pinknot_rabbit (pinknot_rabbit) wrote in miracle______,

Never Meant To Be

Title: Never Meant To be
Author: pinknot_rabbit
Length : One-shots
Pairing (s): Haehyuk, Kihae (broken)
Genre : Angst, Romance
Rating: pg-13
Summary: For long time Kibum had known that his boyfriend had cheated on him. When the time comes to him to end their relationship, could he be strong enough to do it? Because in truth, the third wheel is not Eunhyuk.

That boy had been there the day Donghae announced to his circled of friends about their relationship. The red hair boy had shakes his hand and Kibum fell a tremor in his body and resentment in his eyes. But he didn’t think much about it. Hyukjae is Donghae best friend since elementary and they had come in a package
Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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