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Title: Sun Shower
Pairing: HeeChul x ??
Rating: G
Form: Drabble
Content: AU
Word Count: 882
Notes: Inspired by the song Fox Rain, as performed by DBSK and written by the amazing Park YooChun. The pairing was intentionally left ambiguous, but a few know who I had in mind when I wrote this. ;D Told originally as a bedtime story for fruitsz_pixie and togiretamelody.

Some background... The references to ninetails and etc derive from the myths about fox demons/spirits. In Korean/Japanese culture, it's also common belief that when the sun is shining when it rains, it means fox spirits are having a wedding in the sky. :D Which is why (possibly?) Micky's song has both the title Sun Shower and Fox Rain. (Or so coyotecolored has theorized. x3 Love to her and her smartness.)

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Tags: pairing: heechul/unspecified
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