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[fic] Pretend Party - Jungmo/Kyuhyun

Title: Pretend Party
Author: convicted_eyes (aka Me)
Pairing: KyuMo/JungKyu (Jungmo/Kyuhyun)
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex. Swearing.
Summary: After the success of their performance on Immortal Song 2, Kyuhyun and Jungmo decide to celebrate.
Authors note: I don't know! I watched the performance of Pretend Party on youtube, was in love with it, was spazzing with ink_river10 about Jungmo's arms and then this happened. Hope you guys like it!
Archive is here!

The performance had been nothing short of a roaring success; Kyuhyun was sure Jungmo had played a big part in that and not just because of his amazing skills with a guitar (and pretty much every other instrument at that matter). During their practices, Jungmo had offered almost priceless advice for the performance.

It was different to what Kyuhyun was used to, and although he wasn’t that close with Jungmo even after all the rehearsals, his company on stage was a huge comfort. And then he was winning, and the joy and pride was almost unbearable. He’d done it! With rock of all things!

Cho Kyuhyun: conquering the music world one genre at a time.

He and Jungmo barely spoke after his win had been announced, besides a few ‘congratulations’ and many ‘thank you’s as the recording ended, but it seemed to be a silent agreement that they’d celebrate after together.

They went to Jungmo’s dorm, seeing as it was generally quieter than Kyuhyun’s, and cracked open beer, wine and soju. This was perhaps the first mistake of the evening. It didn’t matter how well you could hold your drink, mixing was never a wise idea. Kyuhyun just felt lucky that Zhou Mi, Henry and Jay hadn’t been in at the time.

It started out innocent; they talked about the performance, what went well what could have gotten better, what they liked about other people’s stages, etc. occasionally they’d run off into tangents about this and that, learning more about each other without really realising.

As the quiet celebration went on and the drinking continued (moving on from wine to the first bottle of soju), they became more open and more free with each other. Anyone else would have thought they were a lot closer than they were. Sitting facing each other, listening intently to every word the other said, and laughing until sides hurt and telling ridiculous stories they didn’t talk about often.

It kept on and on. With each new drink the talk got a little more personal. Stories spilling that they’d never told anyone else. Alcohol did have that habit of loosening tongues; sometimes in more ways than one.

Kyuhyun could feel himself getting light headed, but he was still sober enough to notice the flush on the guitarist’s cheeks and how Jungmo smelt really good. Like Christmas spices, sweat and that kind of musty smell that came with music shops. It was a very appealing mix.

‘Oh would you look at that,’ Kyuhyun thought, realising he was practically moulded to the guitarist’s side. ‘So that’s why I could smell him so clearly.’

Jungmo didn’t seem to mind their position, even leaning into Kyuhyun to some extent.

“Your arms are bigger than mine.” Kyuhyun says out of the blue. He feels Jungmo laugh more than he hears him.

“Playing guitar does that.” Jungmo says as explanation. Kyuhyun runs his fingers curiously and a little playfully up and down one of the guitarist’s biceps.

“So, if I played guitar as much as you do, my arms would get like this?” The singer asks, eyes still on the subtly defined muscles, fingers lingering. He likes the way they tense under even the lightest of touches.

“Maybe,” Jungmo sounds a little strained as he replies. “Your arms aren’t that small though Kyuhyun-ah.”

“Really?” Kyuhyun exclaims, almost childlike in the way he sits up. He flexes an arm trying to see if the Jungmo is telling the truth. They seem a lot smaller than Jungmo’s still.

The red head laughs brightly, and this time Kyuhyun hears it clearly and looks up at him to watch as he tugs at Kyuhyun’s arm until it is back down at his side. He doesn’t let go though once it’s there.

“You’re ridiculous.” Jungmo says gently with mirth. Kyuhyun snorts in amusement.

“Yeah, I’m ridiculous, ridiculously good looking.” He retorts with a smirk, but Jungmo didn’t laugh at him like he expected.

“Yeah…you are.” The red head’s voice is breathless as he says the words, eyes intense with something the younger hadn’t seen coming, although he perhaps should have.

Kyuhyun gulped and watched silently as Jungmo licked his lips, eyes darting from the singer’s eyes to his lips and back again. The guitarist’s hesitation was there, but the desire was behind it with that bite of his full lower lip.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe Kyuhyun had the same desire behind his eyes, but it was him who made the first move. Leaning forward and capturing those bitten lips with the force of pent up lust he didn’t know he had.

It was messy and fast and rushed. Kyuhyun couldn’t remember a time when he’d kissed quite like this. He didn’t know whether to keep his hands on Jungmo’s arms or get his fingers in that dark red hair, and Jungmo didn’t seem to know whether his own hands should rest on the singer’s waist, hips or thighs, settling for stroking down the entire area.

Jungmo’s tongue felt warm sliding against his, and then the guitarist sucked on Kyuhyun’s tongue and squeezed the globe of his ass at the same time and the younger was moaning into his mouth and pressing up as close as he could in their current position. Their clothed erections brushed together and with a gasp they broke away. Stopping all movement and just looking at each other with mild surprise and lust.

Jungmo seemed to have a stronger grip on his will power and pulled away a little shaking his head.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea.” He said, words slurring ever so slightly.

“It’s…” Kyuhyun was about to say it’s probably not, but looking at those kiss swollen lips, and the way Jungmo’s chest was moving as he panted, and those arms that were all tensed and warm and firm under his hands, he suddenly didn’t really care if this was a good idea or the worst idea ever.

Kyuhyun leaned in again taking another kiss, gentler than the first, but he still parted with a little nip of Jungmo’s upper lip.

“I don’t care.” He said, and Jungmo gulped.

“Do you even know where this is going?” the guitarist replied with a shaky voice.

“No where. Unless. You. Stop. Talking.” Each word was interrupted with one of Kyuhyun’s teasing kisses.

“Are you going to regret this tomorrow?”

“Shut up Jungmo, and fuck me.”

Those words shot through the guitarist and any self restraint he had left vanished. Kyuhyun felt him firmly grip at his thighs and then he was being lifted slightly off the sofa only to find himself practically thrown back down onto it, straight on his back; Jungmo crawling over him between his legs.

Kisses were shared, heated ones, pecks, ones that nipped at skin, while Kyuhyun grinded his hips up drawing moans and growls he could hear melting into his ear. The feel of the guitarist kissing down his neck, sucking at his pulse point was driving the young singer wild, but when he tried to reach down and tug Jungmo’s shirt off, he found his hands rudely pinned down and he whined.

“Jungmo!? What the hell!?” And then the guitarist smirked, and for a second Kyuhyun realised what people meant when they said his smirk unnerved them, except this one also excited him. He struggled against the vice like grip but all it did was make the muscles in Jungmo’s arm strain at the effort of holding him down, in a way that just frustrated Kyuhyun more.

The maknae leaned his face up and managed to just reach the other man’s lips, biting none too gently.

“You’re such a tease.”

Jungmo chuckled deeply. “And you’re not?”

Kyuhyun let himself fall back into the cushions and pouted at the older man, satisfied when Jungmo leaned in to kiss it away.

“You can’t hold me down forever.” The singer mumbled between intoxicating kisses. Jungmo laughed roughly, leaving the younger’s lips to kiss at his jaw, his chin, his neck.

“Try me.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t help the shudder at the whispered challenge, hips rolling up unconsciously into the guitarists.

“You-you can’t hold me down forever,” He breathed out shakily. “You need to get rid of our clothes at some point.”

“Don’t worry; I’m very good with my hands.” Jungmo smirked and Kyuhyun felt it against his skin.

“I can imagine, but you still only have two.” He said, gasping as the nape of his neck was nipped at and then the warm wet feeling of a tongue lapped over the spot soothingly.

“Do I now?” Jungmo said suggestively, it was then that Kyuhyun realised that there was another hand sneaking up his jumper he still had on from the show, stroking along his bare side. His head shot up and he belatedly realised at some point Jungmo had managed to trap both his arms with one only one of his, leaving his other free to do as it pleased.

Kyuhyun struggled again, but embarrassingly still couldn’t escape the guitarist’s clutches. He needed to work on his arm strength more.

Thoughts of freedom became fuzzy when a thumb brushed against his nipple, making his back arch and his lips part in a whimper. He hadn’t been expecting that. The chuckle that followed irked him slightly but the second flick made him moan and he forgot why he cared if Jungmo laughed.

Kyuhyun whimpered, rolling his hips again and again, up into Jungmo’s, each time causing the guitarist to make strangled sounds of pleasure and falter in his actions, kisses becoming more of brushes against his skin.

“Keep doing that Kyuhyun and this isn’t going to last.” Jungmo said breathlessly into the singer’s ear. Kyuhyun chucked darkly and rolled his hips up again revelling in the moan that followed.

“Then we’ll just have to do it again.”

Jungmo stopped all movement and Kyuhyun for a second thought he’d said something he shouldn’t have, but then Jungmo was looking down at him with this look in his eyes like he wanted to devour him whole.

Kyuhyun gulped.

The guitarists lips came crashing down on his own once more, fierce and fast and although Jungmo smelt like spices and old guitars, he tasted of honey and beer and something Kyuhyun could only define in that moment as pure sex.

The red head’s lips trailed away kisses on every bit of skin he could reach, breath ghosting warm over his ear, hovering there and Kyuhyun waited, baited breath for words.

“I’m going to give it to you Kyuhyun,” he whispered, making the Maknae shudder. “I’m going to give it to you until you’re screaming my name.”

Kyuhyun moaned, trying to move his hands again so he could get those fingers in that hair, on that skin, along those arms. He wanted him and he wanted him now.

“Fuck, I can’t, please, Jungmo, please!”

Jungmo chuckled into his ear placing another kiss below it, before he pulled away, pushing up Kyuhyun’s jumper so he could kiss down the milky smooth skin, using his free hand to feel his way back down the heaving chest; again paying particular attention to the younger’s nipples.

He kept going until his lips, got to the navel, nipping at the rim, his tongue creeping past his lips to dip in and out, a promise of what was to come. The action made Kyuhyun gasp, and Jungmo rewarded the sound with a particularly sweet kiss to his stomach.

The guitarist sat up, realising he couldn’t go any lower, without relinquishing his grip on Kyuhyun’s wrists and he wasn’t willing to give up that power just yet. Kyuhyun was watching him through dark half lidded eyes as he, with just the one hand, unbuttoned the younger male’s jeans, and the zipper, locking eyes with him as he slowly dragged it down. Kyuhyun groaned in what could have been irritation and pushed his hips up.

“Jungmo, for fuck sakes, you’re such a-” Kyuhyun cut himself off with a groan because suddenly Jungmo stopped being a tease and slipped his hand past the waistband of Kyuhyun’s boxers giving him a few languid strokes. “Oh fuck me.” The younger breathed.

“I intend to, Kyu-ah.” Jungmo smirked.

Kyuhyun mewled at the loss of the guitarist’s hand, only to realise that it was so the guitarist could tug down his jeans, bit by bit. Kyuhyun assisted by lifting his hips and after a bit more effort than strictly necessary, they were off, pooled on the floor by the side of them.

The singer watched as Jungmo looked up and down his legs, admiring his thighs, the dip in his hips stopping at his-

He visibly gulped as Kyuhyun spread his legs, one falling to the floor, the other bending so his foot could brush up and down the back of Jungmo’s still clothed thigh. He was smirking at him, that trademark of his, and the red head kind of wanted to lick it off.

“Your turn.” Kyuhyun all but purred.

Jungmo cursed under his breath, completely forgetting about control, and how he was meant to be holding the younger down, because he had to get his clothes off now. He had to get inside Kyuhyun, right fucking now!

His shirt came off first, and he enjoyed the way Kyuhyun’s eyes admired his chest and subtle abs. Then he swiftly slid off his belt and his jeans and boxers fell to the floor besides Kyuhyun’s.

It wasn’t until he felt a hand on his wrist that he realised he had let Kyuhyun go prematurely. His eyes went wide as he looked into those dark eyes, glinting with mischief.

Suddenly, Jungmo was on his back on the sofa and Kyuhyun was straddling his stomach, the jumper he still had on from the performance, brushing against those sinful hips, and if it was possible Kyuhyun was someone who looked more gorgeous from this angle.

Jungmo’s fingers danced up Kyuhyun’s thighs, reminiscent of how the younger explored his arms earlier, and came to rest on that gorgeous bubble butt Kyuhyun had every right to be proud of.

The maknae smirked with a raised eyebrow, but it was wiped off as Jungmo squeezed gently. His hips rocked forward, as the guitarist’s rocked upwards, just brushing the crease of Kyuhyun’s delectable behind. The singer shuddered and looked at Jungmo almost as if he was scolding him.

“You’re not playing fair.”

“You haven’t played fair the entire night.” Jungmo argued smoothly.

“I wasn’t the one pinning you down.” Kyuhyun shot back. “Teasing you.”

“No you did enough of that earlier.” Jungmo teased.

Kyuhyun’s retaliation was to push back against Jungmo, making the other’s head fall back and a moan to escape.

“Don’t push your luck.” Kyuhyun ground out. Jungmo smirked and Kyuhyun’s eyes widened as he felt a finger pushing into him, slowly at first and then right in until he was moaning to the heavens.

“What if I want to?”

Kyuhyun cursed the guitarist but he was pushing back against that finger anyway, rocking on it until he felt a second pushing in along beside it and he hissed at the slight burn.

He leant forward leaning on Jungmo’s chest as the latter thrust those two fingers in and out of him, twisting occasionally but stretching, always stretching.

“Wait, wait!” Kyuhyun exclaimed suddenly, and Jungmo did so, so quickly that it took the singer a second to realise he had.

“What’s wrong?” he asked in a way so tender, Kyuhyun didn’t really think it fit the situation, but that was Jungmo for you.

Kyuhyun ignored the question and crawled back on the sofa until he could take Jungmo into his mouth. There was no way Kyuhyun was going to do this completely dry; and with nothing else he had to work with what he had. He didn’t think Jungmo was complaining if the hands that immediately tangled themselves in his hair were any indication.

He moaned around Jungmo’s pulsing length, stretching himself a bit more while he tried to get as much saliva as possible over the guitarist.

He pulled back a few moments later with a pop leaving Jungmo groaning and wishing Kyuhyun’s mouth was back on him, it had felt so warm, so good. But then Kyuhyun was shifting back up and holding Jungmo in his hand positioning him just so.

They both cried out as Kyuhyun let himself be filled completely to the hilt. Jungmo was gripping at the singer’s hips so tight he was probably bruising him just so he didn’t move before the younger was comfortable.

After a few tense seconds where it felt like there was no sound, Kyuhyun pushed himself up a little and then fell back down, and again, a little higher, and down a little harder. Soon Kyuhyun was moving at a regular pace, rolling his hips with each rise and fall. Jungmo was pushing his hips up to meet him, sometimes harder than he had intended, but those times tended to be the times where Kyuhyun screwed his eyes shut and moaned louder.

Kyuhyun got faster and faster, his jumper bobbing against his hips with each move. Jungmo’s hands felt like they were everywhere, fire and ice at the same time against his heated, sweaty skin.

The younger almost squeaked as Jungmo sat up very quickly, supporting himself on one hand, the other arm wrapping around Kyuhyun’s waist. In that position all he could do was roll his hips, but not for long. Jungmo got himself more stable and then tugged at Kyuhyun’s jumper throwing it down with the rest of their clothes; eating up Kyuhyun’s bared skin with his eyes, before pushing him down again, so he was in control.

Kyuhyun had to admit it was better like this, as much as he loved the power he had had, this position meant Jungmo’s hips were faster, his thrusts harder and his kisses were more precise against his over sensitive skin.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! More Jungmo! Please!”

And how could Jungmo refuse such a request. He lifted one of Kyuhyun’s deliciously long legs over his shoulder, and then the other, thrusting at the same speed and the same intensity but this time hitting Kyuhyun’s small bundle of nerves with every other thrust.

Kyuhyun saw stars behind his eye lids; he could feel his voice cracking as he cried out Jungmo’s name. Only Jungmo’s name, over and over, it was as if it was the only word he knew.

“Yes, yes that’s it Kyuhyun!” Jungmo moaned into his neck, into his ear, licking those beads of sweat that were falling down his neck.

Kyuhyun’s hands reached behind him, gripping the arm rest and in the back of his mind he realised how much they were moving this sofa, how loud they must have been being, but he lacked the will to care as long as Jungmo kept pushing into him like he was.

His stomach felt tight, he could feel Jungmo’s teeth making a mark somewhere on his shoulder, and he was sure the guitarist’s thrusts were getting more erratic. He was close, so close.

“Ah, ah, Jungmo, I’m coming!” He managed to gasp out.

Lips everywhere and still Jungmo managed to say, “Me too, come for me Kyu-ah.”

And he did, bright white stars behind his eyes, Jungmo’s name from his throat and past his lips. He could feel Jungmo still thrusting into him as he rode out his orgasm and then his release inside of him.

They collapsed in a tangle of sweat and come and limbs, catching their breaths.

Kyuhyun laughed to himself, dazed and tired as Jungmo pulled out of him.

“What?” The latter asked a little amused.

“Just…would never have guessed this was going to happen when I tried doing a rock song.”

Jungmo’s own laugh was cut off by a soft but insistent kiss.

A/N: So yeah, random pairing is random. This might be a little inaccurate (I'm not perfectly sure how close or not close Jungmo and Kyu are for example) but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. Don't know when my next fic will be out, hopefully soon. Thank you for reading everyone, love you all!
Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/other, with: trax
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