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Mourning Song & Reign on Me series updates

10th Cycle: Shattered Remains
  (This ch)Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Taeyeon, Heechul, Hankyung
ships: Kyuhyun/OC, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Sungmin/Taeyeon, Kibum/OC, Heechul/Hankyung, Eeteuk/Kangin
genre: drama
words: 6495
rate: PG 13
sneak: ("I may be sick and dying, but I'm not dead yet!")

He is heir to one of the biggest fortunes in Korea. His family holds so much power that no one ever stood in his way, dares to stand before him and defy him. He has money and power, but life still feels empty, unsatisfactory. He craves for more, desires for more, dreams for...

However, all the money in the world cannot help his illness. Since he could remember, he has been sick. His parents protected him and nurtured him. His father even continued to raise him properly as an heir despite his crippling health. He's lived so long that sometimes he forgets how sick he really is. But, as his life continues to be incomplete, he begins to want more in life.

As he begins to accept his diminishing health, he encounters people who will change his life forever. He will doubt and test loyalties. He will confuse truths with lies. He will find answers only to ask more questions. He will question everything he knows about his life, about himself. Can he find completeness in his life before it's too late?

WARNINGS: Language may offend, sexual content. May contain character death.


::Prequel Series -
Scarlet Night

::1st Cycle - The Rising Moon
::2nd Cycle - Fading Light
::3rd Cycle - Glimpsing Memories
::4th Cycle - Scripted Setting
::5th Cycle - Distant Closeness
::6th Cycle - A Frozen Smile
::7th Cycle - Forgotten Reflection
::8th Cycle - Replacement
::9th Cycle - From the Outside

XXX Preview - MSong 11: To See the Sun XXX

It was a one in a million chance, but it was all she had left.

Struggling to keep her arm raised from the ground, her entire body shaking from lack of air and the constant pain, she aimed with her eyes closed. She tried to figure out the mathematics quickly, using her memory as her only guide.


She raised her head in time to see the vampire’s torso jolt forward. From its movement, she guessed that she had hit too low, the bullet embedding itself into the left side of its mid-back.


She tried again, this time its right side jerking and she calculated she had hit just right of its spine. She was shaking too much, unable to shoot with a steady hand; she’d never be able to hit it properly.

The shots got the vampires attention. It turned towards her and she momentarily believed she could see its fangs even in the darkness. It approached – no, prowled – closer and she forced her body to move. However, she still could barely breathe and the pain in her back and shoulder had increased in intensity to the point where she felt practically paralyzed. She couldn’t even scramble away as the pureblood towered over her.


Chapter 9: Creeping Darkness
chars: Taeyeon (SNSD), Sungmin, Eeteuk, Kangin, Siwon, Kyuhyun
ships: Sungmin/Tayeon, Sungmin/Kyuhyun, Siwon/Taeyeon, Kangin/Kyuhyun
genre: drama/romance
rate: PG13
words: 10224
sneak: ((“There is a way to protect your soul during magic use."))

Series Summary
Two kingdoms reigned over the world. They were divided into the Light and Dark Kingdoms. Those who were of the Light Kingdom had souls that were made of the Light. Those who were of the Dark Kingdom had souls that were made of the Dark. A small handful of individuals from both kingdoms were blessed with the power of Light or Dark.
However, magic is the least of concerns for either kingdom. For the moment, both kingdoms are in a state of peace, but can it last and, if so, for how long?
Add to that a missing princess, some mages, a young king and some princes (one of them near-crazy) and, well, perhaps life within the kingdoms weren't so peaceful after all.

Prologue // Chapter 1 - Princess of Light // Chapter 2 - The Dark Princes // Chapter 3 - The Last Dark Spell // Chapter 4 - The Dark Mage's Letter // Chapter 5 - Dark Jealous // Chapter 6 - Light's Protection // Chapter 7 - Light's Temptation // Chapter 8 - Light's Respite //

XXX Preview - ROM 10: The Origins of Darkness XXX

"Taeyeon... has your brother ever talked to you about the circumstances of your parents' murders?" Kangin inquired, his tone even and expression unreadable.

Taeyeon shook her head, "He never talked about it even when I eventually asked. All I've ever known about ... that... is from other people - never from Eeteuk."

Kangin locked eyes with the princess again. She peered up at him, her amber eyes wide with wonder and curiosity. He knew he had roused her interest with his peculiar question, but he had to ask, he had to know what had been said, particularly if his name had come up. He knew she couldn't see anything in his eyes or expression - he had no soul left for that.

He had felt himself lose the last of his soul rapidly over the past few weeks, the last piece gone just days ago. Had it truly been just a few short days ago that he had felt a shred of emotion? Of amusement? Or even the urge to laugh softly? It was a lowering thought, one he had known would come eventually. He wondered briefly how much he wanted emotion at that moment, so that he could truly care about the princess instead of the protectiveness he displayed out of duty. Then, he pushed those thoughts away. It was his inability to have emotions that gave him the right to speak with the princess that morning.

He calmly contemplated then whether or not to tell her his story of what happened. Finally, he decided to keep his telling a secret, not wanting to bring the past up where it did not belong. Besides, he needed to talk about her, not his past.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: siwon/other, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, pairing: sungmin/other, pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun, with: snsd
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