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Fic: Meow, Woof!

Title: Meow, Woof!
Author: bl4ckm4lice and pseudo_shigure
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU/Siwon/Kyuhyun, Hyukjae/Donghae
Word Count: 5,213
Rating: G (lolwut)
Disclaimer: na-ah, not ours
Summary: One day, two little kittens met two dogs and gained a chance to explore the world beyond their house.
Notes: Beta-ed by dear yuefeng

"Awww, so cuuuuuuute!" The girl holding him squealed. Kyuhyun tried to wriggle away, but the girl was persistent. "It's a Scottish Fold, right?"

"Yeah," Kyuhyun's owner smiled proudly as the girl looked back to her. The kitten took that chance to slip away from the girl's hold. He ran off quickly to another room, hiding behind the wall. Now his owner's voice sounded faint. "Sorry, Kyuhyun is still a bit shy when he meet new people."

"Your cats should meet my dogs some time later," the other girl said. "Don't worry, my dogs are very friendly."

"We should've hang out sooner," Kyuhyun's owner laughed. "What breed are your dogs? One is a Terrier, right?"

"One Jack Russel Terrier and one Finnish Spitz. Oh, we're late! We should go now!"

"Right." There were footsteps coming closer, then Kyuhyun's owner showed up and petted him as she chuckled at the sight of an excited kitten on the other side of the room. "Be good, Kyuhyun, Donghae. I will be home later tonight." With that, she went with her friend.

Kyuhyun yawned, staring boredly at his hyung, who was playing with the ball of yarn. The ball was bright yellow, and usually Kyuhyun would be attracted to it as well, but not today. He was feeling extremely bored, but somehow not even in the mood to sleep. The feathers on their owner's hat were yesterday's toy, and the rest were just "recycled" toys. He had played with them enough.

"Kyu! Kyu! Help me!" Donghae called, suddenly frightened because his body was messily tangled with yarn. Kyuhyun yawned again and rose to his feet. But, instead of helping his 'brother', the young Scottish Fold moved closer to his favorite spot: a small mat placed right beside a glass door to the backyard. His hyung meowed desperately at him, and usually Kyuhyun would hiss in annoyance. But right then, something else caught his attention.

Outside, just on the other side of the wooden fence, two dogs were running around on their own, just playing and having fun. The smaller one was covered in white fur with some black and brown spots. The bigger one, though, had this somewhat thick, golden-hued fur, and Kyuhyun was surprised when their eyes met.

The dog tilted his head, then stood on his hind legs and latched his front paws to the top of the wooden fence to see better. He stared at Kyuhyun, tail wagging, and then he barked.

Kyuhyun, just a little kitten who had little time outside the house and zero experience in dogs, jumped up, startled, and ran... towards Donghae.

They collided and rolled, until Kyuhyun was as tangled as Donghae. He hissed and pawed his hyung on the face. "This is all your fault," he said in a very unimpressed manner.


The next day, Kyuhyun almost forgot about yesterday's accident, as their owner brought home a very distracting, bright red, squishy ball. It wouldn't tear no matter how much he chewed on it, so he spent the morning munching the ball.

But then Donghae stood on his hind legs against the glass door, with a butterfly on the other side of it and right in front of the white and orange haired cat's nose. His hyung's eyes were crossed, making Kyuhyun smirk and nudge the older kitten sideway, just because he could. Donghae fell to his side, mewling, but Kyuhyun's attention was no longer directed at him.

The dog from yesterday was there again. It seemed that he had been staring at the kittens without a sound. When he noticed Kyuhyun's stare, though, he barked excitedly. Both kittens jumped, Donghae even more frightened.

"What was that?" His eyes were wide, fixated at the source of the sound. "Who is that?"

"I don't know," Kyuhyun blinked. "I just saw him yesterday."

The dog barked again, and this time, his bark caught the attention of the smaller dog from yesterday as well.

"W-what? There's two of them?"

"The other one looks stupid though."

"But they're big. And scary. I don't think we should go near them."

"They don't look dangerous," Kyuhyun tilted his head. "They seemed like they wanted to play with us. Well, at least the bigger one."

"No!" Donghae shrieked. "You are absolutely not allowed to go near them!"

"Hyung, come on," Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. "They can't even climb over the fence. I can always keep a safe distance. I'm bored with our toys."

"But there are germs outside. And what's wrong with the ball of yarn? Or the new chewy ball? They're fun, right? I never got bored of them."

Kyuhyun faked a yawn and muttered, "Boring."

And right at that time, the smaller dog barked loudly, excitedly, at Donghae. Or at least that's what Donghae thought, seeing the bigger animal baring his sharp teeth at him.

"Oh, we definitely must not go outside."

"If you don't want to go, I can go out by myself. I'm a big cat now."

Donghae narrowed his eyes. "You're younger than me. I have to take care of you. I can't let you go out of my sight!"

"You can't even keep your attention to one thing for more than five minutes!"

"Kyu! You're not going outside and that's final!"

Kyuhyun glanced at the direction of the fence... and found it empty. "Well," he turned around, "it doesn't matter now. They're gone." He swished his tail against Donghae's face on purpose before walking off. The slightly older kitten could only pout.


Donghae huffed before curling up into a ball of fur next to his favorite door. He was lucky that at least he could lay down on the carpet where the sunlight seeped through the glass door. He would prefer to nap on one of the cat beds their owner had for them, but Kyuhyun had been bugging him and stealing his place whenever he closed his eyes.

Maybe the younger cat was still annoyed at him after yesterday's event. But he was just being a good hyung. He had stayed at the house longer, he knew about these sorts of things better. Or at least that was what he thought.

The shorthair was just about to close his eyes, when once again he was disturbed. Only this time, it wasn't by Kyuhyun. It was the dog from yesterday, the smaller one. The one that looked more hyper.

He watched the dog bark at him excitedly, and jumping on his feet a little as if inviting him to go outside and play. But still Donghae thought that dogs were bad, going outside the door was bad. But the dog kept on barking at him and Donghae felt like he had to do something about that.

So Donghae tapped his small paw repeatedly on the door until it slid open a little. His owner almost always forgot to lock this back door.

"Go away!" he said, half hissing at the terrier, before closing the door hurriedly.

But instead of doing what he said, the dog once again barked at him. And Donghae whimpered. Because, why couldn't he just leave?

"I said go away!" he, once again, warned the dog after repeating the whole troublesome process of opening the door.

And just when he was about to close the glass door, he caught the dog talked to him.

"Wait! No, don't close the door! Listen to me! Listen to me! Hey, kitty!"

Donghae frowned. And pouted.

"Don't call me kitty."

"Eh?" The dog tilted his head, confused. "But you are a kitten."

"But it makes me feel like a super small kitten. And I'm not. Kyuhyun is the youngest one. He is a kitty. I'm not."

The terrier barked, laughed, and jumped around in a circle. "Is that your friends name? The grey one? He looks bigger than you."

"But I'm the hyung!" Donghae said defensively. He took it seriously when people question his authority. Only Kyuhyun was allowed to do that, although Donghae assured himself it was because he was a good hyung and spoiling Kyuhyun, not because he was afraid of Kyuhyun or something. Definitely not.

"Okay. Okay. What's your name Kyuhyun's hyung? I'm Hyukjae. Let's play!"

"Donghae don't wanna play with dogs." Donghae shook his head.

"Why? It's fun to play outside. And you can take Kyuhyun too. I'm sure my friend wouldn't mind."

"No! I can not take Kyu outside. He's only a kitty. He's only been here a few weeks. And the owner says his fur is the prettiest. And he was bathed with lotsa shampoo. And... And..."

"Then let's just play together then, you and me."

"Why should I? You look scary."

"Aww, I promise I won't bite." But Donghae still looked unconvinced. "I know a place where there's a lot of butterflies."

And Hyukjae couldn't stop himself from giddily laughing again seeing how Donghae's eyes widened from the mere mention of butterflies.

"And there are dragonflies too."

Donghae let out a purr. Butterflies and dragonflies. What was this place Hyukjae was talking about? That sure sounded interesting.

A sudden bark shook him out of his wonderful daydream. It was the bigger dog. Donghae widened his eyes and stepped back, but Hyukjae quickly reassured him. "Don't be scared! He is a nice dog! Siwon, you scared him..."

"Oops," the dog named Siwon grinned. "Sorry, I was just surprised to see you talking, um..."

"His name's Donghae," Hyukjae volunteered to introduce the cat.

"Hi Donghae, nice to meet you. My name's Siwon."

"H-hi," Donghae muttered. Despite of his gentle voice and kind smile, Siwon still looked so big in Donghae's eyes. He was a big cat --at least in his own mind-- but still, cats were no match to big dogs.

"The grey kitten you've been looking for is Kyuhyun. Apparently, he is younger than Donghae," Hyukjae said.

"Oh?" Siwon smiled. "Where is he?"

"He's not allowed to go outside," Donghae repeated his words.

Siwon's face fell. "Why not? We're not dangerous. We'll be very careful when we play with you guys."

"Too bad, Siwon," Hyukjae patted the top of his paw. "Just like you said to me, Kyuhyun's fur is very pretty. But that is also the reason why he couldn't play outside. At least Donghae can play with us, right, Donghae?"

Donghae frowned, didn't recall that he agreed to it. But before he could protest, an angry hiss came from beside him, "I clearly remember you forbid me from going outside and meet them, hyung."

An annoyed-looking Kyuhyun glared at him from the room next to his.

"Erm... I was telling them to go away?" Donghae tried.

"Donghae?" Hyukjae called. He and Siwon couldn't see Kyuhyun from their position. "Who are you talking to?"

"How did he know your name?" Kyuhyun hissed again.

'I told them,' would be the truth, but Donghae didn't think it would be a good idea to admit it.
"Is that Kyuhyun?" Siwon barked, hopeful.

Kyuhyun's fur stood up, alarmed that his name was called by strangers from different species. In contrary to his eagerness to meet the dogs yesterday, he now felt slightly scared. In the end, he decided to run off.

"Kyuhyun?" Siwon called again, straining his neck to see the cat, but it was useless.

"Erm," Donghae mourned. "He just ran off, probably a bit confused and angry at me. I think I better go after him, so..."

"Wait!" Hyukjae stopped him. "Can I see you again tomorrow?"

"Well... I'll be here all day."

"Great! I'll come again tomorrow. And open the door a bit like this again, okay?"

"Okay then," Donghae purred before he ran after Kyuhyun.


Donghae had been walking back and forth next to the glass door anxiously all day. When Kyuhyun asked why was he doing that, Donghae only muttered something inaudible. And truthfully Kyuhun didn't really care. He was still annoyed by his hyung.

Donghae said the dogs were bad, but look at him yesterday, talking to him as if they were friends. And he even gave Kyuhyun's name to them. What a stupid hyung. So Kyuhyun ignored Donghae's weird behaviour and took a nap on his comfy bed instead.

A bark stopped Donghae on his track. His ears perked up and stared outside through the glass door. Two familliar dogs were standing on the other side, just like Hyukjae promised him yesterday.

The terrier kept on barking and nodding his head as if telling Donghae to open the door. The shorthair cat hesitated though. Of course the promise of butterflies and dragonflies were tempting, but still, dogs were bad. And scary. And dirty. Donghae instinctively licked his paw, while Hyukjae was still barking at him.

"What do you want?" asked Donghae, trying to act haughty, when he finally opened the door.

"Hi, Donghae!" Hyukjae greeted him enthusiastically.

And the way the terrier greeted him somehow made Donghae feeling shy. He bowed his head and hid his face behind the door, completely forgetting that the glass didn't hide anything. So much for being haughty.

"Hi," he answered softly.

"So are you going to play with us today, Hae?"

Donghae made a soft mewling sound. He liked the nickname.

"Is Kyuhyun going to play with us too, Donghae?"

"Um... But I still don't think it's a good idea to play outside..."

Little did Donghae knew that the barking woke Kyuhyun up. The younger kitten straightened up when he heard his hyung talking again with the dog(s?). Without a sound, he made his way near the door. There were three reasons why Kyuhyun felt annoyed.

First, he was being left out. Donghae could have fun with the dogs and he couldn't? Kyuhyun was younger, but he wasn't that young, despite Donghae's insistence on claiming the opposite, which was reason number two. The last one was because he just heard Donghae's lie (albeit poorly, with that nervous swish of tail), "Kyuhyun's not home," after the other dog continued to bug him into bringing Kyuhyun out. That was the breaking point.

He narrowed his eyes and patted the floor softly with his paws, focusing on the small gap of the open door, and dashed straight towards it. Kyuhyun could hear Donghae's startled meow as he ran past him.

He was outside in a flash. Kyuhyun felt a sliver of fear within him. After all, he had never been to this backyard-- he had just seen it from inside the house. And the fence... the fence was definitely taller than he thought. But he didn't have any time to hesitate-- it was now or never. Or more like he had to do it now or risk crashing onto the fence.

So he jumped-- leaped over the fence...

...straight onto the big dog's face.

He shrieked as the dog fell backwards, taking Kyuhyun down with him. In panic, his claws came out and he clutched onto the dog's face, particularly his nose and under his right eye. The dog whined loudly and Kyuhyun arched his body, startled. Kyuhyun had just realized that the dog was really, really big compared to him. He didn't look this big when Kyuhyun first saw him from inside the house.

"Kyuhyun!!!" Kyuhyun could hear Donghae's panicked wail. But he didn't hear the smaller dog coming closer until the concerned voice came straight from beside his ear, "Hey... are you okay?"

Kyuhyun jumped off the dog instantly, but it just wasn't his lucky day. He crashed again, this time into the nearby thorny bushes. He meowed pitifully, feeling the thorns scratching his face. Someone gently pulled him out before the damage got worse, but Kyuhyun's eyes were tightly shut from the pain.

"Oh... you're hurt!" The voice was kind and concerned, and Kyuhyun slowly cracked his eyes open. It was the big dog. Despite the obvious scratches from Kyuhyun's claws on his face, the dog seemed to be more worried about him. "Kyuhyun... right?"

Unsure, Kyuhyun didn't answer. The big dog didn't seem to be bothered though, and he proceeded to introduce himself. "My name's Siwon," he said as he nudged (sniffed?) Kyuhyun with his nose. Then, without further ado, he licked Kyuhyun's face.

It was wet and sloppy, unlike the type of grooming Donghae gave him sometimes, but Kyuhyun felt his pain soothened a bit. Before he knew it, he closed his eyes again and purred in comfort.

"Oh my God, eww! Kyuhyun! You just showered yesterday! And what do you think you're doing over there! Get back here this second, young man!" Donghae yelled panickly at him from inside the house. The older cat wasn't even brave enough to step out to the backyard.

And Kyuhyun glared back at him, before turning his head to Siwon and saying, "Let's play."


"Are you sure? Your hyung doesn't really look like he agrees with this," said Siwon, looking unsure. He wanted to play with the kitten, but he didn't really want to have issue with Donghae either.

"Let me take care of that," Hyukjae offered confidently, "Just go, you two."

And before Donghae, or Siwon, could protest anymore, Kyuhyun left the scene. Siwon didn't waste any time and trailed after him straight away.

"Why do you let them leave?!" Donghae meowing madly at Hyukjae. "What do I have to do now?! Why does he just leave like that? Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!"

"Hey, Hae. Why don't we just go after them. And maybe then you can convince Kyuhyun to go back inside," Hyukjae told the kitten convincingly.

"B-but that means I have to go outside," Donghae made a whimpering sound.

"Well, yeah. And you can also see some butterflies along the way too."

"Uh..." Donghae looked down and made a grimacing face. He put one paw on the green grass that covered the backyard tentatively before pulling it back to the carpeted floor.

Hyukjae watched the scene and he was feeling impatient already. He wanted to play with the kitten now. And he didn't want to wait any longer.

"Come on, Hae. If you're talking too long, we'll lose Kyuhyun and Siwon!" he persuaded.

"Oh..." Donghae padded back and forth, "Oh..." But he saw Hyukjae waiting eagerly for him on the other side on the fence and he thought, "Oh what the hell!"

Donghae ran across the backyard. And once he almost reached the picket fence, he pushed his rear feet to propel his body to leap up. Although, unlike Kyuhyun who was jumping over the fence, Donghae landed right on top of it. He stood on the narrow wood plank and stared down.

"It is so high," Donghae mewled in distsressed. "How am I even supppose to go down?"

"Just jump!"

"I will fall, Hyukjae! I know I will."

Hyukjae laughed so hard, hearing the statement.

"You're so cute, you know that?" he told the kitten happily, wagging his tail up and down. "You're a cat, you can always jump and landed gracefully."

Donghae frowned. "How many cats do you tell that to?"

Hyukjae laughed once again. "Why is it so hard for you to believe me? Come on, just jump. I promise you'll be fine."

"Why should I trust you? Kyuhyun didn't land gracefully."

"That was because he landed on Siwon. He must had panicked and scratched Siwon's face. And to be honest with you, cats and their claws, it's just scary, okay. So just land next to me and everything will be fine."

"Oh, I don't know, Hyukjae."

"Look, Hae, either you jump outside so we can go after Kyuhyun and Siwon. Or you jump back to the backyard, go back inside, and worry about Kyuhyun the whole day. Either way, you still have to jump off the fence." Hyukjae once again tried to persuade the kitten.

"Or I can just wait my owner to notice that I'm stuck here."

"Baby." The nickname made Donghae try to cover his face with his paw from embarassement. "Why would you stuck there the whole day when we can have fun together. Butterflies, remember?"

Donghae pouted. But he asked anyway. "And dragonflies too?"

"And warm sand. And lots of flowers!"

"Okay! Okay, I'll jump!"


Donghae took a deep breath, meowing loudly to ease his stress, and leaping off the fence. With his eyes closed.

"No! Don't close your...OOF! ...eyes." Hyukjae tried to warn the kitten, but obviously it was too late as he watched the ball of orange and white hair on his stomach. "You kittens must go outside more often."

"Oops, sorry about that Hyukjae," Donghae said as he got off of Hyukjae. And before he could stop himself, he did what his instinct told him and licked Hyukjae's face to comfort him. He stopped when his tongue already reached the upper part of Hyukjae's face as realization dawned on him. "S-sorry, again."

"No. Don't be." Hyukjae's tail was once again wagging happily. "I actually quite like it."


Kyuhyun ran excitedly, his eyes sparkling as he explored new, unknown areas. The backyard of the house itself --the house of the dogs, that is-- was quite vast, unlike his own house. But he couldn't be happier when he saw that the front gate was wide open. He lunged outside, eager, impatient to reach the gray-colored area, when his collar was pulled back. He hung on the air, legs flailing as Siwon's teeth held him up by his collar.

The dog slowly lowered him and placed his paw around the kitten's body to prevent him from running off again. Just then, he saw cars (of course he knew what a car was, he was a pretty smart cat) drove by. Not that fast, but enough to crush his body if he ever got hit. He stepped back reflexively and felt his back hit the fluffy fur of the dog. He looked up and Siwon smiled from above him. "Easy, Kyu. The road is dangerous. You could get hit."

Siwon lapped his face, as if to calm him down, and said again, "Come on, I will take you to someplace safe, without cars."


"I don't swim," Kyuhyun said, unimpressed, when they arrived at the pond in the middle of what appeared to be a public park. There was hardly anyone around, not even other dogs or cats. Siwon told him earlier it was his secret spot.

"You don't?" Siwon's face fell. "Why?"

"Cats hate water--!" Kyuhyun almost said 'you idiot', but he thought it would be rude.

"But Donghae said you just took a bath yesterday."

"You think I want to?" The kitten hissed. "Ask those claw marks on my owner's arms."

"But you should try swimming! Perhaps you would enjoy bathing then. I know cats can actually swim."

Kyuhyun growled, annoyed, and turned around. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe Siwon wasn't as fun as he thought he would be. Whatever, he could find his way back home and-- he shrieked when Siwon grabbed his collar (for the umpteenth time) and without a warning jumped into the water, taking the panicked cat with him.


He would've cried if his pride didn't hold him back. The Scottish Fold was frightened, shocked, wet, and feeling helplessly cold. He was still shivering badly, even after he repeatedly tried shaking the water off his fur.

Siwon whined softly as a form of apology, but Kyuhyun ignored him. The dog took his distance after the upset Kyuhyun clawed him across the face and clearly told Siwon with his glare to stay away.

Kyuhyun just wanted to go home, he really wanted to, but the state of his shivering was so bad he could hardly walk. He just tried to shook his body again and again, desperately wanting to lose the cold water.

"I'm so sorry," Siwon muttered, ears flattened against his head, "I didn't know that cats get cold easily."

"Y-you thought I-I was scared o-of water?" Kyuhyun's teeth chattered, disabling him from talking properly. He glared further to show that he was still upset.

"At least let me warm you up."


"We can curl together."

Kyuhyun shot him a look. "Y-your fur is as w-wet as mine."

"But it's warmer when we snuggle close," Siwon took a step closer, somewhat testing. Kyuhyun only looked at him in disbelief, but he didn't say anything to forbid the dog, so Siwon stepped forward until he was right in front of Kyuhyun. The cat looked up to him, and Siwon found the doubtful expression cute. He laid down on the grass and pulled Kyuhyun towards him with one of his front paws. Kyuhyun resisted for a moment, but he knew it would be useless to fight the strength of a dog with a much bigger build than him.

Siwon curled his body until Kyuhyun was safely tucked between his belly and his paws. Despite his earlier protest, the cat seemed to feel content. He even shifted a bit and made himself more comfortable, rubbing his face into Siwon's thick fur. Siwon felt Kyuhyun's shiver die down and lapped him once, twice. His tail wagged happily, pleased to have the cute cat settled in, then he closed his eyes, ready to drift off.

"...Donghae-hyung said dogs are mean." Suddenly, Kyuhyun's voice reached his ears. "But you don't seem to be."

"Not all dogs are mean," Siwon cracked his eye open lazily. "Me and my family, in particular, are very friendly."

"Your family? Where are they?"

"Back in the farm. Me and Hyukjae were the only dogs brought here by the daughter of the farmer," Siwon explained. "What about your family?"

"I don't know," Kyuhyun yawned, already feeling sleepy. "I don't remember anything about them."

"I guess Donghae is your family now?"

Kyuhyun nodded with closed eyes. "He claimed to be my older brother, but he's so childish sometimes."

Siwon laughed and reflexively squeezed the cat in his embrace. "You're so cute."

The cat wanted to protest, both at the tight squeeze and the word 'cute', but he was too busy purring at the warmth. In no time, he fell asleep.


Kyuhyun crossed the fence that separated their backyards by climbing onto Siwon's head-- the dog raised him so he could hop over the fence safely. Before he did so, though, he licked the claw marks on Siwon's face from the chaos by the pond. "I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"It's okay, it was my own fault," Siwon's tongue snuck out to lap the cat's paw on his nose. "Tomorrow, I will keep you out of the water, I promise."


"Yeah," Siwon hesitated, "or you don't want to play with me again?"

Kyuhyun didn't answer yet. He jumped over and landed on the grass of his own backyard. Just then he turned and said, "I'll play with you if you really want to."

"Of course I want to!" Siwon barked happily. "I really really really want to play with you again!"
Kyuhyun couldn't help but smile before running towards his house.


Hyukjae took Donghae to the playground he and Siwon usually play at. Siwon and Kyuhyun weren't there though. And Hyukjae might or might not have predicted it. But it didn't matter since Donghae didn't even remember about his little brother anymore.

The second he was outside he was awed, by everything. Even the fire hydrant that Hyukjae thought wouldn't be as interesting for a cat as it was for a dog. But Donghae kept making amazed sounds and looking here and there, while Hyukjae tried so hard not to nibble on the little cat just because of his cuteness.

Hyukjae didn't lie when he said he knew of a place with a lot of butterflies and dragonflies. That playground he took Donghae to was mostly deserted, allowing plants and flowers that attract the bugs to grow undisturbed.

The canine and the feline ran around the playground, trying to catch beautiful bugs under the sun. Any passerby could hear barks and mewls chasing after each other. Donghae was rolling on the grass, among the flowers. And at one point, like he always did at home, he stood on his two hind legs and tried to catch the butterfly with his paws. The butterfly flew higher than Donghae could reach. But the little cat still trying to touch it with his paw, so he tilted his body all the way back until he couldn't anymore and tumbled back to the sandbox.

Watching the whole things, Hyukjae couldn't stand it anymore.He ran and glomped on the kitten, completely forgot about how much he was heavier than the cat and caused them to roll around the warm sand.

Hyukjae was worried that he would upset or hurt the kitten after what he had done. But Donghae laughed unabashedly instead. Little did he know, Donghae really loved the feel of them warm sand against his soft fur.

The orange and white shorthair sighed happily, before he told his comanion, "Hyukjae, Donghae really, really, really, loved today!"


When the sun started to set, Hyukjae decided to take Donghae home--because he was, after all, a responsible dog. He waited and watched the kitten jump over the fence and back to his backyard.
"See you tomorrow, Hyukkie," said Donghae once he landed safely. He put out his paw through the gap of the planks and tried to wave at his new friend. "Bye, Hyukkie, bye!" He called out to the retreating back of the terrier.

"Having fun, hyung?"

Donghae's ears and hairs perked up immediately.

"Kyu," he said after turning around slowly.

The younger cat was watching him from inside the house with a smug smirk on his face. Donghae noticed Kyuhyun's hair was all over place, unlike its usual properly brushed condition. But it was definitely far better than his dust and sand covered hair. Donghae wet his paw and rubbed it on his face, attempting to clean himself even though he knew it would need more that that. A whole lot more than that.

"Erm... Where have you been, Kyu?"

"Where have you been?" Khyuhyun retorted. "You look like you need a bath. And oh, who had just been showered this morning?"

Donghae cringed at the thought of having to face the water for the second time in that day. He should've known better than to roll around in the sand. Or grass. Or even to come out the house at all.

But then again it was totally worth it.

"Hhhh.." He once again let out a happy sigh.

"4.30," Kyuhyun told Donghae as he turned around and walked further into the house. "That's the time we have to go back home before the owner starts to panic and try to look for us." He suddenly turned around. "I'm not covering your ass again tomorrow. She wants a cute cuddly kitten after work, so you have to be there. We've talked about this before. You're the-clingy-everyday-cat, I'm the-difficult-weekend-cat one. A whole afternoon of being called "pretty little Kyu Kyu" is enough for me.You owe me."

With a pout and what's left of his pride, Donghae said, "Well it's not like we're gonna play with the dog again tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Hyukkie," Kyuhyun imitated what Donghae did earlier. "Now imagine how sad "Hyukkie" would be if you don't come out tomorrow."

Donghae looked down and whined.

"Oh, and half of your dinner tonight is mine, hyung."


The end~
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: siwon/kyuhyun

  • Stay With Me

    Title : Stay With Me Pairing : HaeHyuk Genre : Drama/Comedy (teensy bit of angst) Rating : PG-13 (eventual NC-17) Ch: 2 /? Warning :…

  • All of Me

    Title : Stay With Me Pairing : HaeHyuk Genre : Drama/Comedy (teensy bit of angst) Rating : PG-13 (eventual NC-17) Ch: 1/? Warning :…

  • All of Me

    Title : All of Me Pairing: HaeHyuk Genre: Fluff/Smut Rating: NC-17 Warning: Some spelling/grammar errors…

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  • Stay With Me

    Title : Stay With Me Pairing : HaeHyuk Genre : Drama/Comedy (teensy bit of angst) Rating : PG-13 (eventual NC-17) Ch: 2 /? Warning :…

  • All of Me

    Title : Stay With Me Pairing : HaeHyuk Genre : Drama/Comedy (teensy bit of angst) Rating : PG-13 (eventual NC-17) Ch: 1/? Warning :…

  • All of Me

    Title : All of Me Pairing: HaeHyuk Genre: Fluff/Smut Rating: NC-17 Warning: Some spelling/grammar errors…