★ She said she's no good with words ★ (wookism) wrote in miracle______,
★ She said she's no good with words ★

Ghost of You [One-shot]

Title: Ghost of You
Word Count: 1,797
Pairing: EunHae
Rating: R [warnings: character death, ghosts, sexual situations]
Summary: “Til Death Do Us Part” doesn’t apply to the dreams of those in mourning.
Disclaimer: Title taken from “Ghost of You” by Good Charlotte

Donghae never thought he’d be here, standing over the grave of the love of his life, reading his tombstone and holding back tears that stung unlike anything else. He held a single rose, gently placing it down in front of the grave marker, before standing up again. He barely could stand straight, his legs almost ready to collapse on themselves.
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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