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2 KyuWook oneshots

A thousand times a day
KyuWook | G | AU, fluff
He never fails to ask the same question almost every hour every single day, but the other could only sigh in reply, the words being said to him aren't the ones he's eager to hear.

"Nyu haven't anchered my quechon nyet." Kyuhyun said with a mouthful of apple and Ryeowook already lost count on how much he sighed at Kyuhyun's question.

KyuWook | G | angst/comfort, fluff
Hyungshik here, Hyungshik there, Hyungshik everywhere. Yep, someone's quite annoyed.

"I would love to see you wear this when we have slumber parties." the words Ryeowook told him when he handed him the present resounded in his ear and he can't help but sulk.
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun
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