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Reign on Me series update

Chapter 10: The Origins of Darkness

chars: Taeyeon (SNSD), Sungmin, Eeteuk, Kangin, Siwon, Kyuhyun

ships: Sungmin/Tayeon, Sungmin/Kyuhyun, Siwon/Taeyeon, Kangin/Kyuhyun

genre: drama/romance

rate: PG13

words: 10281

sneak: (( "What else am I supposed to think with this information?" Sungmin argued, "What else am I supposed to conclude when I find him leaving your room late at night and hear he goes there every night?" ))

Series Summary
Two kingdoms reigned over the world. They were divided into the Light and Dark Kingdoms. Those who were of the Light Kingdom had souls that were made of the Light. Those who were of the Dark Kingdom had souls that were made of the Dark. A small handful of individuals from both kingdoms were blessed with the power of Light or Dark.
However, magic is the least of concerns for either kingdom. For the moment, both kingdoms are in a state of peace, but can it last and, if so, for how long?
Add to that a missing princess, some mages, a young king and some princes (one of them near-crazy) and, well, perhaps life within the kingdoms weren't so peaceful after all.


Prologue // Chapter 1 - Princess of Light // Chapter 2 - The Dark Princes // Chapter 3 - The Last Dark Spell // Chapter 4 - The Dark Mage's Letter // Chapter 5 - Dark Jealous // Chapter 6 - Light's Protection // Chapter 7 - Light's Temptation // Chapter 8 - Light's Respite // Chapter 9 - Creeping Darkness //

XXX Preview - ROM 11: End of the Light XXX

"What do you know about anything between me and her?" Siwon questioned, whirling around to face him, thick brows furrowed,

"Perhaps more than you'd like for me to know," Kangin shrugged,

"Of course she talked to you. Every male she meets she just throws herself at," Siwon hissed, turning his back on the mage, his fingers digging into the wood of the railing. "She makes you feel important, special, as if you're the only one when, in reality, she has every damn man wrapped around her little finger. She probably would've snagged Kyuhyun, too, had he not been my brother."

"You know, there are times when I wish I had my emotions and, yet, I witness you acting like a jerk just because you're jealous," Kangin stated dryly,

"Watch it, Kangin," Siwon retorted,

"No, I'm won't," Kangin replied, "Because if I don't say something, you'll let one of the best damn things that's ever walked into your life to walk right out of it!"

"Don't you dare talk to me as if you know my life better!" Siwon exclaimed, turning back to look at the mage, "Don't you dare presume to know what I need or want in my life!"

Tags: pairing: kangin/kyuhyun, pairing: siwon/other, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, pairing: sungmin/other, with: snsd

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