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WonTeuk: Soldiers of Light

Title: Soldiers of Light
Starring: 15members, Leeteuk-centric, MainPair!WonTeuk though hints of others as well
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance, Friendship, Angst, Comfort, Religion
Warnings: Hint of Yaoi (boyxboy romance)
Words: 11,389
Summary: Leeteuk returns to his brothers and together fight for the love between Leeteuk and Siwon, but what happens when their Father does not approve? He acceptes his faith, hoping that he would see his brothers again someday.

"Eggs, butter.. Where's the milk?" Leeteuk mumbled to himself as he looked around. He had just moved into town and this was his first time shopping at the local super market. Being the new one in town was always difficult, Leeteuk had moved a lot and still wasn't used to the feeling. But there was also something else that was slightly unnerving him.

Leeteuk glanced to right, nothing. Nothing to his left either, strange.

He pushed his cart forward, turned the corner and sighed relieved as he finally spotted the milk he had been looking for. So far the market hadn't been that confusing and the blonde was certain he would get used to it within a week. Grabbing two cartons of milk Leeteuk nodded to himself and turned around to the vegetable department before he stared right in a pair of twinkling eyes.

Leeteuk gasped, took a step back from the other person and moved his cart in between them to shield himself from the tall male who had suddenly appeared. The stranger tilted his head to the side with an amused, little smile. An older woman came up to him as he opened his mouth and Leeteuk held his breath as the tall male was interrupted by the older lady.

"Excuse me young man, could you help me reach for that peanut butter on the top shelf?" she asked kindly, her voice squeaking as the tall male leaned in to take a better look at her.

A clear blush spread on her cheeks as the stranger suddenly smiled and nodded his head at her. By the time he had helped the older woman, Leeteuk had taken the chance to dash off. He even panted a little as he made it to the other side of the market, quickly throwing in everything he needed and looking around cautiously.

When he reached up for some toilet paper, he froze as he watched hand appear from behind him, reaching out for the same product and taking it. Even after the hand had disappeared, Leeteuk didn't dare to turn around, afraid that the mysterious, tall man had found him. As everything remained silent behind his back, the blonde slowly lowered his arm and turned his head, glancing over his tense shoulder.

His eyes widened when he noticed it was indeed the stranger from before.

"W-Who are you?" Leeteuk couldn't help but stutter and he scolded himself inwardly for it.

The other looked up from the product which he had been inspecting. There was a look of confusion on the man's face as he raised the toilet paper.

"What do you use this for?" he asked suddenly, completely ignoring Leeteuk's question.

The blonde stood speechless, staring at the dark haired male as if he was insane. Of course everyone knew what to do with toilet paper, why was this strange guy asking him such a weird thing? The look on the man's face didn't change no matter how much time of awkward silence went by. In the end, Leeteuk decided it was best to turn around and walk away.

He gripped his cart and tore his eyes from the man's as he turned around, gulping and letting out a shaky breath as he took his first step. Immediately the man appeared in front of his cart, blocking it with his body.

"Is it edible?" he asked, still giving Leeteuk an utterly confused look as he held the toilet paper.

Leeteuk squeaked, wondering why he always attracted the weird guys no matter where he went, and how the other could have been so fast to block him. Ignoring the question, he grunted and raced through the market, almost knocking over a pyramid of canned salmon.

The blonde got in line to pay for his groceries and kept glancing around, ignoring the weird looks the people around him were sending his way. The weird looks only increased when he started throwing his groceries on the counter, eager for the girl to scan them.

"You're forgetting this" a voice beside him said just when Leeteuk was about to pay. He turned his head, cringing at the stranger who was standing beside him and holding out the toilet paper for him to take.

"I don't need it" Leeteuk quickly said, interrupting the girl who was about to take it and scan it for him.

"You were reaching out for it, clearly you want it" the stranger said with a-matter-of-fact voice.

The girl sighed in annoyance, giving the tall stranger a tired look. Leeteuk felt himself blushing, not used to getting so much attention and feeling very embarrassed. He didn't even know the man!

"F-Fine!" he motioned for the girl to scan it and he quickly paid, lowering his head and he grabbing the two bags he had been filling with his groceries. Stepping outside, he turned to the stranger with a snarl on his face.

"Leave me alone!" Leeteuk hissed, eying him up and down and taking a step back to enlarge the distance between them.

The stranger merely smiled at Leeteuk and wasn't troubled by the snarl at all. He said nothing as Leeteuk stared at him and watched as Leeteuk walked backwards. The blonde kept an eye on him though glancing backwards every now and then to make sure he wouldn't bump into anything or anyone. When Leeteuk was about to leave the parking lot Siwon started walking.

It startled Leeteuk and he quickly turned around, clutching the groceries as he began to ran. He nearly tripped over a homeless person's leg sticking out from an alley and had to twirl around to avoid colliding with a lamp post. Though relieved he had not run into the pole, Leeteuk yelped as the wet pavement made him slip and tumble forward towards an expensive looking car.

Oh dear God, why is this happening to me? Leeteuk thought somberly.

The blonde's eyes widened, already preparing to collide with the car and he hoped his groceries would kind of function as a pillow. Before he could finally fall face down on the vehicle, the stranger appeared in front of him and casually wrapped his arms around his falling form. The tall male had to step backward once he caught Leeteuk and smiled as he sat down on the side of the hood of the car with Leeteuk uncomfortably leaning against his chest.

The groceries were squashed in between them and the smile on the stranger's face faded as he felt something cold on his white trousers.

"You're leaking" he simply said and rubbed the stain after Leeteuk squirmed out of his arms.

"S-Sorry!" Leeteuk stammered, nervously looking in his bags and noticing one had ripped, causing the milk of one of the cartons, that had broken, to seep through.

Leeteuk eyed the stranger once again, wondering how the man was able to catch up to him that easily and still have time to catch him before he could fall down. Now that Leeteuk thought about it, he frowned deeply. The blonde was pretty sure he'd had a pretty big lead. And even in the super market, how had the stranger been able to get by his side without disturbing the line behind him? Leeteuk would have noticed if the man had come up to him from behind, but he couldn't have approached him from the front while holding the product, unless the store didn't have an alarm. Or perhaps he was a professional shoplifter?

"He doesn't look like one.." The blonde mumbled to himself, finally noticing the man was clad in all white, something that was very unusual nowadays yet felt a bit familiar.

"You don't recognize me, do you?" the man asked, standing from the car and pocketing his hands in his pants, ignoring the stain for now.

"N-No, should I?" Leeteuk really had no idea where he should know the man from and looked away nervously. He didn't look familiar, nor did his voice remind him of anyone he's ever met.

"You should" the stranger replied with a small smile and shook his head, "it's okay though, you will remember soon enough", he added and smiled kindly once more.

It confused the blonde. It wasn't only confusing, it was scaring him as well. Was the stranger planning on following him to his house? Perhaps he wasn't a shoplifter but a stalker? Ugh, another one. Leeteuk didn't want to deal with someone like that, he had no time to be stressed and afraid, he was trying to build up a new life in this town and having a stalker was not going to be part of it!

"Listen up!" Leeteuk said firmly, suddenly angry. "I don't know who you are, but I swear, if I see you in front of my apartment I will call the police and get a restraining order" the blonde threatened and narrowed his eyes. Though the man didn't look dangerous, Leeteuk wasn't going to fall for the innocent and kind appearance.

The stranger shrugged faintly and nodded his head, apparently agreeing with Leeteuk's terms. The tall male watched silently as Leeteuk slowly walked away. The blonde was afraid the stranger was going to follow him again so he turned around every five feet or so to check if the man was still in place. And to Leeteuk's confusion, the stranger was just standing there, as if only the man's eyes were following him.

Leeteuk turned the corner, pressed his back against the bricked wall and inhaled deeply. He contemplated on what to do, his apartment was just five minutes away, but Leeteuk didn't want the stranger to find out. Perhaps it would be best to take a cab. Leeteuk peeked around the corner and blinked. The man had disappeared.

"Where did he go.." Leeteuk mumbled, walking back around the corner before noticing he had soiled his own trousers with milk. He threw the almost empty carton in a trashcan and rubbed the stains on his trousers as he flagged down a cab. It didn't take long for one to offer its service to him and he quickly got in, glaring at the dirty spots as he mumbled the address to the cabdriver.

They took the long route and the ride home was silent though Leeteuk was loudly discussing the previous encounter with the tall male in his head. His eyes darted out of the window, not searching for anything, but a bit paranoid nonetheless. When his huge apartment building came into view, Leeteuk felt himself calm down. He would be save once inside of his house.

"How much is it?" Leeteuk asked as the car stopped. The driver turned around and smiled.

"It's free of charge" the tall male said, his smile fading as Leeteuk shrieked and threw his second carton of milk at the stranger who had been following him before and was suddenly wearing a baseball cap behind the wheel.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Leeteuk yelled and scrambled out of the vehicle, running into the building and pressing the button of the elevator until it opened and closed behind his panting body.

The blonde glanced around, his mind trying to comprehend how the stranger had been able to steal a cab and then make Leeteuk lead him to the very place the blonde lived. He was almost expecting the tall male to suddenly appear next to him in the elevator, but he was all alone even as he stepped out onto the 15th floor. Fumbling with his keys, he passed all of the doors until he reached his own with the number '01' in blue letters.

Leeteuk looked up from the keys and dropped his grocery bags, feeling his knees give out underneath him. Right there, in front of his door, stood the stranger facing Leeteuk's apartment door. It seemed the tall male hadn't noticed him yet or was simply ignoring him and all the blonde could do was stare in disbelieve as the stranger leaned in and sniffed the door, placing a large hand on the wood and caressing it.

"I-Impossible.." Leeteuk muttered, his keys now also slipping from his grip and the sound of the metal making contact with the parquet floor made the stranger turn his head.

"Nothing's impossible. Your scent if not hard to pick out from everyone else's, but that's only logical" the tall male said and opened the door, motioning with his hand for Leeteuk to come in.

The door had been locked, there was no way the stranger could have opened it and it surely didn't look like he had picked the lock. Leeteuk gulped, intrigued by the stranger's determined pursue and scared for it at the same time. Yet, the way the tall male bowed his head while motioning for the blonde to step in side, it felt awfully familiar.

His feet brought him to the door, his eyes locked with the stranger's as he left his keys and groceries in the hallway. Something told him he wouldn't be needing them. Both entered Leeteuk's apartment, staring silently and waiting for something to happen. It felt less awkward, Leeteuk noticed, as the blonde looked the tall male up and down again. He had been too scared and paranoid before to truly take in the man's appearance. Now that his mind was more at ease, Leeteuk noticed the brown eyes watching him held something affectionate.

"Who.. are you?" Leeteuk had the feeling he should indeed know this man.

The man shook his head, keeping his mouth closed as he reached out and touched Leeteuk's temple. The blonde jerked away, startled and uncomfortable with the touch. However, the skin that had been touched was tingling and it wouldn't stop even when Leeteuk reached up to touch it himself. He lowered his hand, eyes widening at the faint, light blue sparkles dancing around his fingers.

"What is this?" Leeteuk asked in awe.

"It is Father's Light" the stranger replied and took a step forward, hovering his hand over Leeteuk's.

When the tall male neared him the blonde tensed, but was quickly distracted by the increasing light blue sparks circling and tickling his fingers. A smile tugged at his lips and a warm, pleasant feeling spread through his body almost instantly as the sparks spread up his hand and arm, slowly covering his whole body. Unfaced by it all, Leeteuk watched as the stranger raised both hands and gently touched his temples. The blonde's eyes fluttered closed.

"Eens was jij onze broeder en tot op heden hebben wij gewacht om je verlossen van het Kwaad dat je tot je val heeft gebracht" the stranger whispered an unknown language and his hands started to glow, a soft buzzing penetrated Leeteuk's ears and a sudden wave of energy knocked the air out of his lungs.

The blonde stumbled forward, his eyes wide and his hand clutching the stranger's shirt. His head hurt though it couldn't compare to the piercing pain in his heart. Leeteuk whimpered and let out a chocked cry, the sparks no longer felt pleasant, they were stinging him instead. The buzzing sparkles around his body intensified and covered him completely. The man pried Leeteuk's hand away and stepped back from the glowing male, watching intentionally.

"Return to who you once were and return to our side, Jungsu!" the tall male called out and covered his eyes as the light surrounding Leeteuk blinded him and covered the entire room.

In a split second, the light was gone and Leeteuk was staring at the ceiling. A ceiling that looked familiar and one he had been missing for so long. The blonde lowered his head, flexing his fingers as he took in his surroundings. The room he found himself standing in was spacious, decorated with gold and marble. His eyes traveled down over the paintings hanging from the wall, watching familiar faces and reading encrypted names that stirred his heart.

Leeteuk turned slowly, hugging his white robes to his body until he glanced at the door where the stranger stood, accompanied by a silent crowd of thirteen men. The blonde smiled.

"Siwon.. Everyone.." he spoke softly, his eyes welling up in tears as he recognized his brothers.

A gummy smiling male dashed forth from the crowd and engulfed Leeteuk in a warm embrace.

"Teukie-hyung! You're back!" the younger one's greeting was accompanied by a sob, one that only encouraged the tears that were already rolling down Leeteuk's cheek.

"Yes, Eunhyukkie.. I'm back" Leeteuk held the crying man close and paid no attention to his own tears as the other men came forth to greet him as well.

"We've missed you!"

"It's not the same without you around, Teukie-hyung!"

"Don't ever make Father do that again"

The last comment made Leeteuk halt, his eyes glancing to the one who had initially brought him back. Siwon's eyes were as red as Leeteuk's, his face tense as he tried to not let the tears in his eyes fall. Leeteuk turned toward him, releasing a crying Donghae and reaching out for the taller man.

"Siwon.. What happened?" Leeteuk finally asked, taking Siwon's face in his hands.

He had been too emotional to ask for an explanation first. He couldn't remember what had happened. The moment he saw his brothers, his heart had cried out for them and the blonde realized he must have been absent for quite a long time. The only thing Leeteuk could remember was the moment where the others had reached out for him as a large beam of lightening crashed down on him from above, piercing his body and making it feel as if he was being peeled from his skin. Remembering the horrible pain made Leeteuk shiver.

"Come with me" was all Siwon replied and the others silently watched as the two males walked out of the room.

They strolled through the large hallways, walking closely to one another but neither speaking. Leeteuk noticed no one was in the temple and even the courtyard was empty.

"Where is everyone?" Leeteuk finally asked, cringing at his voice echoing through the deserted hall.

"Preparing the feast, they are all hopeful" Siwon replied softly, halting in front of the chamber that was all too familiar to both of them.

Leeteuk opened the door and stepped inside, tears once more welling up in his eyes as he crossed the distance between the door and the bed. He threw himself on the soft sheets and clutched the pillows, sniffling softly as Siwon sat down beside him.

"W-What happened Siwon? Why is there.. a black hole in my memory? Why do I feel so guilty and confused?" Leeteuk sobbed and allowed the other to wipe away his tears.

"It's logical that you don't remember, Leeteuk" Siwon responded and closed his eyes, the memories of that dreadful night over a decade ago were still fresh in his memory.

"Leeteuk.. That day, that day when you said something so.. sinful" Siwon looked away, too pained by the memory to look at the male he was trying to comfort.

Leeteuk was utterly confused and sobbed when his closest friend turned away from him. He reached out, tugged on Siwon's arm and pleaded for an explanation, but the tall male shook his head. It was not Siwon's task to remind the other of his sin and so he kept quiet, muttering a soft apology before stroking Leeteuk's hair and standing from the bed.

"I will come and get you in an hour, try to rest until then" Siwon mumbled, his eyes not once locking with Leeteuk's and he stepped outside, closing the door behind him.

The moment Siwon had left Leeteuk fell asleep, his body and mind worn out from the sudden flood of feelings. He laid spread on the bed, his own bed and in his own room, he remembered this was the room where he had shared many intimate embraces with the tall male. Leeteuk knew he belonged here as his memory slowly came back, but the only question left was why he had been expelled from his home for so long.

Everyone was already seated when Leeteuk was led into the room by Siwon and Kyuhyun; each man walking on either side of him like guards guiding a criminal to the front of the court. That's exactly what Leeteuk felt like when he arrived in front of the glowing white figure, kneeling like he knew was custom and respectful to do. Siwon and Kyuhyun knelt as well but left his side to take their seats at the tables that formed two halves of one circle.

"Jungsu, raise your head" the voice before him said and the blonde obeyed, a look of anxiety on his face as he kept silent.

"Ten years, three months, one week, five days, seventeen hours, twenty four minutes and sixteen seconds" the tones of the voice changed continuously from high to low, flowing together in such a way it seemed like they were singing a duet.

"You have returned, because the Light accepted you, but have you truly redeemed for your sins?" Leeteuk's brows knotted in confusion. He had no idea why he had been sent away and therefore shook his head; how could he say he had redeemed for something he didn't know he had done?

He turned his head, looking at the men staring at him. He knew all of them and knew together they formed the Order of the Soldiers of Light. Leeteuk turned his head to Siwon, an image flashing before his mind that made him tense visibly. Like a visual movie script images moved before his eyes, showing him the exact reason why their Father had punished him.

The blonde hung his head in shame, eyes squeezed shut tightly until the images stopped. It left him weak and brokenhearted, he was reliving the emotions he had felt that day when he had stepped forward to proclaim that the feelings he cherished for his companion were stronger than any brotherhood. It was as the love between Adam and Eve their Father had told them about, Leeteuk was certain of it. To him it didn't matter Siwon was a male, it didn't matter they were holy creatures spreading Father's Light and Truth to uninitiated Souls.

But that had not been the initiate reason reason why their Father had sent him back to earth. Leeteuk looked up and gulped harshly, he had brought shame upon himself the moment he had yelled He was the source of all that is Dark rather than the Light He claimed to be. Blasphemy, as a high ranked Angel all had been surprised by Leeteuk's rebellion.

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is spoken of as unforgivable - the eternal sin. Why had Father's Light accepted him after those years? Leeteuk hadn't known he was an Angel, Father had created his identity and his position in society the moment he woke up as a human, destined to live in poverty and loneliness. For years the blonde had roamed the earth working for cruel bosses and living in dangerous neighbourhoods, constantly having to move when people started to follow him wherever he went.

Once more Leeteuk turned his head, blinking his eyes in confusion when thinking back of all those people stalking him, trying to converse with him and appearing no matter where he went. There had been thirteen of them in total before Siwon had appeared as the last man who refused to leave his side. All of them had been clad in white.

"The Order of the Soldiers of Light have concluded you have redeemed for your sins, it was their word against mine when I said you could never come back, Jungsu" their Father suddenly spoke and made Leeteuk realize his brothers had been watching him all those years, steering him in the right direction that would influence the Free Choice he possessed when a human. According to their Father people can and do create their own 'evil' within their own minds by the choices they make, that was the influence of Satan from below and to make sure Leeteuk would live his sentenced human life without committing a single sin, his brothers had appeared to guide him. Surely Father knew of this, but why hadn't He punished them all for interfering?

"The life I led on Earth," Leeteuk spoke softly and balled his hands before continuing, "I have yet to redeem for my sins, I thank the Holy Spirit for forgiving the eternal sin I committed, but had my brothers not been by my side then I wouldn't be certain to have lived a sinless life", the words pained his heart and those of the men around him. The blonde couldn't lie to their Father, he felt turmoil inside and knew he couldn't return to the rank of a Soldier of Light.

"Jungsu, recite the second listed in my ten Commandments" was the only thing He wanted to hear from the one kneeling before the throne. It wasn't a difficult task, Leeteuk could recite them all in exact order if he wanted to.

"You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments."

"Jungsu, have you been loyal to my Commandments, even without your brothers?"

"Yes, Father"

"Jungsu, did you stop loving me when you were human?"

"N-No, Father"

"Remember who you are, Jungsu, and remember who I am, your Father. Remember your brothers and the task you fulfill under my name, love them as you love me, no more and no less", their Father spoke and rose from the throne reaching out with one hand to Leeteuk's lowered head.

"Join your brothers once more, Jungsu, ranked 15th in the Oder of the Soldiers of Light"

It didn't even matter to Leeteuk that he dropped from 1st to last place in the Order, it didn't matter their Father forbid him to love Siwon, his brother, more than an equal. This was more than the blonde Angel could have asked for and he stood once their Father commanded him to. Warm glowing hands held his face as he cried silent thankful tears. Father motioned behind him and Leeteuk turned around, receiving several smiles from his brothers who had stood and were clapping.

"As Leader of the Order, I welcome you back, Jungsu", Siwon stepped forward and Leeteuk didn't care the tall male had taken his position or called him by his official name. All that mattered was that Siwon opened his arms and that when Leeteuk seemed hesitant their Father allowed them to embrace. Siwon's hand patted his head as he sobbed against Siwon's chest, the other members of the Order joining them until Leeteuk had no more tears left to shed.

The feast could begin, all celebrating the return of one of their own. They sang, danced, shared the heavenly food and drinks as they laughed and smiled. They sat according to their rank during the cheerful event. Leeteuk had never spoken so much with Hangeng and Heechul till that evening when he realized though they were ranked at the bottom, Father still loved them all.

Then when it was time to rest Leeteuk could walk through the corridors with a raised head, ever so thankful that he could caress the images carved in the marble walls while listening to Kyuhyun's voice as the male sang a song to worship their Father like he did every night before lying down to rest with his brothers.

The blonde reached his room and found it locked. He frowned in confusion until he realized he was no longer ranked high enough to deserve a private chamber. That meant he should search and find Heechul and Hangeng, surely he could sleep in their presence.

"Sleep with us, Jungsu"

Leeteuk was surprised to find Heechul and Hangeng in a large room with all his other brothers. Even Siwon who had called out for him was present and already seated on one of the large white beds. There were five in total and the blonde watched how his brothers grouped up naturally to lie down. He turned to the two males who were ranked a bit above himself and blinked when Kibum claimed the last spot on the soft silky sheets.

Were they not grouping to rest according to their ranks? His brothers mingled until there was only one more spot left. Leeteuk felt hesitant when Kangin motioned him to come over to the bed he was going to share with Siwon. Slowly the blonde came forth and sat down on the edge, looking at the others who got comfortable on the sheets with the temperature high enough to keep them warm.

"Don't you.. have a private chamber?" Leeteuk asked softly as to not keep the others from drifting off. Siwon laid down, leaving a spot for the blonde in between his and Kangin's resting bodies. He closed his eyes and sighed softly.

"I declined it, I feel more at ease resting with everyone" the tall male mumbled barely above a whisper that made Leeteuk realize how tired he was. The more he looked at the bed the more tempting it became to lie down and drift off as well. However, was he even allowed to share a bed with Siwon after what he had said? He wasn't allowed to feel more for Siwon compared to the others.

Once more Leeteuk was reminded of the fact they were all brothers and though he saw some of them snuggling close and embracing each other in their sleep, Leeteuk didn't expect any of that as he laid down at stared at the ceiling of the dimly lit room. It was Kangin who at one point scooted closer to seek more of the blonde's body heat. Even with Leeteuk slightly shifting away from him he couldn't move any further when he found himself pressed against Siwon who had turned on his side and had been watching him through half-lidded eyes.

"Don't mind him, he's a restless sleeper" Siwon whispered to the tense Leeteuk who eyed him and then the male behind him who rolled onto his chest and then back on his side, snoring softly. He nodded at Siwon's words, preferring to keep his eyes on Kangin's sleeping face then to lock them with Siwon's even though looking away made his neck ache.

"Relax, Jungsu, you need sleep" again the other addressed him with his official name, the one Father had given him. He liked the name, but preferred the one his brothers had given him during one of their more playful times together. He knew this was not a time to fool around, but why was Siwon refraining from using the name that sounded extra special when he said it?

Finally the blonde turned his head. His eyes were tightly closed and he pressed his face against the sheets, trying to block out the sad feeling spreading through his chest. He could no longer think of Siwon like this, he had to stop. What if Father found out? He didn't want to have to leave again though he knew he would beg on his hands and knees if Father would even mention sending him back to Earth. Earth wasn't bad, but it felt lonely and it scared him. Humans were scary when you were one of them. They hurt each other just to feel good and some even smiled and laughed while doing it. Leeteuk preferred to watch them at his brothers' sides instead of walking around as one of them.

Leeteuk opened his eyes, casted them down when he saw Siwon was still watching him.

"Stop it" he whispered at the other, he didn't want to feel that intense stare anymore. He couldn't sleep knowing Siwon was watching.

When the other simply kept staring Leeteuk wanted to turn around, but a hand stopped him. It grabbed his shoulder and laid him back down. Siwon laid his arm over the blonde's waist and closed his eyes. It was a comforting gesture shared also between Kyuhyun and Zhoumi and some of the others on the beds, but still it made Leeteuk's heart pound a little bit faster.

"Rest, Jungsu" it would still take a while before Leeteuk drift to sleep, but when he listened to Siwon's breathing and thought of the comforting image of all his brothers sleeping beside him he was slowly able to fall asleep.

A small smile lingered on his face. He didn't want to think about what the future would hold for him, surely it would be hard to suppress the way his heart fluttered with every smile on Siwon's handsome face, but his own spot between his brothers was more important. At least he could love the other silently and from afar during the day while secretly enjoying the way he laid beside him at night even though he would unconsciously grip Siwon's shirt and wake up to find the tall male trying to pry his hand off. He didn't seem to mind, but everyone was careful.

They had just gotten their brother back and would hate to see how their Father would take him away again. Siwon kept this in mind whenever he would find Leeteuk staring at him a bit too long and helped to distract others when the blonde blushed furiously. Honestly it was a bit troublesome, but with Siwon's mind set on obeying their Father loyally until the end of his existence, all the tall male could offer the blonde was his brotherly love and his warmth at night.

"Do you think he will forget soon?" Ryeowook asked softly as he and some of his brothers watched Leeteuk staring at his arm where moments before Siwon had patted him while they passed each other in the corridor.

"He better, I think Father is on to him again" Zhoumi replied and sighed deeply as he rested his chin in his hand.

"Perhaps he just has to realize the difference between loving your brother and being in love" Sungmin added into the conversation and watched Leeteuk finally continuing down the hall to turn a corner.

The three men sat back against the small wall, enjoying the spare time they had near the large fountain in the courtyard. Each of them was worried for Leeteuk's future and knew that if this continued bad things might happen once more. But how could they help the blonde Angel?

"We could try talking it out of his head" Zhoumi suggested quite suddenly.

"Father tried that already, doesn't really work, does it?" Sungmin shook his head and crossed his arms.

"What if we all gave him the attention he's seeking from Siwon?" Ryeowook blinked at his own words and raised a finger to his lips, wondering if their Father would be angry if they tried to do that.

"Have you lost your mind?" Kangin said from above the seated man. He had overheard the small conversation while passing and decided to stick around at the other side of the small wall without them knowing. He would apologize later for eavesdropping.

"Well, why not? It would make him understand that Siwon is no different from any of us" Zhoumi reasoned slowly though Sungmin looked hesitant as well.

"But it is different, Father doesn't want any of that, you know that" Kangin was stern when giving the three younger ones a hard look.

"Surely Father wouldn't mind if we all wish to do it? He also brought Leeteuk back when we gathered and begged him" Ryeowook shifted on the floor, pursing his lips in the hopes Kangin would help them.

"It won't work"

"At least try"


Kangin turned his head and glared at Kyuhyun who had spoken last. The brunette leaned against the marble pillar not far from them and turned, revealing himself fully. From behind him Heechul and Hangeng stepped forward, both smiling and obviously approving of the idea. Heechul always sought trouble and involved Hangeng in all his shenanigans that caused them both to frustrate their Father quite badly.

"Aiyaa~ Father loves us all no matter what, we could try" Hangeng said and shrugged his shoulders. He was used to their Father's glaring look and knew he could get away with a lot if Heechul was by his side with his pretty eyes. Even their Father could get persuaded when using the right tricks.

The word was quickly spread and though it took some convincing words and nudges they all agreed that at least they could try. Soon all knew about the plan, all except Siwon and Leeteuk. Siwon would surely rat them out if he knew.

"He needs to chill" Shindong said as he joined his brothers at the table where they ate and overheard them talking about Siwon's strict orders of the last few visits to Earth.

"Just keep an eye on him, he can't be around while we approach Leeteuk like that" Eunhyuk replied before feasting on the mountain of rice on his plate.

"Speaking of Leeteuk, there he comes, who goes first?"

Everyone kept silent at Henry's question and the youngest one sighed, turned around and stood. Fine, he would go first. When he addressed the older one he didn't feel very confident, but since he was the first one to try and implement the plan he didn't have to do a lot. A simple smile and closing some more distance as he watched Leeteuk gather food on his plate was enough. Their bodies touched without speaking a word and Henry even reached out to touch Leeteuk's hand when offering to grab the cutlery for him instead. They joined the others at the table. Henry felt proud though the others only eyed the normal looking blonde.

"You obviously didn't try hard enough" Kyuhyun retorted once he was alone with Henry and some of the others after lunch. The younger one looked offended and crossed his arms suggesting perhaps his dear brother should give a good example then. The brunette merely smirked and had obviously foreseen Henry's reply when he shrugged and went up to Leeteuk who was talking to one of the messengers.

"Teukie, lend me your body for a moment, I'm tired" Kyuhyun interrupted the conversation quite rudely and wrapped his arms around Leeteuk from behind, resting his head against the other's shoulder.

"Kyuhyunnie? What's wrong, didn't you sleep well last night? Perhaps you should ask Kangin to switch places with Donghae again" Leeteuk reasoned when remembering Donghae had been sleeping beside him and Siwon the last couple of days.

"Ngh, or perhaps I should switch places with Donghae?" the brunette suggested softly.

The blonde male kept silent for a moment and when Kyuhyun thought he had perhaps embarrassed the other he raised his head just to see Leeteuk scribbling some papers from the messenger; ignoring Kyuhyun completely. He pulled back and left without a word, glaring faintly as he joined his brothers' side.

"Obviously y-"

"Don't even try to end that" Kyuhyun interrupted and nudged a grinning Henry.

No matter what they tried to do it didn't seem like Leeteuk responded differently. Whether they simply sat beside the blonde or were practically pressing their body against his; Leeteuk would think nothing of it. It was frustrating them all. They were trying to help their brother yet it almost looked like he didn't want their help. Especially the members who had been difficult to convince were scowling when they secretly gathered in their room one afternoon to discuss any further action.

"I told you it wouldn't work" Kangin looked smug for a moment as Kibum nodded in agreement.

"How can you say that when you haven't even tried yourself!" Donghae pointed an accusing finger to Kangin who was indeed the only one left to approach the blonde in an suggestive way.

"We need to use more intimacy, a kiss perhaps?" Heechul suggested just to see Kangin blush some more. He smirked and wanted to tease the other some more when the door suddenly opened and all fell silent.

Siwon narrowed his eyes in suspicion. Surely it wasn't normal to completely stop talking when your brother walked into the room. Had they been talking about him? Why? He had noticed they acted a bit strange the last few days, but saw no logical reason behind it. Now they were all huddled up together eying him nervously.

"Where is Jungsu?" he asked suddenly when realizing one was missing.

"Since you're here he can't be far" Heechul replied and nearly smacked Kyuhyun who nudged him for saying such a thing.

"Why are you still calling me that? What's going on?"

Indeed, where Siwon was Leeteuk could be found as well. Didn't the tall male find that suspicious as well? He frowned and stepped aside, revealing a displeased Leeteuk behind him. They stared at each other before turning to the others, both gave them suspicious looks. The blonde didn't know what to say. Ever since almost everyone started being overly touchy-feely with him lately he only felt comfortable with Siwon and so he stayed by his side at the door.

"Leeteuk, you have to be careful, don't anger Father again" Kibum suddenly said before some tried to hush him. "Oh stop it, they are on to us anyway" Sungmin sighed.

The tall male crossed his arms curiously and waited for an explanation. If this could agitate their Father then he would stop them immediately to prevent bad things from happening. Ryeowook scrambled off the bed and stood looking a bit guiltily and sad. He told them how they knew Leeteuk still held special feelings for Siwon to which the tall male glanced at the suddenly blushing male beside him who refused to meet his eyes. Then the younger one explained how they thought Leeteuk would realize his love for Siwon was brotherly if they all tried to meet the blonde's longing for special attention that Siwon wouldn't give him.

"That is ridiculous" Siwon said once Ryeowook was done.

"Agreed" Leeteuk squeaked after him clearing his throat and trying to will his blush away.

The blonde's consent confused everyone, even Siwon. Leeteuk bit on his lip nervously, the stares made it hard to speak. When Siwon turned to face him and called out for him Leeteuk looked up with a stern look.

"Call me Leeteuk!" he demanded.

"I call you Jungsu" Siwon replied.

"Why? Just call me Leeteuk like everyone else" their brothers watched how the two bickered.

"You don't need that name to be special" the tall male's last reply left Leeteuk blinking in surprise. Siwon thought he was special even without the name? That brought the blush back on his face even though the blonde told himself not to seek any hidden references that might cure his unrequited love.

"You've always been special, Jungsu. The way you look, act and the way you smell" Siwon leaned back against the door with a little sigh.

The blonde remembered the scene in the apartment building back when he was a human. Siwon had inhaled a scent and caressed his door before saying it wasn't difficult to recognize his scent amongst all others. That was not because Leeteuk was actually an Angel? Siwon, he truly thought Leeteuk was special?

"You think I'm really special?" the blonde asked softly and lowered his head feeling timid and foolish for falling for the charming words.

"Mhm, and I think.. Father should perhaps realize times have changed" everyone scrambled onto their feet and stared at the tall male in disbelieve. Had the number one Soldier of Light just said something that questioned their Father's words?

"Unbelievable" Kyuhyun mumbled while Kibum frowned. The silent man looked at Leeteuk, then back at Siwon. He looked at Heechul leaning against Hangeng and how Sungmin patted Ryeowook's behind when the younger one whined softly about being hurt. He came to the conclusion that times had indeed changed and not only for the mortals.

Siwon was not going to confront their Father any time soon. He knew what he was feeling and how He would react if Siwon would try to reason with Him. Surely their Father would blame Satan, the evil brother they had never been allowed to meet ever since pride had taken over his mind and Father sent him down for all eternity.

"Even if we do talk to Father about it, do you think he would listen? Look at what happened to Lucifer" Heechul scowled slightly. Honestly he had never minded Lucifer's behaviour was it not that their evil brother had almost dragged him down as well, fueling Heechul's vanity with his slick praises.

"Don't call him that" Siwon replied. He no longer knew an Angel by the name of Lucifer, he refused to acknowledge him like their Father had told them to. However, he remembered the way their brother would lure them with his voice and his stare, talking them into mischievous things far worse than the shenanigans from Hangeng and Heechul. Had he not also tried to talk to father about same-gender love? He wasn't so sure about that.

"That was centuries ago, Father is far more reasonable now" Yesung voiced his opinion and motivated the others to see the small light of hope.

"What do you suggest we do then? Simply walk up to Father and make-out?" Kangin threw his hands in the air and clearly thought this was all crazy-talk.

"Tsk, of course not. Satan did that and got sent down, though he did other things as well of course" Sungmin reasoned and shivered a bit when remembering the hatred that had shown in those dark eyes the last time they saw him. They had all been fairly little back then, their brother had been one of the first Angels to stand by their Father's side as he watched over the planet he created. Sometimes Sungmin wondered what had really happened between them to separate.

Before any of them could suggest a better idea a soft melody stirred the tense air and made them glance at each other worriedly. Silently they scattered out of the room and spread once they reached the spacious hall they used for meetings and conferences. They all got seated according to their rank and greeted their Father when He appeared at the head of the long marble table.

Ryeowook shrunk in his seat in between Yesung and Zhoumi, wondering if their Father was on to them. It would be difficult to ask for acceptance when everyone knew how judgmental He was. Sexual identity had only been a subject of discussion a few times, their Father growling out Satan's name whenever one of the Angels tried to reason with Him.

"I sense something is troubling you all", they couldn't hide anything from their Father and nodded their heads in unison.

He turned to Siwon and gave him an expecting look as ranked first in the Order. Hangeng cringed slightly when the one who had been most loyal would have to bring up the dangerous topic. To all of their surprise Siwon stood and nodded, indicating he would indeed tell their Father what was going on.

"Father, we have watched the mortals fight and hurt each other for centuries" he began and glanced at the others around the table "there is actually a serious reason for the threat of depression and suicide, which I believe we have not discussed enough."

Siwon was careful and received small nods from his brothers while their Father looked slightly worried. He urged Siwon on.

"After studying a certain, ah, preferenced group of humans we discovered there are consistently high rates of suicide attempts by homosexual youths" Siwon slowly turned to face their Father and awaited the response that would make all of them clutch either the table of their chairs.

"How serious is the threat?" their Father asked.

"A-Anti-gay harassment and violence is a plague, large numbers of gay-identified humans do not feel safe at public facilities like school, offices, train stations, and are often threatened or injured" Kyuhyun said and stood as well wanting to support Siwon as the second ranked in the Order.

"They often stay home for fear of injury and in most cases it leads to severe depressions" next was Donghae and soon the others followed with small additions to make their Father realize this was getting more and more out of hand.

Their Father raised his hand to silent them all. Every one of them had spoken except for the one he knew had truly something to do with this. Leeteuk stared hard at the table, wondering what their Father might say and tensing when his name was called. He was requested to stand and share his opinion.

"Father, I.."

"Do they not have 'Reparative therapy' referring to a controversial therapeutic practice intended to eliminate an individual's homosexual sexual desires? And what about the 'Transformational ministry' using religious or pastoral counseling to eliminate those desires? They should understand this homosexuality is rejected by most major health and mental health professions"

Before Leeteuk could even chose his words carefully their Father had made it clear once more he didn't tolerate any same-gender relationships or feelings. The blonde felt humiliated as he stood with balled fists and clenched jaw. He loved Father, but He was so ignorant.

"There are places on Earth where humans are bound by law to protect their kind from anti-gay harassment just as they protect heterosexuals from other kinds of harassment" Leeteuk spoke softly and smiled slightly.

He felt exactly like that day when he had confessed his love for Siwon and their Father had driven him to the point where he had said such sinful things. Leeteuk felt sad though angry, he knew it was going to happen again.

"What do you think of when you think of the wrongs in the world? War, poverty, environmental damage, cruelty to animals, child abuse, bigotry and hatred, racism, adultery and homosexual acts?" Leeteuk raised his head with a confused look on his face "Father, since when is loving and caressing someone wrong?" his question silenced the one they were all carefully watching. The courage within the blonde Angel grew the longer their Father kept silent and instead of leaving it at that, he placed his hands on the table and leaned forward.

"Loving someone and sharing your life with them can give intense pleasure and happiness, and a great sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. Most people desire romantic love and physical intimacy. It's human nature. Father, why do you force them to live in fear? Why not accept this is something they do not chose to do" Leeteuk saw the warning look on Siwon's face but ignored it.

"Lucifer and his dark Angels are not the ones influencing the preference of sexuality, Father" some of his brother stood now as well, afraid what might happen now that Leeteuk had involved their evil brother. Siwon turned to their Father who kept awfully quiet and the look in His eyes was indescribable. What could they possibly do to control the anger that was growing inside Him? The provocation had gone too far and though the fourteen brothers more or less agreed with Leeteuk's words, they feared the worst.

"D-Don't sent him back! Please!" Henry suddenly begged, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Father, have mercy, Jungsu is only concerned about them" even Siwon tried to stand up for him.

"I can't believe that Father would create homosexual people knowing that they would be unhappy and lonely, and spend their lives in denial of who they are so that they might be accepted by Father and by others" Ryeowook grabbed Yesung's sleeve as he spoke, appearing scared though confident.

"Being a good, loving, infinitely wise entity, Father, you wouldn't do such a thing on purpose, right?" Yesung added in the hopes to calm their Father.

"Or he made a mistake" Heechul speculated and Hangeng whimpered slightly at the one beside him. Why did he have to open his mouth?

"Well, did you, Father?" the Angel raised both his eyebrows.

He momentarily couldn't give a damn if he would be sent down to Earth as a human to condemn for insinuating that their Father was capable of doing such a mortal thing. Leeteuk was in trouble and Heechul wouldn't allow Father to scold him without having his own say in this and right now he had their Father cornered, waiting for His reply.

"I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments" their Father recited and stood as well, looking at the different faces of his sons. He saw the fear, the anger, the sadness and it pained him. His eyes stopped on Heechul and the hesitant Angel beside him, those rascals.

"I do not make mistakes" their Father said sternly, "when Adam and Eve betrayed me, I felt deeply saddened. How could they who I created with my bare hands disobey me? I created more of them, thousands and watched them, experimented with them as they fought and bickered"

Siwon frowned at their Father's words, not truly understanding what He was saying. It almost felt like, no, their Father did hurt the mortals on purpose?

"When men and women could not bear to face each other they turned to their own. Man comforted man, woman comforted woman. I have witnessed with My own eyes how they were perfectly capable of accomplishing the very thing I had created them to do while men and women fought"

Their Father motioned them all to sit down. Slowly they obeyed and looked at each other in confusion. They were still worried, all glancing at Leeteuk and Heechul who had provoked Him the most. Sungmin bit his lip and held Eunhyuk's hand underneath the table, feeling how the younger one trembled slightly. Siwon gritted his teeth as he waited for their Father to continue. Not only Leeteuk but also Heechul were in a dangerous position and though he momentarily strongly disliked them for it, he couldn't help but want to protect them. His brothers, his comrades, the ones he loved were in danger.

"Father, if I may-"

"Siwon" the tall male was interrupted and gulped.

"Son, do you know why they exist?" their Father asked him personally. Siwon shook his head.

"Do you know why they suffer?" another question he had to shake his head at.

"To prove him wrong" their Father whispered and reached out to touch Siwon's chest. The touch felt warm and soothing, Siwon relaxed instantly though was still utterly lost. For a moment all was well in his mind, his Father's words suddenly making sense, but when he glanced at Leeteuk's face it changed once more.

"Father, I don't understand" Siwon responded softly while the others watched them.

"Your brother, the one down below, knows very well that the creatures I created are primitive no matter how much they claim to have improved. They are easy preys for his mind games, but most are loyal to the heart that I gave them"

The heart Father gave them, the heartbeat that would accelerate when he laid with Leeteuk at night? The pounding in Siwon's chest increased suddenly as if something had erupted from within him. He gasped and clutched his chest, immediately worrying the others who stood. Kyuhyun who sat closest grabbed him and steadied him, eyes wide in concern.

"Father, if you understand a man, a woman too and Father created them to make each other happy, then why does Father not allow a man to comfort a man and a woman to comfort a woman?" Zhoumi asked carefully.

Kibum sat silently on his chair, eyes casted toward the table as he listened and replayed all the words their Father had said. Gullible, humans were easily fooled and instigated. The one causing them to sin would be their brother and his Angels, correct? That's why they – as the Order of the Soldiers of Light – watched over the humans and saved the ones lost in the darkness. However, if their brother was truly that evil and if their Father was against homosexuality then didn't that mean their brother was ushering people to love each other no matter what gender they had?

Love is good, but their brother wasn't yet he supported it? Kibum rubbed his chin in thought and tilted his head to the side. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice his brothers were looking at him. Siwon, who had grown costumed to the sensational feeling soaring through his body when he looked at a certain someone, now also watched his younger brother curiously. It seemed he was onto something and their Father sat back once more with an indescribable expression.

All knew about the ancient challenge between Lucifer as their Father's Angel claiming he had enough power to take over His position. Though he couldn't create humans he had enough strength to influence their Free Choice like no other Angel could. There were many things he enjoyed while their Father prohibited it. Didn't He know that would only make it more tempting? Lucifer had always been a mischievous one, pestering the others with little tricks and fooling them by taking advantage of their trust. If their Father said they had to stop people from fighting, Lucifer would descend to Earth to whisper in the humans' ear, instigating more violence and watching with a broad grin as they slaughtered each other.

Their Father had been furious. Lucifer didn't worry about the visible anger and told Him he would prove his power by making his beloved creatures do everything Father forbid them to. Though he was not supposed to be there, Kibum had been the only one of the Order who had overheard what was the last thing their brother had said before their Father banned him for eternity.

"No killing? Father, where will you leave all these people once the planet gets too crowded? They reproduce and reproduce, more and more, what is your goal? Is the reason why they love another to reproduce?

"A man can only love a woman? Do men not know better what a man wants? Does a woman not know better where to caress and what to say to a woman? You know they are capable of loving each other, yet that was not your initiative when creating them. Two of one kind, I will show you it is possible!"

"Satan?" Kibum asked quite suddenly.

Though alarmed by their brother's name, their Father didn't seem to respond and merely looked up at the small Angels painted on the marble ceiling. There where fifteen of them; cheerfully playing and making music. Beside one of them was a dark crack, destroying the image of a sixteenth Angel; the one their Father had banished.

Leeteuk looked up as well, eyes softening at their picture. He remembered the day when their Father made it, had there ever been a day he looked so proud? Then of course there was Lucifer's betrayal and their Father made sure no one would remember his face by vandalizing his own work. Through the cracks and crumbled pieces there were still small wings visible much like their own at the time. Luficer had been their brother, was still their brother. The blonde understood the one Father disliked the most in the entire universe was him.

"Father, is this because Satan said he would instigate same-gender bonds?" Kibum's face was neutral, asking the one question that made his thoughts jumble.

"He said he would, what?" Kangin straightened in his seat and others followed, all curious to know why their brother asked such a thing and most importantly if it was true.

"I created man and woman to love and caress, to reproduce their kind and care for them, raise them well" their Father explained what everyone in the room already knew.

"But same-gender pairs can't reproduce, it that it? That's all it is about?" Leeteuk gripped the table with an angered look and ignored the fact Hangeng was pinching his side for him to keep quiet. He was worried their Father might do something drastic if this continued.

"Yes and therefore there is no need for them to have such interaction! Yet your brother enjoys to bedevil everyone around him with his Pride, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony and most of all Lust. It is that deadly sin that causes them to turn to each other instead of the opposite" their Father stood once more and was about to leave for this discussion brought up nothing but pain and anger from within Him. However when His first ranked Angel stopped Him there was nothing he could say to defend Himself.

"Genenis 1:27. 'So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.' Father, have you forgotten they are a part of your existence? If they act like this surely Satan is not to blame for it, he only motivates the emotions and the deeds. Is not the one who made humankind also the one who is to blame for everything that they do? Fighting, hurting each other, loving whoever they want? Did Father not say humans are loyal to the heart that Father gave them?"

Leeteuk stared with his mouth agape as Siwon spoke. Was he joining his rebellion? Was he even aware what he was saying? The tall male didn't look troubled. He looked saddened and even a bit disappointed in their Father.

"What if the heart inside this chest that you touched quickens its beat when I look at my brother?" Siwon placed a hand over his chest and turned his head, locking eyes with Leeteuk at the far end of his side of the table.

"Siwon" their Father didn't know what to say, the fact that Lucifer had first betrayed him and then there was Leeteuk's rebellion and now yet again his first ranked Angel doubted Him and His words?

"Father, were we not also created to Father's image? Are we not also part of Father? If we love Father and are grateful to Him and not hurt others with our actions or words, is it still a sin to follow what the heart wants?" Leeteuk felt his heart pound with new found hope.

Now that Siwon had practically confessed he most definitely felt different about Leeteuk than everyone else, Leeteuk knew he no longer had to fight for his unrequited love. With Siwon's heartbeat beating the same rhythm as his own there was nothing to be afraid of. His brothers were by his side and he was certain that if Father would sent him and Siwon to join their brother Lucifer, they would descent as well to support them.

"My sons, why must you defy My words? Do you not see I want what is best for you?" their Father looked defeated, utterly pained. Perhaps it was still too early to reason with Father about the possibilities of same-gender love co-existing beside the bond their Father did approve of.

Leeteuk was right. Hangeng's presumption had been right as well. What did they expect when questioning their Father's words? Though his brothers didn't join him of their own accord, they all left together. The blonde Angel listened to the cries of his brothers, tears streaming down his own face as he fought to endure the pain of the stinging needles entering his body. It felt even more painful than the first time. Only when it engulfed his whole body did Leeteuk cry out and fall to his knees, clutching the table and raising his head to see how they disappeared. He knew there was a reason why he was last to go.

The ground underneath him shook and dust fell on the table before him. When he casted his red eyes upward he witnessed how their Father modified the crack in the ceiling. It followed the movement of His hand and one by one destroyed the images of his brothers, slashing their bodies and faces, their wings and their existence as Soldiers of Light.

Leeteuk couldn't see the look on their Father's face. Perhaps it was for the best as he gave in to the darkness pulling him down. He accepted his faith, hoping that he would see his brothers again someday. He would remember them, with his last strength he screamed, promising all who could hear him he would never forget a single one of them.

He woke up crying. His breathing was erratic and his body was covered in sweat. His skin tingled though it didn't feel unpleasant. The most aching came from his chest, he clutched his soaked shirt and grunted in pain. He was in a room, alone yet not afraid. He removed the smelly garment and ran a hand through his hair, removing it from sticking to his forehead. When he had calmed enough to use his energy to stand Leeteuk slowly walked out of the room and into a long hallway. He heard voices, screams and sounds that made him worry.

The air around him felt hot, his bare feet felt like they were burning on the ground he crossed to the end of the hallway. When he hesitantly opened a door that stood ajar and was greeted with a bright light that stung his eyes, cool air embraced him suddenly.

"Ah he's finally awake" a familiar voice reached his ears as the blonde covered his aching eyes.

"Join us, it's so hot, come here" that voice, Siwon's voice.

Leeteuk lowered his hand and blinked his slightly puffy eyes. He sniffed loudly and wiped his forehead. The fourteen men huddled up together half naked in front of the tv and the only fan they had watched him with concerned eyes.

"You okay? Did you cry?" Kangin was worried yet didn't want to leave his spot because he knew someone else would steal it from him and he needed the cool air to survive this heat.

The blonde smiled slightly and shook his head, turning to stare at the movie his brothers were watching. It took him a while to realize what had happened and though it confused him immensely, the blonde told himself he should pray more at night, perhaps even join Siwon to church more often.

He sighed and wiggled his way in between the ones on the floor and the onto the couch, not minding the fact Siwon's hot and sweaty chest was pressed against his own as he embraced the tall male. It only added to the heat, but neither cared, they enjoyed the intimacy and Leeteuk smiled slightly when he felt a hand travel up his spine.

"Were you able to sleep well? You looked troubled last night, with manager-hyung yelling at us" Siwon asked softly and was surprised to hear Leeteuk laugh.

"I'm fine Siwon, you're all here, manager-hyung might be angry right now, but he won't abandon us" Leeteuk said confidently and looked up, rubbed his nose against Siwon's and pecked his lips.

"I'm glad you are finally together" Ryeowook commented from the floor and turned around, smiling at the two.

"And it was about time!" Heechul twisted a finger in his ear before Siwon nudged him with his foot.

"I was just worried" he said defensively and turned to Leeteuk to apologize for his distant attitude of the last few weeks, he had been nervous about telling manager-hyung.

Leeteuk shook his head saying everything turned out the way it should be. No matter what hardships would come their way, together they would be able to withstand it all. The only thing they had to do was to loyally follow the beating of their heart.
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