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If You See Hae
shinhae | romance, angst | pg-13 | 32/100 | ache | 437 words

Dear Eunhyuk,

I’ve written over a million letters in my mind but never have been able to put them down to paper. They always lead to pages and pages filled with things that he wouldn’t read anyways, sappy crap that belongs in a K-Drama. But I know if I sent three words he wouldn’t read it, so I want you to do something for me instead, please, Eunhyuk. You’re my best friend; you would do something for me, right? Remember I did save you from that policeman and I did hook you up with Sungmin in the fifth grade. So just consider this to be a payback for all those things I’ve gotten you out of. Just think, it was a good idea that you hung around that chubby guy a year older, right?

If you see Hae, please remind him of what war I’ve supposedly lost fighting with him.

If you see Hae, remind him of all the things I’ve said over the years.

If you see Hae, try to say all the things I’ve wanted to say to him but never got the chance to.

If you see Hae, tell him how awful it is to speak to him through the door instead of being able to see his gorgeous smile and adorable laugh, unable to see his twinkling eyes. The door isn’t much of a talker either.

If you see Hae, ask him when the deadline was. Why it was too late.

If you see Hae, tell him that I’ve thought about it before millions and millions of times.

If you see Hae, make sure he thinks I’ll be back for another battle, ‘cause I ain’t backing down.

If you see Hae, let him know that I want him back.

If he listens, tell him I miss him, and adore everything about him.

But if you see him most importantly, tell him how much I love him.

- -

A single envelope glided over the table, Eunhyuk’s eyes downcast on the wood of the table, his hands lifting from the white of the letter and keeping his mouth closed. The man across the table looked up, giving a questioning look to his best friend who had no want to look him in the eye. “When he sent me this… He said he wanted you to read it… After he died…”

Another fit of crying before Donghae was able to read the letter.

- -

I’m lost without you, Hae. When I see you, I will tell you how much I love you; miss our late nights and champagne and strawberries.

Your Lost Boyfriend,

Deaf By Choice
kangdong | angst | pg-13 | noise/noiseless | 451 words

He opened his eyes, and then closed them again, breathing an intake of air. A sharp pain came from his chest and he screamed out into the rain, his eyes pressed shut. His ear hurt tremendously, his eyes watered, and a large pain came from down near his leg area. Rain pattered around him in the road, his hands lying palm-flat against the pavement.

“Kangin! Oh n-no, I’ll find someone, just you wait, I’ll get you home safely,” he heard a familiar voice, and he raked his brain to find the match. Shindong, it was his voice that haunted him on the road. He had been running away from him, he saw the scene play over and over in his head, his eyelids acting like a movie screen to the worst memory that he could remember. It had been sunny; he was running, hoping to get away from his new ex-boyfriend, hoping to find a place to hide.

He grumbled, opening his eyes and taking a large inhale, telling Shindong that he was alive. “You just-” he heard, then a pause, “Ambulance.” He scowled, realizing that he had missed the rest of the sentence. Above him he saw the face of his ex, kneeling over him, cupping his face, whispering words to him that he couldn’t hear. He swallowed – his throat dry from the amount of alcohol he had drank that night – and opened his mouth. “I, I can’t hear you, babe,” he said. Or, he thought he said. He had been moving his lips but hadn’t heard any words come out. Shindong’s eyes enlarged and he started crying. It was hard to see with the falling rain.

Flashing lights came into view and Kangin let out a smile. His ex-boyfriend never lied to him, not when he was in real trouble. He showed off his bloody-teeth smile, blood dripping from his pink lips. He felt strong hands grabbing him, a wall of white, plastic reaching his mouth but nothing came in. He felt his clothes leaving him, defenseless against these new angel hands. “Bad ear damage,” he heard, “Trouble hearing.” He didn’t hear anymore, which scared him.

He looked up at Shindong, who was in the white carriage with him, and smiled up at him, blood staining his tongue and leaving an odd taste in his mouth. “I love-” he said, before choking, his chest popping up. He choked for what seemed like hours, the angels working on him, Shindong screaming in the background. He made sure to turn to him, and whispered, “You killed me.” He didn’t hear any of it, or the last gasp of air that came into his lungs.

All I heard was Shindong’s beautiful screams.
Tags: pairing: kangin/shindong, pairing: shindong/donghae

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