lady_hanaka (lady_hanaka) wrote in miracle______,

Atheism and Heechul

Title: Atheism and Heechul
Pairing: SiChul, HanChul, HeechulxMystery, KiHyuk, YeWook
Genre: comedy, crack, romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Siwon decides that HanChul needs to stop. Permanently. And so begins the greatest pairing war in the history of Super Junior. Sides are taken, friendships and couples destroyed…and there will only be one true pairing in the end.

“Er…no.” Yesung replied truthfully, looking behind him before turning back to Hangeng. “Seriously, this is crazy. I don’t understand why people think I’m the weird one. I just like turtles and philtrums. I don’t write smut about my bandmates or read smut about my bandmates or hang from the roof on an extension cord. You all need help.”

“But you chose SiChul.”

“I chose life.” Yesung intoned. “And sex. I chose life and sex.”
Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon, pairing: various

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