful smile dancing on his face. He went back to reading the paper with the other two seated on the floor in front of him, listening as they continued to bicker about silly things.

They had been playing videogames all afternoon while Siwon watched or simply entertained himself with some literature. At moments like this with the other members minding their own business the three of them still preferred to spent their spare time together. Unless Kyuhyun wanted to play Star Craft of course.

"Fiiiiine, I'm going to play Star Craft." Kyuhyun huffed faintly and scrambled onto his feet. When he wanted to walk away Donghae clung to his leg and whined some more. The older one wouldn't know what to do if the Magnae left him. Couldn't Kyuhyun play another game with him?

"Donghae-hyung, let go! You can play games with Siwon-hyung!" Kyuhyun wiggled his leg and grinned as Donghae struggled to hold on.

"Don't wanna! Kyuhyunnie, play a game with me!" Donghae childishly whined.

This in turn made Siwon drop his newspaper, a look of sadness plastered on his face. Why wouldn't Donghae want to play a game with him? He stood from the couch and placed his hands on his hips. The look on his face made it obvious what he was going to say and had Kyuhyun sighing a bit. The Magnae narrowed his eyes at Donghae.

"Now you've made him angry and he's going to whine too!" The Magnae bluntly predicted Siwon's behaviour and got slapped on the arm for it.

"I do not whine!" The tall male tried to defend himself, but heard Donghae snorting at him from below. Obviously the other one didn't believe him.

Donghae resumed to lay on the carpet floor and tugged on Kyuhyun's pants. He didn't stop even when Kyuhyun told him to and the smallest one laughed suddenly when he tugged a little too hard and could see the Magnae's ass crack.

"Omo~ Not wearing any underwear, Kyuhyunnie~?" Donghae asked with a wolfish grin.

The brunette blushed and pulled the backside of his pants back up, trying to cover his body from the others' eyes. He inhaled sharply when a hand sneaked down his pants and groped him boldly. With Donghae grinning at him at his feet, the hand could only be his.

"Siwon!" Kyuhyun nearly shrieked with the grinning tall male standing behind him.

"Just wanted to see if Donghae was right." Siwon pretended to be innocent, but man's lips on Kyuhyun's neck soon made it obvious he was not going to retreat his kneading hand any time soon.

"Ngh.. S-Siwon.." The Magnae sighed softly at the caressing lips and glanced down to see Donghae nuzzling his thigh while seated before him on his knees.

"Kyuhyunnie~ Please play another game with me?" Donghae's voice sounded like a seductive purr that made the Magnae wonder what kind of x-rated game the other had in mind.

The Magnae could only nod and licked his dry lips. It was hot in the living area and not only because of the temperature of this hot summer day. Kyuhyun felt hot as he imaged all they could do now that they had the dorm to themselves. Leeteuk should have known not to leave the three of them alone, everyone was well aware Siwon, Donghae and Kyuhyun had a thing going on. A thing, it was more than just a brotherly love. Bromance could not define the way they would touch each other or the way the other's name would fall off their parted lips. They hadn't spoken about love yet, but it was indeed something along those lines that made Kyuhyun's body needy and his heart swell.

And the Magnae was not the only one who felt that way. Siwon, though known for his obsession with fan service, was quite possessive when it came to Kyuhyun and Donghae. After a while he was able to convince himself this was simply a sign telling him he wanted to be with the two men forever and after. It was safe to say the tall male was the cheesiest amongst the three of them. With Donghae's roses and Kyuhyun's sneaky though comforting kisses in the middle of the night, Siwon was the only one who could make the other two smile, blush, cringe and roll their eyes at the same time with his cheesy and old fashioned lines. And let's not forget his gestures.

They did their job though, Kyuhyun secretly loved it when Siwon gave him special attention using lines from dramas that he liked to watch. It was as if he could re-enact them, something he had dreamt of ever since he was a little Kyu. Donghae on the other hand mostly laughed at Siwon's attempts to be romantic, but that didn't mean he didn't appreciate them. They would often battle, throwing slick pick-up lines at each other until they either nearly peed their pants from laughing too hard or would find the need to kiss too large to bear.

However, when it came to the real deal it was hard to tell who was in charge. Don't let their physique fool you; Siwon was not always the one dominating the other two and Donghae most certainly wasn't so childish that he didn't know what rimming meant. Kyuhyun on the other hand was a little in the middle, it depended on his mood whether he felt like being submissive or not. How about today? Hmm.

As Donghae's hands fumbled to unbuckle him Kyuhyun swallowed harshly and intertwined his fingers with Siwon's whose free hand rubbed his abdomen. His thumb rubbed the back of Siwon's hand, a small gesture to let the other know the kisses and little nibs on his neck felt good.

"I've been wondering, do your lips taste as good as they look?" Siwon smiled against Kyuhyun's cheek and felt it heat up once more.

"Pffffffff! Just kiss me.." Kyuhyun felt a bit embarrassed and reached over to grab the back of Siwon's head, turning their heads and locking their lips.

There was little pressure on both ends. Siwon gave a little nibble, Kyuhyun obediently opened his mouth. A tongue slid past his lips and rubbed his slowly. Hmm, Kyuhyun loved kisses like that; slow and sensual with no such thing as panting for air. He only had to focus on the pink muscle that asked to dance with his own.

A small victorious sound came from the one below them and Kyuhyun moaned softly when his jeans fell in a pool around his ankles, the air brushing his naked lower body and embracing his member that was slowly coming to life. Two hands kneaded his calves and went up slowly passing his knees until they reached Kyuhyun's thighs. Lips joined the caressing hands and Donghae chuckled when he felt Kyuhyun's legs wobble slightly. He glanced up, smiling when Siwon used his intertwined hand with Kyuhyun's to press the brunette close against his body; it would keep him from sinking to the ground.

"S-Siwon.." Kyuhyun moaned in the other's mouth before the tall male retreated his tongue and licked his lips with a small nod.

"They taste even better than they look," was all Siwon said before he laughed and felt the other pressing his face against his neck so he wouldn't see his blush. God, Siwon was so embarrassing sometimes.

The tall male looked over Kyuhyun's shoulder and whistled slightly. Donghae was doing a good job getting the youngest completely hard, the male's lips spreading kisses over white thighs and giving them little kitten licks. All the while Donghae hummed happily, he truly loved caressing Kyuhyun's body with his mouth.

"Did you plan this, Kyuhyun-ah?" Siwon asked when moving his hand to knead the other half of Kyuhyun's ass. He couldn't remember Kyuhyun going commando on a regular basis. The brunette grinned slightly against Siwon's neck, gave a light bite and pulled back with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Perhaps?" The Magnae replied playfully and grind his ass against Siwon's hand. He removed his own from Siwon's hair and lowered it to wipe the bangs from Donghae's forehead.

"He looks sexy like that, doesn't he?" Siwon asked huskily when both he and Kyuhyun watched how Donghae stuck out his tongue and dragged it over Kyuhyun's entire length.

The Magnae moaned and bit his lip. Donghae kept looking up at them, eyes shifting back and forth between Siwon's clouded eyes and Kyuhyun's half-lidded ones. Both knew that when it came to giving head, Donghae was definitely the best. The things that man could do with his tongue and whole mouth was truly extraordinary. There were times Donghae had the pleasure of sucking both their dicks, hands stroking at an agonizing slow pace as he went back and forth sucking the throbbing head of Siwon's dick and licking the precum of Kyuhyun's.

Right now he would make sure Kyuhyun was all he had to focus on. Siwon was already giving him a nod sealing a silent agreement that tonight they would pamper Kyuhyun good. He was their dongsaeng after all. Siwon soon went down on his knees as well, joining Donghae on the ground and leaving Kyuhyun staring at them with a hesitant look on his face.

"Wait.. I can't, what if.." Kyuhyun didn't know how to say it but it became clear what he meant when Donghae suddenly deepthroated him and the brunette nearly tumbled onto the floor, his legs shaking with the pleasure soaring through his body. If Siwon wasn't there to keep him up than who would?

"Woah, steady there," Siwon raised his hand and grabbed Kyuhyun's arm until the other was stable once more, "just hold on to us and don't forget the codes."

Kyuhyun had hardly time to place a hand on Donghae's and Siwon's head before he felt the one behind him spreading his buttocks and teasing his entrance with his tongue. It felt odd to get stimulated by both men at his most sensitive spots, but Kyuhyun welcomed it with loud moans. Donghae knew just what to do to make the brunette whimper; he gently massaged the male's balls as he bobbed his head up and down, swirling his tongue around Kyuhyun's throbbing head. He pulled back and gave the head a kiss, smiling as Kyuhyun watched him.

"We're going to make you feel good, Kyuhyunnie." Donghae told the one in the middle and sucked on the leaking head as if it was a lollypop.

Honestly the brunette was already in heaven. Little sighs and moans continued to fall from his lips as he tried to determine which way he wanted to thrust his hips; forward into Donghae's sexy mouth or backward to let Siwon know he could add a finger to the tongue pocking past his tight ring of muscles.

"Ngh, blue." The Magnae grunted quite suddenly.

Siwon opened his eyes and slowed the circular motions in the clockwise direction of his tongue. His tongue retreated and he pulled back, kissing each butt cheek and giving the brunette a gentle slap. Kyuhyun jerked slightly, gripped Donghae's hair and bucked forward.

"Why are you impatient at a time like this?" Siwon straightened once more and circled around Kyuhyun and Donghae, taking pleasure in the sight of Kyuhyun slowly fucking Donghae's mouth.

"Just keep to the code, I said blue," Kyuhyun groaned in reply and let his eyes flutter closed once Siwon nodded and disappeared shortly.

The tall male hummed to himself as he rummaged through his drawer, fetching some lube and hesitating on bringing one of Kyuhyun's toys along. He decided against it, his trapped cock wanted to spread those cheeks as soon as possible. And now that Kyuhyun had given the blue signal, Siwon wouldn't have to wait much longer.

All three of them knew what it meant. They had thought of it a long time ago when Kyuhyun announced he was too embarrassed to ask for more during the actual act and therefore often felt like he was bothering Donghae and Siwon, leaving them in doubt whether they could do more or not. It was a shame, it was one of Donghae's biggest turn ons to hear the other beg for more, but they didn't want any of them to feel uncomfortable and so Siwon had suggested to use safe words or codes.

There were a total of four colours, blue indicating Kyuhyun wanted to get fucked – the Magnae would never ask for it like that, such a shame. Siwon smirked faintly as he tried to imagine it. Currently Donghae kept to the green code; Kyuhyun would use it whenever he wanted one of them to suck him off. Obviously there hadn't been any need to ask for it with Donghae's eager mouth. Then there was yellow, a simple handjob. The fourth colour was red. They hadn't used that one yet and honestly Siwon wondered if Kyuhyun would ever give permission for Siwon and Donghae to penetrate him at the same time. It sounded a bit painful after all.

The blue code was good enough. Siwon returned with the lube in time to see Kyuhyun squeeze his eyes tightly shut while tugging on Donghae's hair. The other one was moaning, anticipating what was about to fill his mouth. He loved semen, playing with the warm goo in his mouth and making a mess out of the other two by letting it drip on their bodies. That would only be possible if they had sex in bed though, right now they weren't in a lying position so when Kyuhyun threw his head back and announced his climax with a deep moan Donghae sucked hard to collect it all and eventually swallowed it. He pulled back with a wet pop and a sound as if he had just drained a bottle of water.

Kyuhyun kept on sighing and smiled a little as he patted Donghae's head. He had done well, the brunette couldn't have asked for a better blowjob – sorry Siwon. The tall male wrapped an arm around Donghae's middle once he finally straightened. They shared a kiss, Donghae's tongue generously giving Siwon a taste of Kyuhyun's fluids that still lingered in his mouth. They moaned at the flavour as it mixed with their own saliva and their hands began to undo buttons and zippers. Kyuhyun removed his own shirt and helped with Siwon's before smiling and pulling down Donghae's jeans and boxers. He gave the male's pelvis a quick kiss as his two lovers removed the last garments.

"Which one did you pick?" Donghae asked once he was fully naked and eyeing the bottle of lube resting on the couch.

"Silicone based lubricant, nothing fancy, but very slippery." Siwon replied and sat down before picking up said object, wiggling it at the other two.

It was odd how comfortable they felt when they were naked. It had taken a while though with Kyuhyun's scars and constant whining about his ass, Donghae's member being the smallest and Siwon's being the thinnest. Though they hadn't voted or anything, Donghae and Siwon felt like Kyuhyun had the best ass. Donghae had the best cock. It may be the smallest but it was the thickest as well. Just so you know, the diameter is often more important than the actual length of the shaft. But of course Siwon had the best pecs, abs and the strength to perform in the most admirable positions.

Talking about positions, which one will it be today?

"Aaah, my knees hurt." Donghae whined as he sat down as well and rubbed his red aching knees.

Giving head made his cock pulse quite a bit, but the pain it caused every now and then was so annoying. The tall male rubbed one of Donghae's knees and saw the slightly guilty look on Kyuhyun's face. After coming back to his senses after releasing the brunette stood a bit awkwardly in front of the other two, now the only one not sporting an erection.

"You said blue, right? Come here."

Siwon motioned for Kyuhyun to join the other two on the couch and he held the brunette for a moment, feeling the other squirm as Donghae started tickling his feet. He nearly got kicked, but Donghae continued to laugh until Kyuhyun wrapped his hand around his cock and started stroking slowly. It was actually meant for Donghae to stop tickling Kyuhyun, but soon Siwon made use of the situation, pushing the Magnae on top of the grunting Donghae.

Donghae laid on his back and swirled his tongue around Kyuhyun's earlobe, sucking lightly as the other pressed their chests together and worked on his throbbing member, hand squeezing and jerking. In the mean time Siwon grabbed Kyuhyun's hips and raised him on his knees, giving him a good view and enough access to prepare the Magnae with a huge amount of lube on his long fingers.

"Make some pretty noises for me, Kyuhyun-ah~" The tall male asked right before wiggling his first finger inside.

"Aah!" Kyuhyun would have moaned with or without the request.

Donghae shivered at the sound penetrating his ear. Kyuhyun began panting quite quickly, puffs of air falling on Donghae's lips in between their passionate kisses. As Siwon began fingering his hole Kyuhyun picked up the pace at pumping Donghae's cock and the smallest one was ever thankful for that. Both of them rocked their hips to get as much pleasure as possible while Siwon watched them with a smirk. His own hand was lazily jerking on his cock, the sounds of the other two urging him on to add another finger into Kyuhyun's tight body.

"Fuck, Kyu, faster!" Donghae gripped the brunette's hips and digged his nails in the body that was slowly bringing him over the edge.

Kyuhyun nodded faintly, only using his voice to moan and whine at Siwon's stretching fingers. It felt good the way they rubbed his insides and stretched his hole. His erection was back and poking Donghae's stomach yet the other was too focused on reaching his own orgasm to do something about it.

When Siwon pushed a third finger inside he released his own member and grabbed Kyuhyun's arm. He didn't want Donghae to release just yet, he needed his cock. The one laying on his back groaned in frustration, not understanding what was going on when he was so close to experiencing pure bliss.

"Siwon, come on, what the hell.." He whined as he rubbed his cock against Kyuhyun's instead.

"Kyuhyun-ah, how about we try red today?" Siwon asked softly as he used a slow pace to force his fingers inside the squirming Kyuhyun.

"R-Red?" The Magnae repeated with a blush, moaning as the fingers continued.

"Hehe, yeah, the colour of your face~" Donghae sang teasingly, "come on, I promise we'll be gentle." He added with a small pout. He wanted to reach his orgasm, but if he could possibly get some shared Kyubutt tonight than he'd gladly hold back for another few minutes.

Kyuhyun shook his head and looked over his shoulder to give Siwon a stern look. Siwon raised both eyebrows and stopped moving. It had merely been a suggestion yet the other looked a bit angry. Siwon slummed a little in disappointment but nodded.

"Don't force him, Hae."

"Ngh, still.. Wouldn't it feel amazing? My cock sliding against Wonnie's inside you, Kyuhyunnie? Filling your tight body with two pulsing dicks?"

Donghae moaned at the thoughts and bucked his hips up, making Kyuhyun gasp from the sudden friction against his member. It sounded so tempting, but how much would it hurt? Together both their cocks might be able to tear him apart, he didn't want that.

"Siwon.. Blue." Kyuhyun repeated and tried to ignore Donghae's disappointed look.

The tall male sighed slightly and nodded again, they had promised to keep to the codes and he would keep his word. The fingers were removed and made way for something thicker and longer, slowly Siwon pressed the head of his pulsing member inside. Kyuhyun hung his head, placing his forehead against Donghae's as Siwon spread him inch by inch and making him shiver in anticipation.

"Sorry." The Magnae muttered softly to the one beneath him once Siwon was fully inside and it was once more possible to speak without gasping.

Donghae shook his head and grinned a little reaching over to pat Kyuhyun's ass playfully as Siwon started a slow pace. He knew exactly how Kyuhyun liked it and he wasn't disappointing the brunette one bit delivering slow but long thrusts. The brunette raised his hips and he continued pleasuring Donghae with his hand for a few more minutes, but it seemed Donghae was reluctant about orgasming.

"F-Fuck, what are you waiting for?" Kyuhyun breathed out once he noticed Donghae tensed as if coming, but then held back instead of shooting on Kyuhyun's body like the other wanted him to.

"Not gonna shoot." Donghae said stubbornly and Siwon gave a short laugh as he pushed back in, exhaling slowly as he grind his pelvis against Kyuhyun's ass. He knew what the other was trying to do and wondered if Kyuhyun would fall for it.

"Fine, take care of yourself then." The youngest one was on to him too and scowled slightly. If Donghae was going to break his promise than Kyuhyun would turn all of his attention to Siwon, moving his hips back and wiggling his ass when the tall male caressed his buttocks.

Basically Siwon had all he wanted right now and used the opportunity to speed up, leaning down to drag his tongue up Kyuhyun's spine. The other shivered at the touch and moaned as Donghae whined.

"O-Own fault, ahh." Siwon called out to the smallest one.

"You're supposed to help me with this, jerk." Donghae replied grumpily and wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, forcing the other kiss him.

Siwon moaned once more and rolled his eyes to the back of his head. Actually he didn't want to stop, Kyuhyun felt so good clenched around him like this. However, how tight would he feel once Donghae's thick cock would join him?

Kyuhyun struggled against Donghae's hold and moved so much that it disturbed the tall male quite a bit.

"Yah! We're fucking, not wrestling!" He yelled and slapped Kyuhyun's ass because he couldn't reach Donghae's body.

Kyuhyun whined at the slap, it made him feel hotter, but Donghae was being so persistent today. Then again the smallest one had already given him an amazing blowjob, what could the Magnae use as an excuse to deny the other the pleasure he wanted by joining Siwon and spreading Kyuhyun some more?

"Come on~"


"Just this once!"

"Ahg, Hae! Stop it already, he doesn't want to."

"Meh. Fine."


Siwon's eyebrows shot up his hairline and he stopped moving completely.
Nah, he had really misheard that.


Kyuhyun held his breath and felt his face heat up. If only Donghae wasn't grinning at him like that, damn that man.

"I-I said: Red." Kyuhyun repeated softly.

Siwon felt hesitant, but he could see Donghae shifting on the couch and looked down to find the head of the other's cock rubbing his thigh. He shook his head and reached down in between Kyuhyun's legs squeezing Donghae's member to get his attention.

"Careful and slow." He warned the other and first reached back to grab the precious lube. Kyuhyun eyed it warily but was glad to see Donghae was using it generously. The smallest one coaxed his cock thoroughly and pecked the nervous male's lips.

Kyuhyun squirmed; a finger had slipped in his ass and now joined Siwon's throbbing member. It was the tall male himself, trying to spread Kyuhyun some more so Donghae could slip in a bit easier. The brunette was preparing for the worst though, his hands held a tight grip of Donghae's shoulders as he felt the other nearing his hole. The finger was gone and it nearly made him whimper, it meant Donghae was seconds away from forcing himself inside.

"Perhaps we should let Kyuhyun do it?" Siwon suddenly suggested, noticing the tense shoulders and hearing the whimpers.

"I'll hold it in place after pushing in a bit, okay?" Donghae did feel a bit guilty toward Kyuhyun as the Magnae clenched his jaw and knotted his brows.

It went painfully slow, though it was more painful than slow. Kyuhyun couldn't help but grunt in pain as the thick head spread him wider and slipped inside. Siwon shifted and kept an eye on Kyuhyun's body language as Donghae tried to get the first inch inside. The thickness of his member really did make up for the length, Kyuhyun lowered a hand to his own stomach, suddenly feeling a very strange tingle in the pit of it.

"Wait!" He exclaimed and was glad that Donghae was startled and indeed instantly stopped.

"It hurts too much?" He asked softly, mind fighting between being concerned and wanting to push fully inside.

"J-Just wait a minute." The Magnae begged slightly at felt his body slowly adjusting.

It was a strange feeling, it still hurt but didn't feel that awful anymore and he motioned for Donghae push in deeper. Donghae complied and slowly pushed inside, listening closely to Kyuhyun's grunts as Siwon stayed silent and shivered as the other's shaft rubbed against his length.

"Oh damn." The tall male groaned and pulled out slightly to get more of that friction. It caused Kyuhyun to gasp and squirm. He wrapped his arm around his stomach, the feeling of being filled like this made him feel strange things.

Siwon gently pulled his cock almost completely out of Kyuhyun's ass and then pushed it back in deep. Kyuhyun grunted and bit his lip when Donghae asked him if it was okay to move too. With a small confirmative nod Donghae started matching Siwon's thrusts. They pulled out together and slowly pushed back in, moaning in unison at the new sensation. It took Kyuhyun by surprise and he mewled a little; their voices adding to the fact that it began to feel good to feel them move together inside him. Instead of moving together like they had always done – two bottoms and one top - Kyuhyun was actually allowing them to double penetrate him. This certain was not what the brunette had in mind for today's activities.

It didn't take long before one of them found his prostate. Kyuhyun didn't know which of the two it was and frankly he didn't care as he moaned loudly and began to have difficulty holding himself up. Donghae smiled in satisfaction once he left the younger's hips moving against his, he had been careful not to hurt Kyuhyun more than necessary. With Kyuhyun obviously enjoying the feeling of both their cocks rubbing his walls, the need to go all out was incredible.

Siwon was panting harshly by the time Donghae picked up the pace. It didn't just make Kyuhyun gasp for air, Siwon gasped as well with the new found rhythm. He gladly followed it, driving his length quickly inside before he was already pulling back again. Pounding Kyuhyun's sexy ass had never felt so amazing, Siwon raised a hand to wipe the sweat of his brow and silently thanked the other for being so stubborn. And now that Kyuhyun rolled his hips and lolled his head from side to side drowning in the pleasure shooting up his spine, Siwon could only hope the brunette would allow this more often in the near future. It felt so damn good.

"I think he's almost there." Donghae suddenly informed Siwon being able to see the way Kyuhyun's eyes held a clouded look as he stared down at the panting Donghae. He moved his lips, but Kyuhyun couldn't speak, he was too busy panting, groaning and moaning. Donghae was right, Kyuhyun could feel it coming and leaned down sharing an open-mouthed kiss with the grinning male.

"Hmngh, harder Siwon, make him squirm and come." Donghae enjoyed giving orders and saw the way Kyuhyun's eyes rolled to the back of his head when Siwon began plunging his cock inside with incredible force. Kyuhyun's body shook, it trembled and jerked with every hard shove and arched once Donghae tweaked his nipple.

"Fuck!" The brunette exclaimed at the unexpected pain that came paired with pleasure.

"Come for us, Kyuhyun." Siwon growled lowly, his own orgasm feeling so close.

"Let me feel that come on my body." Donghae added to the command and grabbed the weeping cock that rubbed against his chest.

Instead it was actually Siwon spilling himself first. It had simply been too much and he could no longer hold back. With one final groan, the tall male erupted inside Kyuhyun and made his lovers moan at the warm liquid hitting them.

"Fuck, Siwon!" Donghae was definitely not used to this and squeezed Kyuhyun's member, jerking on it as if his life depended on it. It worked and helped to bring Kyuhyun over the edge.

The Magnae nearly screamed when his orgasm hit him, stars appeared and suddenly he felt dizzy. Donghae was still pushing inside of his clenching body and with all these stimulating sounds of one moaning in relieve and the other in frustration, it was overwhelming to the brunette.

"Donghae.." Kyuhyun moaned out for the other to hurry up, his ass was starting to go numb and his arm was shaking quite badly. The smallest one just nodded, arching slightly and opening his mouth wide when waves of pleasure crashed over him. His hips stopped thrusting instantly and his pleasure was interrupted by Kyuhyun crashing on him.

"Oof! Ngh, damn. Siwon, get him off!"Donghae grunted at the one who could easily lift the brunette.

Siwon panted as he wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun's waist and let himself tumbled backwards on the couch, letting Donghae's cock slip out. The Magnae moaned once more as he was left seated on Siwon's softening cock with two different fluids dripping from his stretched hole. He felt dazed and tired, his limps felt heavy as he let Siwon hold him. A hand caressed his head until Kyuhyun leaned it back on Siwon's shoulder, staring at the ceiling while panting.

For minutes they kept silent. All of them were quite surprised by the intensity of their orgasm during this challenging, painful but pleasurable fuck. Donghae ran his hands through his hair and sighed deeply, looking completely satisfied as a large smile spread on his face. He shifted and watched Kyuhyun's chest heave slowly while he rested in Siwon's strong arms. The tall male had his eyes closed, but opened them when he felt the other staring. He gave Donghae a small smile over Kyuhyun's shoulder and shook his head.

"Look at what your stubbornness has done." Siwon scolded Donghae playfully and nuzzled Kyuhyun's neck. The other scoped up the sperm from his chest and licked it off eagerly.

"Hmm, yes, so much spilled sperm, such a shame." Donghae laughed, but fell silent when Kyuhyun raised his head from Siwon's shoulder and grunted darkly.

The Magnae hung his head forward, bangs covering his eyes as he sighed. Without a word he removed himself from Siwon, now completely empty again and it felt so strange after being filled like that. Donghae gulped a little; though Kyuhyun had eventually enjoyed it, it didn't mean the brunette didn't have a reason to be angry at him. The smallest one had been persistent to the point it became annoying and it might have hurt Kyuhyun's feelings in the end though the lust might have masked it moments ago.

"I say.." Kyuhyun's low voice suddenly reached both their ears, "next time Donghae gets his ass pounded with double penetration." The Magnae raised his head with a small angered look.

Donghae knew he should feel slightly scared, but he couldn't help but grin. The fact Kyuhyun had even said such things meant things were going to change from now on. He loved dirty talk and if he had to spread his ass cheeks for both Siwon and Kyuhyun to hear the Magnae say such sexy words again, than it would be worth it.

"No more codes?" Siwon asked with a smile at the brunette now sitting in between his legs. Kyuhyun huffed a bit and crossed his arms, trying to look displeased as Donghae crept closer.

"Say it; handjob." Donghae poked out his tongue at the Magnae and watched him blush.


"Blowjob then~?" Donghae was stubborn once again.

"That's still green."

"Aaw.. how about fucking then? Double penetration~? You said it just now! Just repeat it!" Donghae bounced slightly on the couch, desperate to hear Kyuhyun's voice say those words again.

Kyuhyun leaned back against Siwon's chest and turned to face the tall male.

"Siwon, please tell Donghae I will still use codes if I want a handjob, blowjob or want a good fuck. Also, next double penetration will be in his ass." Kyuhyun sounded calm as he spoke but he couldn't help, but wrinkle his nose once Siwon smiled proudly and kissed his cheek.

"Heard him, Donghae~? Or shall I repeat it?" Siwon asked the male who sat pouting.

Donghae shook his head, he had heard it alright. The fact Kyuhyun wouldn't say those things when he asked for it, but said it so casually all of a sudden when facing Siwon; it was so unfair. The smallest male huffed childishly.

"Kyuhyun, 1. Donghae, 0. You lost, Hae" Siwon laughed and Kyuhyun smirked.

"Bwah! This wasn't a game!" Donghae's pout grew.

"Who was the one begging me to play another game?!" Kyuhyun pointed an accusing finger and jerked it back once Donghae sucked on it.

"Still don't want to let me win once?"

"Of course not."

"Aaaish, you two are tiring, go play Tetris if you want to win, Donghae" Siwon interrupted the conversation that felt too familiar. Kyuhyun laughed at the name of the game stating he would be able to beat Donghae at anything.

"You can't beat me at sucking cock!" Donghae shot proudly and grinned.

Kyuhyun was silent for a moment before he turned his head to look at Siwon once more. The tall male gave him a curious look and blinked his eyes.

"Really now? Siwon will be a neutral judge, right?" The Magnae had already turned around and lowered to his knees on the ground before he was done talking.

"Will I?" Siwon asked with a thoughtful look, smiling once Donghae nudged the brunette to make room for him as well as Siwon spread his legs and scooted to the edge of the couch.

"He likes my mouth better, I know just what he likes." Donghae took a hold of Siwon's dick and began rubbing it, waiting for it to get erect once more.

"Oh please, you've given so much head, it's getting predictable." Kyuhyun retorted, discarding the fact that Donghae had given him a great blowjob earlier after so many times. The Magnae leaned in and teased the slit of Siwon's head with the tip of his tongue, smirking when Siwon moaned in appreciation.

Their bickering continued and Siwon sighed happily, placing both hands on the back of his head as he leaned back against the couch. Basically he couldn't care less who gave better head, but his body was craving a good sucking session right now so he let the two between his legs use him for their silly challenge and closed his eyes. He was going to enjoy this and then make them to do it again, already planning to say the first round would be a tie.

A tongue lapped at his hardening cock, a mouth sucked on the head. Heaven, it was heaven with these two trying to outweigh each other as they got Siwon rock hard. Kyuhyun slid his thumb up the underside of Siwon's cock, caressing the fissure under the head that was oh so sensitive. Then he ran the thick digit over the slit, spreading yet more precum over the spongy, swollen head of the throbbing dick. Donghae moaned slightly, he wanted to lick it off and seeing the precum spreading on Kyuhyun's fingers was really turning him on.

Soon Kyuhyun's fingers disappeared into Donghae's mouth, the brunette chuckling but using the distraction to part his plump lips and let them slide down Siwon's shaft. He was halfway when Donghae stopped sucking on his fingers to see what was going on. Kyuhyun had never sucked either of them to the point of orgasming, unlike Donghae he was not so fond of receiving sperm down his throat. His hands would also do the trick, but it seemed the Magnae's competitive nature would make another unusual thing happen today.

"I knew it, you like sucking cock as much as I do." Donghae grinned as he watched how Kyuhyun bobbed his head up and down Siwon's long shaft. The youngest one glanced at him as he moved back up, stopping at the head to show Donghae how his tongue swirled around the head.

"Hm, ahh, he's pretty good at it too."Siwon added with a grunt and slid one hand down his neck, over his chest and abs, fingers ending in his short bush of pubic hair.

Kyuhyun's swollen lips touched his digits and it made Siwon smile, this was even more arousing than having Donghae's skilled mouth sucking him dry. The erotic sight of Kyuhyun hollowing his cheeks around his pulsing meat made his climax near quickly.

"Waah, naughty~"

The smallest of the three nipped on Siwon's strong thighs, up to the hard chocolate abs which he traced with his tongue. The sweat of the other's body tasted good and the smallest one crawled back onto the couch to reach for Siwon's dark nipples with his tongue. He flicked them and sucked, biting down gently and pulling a bit, grinning when the tall male groaned. A hand in his hair made him stop and lick his lips.

"I wanna go for another fuck." The whisper fell on Siwon's ear and made him shiver.

"Kyuhyunnie~ Can I plow your ass~?"Donghae turned his head and placed it on Siwon's shoulder as he watched how the brunette continued to suck and slurp.

"Hmmp. No blue for you." The Magnae pulled back abruptly, leaving Siwon's pulsing organ and making him whine. Kyuhyun was still a bit tempered about the fact that Donghae he driven him past his comfort level during sex.

Donghae huffed and wrapped his arms around Siwon's neck, casting him a seductive look to see if the tallest one wanted to get on his hands and knees for him. Siwon tried to ignore the look, but without Kyuhyun's mouth on his dick it left him needy. He had been so close shooting his sperm in Kyuhyun's sexy mouth, but Donghae had ruined it.

"How about I fuck you instead?" Siwon suggested lowly.

"Nuh, you had me yesterday. Come on, when was the last time I plunged my thick cock in your tight ass?" Donghae whispered all kinds of dirty words in Siwon's ear and teased it with his tongue.

"Perhaps Siwon should be next for some double penetration?" Kyuhyun's eyes twinkled at the shocked expression from the man whose erection twitched upon hearing the words.

The Magnae crawled into the other's lap and brushed their members together with Donghae clinging onto the tall male from the side. Both gave Siwon a longing look that made the muscular man gulp hard.

"We better take this to the bed."

Kyuhyun laughed at Siwon's words and yelped when he felt the large body beneath him move. As Donghae's arms slipped from Siwon's neck they made way for Kuyhyun's so the brunette could hold on while Siwon carried him out of the room. Donghae fisted his cock as he stared at Siwon's bare ass, already revelling in the pleasure he was going to get in a short moment.

With Siwon being less shy as Kyuhyun things went more smoothly once Donghae had joined them on the bed. The tall male had already grabbed the base of Kyuhyun's length to steady it while sliding down, making Donghae grin eagerly. Siwon grunted in discomfort, but his lovers weren't worried; Siwon had made it clear he liked a little pain that came with the pleasure. However, for this double penetration he casted Donghae a stern look. The smallest one revealed the lube he had brought along from the couch and tossed it to the brunette who lay moaning on the bed. It had been so long since he felt Siwon's body around him that he didn't pay attention to the flying bottle and was hit on the head with it instead.

"Agh!" Kyuhyun cried out and held the sore spot on the side of his head.

Siwon breathed harshly from lowering himself on the other and looked over his shoulder while in reverse riding position. He was straddling Kyuhyun with his legs near the other's arms and sighed at Donghae who looked startled. It had never been his intention to hurt Kyuhyun like that.

"Uwah! Are you okay?" Donghae asked hurriedly and knelt beside the whining brunette on the bed. He leaned down, removed the other's hands and placed gentle kisses on the ruffled brown locks. Kyuhyun fell silent though continued to give the older one a displeased look.

"Never thought lube was that dangerous." Siwon commented and grunted once Kyuhyun slapped his ass.

Another hand was placed on his body, pushing his chest down almost against the other's legs. It gave Kyuhyun and Donghae the opportunity to see how Kyuhyun's cock snugly fitted in Siwon's hole.

"You think it will fit?" Kyuhyun asked and caressed Siwon's buttocks while Donghae slicked up his fingers. The other grinned stating everything fits when adding a little pressure.

Siwon tried to steady his breathing when a finger wiggled inside his body beside Kyuhyun's member. It felt slippery and moved quite easily once the muscular man relaxed; he was way better at handling this than Kyuhyun and it made the Magnae blush a little in embarrassment. The only one who had ever been double penetrated was Donghae and that had been quite some time ago.

It hadn't end very well so they hadn't brought it up until today. Now Donghae seemed pleased that his two lovers were undergoing the same discomfort from getting filled till the hilt by two dripping cocks, but of course he didn't want them to feel the pain that had soared through his own body at the time. Kyuhyun and Siwon had apologized and all was good, but Donghae wished they had thought of silicone-based lube at the time. It is way better than the water-based one since it doesn't get absorbed by skin that easily and therefore lasts longer when performing long sexual acts. The water-based lube had failed on them and caused the friction to become too painful for the three of them to continue.

"I'll stretch you well Siwonnie, no worries~" Donghae wiggled a second finger inside and motioned for Kyuhyun move a little.

Soon small puffs of air fell on Kyuhyun's legs as he fucked Siwon nice and slow, hands gripping the muscular man's hips to pull him close and give access to deep penetration. All the while Donghae explored Siwon's hole with his fingers, occasionally sliding his fingers over Kyuhyun's shaft rather than rubbing the other's walls.

"I'm good, Hae." Siwon panted once he began rolling his hips along with Kyuhyun's.

"You sure? You still feel a little tense." Donghae was teasing, all three of them knew it.

"I swear to God, if you're not going to stick it in I will ride Kyuhyun alone instead." Siwon turned his head and huffed.

"Sounds good to me." Kyuhyun purred as he slid Siwon's body back and forth on his long dick, smirking before Donghae pried his hands off the other's ass and straddled Kyuhyun's abdomen.

Fine, if Siwon wanted him then Donghae wouldn't make him wait a minute longer. He leaned over Siwon's sweaty back and kissed it while guiding his thick member inside. Kyuhyun bit his lip at the feeling, reaching up to massage Donghae's ass cheeks and tease his own entrance with a finger. That made Donghae wiggle and moan, sliding in quicker than Siwon thought he would. It left the tall male panting, his face nearly between Kyuhyun's calves as he used his hands to keep him up. This was a moment where all his push-ups came in handy. He tensed the muscles in his arms and arched his back sensually.

"God, Donghae" Siwon moaned and rolled his head back once the other was fully inside.

"Aahh, so good.. You good, Kyu?" Donghae gave a few shallow thrusts and checked on the male below to see if they weren't too heavy. The brunette simply nodded, taking out two fingers from his mouth to slide them up and down Donghae's crack. He grinned when Donghae shivered and moaned.

Thanks to Siwon's strength Kyuhyun didn't have to worry about being squashed, but of course even the muscular man had his limit so he called out for them to hurry up. Donghae started that slow, deep, punishing rhythm and Kyuhyun was forced to move along at the same pace, because if he wanted to push in quicker Donghae would have to lift his ass from his lower body to co-operate. Kyuhyun made sure the older one would soon change the pace and smirked while prodding the other's hole. He stuck the tip of his finger inside only to retreat it once more and rub the trembling ring of muscles.

"Tease." Donghae muttered against Siwon's back and groaned as the tall male clenched around their cocks.

"H-Hurry up, just fuck me." Siwon was almost out of breath already, hands fisting the sheets as he felt drool trickle down his chin. He couldn't wipe it away, but that was alright, he didn't want to change this position that allowed the other two to push in deep.

Though the three of them usually enjoyed teasing each other during sex this was a different situation. Siwon wanted it fast and hard just mindless, meaningless fucking. Just two bodies pounding his ass to get off as quickly and as excellently as possible. Donghae ran rough hands along Siwon's torso, grabbed his face and turned it so that they could kiss passionately while they fucked.

Kyuhyun's eyes got huge and his body jerked underneath his lovers just as Siwon did a full body shiver. The three of them moaned, their bodies dancing together with their hips thrusting erratically.

"I want you to scream," Donghae murmured seductively. His left hand trailed down Siwon's abdomen, over his six-pack to his cock that had been seeking the friction from the bed sheets. Donghae took Siwon's cock in a firm grip and tugged once, jerking his own body once Kyuhyun plunged a finger inside his body. "Ahh shit!"

"Yesss," Siwon said, though the word came out like a snake's hiss. He knotted his thick brows, more drool dripping down his chin as he pushed back hard and let out a low growl. The double assault on his prostate had begun and it left him clawing at the sheets.

"That's it, that's it!" Kyuhyun continued to fingerfuck Donghae and let the others know his orgasm was nearing. Siwon was thrashing between them, grinding his teeth and nearly screaming. Donghae loved it, Siwon was such an erotic bottom though the muscular man preferred to top.

While Siwon continued to make debouched noises like he was receiving the best fuck of his live, Kyuhyun began to murmur a chant of pleas; he was so damn close and would do anything to paint Siwon's insides with his hot sperm. He stopped moving his fingers much to Donghae's disappointment, but it was worth it when he felt the Magnae squeezing his ass to the point it began to hurt, giving a harsh thrust up that nearly made his two lovers bounce.

"Aahh, fuck, this, agh, yesss..!" Kyuhyun didn't know what he was saying, it just fell from his lips as he emptied himself. His voice had the dreamy tone that only came from good sex or extreme happiness; right now it was both.

His eyes fluttered and he moaned loudly at Donghae when seeing the other arch his chest. It was one of the signals he was going to release as well. The smallest one liked to talk dirty, but never truly made a sound when emptying himself. His eyes were closed, lips parted, head back, his hair wild and sticking to his face as he rammed fast, hard, and deep into Siwon's trembling body. He made no noise, merely sucked in a enormous amount of oxygen and continued pushing in as his orgasm hit him.

Siwon closed his eyes and let his body float on the sensation of being so full, two dicks and their cum coaxing his insides. Donghae was beginning to slow down, rotating his hips in a small, tight circle. He kept flexing his cock inside of Siwon's clenching body at random intervals, but when he managed to nudge up against Siwon's prostate, the muscular man gasped and groaned, eyes fluttering. He wasn't sure what the other was doing, but after five more of those sensually slow circles and dragging the tip of his cock against his prostate it pushed him over the edge.

He shot spurt after spurt, cock twitching in Donghae's hand who finally stopped moving and fisted the pulsing organ between Siwon's legs. Soon after everything had dripped from his member Siwon's face met the bed and he grunted loudly, laying his arms over Kyuhyun's legs.

"Get out, get out.." The tall male muttered when felt Kyuhyun trying to move underneath him. His weigh was pressing down on the youngest one who gave a short whimper.

The three of them moved, disconnecting and simply laying on the bed. Siwon was in between Donghae and Kyuhyun, head at their feet as he tried not to roll on his own sperm, but had to if he wanted his two lovers to rest comfortably as well. He could feel Kyuhyun's hand on his chest, Donghae's rubbing up between his thighs from behind. Siwon knew what the latter wanted and merely spread his legs so Donghae could scope up the sperm that had spilled from Siwon's stretched ass.

"Don't you ever get nauseous?" Siwon muttered softly when trying to remember how much sperm Donghae had already swallowed.

"Nope, I could drink it all day and still want more." He replied and pulled his finger from his mouth with a wet pop.

"Now you sound like a slut." Kyuhyun remarked and laughed darkly when Donghae blushed.

They all their little quirks when it came to sex. Kyuhyun felt embarrassed using dirty talk, Donghae was possessive over sperm and Siwon usually did a whole 180 turn when he had a dick rammed up his ass. It was okay though, they had accepted each other's turn ons and actually they were kind of arousing in their own way.

"I say we add a new colour." Siwon suddenly mumbled and shifted on the bed. He clenched his ass at the painful sting but nestled back in between his lovers once he had turned around.

"Ah, a new code?" Kyuhyun blinked his eyes in confusion.

"What more could Kyu be too chicken about to ask? A rimjob?" Donghae purred from Siwon's left to the one on Siwon's right. They stared intensely at each other until Siwon grabbed both heads and brought them together, pressing his own head in the middle.

"Aish, you two!" He chuckled a bit, "we should use pink for cuddles." Siwon suggested knowing that Kyuhyun would usually just watch Donghae and Siwon as they held each other after sex instead of asking for some of it.

"Oh boy." Donghae laughed and pinched Kyuhyun's cheek when the Magnae flushed bright red and pushed the other two away.

They went back to simply lying on the bed to rest. Siwon had his face nuzzled in Donghae's hair, the latter yawning loudly against Siwon's chest. Kyuhyun watched them and though he lay on Siwon's other side with the strong arm around his chest, Kyuhyun felt embarrassed to try and pull the tall male close like Donghae did naturally.

"Donghae, Siwon.." Kyuhyun spoke softly. Both lovers hummed at him in question and opened their eyes when the brunette kept silent.

"Gimme some pink too." Kyuhyun nearly pouted as he spoke, hands rubbing his arms nervously.

"Ouch! My tooth hurts!" Siwon instantly exclaimed, but pulled Kyuhyun closer.

"Eh? What? How come?" Kyuhyun blushed and reached up to gently touch Siwon's jaw.

"Because you are soooo sweet~" The tall male replied and leaned into the caressing touch.

"Whaha! Aigoo! Someone call the cops, it's illegal to be that cheesy!" Donghae laughed wholeheartedly and slapped Siwon's chest as his two lovers joined his laughter.

"No, I'm serious; Cut it out, Siwon."

"Ngh.. Sorry."
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