the golden bitch (umberela) wrote in miracle______,
the golden bitch

If I Die Young

Title: If I Die Young
Genre: Vampire!AU
Pairing: QMi, will have Simin if I can work it into it. Also there are just random hook-ups because vamps are whores :|
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Zhou Mi didn't like the word "stalker" and didn’t consider himself one; he hadn't followed Kyuhyun home yet.
A/N: Hi, remember me? I'm not dead. You're all shocked, I know. I said before I wouldn’t post any fic unless it was completely done, and this is me lying :| this was going to have more parts, and it still might, if I decide to continue it. But it works well enough as a one-shot, so enjoy.

8,000 words~

(You don’t know anything about him besides that his name is Kyuhyun and he sings in a bar!)
Tags: pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun
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