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You Are Perfect (3/3)

Title : You Are Perfect end ~

Pairing : HyukHae, brothers!KiHae

Genre : Drama, Angst, Romance

Rating : PG-13? hehehe

Disclaimer : I just own the plot.. TT_TT

Summary : Donghae met Hyukjae in his imperfect condition. Would Hyukjae accept him?

Warning : Unbetaed.. Fail grammar.. ^^

A/N : Sorry for the really really lateee update ~
I hope there is someone who still remember this fic :)
And this part contain 7030 word count..yaaaayy long enough XDD
Hope not boring you... ♥♥
Oh and btw, this is split into two.. I don't know but lj didn't let me to post in one go :D
Enjoy all ~

Part 1 ~ Part 2

“Yes, Hae. Is it too fast to say I like you?”
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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