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[Fanfic] Unexpected Diversions (Prologue + Chapter 1)

Title: Unexpected Diversions (Prologue + Chapter 1)
Pairings/Appearances: Eventually ALL of SuJu, but at the moment there is only Hee Chul and Shi Won...pairings will eventually be ShiChul, KangTeuk...more to come. This is the beginning of an epic after all, so there isn't much. XD
Rating: PG (Ratings will change in future)
Warnings: AU...Crossdressing...?
Synopsis: Taken place in a medieval era of Kings and Queens and how the characters relate to one another as they embark on a journey. (I know I know..GAY SYNOPSIS. *shoots self*) Just give it a shot?

( Prologue & Chapter 1 )
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: heechul/siwon
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