yuu014 (yuu014) wrote in miracle______,


 title: Insinuation

pairing: HenMinWook

rating: PG-13

notes:  It was a little bit rushed but it had good feedbacks so i decided to post it here. It was a contest entry but i decided to back out .. i lost interest. .. well, the prompt is "when words meet heartbeats, you'll know..."

summary: They were in Earth, where Henry was Sungmin's and so as Ryeowook.

            For the sixth time the sunshine greeted them together, the alarm for separation rang to their ears. The week ran so fast they wouldn’t like to let each other go yet. But still, they were in Earth, where Henry was Sungmin's and so as Ryeowook. Transitivity would never work – they thought. And there, they left each other, cutting their bonds falsely. So when Henry walked over to his locker, locking gaze with a flustered Ryeowook being dry-humped by an eager Sungmin, the churn in his stomach doubled. Maybe, he fell for the two. Or maybe, just maybe, he loved the other one more than another. And the uncertainty pushed him to run with tears after the unceremonious silence and gaping he did.

Tags: ot3: sungmin/ryeowook/henry
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