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Another Set of Drabbles
Pairings: KangTeuk, HaeHyuk, HoSu, 2U
Rating: PG and PG-13
Warnings: Post Break-Up (for DBSK fics)
Genre: Fluff and Angst
A/N: I wanted to do some drabbles today - and I can't do a Yunho without 2U. I'm obsessed.
Summary: Kangin meets up with Leeteuk after military service. Eunhyuk dreams of drowning. Junsu and Yunho make out on the couch. Yunho and Yoochun swim in the ocean.
KangTeuk | HaeHyuk | HoSu | 2U

Title: Boar's Blood
Pairing: Kangin/Kangin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Murder of Secondary Characters
Series: Forgotten Irises
Genre: Half-Blood!AU
Challenge: 30/100 - #55 Shatter
A/N: Thirty percent, guys! Yayyy! Ten more and then 2/5 done.
Summary: Youngwoon's parents killed on his birthday - and how he joined Irises.

Title: Péng yǒu
Pairing: Henry/Amber Side!WonMi, Haewook, EunTeuk
Rating: G
Series: Kid!Suju Series
Genre: Fluff, AU
A/N: The idea came from Amber getting a piggy-back from Henry at Tokyo SMTOWN.
Translations: baba - father in mandarin. mama - mother in mandarin. Péng yǒu - friend in mandarin. appa - hurt in korean. nǚpéngyou - girlfriend in mandarin.
Summary: Henry has to walk home with the Lee family for the first time ever - and meets up with Amber, the second Lee daughter.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: henry/amber, subject: kangin
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